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?Funny to say, this is the first time I saw the beautiful legend of a
mysterious violet, or in someone else's office. I do not love to spend a
family, so little attention to the message of the flowers, but today is
violet, ah, he can not help pondering after reading half a day, a
beautiful flower ah! Immediately extract some of its online profile,
???????¡¾Scientific name¡¿ Iris tectorum

???????¡¾Alias¡¿ Purple Butterfly, Violet, Lanhu Die, Ukraine kite, flat
bamboo flowers

??????¡¾Origin¡¿ origin and are mainly distributed in central China and
Japan. China now mainly in the Central Plains, Southwest and East China

French as the iris to flower. According to legend, the Kingdom of France
as the first dynasty of King Clovis in the baptized, God gave him a gift,
that is, Iris. In France, the Iris is a symbol of light and freedom. Iris
is a family of herbaceous plants flowering plants collectively. This
flower petals from the 6 leaf-shaped form of the capsule, three or six
stamens and the flower's ovary pedicle wrapped component. The name of
this plant is the messenger of God and join the earth and the rainbow
from the other world. There is also a legend that the rainbow has saved
the lives of the 6th century Frankish king, when he saw the rainbow
rising from the Rhine since the time when the river water that has enough
light, then crossed the river to escape the enemy's pursuit.
???????Iris plants growing in Japan, China, Siberia, and almost the
entire temperate world. Iris petal shaped like a kite for a tail and call
it a bird, the generic name for the Greek iris, "rainbow"
meaning, metaphor refers to a rich color. Flower flower industry and the
general public, or the transliteration of its genus, commonly known as
"Alice." Alice In Greek mythology, is the rainbow goddess, she
is the angel of the gods and the mortal, the main task is to the soul
after death will be good through the Rainbow Bridge between heaven and
earth to bring back the kingdom of heaven. So far, the Greeks often
planted in the cemetery of this flower is to the soul after death can be
entrusted to Alice back to heaven, this is beautiful words - "love
angel" comes from. Iris in ancient Egypt on behalf of the
"power" and "eloquent." Israel is generally
considered that the yellow iris is the "gold" symbol and
therefore, the custom of iris planted in the cemetery, that hope for the
afterlife to bring wealth. Monet's garden at Giverny is also embedded
with Iris; and to its theme, leaving the canvas is full of natural life
rhythm of iris images.
???????Florid: enthusiasm, adaptability
???????Iris love messenger on behalf of

???????1. White Iris on behalf of innocence;
???????2. Yellow Iris said Everlasting Friendship, warm and cheerful;
???????3. Blue Iris is a generous appreciation of the Fang Suya or secret
admirer; also suggested that a representative of the fate of the free and
the broken passion, exquisite beauty, but the fragile and perishable ...
???????4. Purple Iris is a symbol of love and good luck
????????Iris Alice (violet blue): The good news, messenger, miss you
????????German Iris (dark blue): the sacred
????????Small Iris (bright yellow): together to resist, concentric

?????Therefore, more attention after the time or the knowledge of some
flowers and suddenly feel a little piece of cake.

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