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					Wealth wealth for three generations
"Three generations of wealth of the rich," Introduction
Out of the 5 major cycle: hatred of the rich do not envy the rich get
rich get rich do not envy the rich do not keep the rich do not keep the
rich to enjoy the rich to enjoy the rich do not enjoy life
What to say atrocious, saying of heartless, why money is not good, money
is not good?
Say anything bad money, saying the money bad, why the poor have no money,
money is also bad?
Say the poor kept on the run, saying that the rich life insurance, why
not have the money order is short, money is also a short life?
Say a dead end, saying that the rich only three, why not have the money
hopeless, money has no hope?
Say impoverished, saying the rich worry, why not have the money bad,
money is not economic?
Would like to know, "Fortune" What!
Instructor: Zhou Zheng
Well-known psychologist, CCTV "psychological interviews"
expert, Professor of Henan Institute of Finance, "New People
Weekly" interview with People, management psychology experts,
chaired Fenghuang Wang, "Zhou Zheng psychological time", Hunan
TV, "Zhou Zheng parenting wisdom." In the "Youth
mental," "reader", "College Students",
"Chinese graduate students," "China Education" and
set up dozens of media psychology column. Main attack management,
parenting education, disease and language psychology research, as
hundreds of well-known companies providing management consulting
services. Has published "Mental classroom," "Youth of
Applied Psychology", "Zhou Zheng Family 20 Act" and
"new age parents to teach children rules", "Zheng-speaking
psychology" and other works.
"Three generations of wealth of the rich," the set title:
The first episode to make money
Episode disorder leads to poverty
Episode earn merit money is
Traynor should not only rich wealth
Episode wealth of psychological laws (on)
Di Liuji wealth of psychological laws (under)
Seventh and naturally I must have money
Th episode grateful for the wealth
Di Jiuji Everything to Finance
10th set to become the love of money
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Mobile: 13693111181
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