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Xie Xide
Xie Xide (1921-2000)
Physicist. Fujian Quanzhou. He graduated from Xiamen University in 1946,
the number of Nursing. Later studied in America, received a Ph.D.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In October 1952 returned to teach
in Fudan University, served as director of the Institute of Modern
Physics, Vice President, Principal and other staff, Fudan University in
1988, he was appointed consultant. 1979,1980 was named twice in the
National "38"'s Federation, was elected the 12th CPC, Central
Committee-third, seventh CPPCC Chairman of Shanghai. Elected in 1980,
Academy of Mathematics physics department, was elected in 1981, members
of the Bureau, in 1988 was elected the Third World Academy of Sciences,
expertise of physical and semiconductor physics theory. Author of
"semiconductor physics", "solid-state physics",
"Group Theory and Its Application in Physics" and four
Xie Xide comrades is a famous physicist, educator, and she is one of the
pioneers of semiconductor physics, surface physics in China pioneer and
one of the founders of semiconductor physics and surface physics and
other academic institutions wide range of duties on China in the
international representation of people of these areas, she is my
condensed matter physics research and development, devoted a lifetime of
effort, and success. She and colleagues perseverance, hard study made a
number of important achievements and awards received in 1997 Ho Leung Ho
Lee Science and Technology Progress Award. In view of her outstanding
contribution to science, the United States, Britain, Japan and other
countries more than 10 universities awarded her the title of Honorary
Doctor of Science. She was elected in 1988, the Third World Academy of
Sciences. The United States in 1990 was elected Foreign Fellow of Academy
of Arts. Professor Xie Xide in January 1983 President of Fudan
University. After the illness on March 4, 2000 in Shanghai East China
Hospital, died at age 79.
Xie Xide was born in Quanzhou, Fujian Province in 1921. Mathematics and
Physics from Xiamen University in 1946 after graduating, he taught at
Shanghai University of Shanghai. Smith College in 1947 went to study in
the United States, Smith College in 1949 received a master's degree. The
good news came when the PRC was established, she feels extremely excited
and determined to return home once their studies ended that line. She
later transferred to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, specializing
in theoretical physics. In 1951, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ph.D., is actively planning to return. She took risks, through the help
of friends, and finally in 1952 via England return to its motherland.
Assigned to return later namely Professor at Department of Physics, Fudan
University, Shanghai. Just 5 years, Xie Xide opened a total of Solid
State Physics, quantum mechanics, and eight courses, students have made
in the preliminary results.
May 1956, Xie Xide honor to join the Communist Party of China. Soon, she
was transferred to the State Council jointly build semiconductor
professional group of Peking University, Beijing University of days and
nights, she threw himself into literature read, write, script, access to
foreign data intense work. In order to root the semiconductor business in
China early flowering, on the one hand continue to guide her to bring her
two graduate students from Shanghai; the other hand, she co-operation
with the famous physicist Huang Kun, concentrated series of
"semiconductor physics", which is Training expertise in this
area to provide the necessary materials. After a whole year's time,
"Semiconductor Physics" has finally come out, and this is my
first work in this area. After Xie Xide and her colleagues two years of
training, a total of more than 300 semiconductor nurture talent,
dispatched the first batch of China's semiconductor research and
production units in the first line, in practice, fast becoming the
backbone. Xie Xide excellent professional group to complete the work of
the semiconductor.
The summer of 1958, the State to foster expertise in solid state physics,
Xie Xide then transferred back to Shanghai's Fudan University, to
participate in the University and Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai
Branch jointly organized by the Institute of Technical Physics, and
served as the Deputy Director of. After the construction of so many
things to do. Graduate students in the paper she wants to validation,
translation of foreign language she wanted to help the Review, shared her
own research projects and selected papers should follow and sometimes
brothers and research institutions should be invited to an academic
counseling report, too busy to have to "burn the midnight oil .
" Sometimes she even fell asleep on the bus to work, and sometimes
lectures in front of black, collapsed to the ground. Worked until 1962
for the training of specialized personnel of Solid State Physics in China
have contributed to her youth and talent.
From 1963 to 1965, Xie Xide and her assistants carried out on zinc
selenide, antimony-based steel research, preliminary results obtained.
They worked in "Physics" and "Fudan University,"
published a series of group theory in solid state physics research in the
application of scientific papers.
Winter 1965, Xie Xide as a delegation of the Chinese Solid State Physics,
attended the Institute of Physics Solid State Physics Conference. After
returning home, she continues to plan for modern experimental equipment
to conduct solid research spectrum.
August 1966, Xie Xide with breast cancer. Soon, the "Cultural
Revolution" began her research deprivation. Until October 1976 to
smash the "Gang of Four", Xie Xide glow scientific youth.
In 1981, Xie Xide by the U.S. Smith College, New York University honorary
doctorate. September 1982, she was the CPC 12 elections the Central
January 1983, Xie Xide was elected president of Fudan University in
Shanghai, in order to speed up the adjustment, the pace of reform, good
people that are the focus of students and staff up to the University, the
first study, validation of the school development plan. Her apart from
the school educating people, but also often participate in various social
activities, showing how busy she is ah.
In 1985, Xie Xide honorary doctorate by Leeds University in 1986 by the
U.S. Nanhadelai - He Yueke University, Kansai University, honorary
doctorate, 1987, thereby facilitating the U.S. Bellot College, SUNY
College of Austria Ermabani Campus honorary doctorate.
Xie Xide served as president of Shanghai's Fudan University, Chinese
Academy of Mathematics Acdemy, vice chairman of the Chinese Physical
Society, President of Shanghai Association for Science, the CPC Central
Committee. Her major works include "Analytical Mechanics",
"quantum mechanics", "Introduction to Solid State
Physics", "Quantum theory of solids", "semiconductor
physics", "solid-state physics", "Group Theory and
Its Application in Solid "" Surface Physics, "and so on.
Female academicians loved books since childhood - Xie Xide
Xie Xide, born in 1921, Quanzhou, Fujian Province, the famous physicist,
was awarded the 1980 Chinese Academy of Sciences, research achievements
in physics, made her famous at home and abroad to become a renowned
scholar. Former president of Fudan University in Shanghai, Chinese
Academy of Mathematics Acdemy, vice chairman of the Chinese Physical
Society, President of Shanghai Association for Science. Her major works
include "Analytical Mechanics", "quantum mechanics",
"Introduction to Solid State Physics", "Quantum theory of
solids", "semiconductor physics", "solid-state
physics", "Group Theory and Its Application in Solid
"" Surface Physics, "and so on.
In Xie Xide was a kid, my father's study is her favorite place to stay,
bookcases in the book is so attractive to her, whether able to read can
not understand her love turned to take a look. Every glance retired, the
more her knowledge grow; every glance retired, her interest in the more
concentrated knowledge. She is very familiar with the bookcase. Once
called her father on a business trip a telegram, telegraph was no
telegraph code translation business, have closed themselves to the
translation, so many families are provided with a check word telegraph
codes booklet to prepare from time to time needs. Just Grandma and
anxious to find the codes, the small Xie Xide it easy to find out from a
lot of the book, happy to go grandmother endless praise.
Second-year junior high school, transfer to Beijing Xie Xide full Girls
attending the famous shellfish. She then students are white-haired now,
the memory of the past have been weak, yet they are able to clearly
recall the high school's top students Xie Xide. They remember when the
teacher made more difficult question to answer, everyone looked down,
afraid of the teacher points to his name and embarrassed, while
coincidentally the attention turned to Xie Xide, I hope she quickly stood
up to relieve you of the answer Wai. They recognized: Xie Xide not dead
reading, studying them very carefully, studying the spirit of the special
Marco Polo Bridge Incident in 1937, Sino-Japanese War broke out, the
cruel oppression of Japanese troops in North China, Xie Xide family with
his father fled to the south of Guiyang. The Chinese nation suffered a
catastrophe, Xie Xide in addition to experiencing the national crisis,
the then suffered another catastrophe - disease of torture, hip
tuberculosis bedridden and her drop out of school. Today, 30 years of TB
like cancer, is often considered a terminal disease, the number of
patients due to loss of confidence collapsed. This young Xie Xide - is
preparing to step into the girls of college in terms of course is a great
blow. But she did not bow before the illness. When Cao Tianqin first
written condolences, he did not get a reply in a deep tone; Xie Xide
talked about in the letter in English and mathematics learning
experiences, and mentioned that a hawk's ambition. In this moment of
national peril, she saw the backwardness of China, also saw the awakening
of the people. She is more mature, the purpose of learning was further
sublimation. She is no longer just for knowledge and learning, fighting
her way to the sky like a eagle for rise and prosperity of the motherland
to learn.
Her stepmother's condition worried her, because stocks tend to lead to
paralysis of joint tuberculosis, less the total advised her to read more
rest. Xie Xide always optimistic mother said: "Reading is my
greatest interest, and only reading can make me forget the pain, to
enrich my life. Reading is good for my recipe for disease."
Her youthful vitality, her lofty ideals, her strong will finally overcome
the disease. 4 years later, Xie Xide leave bedside, standing again.

Xie Xide
Xie Xide, March 19, 1921 Born in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, solid
physicist, educator. China's semiconductor physics and surface physics
one of the pioneers. The surface and interface physics and quantum
electronic properties of heterostructure devices and theoretical research
results of outstanding train Masters and Ph.D. nearly 30. The development
of Chinese higher education, physics research institutions in the
establishment and development of science and education, international
exchange and cooperation, and physics will make outstanding contributions
to the work.
Xie Xide - Biography
Xie Xide
March 19, 1921 Born in Quanzhou, Fujian Province.
1942 Department of Mathematics, Xiamen University in 1946, awarded
Bachelor of Science degree.
1946 and 1947, the Shanghai Department of Mathematics University of
Shanghai assistant.
The United States from 1947 to 1949 Smith College Department of Physics
Teaching Assistant, received a Master of Science in 1949.
1949 to 1952, Department of Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology Ph.D., received his Ph.D. in 1951. After graduation of the
1952 Lecturer in Physics, Fudan University has appointed (1952 ~ 1956),
Associate Professor (1956 ~ 1962), Professor (1962). Solid State Physics
Teaching and Research Office (1954 ~ 1961).
1956 office in Beijing in 1958, Peking University, Fudan University,
Nanjing University, Jilin University, Xiamen University Joint
Semiconductor Physics Department of the five vice chairmen.
1958 to 1966 he set up the Shanghai Technical Physics, deputy director.
1978 to any director of the Institute of Modern Physics, Fudan
1978 to 1988, he was Vice President of Fudan University (1978 ~ 1983),
President (1983 ~ 1988), director of the Center for American Studies,
Fudan University (1985).
Physics from 1978 to 1991, he became vice president.
Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1980, was elected mathematical Acdemy
1989, elected to the Third World Academy of Sciences.
1990, was elected Fellow of the American Institute for Foreign Arts.
In 1997 the Shanghai Pudong Shanda University.
March 4, 2000 died in Shanghai

Xie Xide - Biography
Xie Xide
Xie Xide, female, March 1921, Quanzhou Hanjiang Zhen was born on 19 red
Tahu. Xie Yuming that year her father was his alma mater, please Islam
Physics of Beijing University, he taught one side, while learning
advanced physics, preparing to study abroad. In 1923, he received a
Rockefeller Foundation scholarship to study in the U.S. society, the
mother Guo Yu Jin was studying at Xiamen University. Unfortunately, the
mother of illness Xie Xide died at age 4, this time, his father was
studying physics, University of Chicago Ph.D., young Xie Xide meticulous
care in the grandmother to grow. 1926, Xie Yuming studies and returned to
coaching candidates in the Department of Physics, Yenching University.
Xie Xide 7 years old, his father and Yanjing University Department of
Mathematics graduates Zhang Shunying marriage. Stepmother loved her very
much, to be a great comfort to her soul. Martin Junior High School 11
years of age to enter, where awareness of the same class studying Cao
Tianqin. Girls go to school was full of shellfish, "devotion and
gregariousness" school training gave her a profound education. Since
then the students often miss the stringent requirements of both the
teachers who then amiable.
Marco Polo Bridge Incident in 1937, Xie Yuming his family south, was
invited to teach at Hunan University. Xie Xide have Greek Lida St. in
Wuhan and long-Sha Fuxiang Girls Girls Middle School read. The summer of
1938, Japanese troops fire looming Wuhan, Changsha, but was still at
college entrance examination entrance. Xie Xide apply for Department of
Mathematics, Hunan University, Changsha soon ran out, the family moved to
Guiyang. Xie Yuming Chenxi alone back move to Hunan University. After
finally moved to Guiyang, Xie Xide hospitalized tonsils, with another leg
pain unbearable, so although the receipt of admission letter, had to
apply for leave of absence for one year at home. Later, her leg pain was
diagnosed Department of hip joint tuberculosis. Then there is no cure for
TB treatment, gave birth to the disease and was sentenced to life in
prison almost. Aircraft were bombing the Japanese invaders, often need to
escape the air raids, no peace. But she is a strong-willed young people,
medical treatment and recuperation period, a lot of reading English
novels, this development was very helpful to her. She also admitted to
the summer of 1942 moved to Meitan County, Guizhou Province, Zhejiang
University, but his father does not agree to give up. Later the family
moved from Guizhou, Fujian Changting County, the father to teach at
Xiamen University, Professor of Mathematics and Physics, and is also the
Head of Department, Dean and Provost. In Sa Dong principals and Xie
Yuming, Fu Ying, and other joint efforts, Professor, Xiamen became the
Southeast's leading universities. At this point, Xie Xide admitted to the
Xiamen University Mathematics and Physics. She work hard, trained, well-
grounded. Especially under the influence of fathers develop a cordial
good style of study. The fall of 1946 after her college graduation, came
to Shanghai University of Shanghai as a teaching assistant. Continuous
fighting and, after variable life, hardships of the environment, she
became a strong patriotic youth, determined to inherit his father, study
abroad, the future for the motherland and contribute forces.
Xie Xide - Fudan work
Xie Xide
Original week in Shanghai Jiaotong University, Jiaotong University
Celebration has requested Xie Xide to teach, due to reform in higher
education, she went to Fudan University, together with the Department of
Physics Week Celebration. Here, she assumed a very heavy teaching tasks,
from 1952 to 1956, has speakers 6 Basic Courses and Professional, and
have prepared the materials and handouts. She was good at organizing the
course content, lectures to meet students practical, Deep and large
amount of information, clarity, language fluency, the students won the
lessons. China is now the backbone of many middle-aged technology, such
as Fang Shouxian, Ding Tai Chiu, Wang Qiming and so are her current
protege. In her efforts, Fudan University opened in 1955, Solid State
Physics, specialization, commitment to the development of semiconductor
physics. 1960 to 1962, she co-operation with Fangjun Xin, prepared a
"solid-state physics" (two volumes) of the book, published by
the Shanghai Science and Technology is deeply welcome to all university
teachers and students. 80, revised the book, Xie Xide by writing the
"amorphous material," a chapter book to keep the original
characteristics of both systems about the basic content of the
discipline, but also to present the overview of development in the main
branches. 1988 by the National Board of Education as excellent teaching
The fall of 1956, in order to achieve the national 12-year science
development plan, Beijing University, Fudan University, Nanjing, Xiamen
University, Chittagong University, Department of Physics, such as 5 part
of teachers and students together at Beijing University, co-founder of
semiconductor physics specialization. Huang Kun Ren Teaching and Research
Group Director, deputy director Xie Xide. They work together, wrote a
monograph, "Semiconductor Physics", published in 1958 by the
Science Press. This was the international arena is a very high academic
level of authority work, a large number of semiconductor technology for
the Chinese culture has contributed to key personnel in a timely manner.
She commanded admiration and respect for science, put down only 5 months
of birth children, to love Cao Tianqin care, decided to go to Beijing
University work.
In scientific research, she is starting from scratch, established in
1958, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, and Vice Director (1958 ~
1966). In her careful guidance and organization, the consistent
application of both technology and basic research for the semiconductor
industry development in Shanghai and fundamental research to create the
necessary conditions to foster a team. Is the lack of laboratory
technicians was, for her establishment of the Shanghai Technical Physics
secondary, training laboratory assistant, then these people are padded a
university course to become competent talents. Early graduation year
college students to participate in building the great achievements of
Shen Xue-Chu.
The early 60s, the international rise of silicon planar process, she and
Huang Kunmin sharp that it will promote the semiconductor technology and
the rapid development of physics, spectroscopy of solid research to carry
out a joint proposal by the Beijing University, Fudan University, Nanjing
shared . November 1962, she was promoted to professor. Under her
guidance, Fudan University was established paramagnetic resonance and
other advanced experimental techniques. She enrolled graduate students,
set up "semiconductor theory" and the "group theory"
class, writing notes to guide graduate students in space group matrix
element selection rules, emergency conditions, the semiconductor carrier
cyclotron resonance theory of indirect tunneling theory, the conduction
band calculated other items of research projects. The summer of 1966,
held in Beijing in the summer physics seminar, she made the band
calculation results of the report, to communicate with scholars from
various countries. In 1986 based on the original lecture has conducted
rewritten, published a monograph, "Group Theory and Its Application
in Physics", this book has become a graduate teaching local
universities so that students better able than this abstract mathematics
of group theory tool by teachers and students at home.
Xie Xide - outstanding contribution
Xie Xide
October 1976 smashing of the "Gang of Four", the motherland,
there has been hope. August 1977, Deng Xiaoping was in charge of science
education, science education in the forum pointed out: 17 years after the
founding of the education front, the dominant aspect of scientific
research front red line, the vast majority of Chinese intellectuals
consciously socialist service. We have to respect the mental work,
respect for talent. March 1978 at the National Science Congress, Deng
Xiaoping emphasized "Science and technology are productive
forces" and intellectuals have been part of the working class point
of view, a great encouragement to intellectuals. Guo said, as ushered in
the spring of science.
In late 1977 the National Natural Science planning meeting, Xie Xide
reported on her scientific research to explain the material well-off in
solid state physics, materials science and quantum chemistry is forming
between the surface of the new Frontier Science and the scientific, based
on surface physics , the basic content includes three parts: First,
determine the surface atomic composition; second surface atomic structure
and bonding properties; third surface electronic states and various
special physical properties. She also explained the physical surface with
high-tech and scientific development and the important relationship
between the national economy, put forward the development of surface
physics in China initiative. This report was appreciated by the
participating scientists. Her initiative by the State Science and
Technology Commission and Ministry of Higher Education's support, back to
school, she immediately began preparations to surface physics with a
focus on the Institute of Modern Physics, Fudan University. In short, the
original Department of Physics and Nuclear Sciences was established on
the basis of 8 laboratory.
September 1978, Xie Xide it to plan, organize two series of research
papers discussion, one surface physics, surface physics based system
about the content and development prospects; 2 is a solid band theory.
She arranged speakers and a list of references used for the report were
prepared. More than seven months, her organization reported more than 30
times in person sick. On this basis, also held a national discussion of
surface physics class.
Chinese Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Education commissioned the
Institute of Modern Physics, Fudan University Department of Physics and
solid theoretical discussion organized classes in March 1979 was held at
Fudan University by the Vice-Chancellor and Director of the Institute of
Modern Physics for Xie Xide and personally presided over several academic
reports from more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous
regions 84 universities and research units participated in the discussion
of more than 170 classes, the theme of "group theory" and
"solid band theory," as long as a month-long, close to good
1982, American physicist, Nobel Prize winner in 1998, W. Cohen (Kohn) to
lecture, and after returning commented: "Professor Xie Xide made a
wise choice, to carry out surface physics at Fudan University."
Years of effort and the State Science Commission and the National Natural
Science Foundation with the support of the Institute of Modern Physics,
Surface Physics Laboratory in 1990, experts review by the State Planning
Commission, was identified as National Council of Applied Surface Physics
Laboratory. In the guidance and Wang Xun Xie Xide efforts, the laboratory
compound semiconductors GaAs and InP in the polarity of the surface
structure and electronic states, surface and interface structure, Si / Ge
super-lattice growth mechanism and infrared detector, made of porous
silicon blue shade, blue laser material development, the growth of Ge
quantum dots and study the magnetic superlattice material made such
excellent results.
As she and her colleagues for their tireless efforts, in 1985, 1987, 1990
and 1997, Xie Xide and Kai-Ming Chang, and Jiang Ye that equal a total of
four scientific research. This is the "semiconductor surface
electronic states of theory and experiment", "Nickel silicide
and silicon interface theory," "Metal and metal adsorption at
the semiconductor surface and interface electronic properties of
semiconductors" and "quantum devices and electronic properties
of heterostructure The theoretical study ", respectively the State
Education Commission Science and Technology Progress Award. Guiding
graduate students in the area, according to incomplete statistics, since
1978, has trained 15 Ph.D., master more than 10. Papers of nearly one
hundred. She is the Ho Leung Ho Lee Science and Technology Progress Award
in 1997 one of the winners.
The early 80s, American scientists, two Nobel Prize winners J. Badin
(Bardeen) delegation to China. After returning to praise him, said:
"In the scientific community in China, Professor Xie Xide are one of
the most influential people."
As Xie Xide research achievements and international academic exchange of
outstanding contribution to the praise of her domestic and foreign
academic, who enjoys a high reputation. She was elected vice chairman of
the Chinese Physical Society (1978 ~ 1991), Chinese Academy of Sciences
Mathematical Acdemy (Fellow), twice elected officers of the Chinese
Academy of Sciences of the Faculty (1981 and 1992). United States,
Britain, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong's 13 universities were awarded her an
honorary Doctor of Science, Honorary Doctor of Engineering and humanities
Ph.D. in June 1987 to accept New York State University Alabany Campus
awarded an honorary doctorate, the "USA Today" newspaper
reporter interview with her, called her "China's Harvard
University." In 1986 she was elected an honorary member of the
American Physical Society (Fellow). In 1988 she was elected as the Third
World Academy of Sciences. The United States in 1990 was elected Foreign
Fellow of Academy of Arts. "Surface Science" and other six
kinds of international academic journals ask her as a consultant and
editorial board member. She is also the International Association of Pure
and Applied Physics (IUPAP) semiconductor Committee (1987 ~ 1993), served
as the International Conference on Semiconductor Physics, adviser and
program committee member, was elected in 1990, held in Beijing in the
twenty-first international semiconductor physics Chairman of the meeting.
The meeting was held in August 1992, more than 500 Chinese and foreign
experts attending the Congress, the papers submitted over 900 articles.
This is the first time in Asian developing countries at the International
Conference on Semiconductor Physics. The meeting for the Chinese
semiconductor physics provides a direct access to international
technology frontier of opportunity, the development of China's
semiconductor discipline and training of young talents, play a very good
Xie Xide friendly contacts with the international scientific and academic
exchanges, showing the unique wisdom and ability, for the rejuvenation of
China, made a significant contribution to the construction of the
motherland. Since 1983, she attended the annual American Physical
Society's March meeting, came back to the physics teachers and students
will be introduced, and the author describes the forefront of important
developments in physics that year. She has been invited to participate in
conferences abroad, for the semiconductor physics, surface physics
academic report, but also for the Chinese science, education, women,
population and environmental aspects of the report, footprints all over
the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy , Japan, Russia,
Poland, Hungary, Greece, Thailand, Venezuela and other countries.
Xie Xide is the surface of semiconductor physics and one of the pioneers
of physics research, and success, well received by academics, educators
respect. March 19, 1991 This year marks her 70 birthday, and it was also
40 years she taught at Fudan University. National Science and Technology
Commission Song Jian and Zhou Guangzhao, president of Chinese Academy of
Sciences sent a joint message. The three internationally renowned Nobel
Prize winner Chen Ning Yang, Tsung-Dao Lee and A. Salam (Aalam) were sent
a congratulatory message. State Education Commission has also sent a
congratulatory message. Fung, chairman of the Chinese Physical Society
sent a warm letter of congratulation end. Famous scholars, 26 papers,
compiled into a "surface physics and related subjects,"
Collected Works, with warm and heartfelt celebration, the Singapore World
Scientific Publishing.
Xie Xide - Character Appraisal
Xie Xide
Xie Xide is not only a well-known physicist, is an outstanding educator
and social activist. In higher education, the Xie Xide outstanding
contribution. She has served as Vice President of Fudan University (1978
~ 1983) and President (1983 ~ 1988) for 10 years, numerous achievements.
She is only the first universities in the country to break the liberal
arts, science in the former Soviet model, under the conditions of Fudan
University, the addition of technical sciences, life sciences, management
science, and five University. She strongly advocated student creativity
and scientific research, strengthen academic exchanges at home and
abroad. Increasing the level of quality of teaching and research, Fudan's
reputation is growing. Teachers do a good job she was well aware of the
significance of using unconventional methods to enhance and encourage
academic leaders stand out. Her attention in teaching and educating
teachers to play the guiding role of the fall of 1956 the implementation
of mentoring in Fudan. Tutors in depth among the students, guiding
students, for a variety of issues enlighten them with reason, and
emotionally moving, very good. A "principal-mail,"
"Presidents Forum", "news conference" to communicate
all aspects of school, so that problems can be solved in time, students
and staff who are quite satisfactory. She strongly advocated the teachers
and students in good style of study, rigorous scholarship, strict
Xie Xide is also an excellent social activist. September 1982 was elected
as the Twelfth CPC Central Committee, in October 1987 was elected to the
Thirteenth CPC Central Committee, in May 1988 was elected the seventh
CPPCC Shanghai Municipal Committee Chairman . During a large meeting of
the CPC 13, Xie Xide and Zhejiang University President Lu Yongxiang,
president of Wang Lu Lin Ha mate with Chinese and foreign journalists
will attend, and she skillfully answered all their questions. As chairman
of the CPPCC Shanghai, her wide field of vision, of great concern to the
development of Pudong New Area of Pudong new insights made higher
education, and later served as a school site in Pudong, president of
Shanda University. She is not only concerned about the city's education,
science and technology work, but also concerned about the culture,
society, agriculture and so on. People can see her from the TV news under
the CPPCC National Committee members led by factories, rural areas to
understand the situation and the sympathy of the moving scene. She was
concerned about science education, editor of a "father to teach
science," the new book for young people add a lot of new knowledge.
In the Fudan campus, she had received the visiting French President
Valery Giscard d'Estaing, President Reagan and Secretary of State Shultz
and other foreign leaders. Fudan grant on behalf of a group of her world
famous scholars, honorary professor of Fudan University Professor,
Consulting Professor of the title. 1998, U.S. President Bill Clinton and
his wife to China to visit, Xie Xide as celebrities attended President
Clinton's forum in Shanghai. November 4, 1998 Semiconductor Industry
Association (Semicondueter Indartry associaleer) funded Center for
American Studies at Fudan University to establish Xie Xide prize to
encourage scientific research in the field. Xie Xide in uniting all walks
of life, especially in the education sector and industry, international
friends, overseas students and overseas Chinese in the rejuvenation of
China, made a significant contribution to the construction of the

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