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									Xu Song
02. Unnecessary to explain
Little sense with this song listen to similar music. Narrative lyrics
with a complete oral presentation, a sour story is about a very
impressive Vae. Rapid flow of melody and Rap seamless interface, Vae
introverted sing the emotion, New R & B drums, gives the left a deep
impression. Upon hearing this memorable song title, also found a pun.
03. Wrong with that
The album's warm little song, powerful drums, Vae way pronunciation is
full of flexible, clear and bright melody lines, warm and somewhat
nonsensical lyrics ... ... casual, come in handy a Sentimental, are
suitable Vae22 young age a good time. The first wave of the whole network
flagship, bi-weekly audition breakthrough volume of 5.2 million times.
04. Bad boy
Husky impact the opening piano, Vae the talk still ringing in our ears.
Black's dark atmosphere and complain about the wording of Wye, Vae bored
voice and falsetto of gas, the main chorus of the tune of a sudden switch
... ... alternative means of expression, through singer's inner world.
05. Qingming rain on
Whether it is published in the network, from Vae "Shan Yi" or
"Expo Museum" or the song "Rain on the Tomb Sweeping
Festival", can glimpse his ability to control skilled classical
poetry. This is the first retro theme song is very special - Mourning.
Creation Vae also incorporated revisions friends, repeated as
appropriate, make course spread over two months in 2008 after the network
released this song sung by a very high degree.
06. Ayutthaya
Vae in 2007 created quite a Korean flavor works. Lyrics are very
straightforward critique of the modern complex struggle between men and
women love the game and unnecessary emotional contest. Streets earlier
had often heard this song, because many people download their songs
carved disc player Vae, Vae's music is relying on word of mouth before it
got this far.
07. Admit
Vae slightly frosted clear in the voice of nature in this sense a very
quiet pop in the first was well reflected. Concert on the degree of
certainty is almost perfect sincerity, a mistaken image of ING look just
like the big boys in the listener's mind, emotional experience of people
listen to the song there will be resonance.
08. Ext
The song text is not much, but if the circumstances on the rich so that
martial arts can expand into a small novel. Actor and Actress in a killer
group worked for many years, another dark and seduces. After a mission
group to go out alone heroine mysteriously disappeared, the people
suspected she was sent undercover inside the other group. But the actor
does not believe everyone, in-depth ventured to save the United States,
was eventually killed by the female lead, proved the female lead is
inside. But the moral of this work is far from being the first stop here,
combined with "Ayutthaya", "unnecessary to explain,"
was in fact an "inside" is a reality among people within and
between the calculation of mutual distrust, an amplification of
processing and thinking, just change the story background, blurred years.
09. Constellation book
Love the boys and girls often believe constellation theory, which makes
very easy to remember the first time the works of love, accompanied by
Vae Now they are sprouting in the singing, do not have a little sweet and
sour taste.
[Edit this paragraph] Evaluation¡¿ ¡¾insiders
Vae consistent with the close cooperation of sony company producer Li
Yijie In the interview, praised Friends Vae: "has the ability to
work independently," "give him a home computer and a
microphone, he can create good music."
Critic Ogawa Comment on "constellations books": "simple
allocation, rather difficult to sing the melody, there are bones of the
word. Quite a few music music in the end is not yet clear for what, I
think we might to the juvenile learn. In this piece, did not do too much
processing virtuoso style, simple melody line with the flow of pleasure.
Of course, if has been into this routine, make people tired, but at least
not yet seen Vae running out, changing the melody and lyrics cut into the
style of approach, with his age and musical experience that has
potential. "
Tom play it edit Fez: "If we go alone analysis Vae composer,
lyricist, arranger, singing ability, perhaps every kind can only be said
to be good, but can not be called brilliant. But he has to sweep the
entire music production process all the family on such a full range of
musical accomplishment up on the more precious. Even the so-called
creative music is not all completed their own pickup mix of work. The
most impressive is that these, and when he not very bright elements
together, he immediately burst into the music a unique flavor. "
[Edit this paragraph] classic quotations¡¿ ¡¾vae
1. In fact, no one really can not say for how far, as your parents do not
know when it will be laid off, your door when the children will be caught
cheating your way home when the students hit by tricycle . Life there are
always too many variables. The only definite answer to this, I am afraid
only a hundred years of socialist beliefs unwaveringly adhere to

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