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Windsor Resume

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									Windsor Resume
Personal Information Windsor Windsor Windsor brief profile

kym¡¿ ¡¾small files
Name: Windsor
English Name: kym
Has used list: Blue Fei Lin
Have used the English name: cream
Gender: Female
Date of birth: March 14, 1983
Constellation: Pisces
Birthplace: Shanghai
Had read the school: the East Asian Business School .. Ocean Butterflies
Music Forest
Had read the professional: teachers
Blood type: A type
Height: 166CM
Weight: 46kg

Knowledge of languages: Chinese, English
Expertise: singing, acting
Signing Company: Ocean Butterflies International (Ocean Butterflies
Album: "Air", "incredible", "incredible gold
selection" (Taiwan version), "seasonal"
Interests: Internet, sing k, food, travel, read bedtime books
Favorite Food: cheese cake, chocolate, curry chicken rice, ice cream,
pudding, raw fish
Favorite fruit: strawberry, mango
Favorite color: pink, blue, apple green

Like a combination of: Standfast
Favorite female singer: Cheer Chen, Kit Chan, Chara, Donna Lewis, Shania
Favorite male singer: JJ Lin, David Tao, A letter, Robbie Willams
Favorite actress: Shu Qi, Michelle Yeoh, Anne Hathaway
Favorite actor: Kim Rae-won, Lau Ching Wan, Nicolas Cage
Favorite movies: Chungking, 37 ¡ã 2, somewhere in time
Favorite authors: Agatha Christie, Zhang Xiaoxian

The most important person: family
Favorite flower: pink lily
Favorite season: summer
Collection of items like: crystal, dolls
Favorite Cartoon: Hello Kitty, Peko & Poko, McDull, Dalki
Favorite countries: Malaysia, Italy
The most memorable experience: making "to the former" MV (Adu),
signed Ocean Butterflies Music (OBM)
The most fun thing: we travel together, try to write songs

The most annoying thing: sick
Biggest regret: not tip his face
The most appreciated part of their: has been very persistent, very own
Heard a favorite song lyrics: have thought of a warm refuge in the arms
of others, but the result of this would not make sense
My favorite song which 5: "Missy", "Air", "song
in the summer," "I mind," "obsessive"
And who look forward to cooperation in the music: Cheer Chen, Ashin
Zuixiang Yan's role: a missing little bride
Like the type of the opposite sex: the sun, tolerance, gentleness,
kindness, work together very carefully but will not forget the travel
arrangements, can appreciate my flaws,
Like children preferred.
The most looking forward to love life: and he went to the seaside
holiday, fireworks on the beach, along with guitar
Do not eat dead food: carrots
The best place to go on vacation: Greece
When unhappy, what is: do household chores, eating chocolate
Windsor Events
2000 to participate in the "Oriental new" program pick (then
repertoire: "Orange breathing") blue-Fei Lin
As a "brilliant Galaxy" show host
2000, starred in TV series "Happy Family" (Played by: Chen's
2002, starred in TV series "18-year-old Sky" (Played by: Blue
Fei Lin)
Guest 2003 TV series "Pink Lady"
Adu starred in "to the former" MV female lead, after signing
the sea after heavy test music CDs
Trained in Singapore in 2004, "Ocean Butterflies Music Forest"
Become younger, JJ, and JJ for the first time Chorus Musician JJ Love
Song "song in the summer"
April 23, 2005 released his debut album "Air"

May 28, 2006 released his second album, "incredible"
March 2007 September Beatles "magical golden election" in
Taiwan Issue
June 1 launch of his third album, "seasonal"
Friendship Lunar New Year in September starred in drama
"Crossed" (Played by: m Wang) (Natural emotional performance)
tears of happiness
November inspirational-type star in emotional drama "Happy
Tears" (played: Ho Tong Yao) (female one)
February 2008 TV drama "Happy Tears" fixing

2008 TV series "Little romantic city" shooting
February 2009 Valentine's Day launch of the new single "This
Television Masterpieces: 18-year-old sky
April 15, 2009 large-scale TV series "The Myth" at the Palace
of Qin HengDian four returnees start a grand ceremony held in the main
hall, and played Lu Su.
Windsor endorsements
March 2003, together with brothers Adu beat the 2003 Singapore Tourism
Board "Uniquely Singapore" ad
June 2005, as Chow Tai Fook gold CTF.22 spokesman, and his cameo jingles
"third Tears"
July 2005, served as spokesman for NOKIA 6681
June 26, 2006, served as spokesman Jean Yip
September 26, 2006, as Iriver S20 mp3 voice, and attended the new
conference held in Beijing
March 2, 2007, together with brothers and JJ as "pretty much"
the spokesman in 2007, and attended in Shanghai "and the way the
snow," Press Conference
March 2007, as China, Japan, spokesman for video game Granado Espada
March 2008, and brothers JJ a "cute and more" Asia-Pacific
DIY FACE Recreation Women
KFG Series
Yili yogurt
Kittyland biscuits
Pak-free candy
Bai Lan Di Chicken
Master Kong tea
Fujitsu film
2009-1-14 Windsor and Zhang Jie, following ME2, and Gao Yuanyuan Jia
Jingwen become Binyinu brand "tenth generation" voice
Windsor album description
April 23, 2005, "Air"

05 person Ocean Butterflies Music new music heavily to build the first
power female idols
Let's breathe ... ...
The first title song
Fresh and hearty main [air] string melody nicely accompanied by aesthetic
Graceful note the clear sound of singing and narrative

Summer fresh and bright and warm sense of degree of transparency walk
Belong to the blue sky belongs to the sun are brought green bacteria
belonging to the summer of shy but also sweet memories!
Second Theme Song
Witty witty Main [blackout]
Styles funny cute First love Qieqie brisk tempo rhythm and shy girl, and
look for love
The new reality of human nature reflects the new music generation 85
years on the attitude of love and life
The third title song
Sincere affection Main [flash]

Touching love song full of the flavor romantic missed a deep regret
Get is a faint slightly sweet memories ... ...
1. Air
2. Outage
3. Love when
4. Flash
5. Pisces girl
6. Desire
7. By the wind over the summer
8.'m Scared
9.All about You
10. Third Tears
¡Ñ Introduction song
01 Air
Fresh and hearty main sweet melodies, graceful notes, clear sound, and
narrative fresh and hearty singing summer and warm sense of degree of
transparency brought about is the blue sky walk around, belong to the
sunshine, are Green, but are shy summer have sweet memories!
02 blackout
Witty witty witty witty main musical styles, rhythm and rhythm of light
First love, Qieqie love shy girls and expectations of the new man, new
music, a true natural reflection of post-85 generation on the attitude of
love and life.
03 when love
Fresh and warm style of music, light and jump the three beat, the girls
simply love and true feelings show's most vividly, Windsor pure and
natural sound qualities, together with our experience of love sweet.
04 instant
Sincere affection main melody sounds good, accompanied by a string of
atmospheric aesthetic and moved full allocation of romantic love songs to
miss the original flavor is a deep regret get is faint slightly sweet
memories. Spring song was selected CCTV drama "wake Lijiang
River" theme song, Produced by the famous director in Taiwan,
"Li Lie" directed, will be Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore,
Malaysia, has broadcast.
05 Pisces girl
Vivid Girls, super arrangement of rhythm Raggae style, cool Rap verbal
exchanges, a better young, bright, new breed of new music ideas. Pisces
girls and boys passionate romantic calm Taurus X practical alternative
love sparks clashes.
06 desire
Styles bright light, refreshing and warm atmosphere of the ringing guitar
accompaniment touch of melancholy, deep snow in the burning desire to
love, such as gradually come clear obsession.
07 song in the summer
JJ created the first male and female first duet song, inspired no return
from Windsor shooting advertising in Sanya encounter a relationship. No
return to even behind, JJ specially this song to your pre-sale record in
their own collector. I believe this song will be this year's most
anticipated, most worthy men and women K duet masterpiece.
08 scared
Romantic innocence of youth filled with the cheerful songs, Taiwan, Pan-
known songwriters create a sound amount of co-celebrate girls love
feelings; like love-fear of the lovely mood.
09 All About You
Miss the sweet melancholy, sweet pain, walk in the ethereal dream-like
music and Windsor penetrating deep feeling and endowed with the deep
voice and beautiful interpretation of love.
10, No. 3 Tears
Lee directed the director back, Bo Yang classic film adaptation of
"longan porridge" theme song when there is no love lost
sensational style hiss and cry, but only sadness and strong singing, not
to tear down the third, cowardly girls were also strong and brave, we
must learn with a smile and nostalgia, the past was better.
May 28, 2006 "inconceivable"
2005 swept the Chinese music scene's most dazzling new 2006, the most
anticipated music wizard
Windsor New Year album "inconceivable"
Music in the most extreme sense of fresh air beyond the Golden Girls
incredible new sensation
Ocean Butterflies Music giant Lin Qiu Li Bi Xiaoshi efforts to build the
most glittering new days
The first wave of a strong recommendation
Gentle strength to fight>> parallel lines __ profound love of this
year's most touching story of Windsor's most tender performance
Brisk Main>> incredible __ Wizard camel sound performance,
incredible new singing sensation
Distressed Main>> aggrieved __ Windsor unique "air-style"
singing, the more light talks about pain, distressing
Moved to Main>> stupid __ Lin Qiu Li tailored for the exclusive
Windsor-style love song, Windsor View the most intimate feelings
Pure as fresh as the air
She just simply loved to sing happy writing songs
Do everything with a serious attitude
Expression of praise-singing with every song easily
Turbulence in a complex world
Her music for all to see hear
Have become incredible
Shining star was born! Asia Gold announced the team together to create
new enterprises Windsor
Sweet, magical Windsor Wind Wizard
The album's recording process, the Windsor the most special feeling is
that the strict division Bi tuning, often in the recording when she felt
very relaxed to the best record wearing pajamas, but the completion of
the teacher is very serious seriously, the atmosphere is often tense, but
this tension is also felt for her musical focus and progress under the
strict division of tempering to produce this excellent report card
The album is very diverse musical styles, in addition to the first wave
hit "parallel lines" of the deep lyrical, the album title song
"incredible", light rhythm and arranger, music wizard lining
Tuo Jinsha light and movement as "aggrieved" is the first It is
sad love songs, is particularly worth mentioning is the "fool"
the song, she felt like the lyrics mention the personality, often feel
very open mind, thought not, and most people in the same runway, is often
another other unpredictable, so she a little folk in the interpretation
of the song when the wind love song, it is to listen to Bitter Heart, and
also felt pity for the special; There is also like "Arsene
ping" this somewhat psychedelic feel light songs; also Windsor-style
light dance "Wu
lala ", fast-paced light rock genre of the" Insomnia ";
somewhat lazy Bossa
nova of "breaking up for the time being unhappy," European
style accordion folk fusion "love quietly leave," Christmas is
full of romantic atmosphere, "Edelweiss", a different genre,
feel different Windsor, each capital has incredible freshness!
1. Parallel lines
2. Incredible
3. Insomnia
4. Grievance
5. Arsene Ping
6. Love to leave quietly
7. Parted for the time being unhappy
8. Idiot
9. Wu la la
10. Edelweiss
June 1, 2007 the new album, "seasonal"
Album name: seasonal
Concert singer: Windsor
Label: Ocean Butterflies Music
Release Date: May 30, 2007
Album Language: Mandarin
Windsor unlock the small woman's mood packet upload new season's colors
Asia's arms, gold To Girl
In early 2007 summer graduates own sadness
Womanhood fading love eldest gesture to erase the future of Tips
10 new song top music producers of international effort to build 10,000
kinds of style
With the special bonus disc [Missy] MV and flash shooting second half of
2007 Season Calendar Highlights
Gold To Girl Windsor, the new album seasonal¡¿ ¡¾Four Recommended:
* 2007, the first strong beat Missy¡¿ ¡¾Sea continental cooperation,
Windsor premiere rock recommendation. New image, new genre, shining in
your eyes.
* The second wave of lyrical recommended last summer¡¿ ¡¾, dedicated to
each of parting tears have flowed graduates, nothing came of the summer
love to each section.
* Three-peat to re-introduce the Superman ¡¾I¡¿, BOSSA NOVA's easy and
fun, Windsor woman's sweet dream to sing.
* Four Seasons seasonal exchange of love¡¿ ¡¾rotation, Windsor sing
delicate little woman, the courage to leave a faded love.
The summer of 2007 following the cold winter sun and rainy spring after a
warm feeling of waking up dazzling more ... ...
The summer sun seems to be a magic; to wait to become irritable, T-SHIRT
become colorful, love becomes pervasive, people of the same features as
the hair-trigger state of readiness ... ...
This is the Ocean Butterflies Music brewing for a whole year like a
summer song Jinsuojinsuo sparkling diamonds no matter from what angle you
listen, there are stunning light shine, follow her unlock the mood packet
transform seasonal¡¿ ¡¾music after the first color of youth.
Brightest new seasonal colors, Windsor new eye-catching styling
exposure¡¿ ¡¾Summer Sweetheart
April 2007 Windsor went to Taiwan, the Asian music market successfully a
breach of it in each of the critical ear of her songs Fushou concede
defeat. Meanwhile, in the shape of the new album done in Taiwan, the
Taiwan team in the Ocean Butterflies Music, under the careful design,
Windsor has a new sweetheart¡¿ ¡¾summer modeling; glamorous color with
cute sweet strapless tops and mini- shorts, Windsor has been transformed
from a sweet girl next door into a pretty little sexy attitude eldest.
Not only allow you to see the blinding light of early summer, but also
show that a small woman's side of Windsor. This is you did not read the
Windsor, just like the new album, you have not heard of the 10,000 kinds
of style of Windsor.
Sea dominate European new music, Windsor eldest¡¿ ¡¾The first strong beat
2007 Ocean Butterflies Music began to inquire about the potential of
overseas musicians, inadvertently recruited a European music creators Ove
Brenna, coincides with the preparation of Windsor third album, producer,
teacher and Xu Bi Xiaoshi ring Missy¡¿ ¡¾Good teachers think the song is
very suitable as a knock on the door for Windsor, was invited to Taiwan
Ocean Butterflies Music Teacher lyrics Lin Qiu Li , to Windsor tailored
transfiguration song, so, in co-operation of teachers, has been captured
by lyrics music charts Windsor, finally ready to light rock genre, to the
day's changing market challenges. Windsor is also specially trained hard
dance, and invited the Queen JJ dance teacher in Taiwan for her
choreography Blue Wave, 4-5 hours a day of intensive training, the
Windsor train hard contribution has finally become a Blue Wave teacher
praised the students. Blue Wave teacher said: "to help Windsor
choreography and teaching dance, let him great sense of accomplishment,
looking at Windsor from the same hand with the foot full of clumsy
gestures to the rhythm now, to see her everyday in practice, that When
his teacher is really in truly proud. "
Windsor faces not only the entire song first dance, as well as to wear
high heels to dance the dilemma has been little high-heeled shoes of
Windsor, in that staff members hope she will show femininity, it is
necessary dance wear high heels just lose, for the first time to wear
high heels in a dance studio to practice Shihai cry out for the Blue Wave
teachers are very distressed, but Eager to make amends, she is still pain
to complete this task, and in shooting MV time and time again when the
pain again, so that the staff admired her dedication, adding the frequent
praise her, and said: "She is really grown up!!" Please look
forward to her eldest¡¿ ¡¾MV in bleeding hard! !
In addition to the genre of rock¡¿ ¡¾eldest, the Windsor music types in
this album, there are many breakthroughs have extended Windsor's lyrical
style is best at seasonal ¡¾¡¿, ¡¾last summer¡¿, ¡¾graffiti¡¿, ¡¾ I
mind¡¿, there chorus of Singapore The Young Hongjun Yang¡¿ ¡¾love the
taste. Comfortable invigorating BOSSA
NOVA Superman¡¿ ¡¾my brothers and Lin Yu-relay [incredible] composer
after another tailor¡¿ ¡¾strange is not strange, the other in the board
fast songs such as womanhood ¡¾¡¿ ¡¾¡¿ younger, also Windsor in this
album especially with the summer atmosphere in the new musical styles.
Hope this album lets you hear a different voice over Windsor!
She has transformed it!
The first new works
In addition to seasonal¡¿ ¡¾moved its new shape, the most representative
of Windsor is the transformation of her songs, seasonal¡¿ ¡¾song is by
her own creation. After the introduction of two albums, Windsor suddenly
very much like to write your own songs to sing, although along the way by
producer Bi Xiaoshi retired teacher for nearly 20 songs, and finally
retain a song, so Windsor is very happy, may is that this song comes from
their true feelings for Windsor in the studio to sing this song, though
choked frequently hold back, but still could not help but shed tears
moved. The song writing on the feelings of her attitude; because people
have to grow up, because people always have too much desire, so to retain
the original love, than what is immune, perhaps followed by dilution with
time all season rotation before is the only antidote. Windsor passing
brought sadness of love, failed love for the woman found the courage to
find another true love.
¡¾MV¡¿ seasonal director, is that she has helping his career directing
and Lam and Taiwan, the first participation of the first MV Windsor
shooting, that is Adu's 'moving forward' MV, Lam and directors that were
unlimited potential of this little girl, Ocean Butterflies Music
homeopathic find Fengyun musical gem to be pondering. Meet again, the
director of the Windsor is still a lot of feeling, not only to find
Windsor delicate and charming and moving in front of the camera side,
Windsor's first song for the finishing touch to a quiet sense of art
images to create a touching song.
1. Missy
2. Seasonal
3. My Superman
4. Last Summer
5. Womanhood
6. My mind
7. Strange is not strange
8. The taste of love
9. Younger,
10. Graffiti
Windsor singles: this love
Find love (VS JJ, 07 cute song more ads)
I have my ideas (Disney theme song)
Looking forward to Love (VS JJ, 08 cute song more ads)
Obsession (seasonal DEMO)
Stay (<happy tears> episode)
Comet tears (<happy tears> episode)
This Love (2009 Valentine's Day has produced a track)
Lan Fei Lin time:
Back to the slow songs
Finger at the other end
Windsor & JJ "song in the summer" [included in Windsor
<air> in, JJ JJ <No. 89757> pre]
Windsor & JJ "found love" [included in the JJ JJ West
"sector> in]
Windsor & Hongjun Yang, "the taste of love" [included in
Windsor <Seasonal> in]
Windsor & Adu "lifetime love enduring" [included in Adu
<Huian Spring> in]
Windsor & Lin Yu in "Resurrection" [included in Lin Yu
Zhong <rain in> in]
Windsor & Ocean Butterflies stars (JJ, Adu, Lin Yu Zhong, Will)
"Hear the World" [Ocean Butterflies 15th anniversary of the
theme song]
Windsor & Ocean Butterflies stars (Jeff Chang, Adu, JJ, Lin Yu, Wang
Chuan-an, Hongjun Yang, Hu Ling, Li Bingbing), "sing the world"
Windsor & JJ "looking forward to love" [included in the JJ
JJ <JJ½> in]
Windsor & Stars "Beijing welcomes you" song of the Beijing
2008 Olympic Games
Windsor & Ocean Butterflies stars (JJ, Adu, By2) "Dream of
Wings" World Expo 2010 Shanghai China best songs of 2008
Windsor new trends
Salsa in writing a book their own beauty, is looking forward to the new
album, "Romance in Big Cities" will be broadcast on the new
album, gradually, news and more in the beginning of this year introduced
a new track, appears to salsa again this year Centre will put up the
¡¾¡¿ Pisces Pisces Romantic Adventure Romantic tennis tennis adventure
born in Windsor in March has a Pisces girl's character, while quiet,
active for a while before the girl looks a little special. In addition to
the appearance of sweet, strong affinity of this mid-life switch voice is
a little girl a magic weapon to conquer FANS. Become a "football
newspaper Jin Sports" tennis angel, so Windsor himself a little
unexpected, she told reporters, in fact, more than her favorite sport,
horseback riding and ice skating is the most fun. This time the adventure
with tennis can be considered the Beas young girl a special memory.
But this time the Olympics come to close contact with the Tennis Hall,
Windsor has spent no small trouble.
10:00 more make-up artist had arrived in Windsor where the Ocean
Butterflies Music, but all is not smooth. Windsor to take pictures
specially washed his head, but did not make-up artist with hair, had to
wait for her hair dry naturally and then start to do hair. But worst of
all, makeup artist cosmetics, foundation Windsor has allergies, so had to
go get their own home. In this way, the original scheduled time for
tennis most of the past. The thought behind the film can be extended look
at the time
But the site is not, and others, the International Club's tennis club in
the afternoon, 15 o'clock appointment was made, so when Windsor and her
agent arrived on the scene, the
Have taken the time only half an hour. Arena here, that Windsor should
come to take tennis theme, tennis court staff are eagerly looking forward
to a working person
Member said: "We Museum biggest names in, but often have to play,
but Windsor has never been."
Into the Tennis Hall of Windsor also points at first bound, very politely
greeted with reporters and photographers, and then hurried into the
lounge make-up. The staff of brokers, said: "We take cosmetic wrong
with that if she tends to be allergic, so we change a belt over her,
causing the delay." See the time has come late, Windsor is also
seize timing, coming out from the lounge, she said: "Then hurry
up", then surprising speed into the shooting condition.
Originally thought to follow a very boring film stars, reporters have not
been idle, shooting, Windsor is like a naughty child, each photo shoot is
completed, she would run over to see themselves in a professional digital
camera on the way, and then to the photographers express their views:
"This crossing a hair fall, ah," "The point is not
bad," "ah, how do I look like", although critical of
judges like, but Photos for the judge while she lovingly looked at the
photographer, would like to hear some suggestions from the photographers
Due to time constraints, quickly shooting was completed. Windsor started
the interview standing on the edge of space, she spoke very vivid, like
through the expressions and body language to express the full meaning of
his words and scenes, and sometimes very shy smile, said: "actually,
that come out are not nerve to ... ... "asked the assistant next to
her," it cold, do not Dongzhe ah! ", she kept politely
replied:" Nothing, thank you friends. "
Interview more than an hour after the shooting, Windsor out of the tennis
court, also on the staff smiled and lovingly said "Thank you",
then waved and he kept saying witty: "BYEBYE", around people
laughed up, looked at the back of Windsor, a staff member said:
"This girl's very sensible."
¡¾Favorite¡¿ Shanghai nostalgia toy from the "18-year-old Sky"
to "happy tears" from the "song in the summer" to
"Missy" in the drama, songs often to see the King Shakespeare
was memorable sweet smile --- Smart A clear eyes, mouth slightly upward,
just as a cute kitten. Only sweet Shanghai "Princess cat"
Windsor, recommended sightseeing places are very cute Shanghai ---
nostalgic toy store.
"Missy" New New Year photo shoot
"You want to hurt me, pet me, because I am Missy, but this does not
mean that I will love you more ... ..." song is sweet man sweet
little princess Windsor, recently a "Missy" in the music
festival, the song list so the ceremony had won Golden Melody Awards. Not
only gain a firm foothold in pop music, but also widen the road
performing, starring the Chinese version of "A liter of tears"
--- new drama "Happy Tears", now play after 3 months in Xiamen
film has been officially fixing.
May be approaching the end of overloaded with non-stop filming the
ceremony participated in big, Windsor because of a bad cold, fever and
ill. Years ago, an interview, just returned from the hospital so after
poor Jinsha Gang drip. Even so, the days of her physical illness, or as
we enclose a new set of photo shoot of the New Year. Chinese knot,
Chinese New Year couplets traditional festive home decorations, to the
Windsor into the hands of a piece "cute accessories" to help
her play "Lucky Cat", performed "God of Wealth." When
asked whether the new year, a special performing arts program, but
expressed the hope that she will continue to work hard, "This year
will participate in two television series and a film show."
Looking for childhood memories
Like HelloKitty, Peko & Poko, love the Internet, K Song, from the
life preferences of view, Windsor and other "80s" girl is no
different. Perhaps the cause is deeply obsessed with music, so far her
baby is the most beloved friend to send the arranger software, because
"arranger software is a very wonderful thing, it allows all of the
music has become a wonderful yo!"
Girls always more greedy, the Spring Festival will be one to want a lot
of gifts, clothes, shoes, toys, chocolate ... ... as Less. As artists,
Windsor, most want to receive New Year gifts Quefei kind: "I want
most of the gift is for your support! As it is I continue to adhere to
this path of backing."
Although living in Beijing because of work, but Windsor is a native of
Shanghai. As Shanghai daughter, Windsor for the play to the natural home
of well known and most highly recommended place is nostalgic toy store:
"In the Nanchang Road and Maoming Road junction, there is a
nostalgic toy store, which sold all our childhood toys, such as iron
train, winding little frogs, etc., where you can find the good memories
of our childhood. "
Windsor Recommended: cute magic
Liquid pink blush
Windsor in the "Missy" sings: "has less to do with a pair
of heels bags, glasses to Gouhei star feeling ... ..." life
"Missy" Jinsha but a lot of "cute magic weapon" that
allows Each sweet girls have become beautiful. Among them, she
recommended that the first blush: "The best is the liquid pink
blush, which can make skin appear more healthy and lovely."
To be transformed into a kind of cute girl like Windsor, in addition to
powder-scarred face, and have to have naturally curly eyelashes. She
said: "The mascara brush is a need for careful, patient work, we
must carefully brush layer by layer, and then brush out the natural
effect of making the eyes appear before God and bright."
Star Files
Windsor, the new generation of small teen idol days, with a sweet smile
and the song quickly became popular in recent years, Adu has starred in
"to the former" MV, TV series, "Happy Family",
"Pink Lady", "18-year-old Sky, "" happy tears
"and so on. In the song, since 2003, to Singapore, "Ocean
Butterflies Music Forest" trained, and JJ chorus "song in the
summer," and so on, and introduced the "incredible",
"incredible gold select," "Air," " seasonal
"and other albums.
Windsor 08 Games
Games I want to see Liu Xiang
Windsor and after a lot of 80 little girls, as mentioned the word on a
look of bewildered sports. However, despite never touched tennis, Windsor
or seriously picked up a racket. TWINS that are known as the clothing ad
said: "Maybe she hit the ball sucks, but at least she looks
"Jin sports": sports in your life much? Windsor: Actually, I
used to think the horse is happy, singing and acting, but after no time
for exercise. Every day in the shed either the crew, very tired. Once the
organization to participate in the company Christmas PARTY, I tired not
work, gathering together with others propped strong, keep my eyes open,
and then almost fell asleep on the sofa, and have confused a little
while, and next to the colleagues laughter woke me up, is so tired.
If the rest Well, what exercise to do?
I want to learn skating, Beijing also has many ice-skating rinks, I've
seen some coaches teaching staff slippery, and I especially want to learn
some of the more fancy skating, good looking, beautiful, old, can leave
some memories.
Like some of you against violent sports like football like that?
I like to watch other people do the exercises, I know my weaknesses, it
is difficult to participate in.. But also in the negative, after making
this film I do not think what is not overcome. Many years ago, and I
afraid of dogs, afraid of all the hair on the animal, even chicken rabbit
ah ah, all the hair on the animal I'm afraid, but this movie is the first
together with a large sheepdog speech. In my eyes it is the movie of the
beast, I feel it next to Yangruhukou (laughs), really making when I took
got drunk as soon as possible Zhuangzhuang Dan, hold it by Jiujin facing
dog and pro, anything coming. Then I made the stills from the phone back
to my colleagues, they looked very surprised, "ah, how she can be
Love how the recent work, busy?
Is busy filming recently, and last year took in a movie, this is a
turning point in my career, performing a very difficult role. In the play
I was myasthenia gravis patients, is slowly losing the ability to control
their own behavior. Not very difficult to speak, but the play has been
very strong. I played the role of sport has nothing to do with, say a
relationship with the players is such a spirit and will are common. I was
deeply tormented play inside, but I never gave up, very stubborn, I think
the athletes to achieve good results, must have this condition, do not
you (laughs).
Filming it should be very tired, on the requirements of high energy and
physical, right?
Yes ah, every day is tired of. This movie going to bed at night one or
two, but after a while and get up at 4:30, one day only slept two or
three hours. Others can often rest shooting the film in my main
character, every scene I have to rely on the spirit of support. Added
back, the most important thing in the spirit.
In addition to sleep outside it, what suffering is?
My eyes, my eyes before corneal damage, the doctor said I can not cry.
But this movie, my part is crying in 80% of the show, so I have to cry
every day once or twice a day, down the most painful eyes are rolling
into. Around to see the director and crew are two and two, there is
ghosting, when I finished this movie, then I think the lower part of play
do not cry so much, I think the next one to play a fun little game.
You are making this film director and partner for what you support?
Director told me to "Go," said I promising. Speech Yang gave my
mother is a very experienced actor, the studio gave me a few years of
experience. I am the daughter of actress Well (laughs), Alan Shore is the
newly graduated students, handsome. Such a "young and old new"
with all kinds of people will grasp the vision, should be welcomed.
You've been on regular film school?
Drama is not for me, there is too formal, and I studied kindergarten
teachers, and I especially do not like to think outside the box things. I
like to study their own, many do not know where to go and ask the older
generation and their elders, then according to their own understanding of
pondering a play. I think it taught me something, come out with the
director of the stuff after the collision, the teacher talked to the
director as an inconsistency in the cast is subject to the director, I
believe the director is not possible to say you will talk to the director
said the teacher before, not the same as ah, this is too silly (laughter)
In the concert context, does it not to put down?
This film which has the theme song I sing, I take the next game also sang
the theme song and the episode for me to sing, it should be said on both
sides did not give up. Long as we can sing, in my heart very happy.
That you have some sports circles such as athlete's friend?
Has ah, my good friend that some of these, know a lot of years, but
mostly basketball team, is also very good friends.
Recently participated in what the Olympic-related activities?
He recently was with Jiong, Xie Na jointly participated in the Olympic
volunteer center orchestra, returned to the magazine took a group of 6 to
celebrate anniversary of Beijing's successful bid bikini photos.
During the Olympics, there is no time to go to the game?
I received this year's show more than some, now depends on schedule, to
see if there is no time in August to the game, but I will certainly look
at this year's filming in one or two, I mainly want to see track and
field, get to see Liu Xiang gold. (Laughs)
Love Windsor
June 1, 2006, to the Chongqing Children's Hospital to a large pair of
twins suffering from leukemia thousand health and health sent condolences
to King, and wish them a speedy recovery
June 18, 2006, for the primary school in Guiyang South Central sent the
children love and care, was awarded the "city of Guizhou Radio
SimulRadio Ambassadors" title
July 4, 2006 by Malaysian Women Group of young women invited workshop for
the "hope of the pilot - away from the melancholy love
activities" as a goodwill ambassador
July 26, 2006, by Jackie Chan invited to participate in "Dragon
Heart Qiannan line - hand in hand love" big charity performance
January 30, 2007, to participate in "love light in 2007 subsidized
poor students to go home Way home New Year" star love cum public
school performance
January 16, 2008, to participate in "love and light to go home Way
2008 funding poor students to go home the New Year" star love cum
public school performance
June 5, 2009, employed by the Chinese Red Cross Foundation, "Love
Angel eyes."
Windsor apologize to ˹ÇÙ¸ñÈÕÀÖ
June 26, 2009 Windsor apologize to ˹ÇÙ¸ñÈÕÀÖ
Sina blog by singer Windsor yesterday issued an apology on her blog post
last year, "When the singer into a bitch" and "underhand
is kind of out of art" on the ˹ÇÙ¸ñÈÕÀÖ reputation damage caused to
apologize. Windsor said in an interview for her rapid growth of this
event and hope that things can be so in the past.

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