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									University of Victoria

Victoria University
University of Victoria
Victoria University was founded in 1916. Schools located in Melbourne,
Victoria, a total of 11 campuses, affiliated with Melbourne College of
Music and Communications Law Centre. Victoria University is one of the
largest universities in Australia Faria, now more than 3,000 school
staff, students number more than 5 million people. Victoria University of
Victoria in Australia, an act of Parliament set up a public power
university, the Australian Government and Victorian Government funds the
operation of the joint.
Since the school since 1916 Victoria University for its excellent quality
of education received a good international reputation, has become one of
Australia's largest universities. University of Victoria for two
consecutive years (2005, 2006) was Australia's "Good University
Guide" as the best universities in the five-star (of 8). Victoria
University is a comprehensive university with full academic, professional
specialist with 54 universities, 93 universities in undergraduate, 68
Master and the direction of more than 100 doctoral programs.
School opened and programs are closely related to modern society, such as
business and management, tourism, multimedia technology, environmental
management, community development, sports management, engineering and
computer subjects. The school has also established a number of research
centers, to encourage and strengthen research activities. Research Center
at the main cities at home and abroad to strengthen the relationship
between the school and Asia, the United States, Canada and Europe more
than 60 foreign educational institutions to establish formal ties. The
academic center of the school is mainly for coniferous research and

Victoria University campus has a modern computer for each room.
University Student Services Centre provides a range of services,
including personal problems, counseling, shelter information,
Kindergartens, financial advice, support and employment of overseas
students in information gathering.
Victoria University is also part of the world, and the University of
International and Europe, North America and Asia, many universities have
cooperative relations. Among them, including the world's best
universities. This partnership through the European - Australian Research
Institute and the Asia - Pacific Research Institute approval and
supervision. Dimensional integrated and practical teaching for the
significant features of a diploma granted international recognition and
good reputation, outstanding quality of teaching and training a large
number of international compound talents. This is the dimensional
graduates to become graduates of Australia's most popular reason.

Faculty of Arts: Australian Cultural Studies, the Asia-Pacific studies,
mass communication, community development, psychology.
School of Business: accounting, banking and financial business
management, business computer, economics, international trade, marketing
management, tourism management.
Institute: architecture, civil engineering, computer technology,
electrical, engineering and business, environmental engineering,
electronics, packaging technology.
Human Development Institute: acupuncture, nursing, performing arts,
sports, entertainment.
College of Science: biochemistry, biotechnology, education, chemistry,
environmental management, food technology, mathematics, computer science,
physics, visual electronics.
Victoria University's distinguished programs as engineering, computer
science, physical education and rehabilitation.
Dates: February and July.
Tuition: Each year in the AUD $ 14,000 - $ 21,000 range; MBA is AUD $
Entry Requirements for Overseas Students
IELTS minimum score; 6.0; or TOEFL minimum score 550/TWE5.0
University of Victoria Website:

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