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Barred Plymouth Rock Fort. K small mountain town a famous song of the
In rivers and lakes, there are many similar places aloe Fort k song,
providing the song for the trial k Lin Renshi throat place. The Barred
Plymouth Rock Fort is one of the most famous hill town. It was here that
I first encountered a successor to send flowers.
Flowers to send as a great martial arts school, rumors of this school
specializing in female students, all trained to an outstanding service,
which all have a Fallen City appearance, in order to engage in sex for a
living. Rivers and lakes, the flowers sent his disciples have a
consistent name: Miss. Elaborate to, their powers do not kill themselves,
nor an enemy factions with rivers and lakes, but lakes are often a result
of their disputes the sky. With the growth of sects, there are rumors
that have male flowers to send his disciples the radiator, said that it
was my own eyes. I difficult to trace, not jump to the conclusion.
See the flowers that day to send his disciples is the woman. But first, I
did not know she was sent flowers successor. She silently through the
door, standing silent, journeying, looking at me. She looks too young and
so, so gorgeous, a youthful Wang, dressed in long hair, standing there,
she is a stunning painting. I am a bit confused, subconsciously, I
thought she was the wrong door, and just to remind her, behind her would
end up out of a similar number of women. Are they. I know. However, I can
not imagine why they will appear here. I turned around looked at small
Magic song. He has a look of surprise.
Little devil is not formerly called the Little Devil song song. When his
voice because he k great song, off key in the invisible, an open area
that people like the fall, magic audio and everywhere, where audio can
Exchange and the Department, will be loss of life. Decades of internal
organs without cultivation by losing and 10 with the song within the
voice. As a result, rivers and lakes were sent nickname: Little devil
song, as real name, who has long been forgotten. He them wherever they
went a long time, knowledgeable, and I think that what happened that day
from where he can get the answers, but he look of astonishment.
Is it him? Fisherman's Song?
Fisherman's Song for the world outside the GAO Ren Lin k, dragon head,
but not the end, normally a boating lake, fishing river. He has a
sonorous voice, combined with his decades of internal strength, k song
Voice Wall burglary shock people eardrum, compared favorably with the
small magic songs. He does not come easily small mountain town, to will
to the song. Fort of the day about the hero aloe paste that from his
When the young fisherman's song is also a romantic and young men, the
roots of many. In fact, he though the wind is not arbitrary, the roots
are numerous, but no one can break his last floor. Therefore, he is the
only one dares to face alone the many disciples and get out of flowers to
send people.
"Today, the emergence of flowers to send his disciples, should be
his arrangement, right?" I think the discussion.
The woman finally was entered. Until she came to me, I still can not
believe this is in me flowers to send his disciples. She raised her arm,
resting on my shoulders. Her arms are white, very soft. In her arms
resting on my shoulders the moment, I finally thoroughly believe this is
a Miss. I just cast a glance at her would not see her. She lay down their
arms, had to get the picture.
"How old are you," I am a little curious, suddenly asked.
"20," she told me very bluntly, without a trace of shyness.
I look at the front of the woman. More than a good face, more than a good
age, exactly when the flowers into the school? She has also just had it,
there was good, did aesthetic dream, weaving through the beautiful life,
with pure water, smile. However, when actually what had changed them?
They still dream of you, there are looking forward to it? Now life is
bitter to them in terms of whether or music? In mind the bottom there is
any fear of losing this life or past life left? I do not want to go to,
do not want to go to. To Barred Plymouth Rock Fort, and I just to the
song. I can do is give her as a woman should get respect. No matter what
kind of woman, from any door or any other affiliation, what they have
been experience, after all, a woman her right.
Is such a place, part of everyday, quite a mixed bag, is full of traps,
murderous intention, all the every day occurrence, and may occur should
not happen. Today, also with Fishermen, small magic song the song, I ran
into unexpected.
As we have just to square, ready to go when the door opened. Suddenly,
outside the other rooms of the song mixed with the internal force behind
the drill into the house. This is unexpected. Not open the door the wind,
because certainly we all know, after coming close the door, and not some
twisted door handles, door will not open themselves. Who? Who opened the
door? What is he?
With the door bigger and bigger, come before us will show leakage. He is
disheveled, his eyes glazed, his face seems to have a scar; mouth oblique
Diao had a cigarette, cigarette butts hidden in the faint red light is;
clothes without buttoning a shirt, casually hanging body. Fully develop
until he missed in front of us, he did not rise. I felt a burst of
murderous look sharp.
Here, strangers in the room the song of others, non-search or revenge.
He, whether search or revenge? If that search, why take such a murderous
look? If that revenge, with his resentment when we?
He finally raised his head to the. Eyes began to fire in the room, when
the eyes scan to me, but came to an end. That very short moment, it seems
very long. What was he thinking? Why did he look at me so? He is
suspected me of stealing his family's pressure cooker or put his bicycle
tire air? He hid loose clothing is knife or stick?
But in 0.1 seconds, the unthinkable actually happened. After his Dai Li,
suddenly startled. I thought he was ready to begin operation of attack
moves, and behold him a step closed the door back and walked away without
looking back. He has proven wrong door.

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