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U.S. Report on management of high-rise building equipment


									U.S. Report on management of high-rise building equipment
CB Richard Shi of the United States the world of property management
companies invited by the Chinese Association of Property Management Tian
Wei, vice president of the United States, headed by senior management
delegation, building equipment, 10, on December 11, 2005 -23 properties
on the United States management and senior management status of building
equipment, a careful inspection, inspection reports now as follows:
First, the status of U.S. property management on the United States is the
world's most developed countries, comprehensive national strength is far
more than other countries, but also the most perfect market economy
countries. In the context of this social background, formed a
collaboration with the United States highly specialized operating system
in the property management market. 1, in the United States, property
management as a social management services, mainly by the owners and is
responsible for enterprise and industry associations, government
basically not to interfere. Small government, big society, can do, or
rely on the people by the market self-discipline can solve the problem,
the Government are not too much say in the so-called "of the people,
by the people, for the people" is too. Although the United States
property management to effectively assume and discharge the functions of
the service to the community, but this is not the U.S. government's
credit. The U.S. government's executive branch is not the management of
property management, the role of government is the legislative and
judicial. Daily of the industry, primarily by a research institute called
the property management agencies. American Property Management Institute
(IREN) is headquartered in Chicago, was founded in 1934, is the National
Association of Realtors of a subsidiary, is a non-governmental
organizations and non-profit organization whose main functions are: (1)
Property Management Training professional ranks, including training and
identification of qualified practitioners, registered property manager
award (CPM), Registered Housing Manager (ARM) certificate; (2) develop
and implement property management industry standards, ethics, promotion
of new technologies, new techniques, maintenance the social value of the
industry; (3) to assist government departments in drafting laws, and
regulations; (4) promote and lead the members to the overseas market
development. American Institute of Property Management has a set of
management, research, training, operating in one of the organizational
structure, set up branches in all major regions, the headquarters of the
institutional setup. Executive Committee of the Standing Committee of the
Council: Responsibilities: audit, budget, planning ordinances,
regulations, ethics and disciplinary hearings and disciplinary ethical
issues in public housing Ethics Committee of the Executive Committee and
the Executive Committee of the local branch activities: Job: Division
activities ARM : Job: ARM Services Legal Services Division: Duties:
contact the National Office of Federal Housing around the Federal Housing
and Equal Opportunity Fair Housing Alliance federal legislation the state
and municipal services Services: Duties: National Property Manager
property manager of computers and technology consulting income / support
all the risks Management Contact: Job: Property Management magazine
Marketing / Public Relations Publishing Registration Department
responsibilities: AMO AMO AMO Qualifications Assessment Branch of the
insurance branch of senior CPM CPM for membership management plan members
for membership development, minority education and training: Job: Adult
Education CPM membership course content of teacher training and education
policy committee two highly professional property management property
management team is the United States one of the important features. In
the U.S., anyone who wants to engage in property management, must obtain
the appropriate professional qualifications. This qualification is not
primarily aimed at corporate management, but against the individual
managers, which is currently present in China to manage different
business qualification. Three types of U.S. property management
qualification points: CPM, property manager for registration (Certified
Property Manager); ARM, registered housing manager (Accredited
Residential Manager); AMO, registered property company (Accredited
Management rganization). There is also a call over of CPM Candidate, is a
registered professional qualifications before the property manager.
Qualification for the management of the United States Institute of strict
implementation of the property management industry qualification
standards and industry codes of ethics, so the above qualifications, in
particular, is a registered property managers are very difficult entry
qualification, which not only guarantee the registration of the quality
team of property managers, but also make it a career as a popular choice
for high social value. 3, a CPM IREM job require the applicant to submit
an application to obtain qualification prepared CPM. Applicants must
complete the application form, pay the application fee, a high school
degree or above, meet the legal working age and is currently engaged in
property management. General five-year probationary period, the shortest
one year up to ten years. If the applicant has engaged in property
management or real estate-related work experience to obtain other points,
also less than five years. After obtaining qualified applicants prepared,
be in accordance with the IREM design a performance appraisal system, and
achieved 260 points, divided into the required 160 points, 100 points
divided into elective. IREM courses: 30 hours required points, as many as
100 elective points. IREM headquarters and local branches in each
training course, the beginning of each year, IREM courses will be
introduced beautifully printed manual mailed to each student. Contents
include property maintenance management, human resources management,
multi-purpose marketing and leasing of property, real estate, financial
and strategy performance evaluation of property management, property
investment climate assessment and write a property on a property
management plan. CPM certification exam: 30 points required points, 0
elective points. Examination covers maintenance, human resources
management, marketing and leasing, financial operation, daily management,
legal and risk management. Management Planning: 20 points required
points, 0 elective points. IREM provides management planning manual,
students write on a certain real property management program, fully
reflect the student's practical experience and theoretical knowledge.
Ethics: 20 hours required points, 0 elective points. Each applicant must
repair this lesson, keep in mind and strict compliance with ethical
responsibilities CPM. Experience: 60 Required points, up to 100 elective
points. Engaged in property management considered a sub every month, so
60 means that 5-year probationary period. However, before making the
application if the applicant has been engaged in a CPM property
management under the guidance of, or already ARM, then, these experiences
can be counted points. On experience, IREM also specified: such as
management of housing, then a less than 300 units, or two of not less
than 200 units, or 5 less than 100 units; such as management offices,
while a number of at 120,000 feet, or two less than 80,000 feet; such as
management of industrial space, then one or more of not less than 200,000
feet. Formal college education: 0 required points, up to 90 elective
points. Real estate, economics, law, finance or business management
degree fold 70, and other professional degree fold 60. Other Adult
Education: 0 required points, as many as 100 elective points. IREM
recognizes 15 other courses offered by real estate associations. IREM is
stipulated in the training manual. Other Requirements: approval by the
local chapter of IREM; pay dues clear divisions and headquarters; has
been strict compliance with ethical responsibilities CPM; by IREM
approved by the Council. 4, the United States the basic situation of the
property management team throughout the United States at present only
CPM9500 people, AMO363 home, responsible for managing the nation's value
of 879.5 billion U.S. dollars of all property. In IREM's long term
development plan, the United States balanced development of the property
management team, remain stable, high-quality, reflect the following
characteristics: high capacity: Quanguo only CMP9500 people, AMO363
family, from application to become a member of a set of strict
requirements. Therefore, only higher education, who insist on clinging to
become registered property managers, officers with higher education
reached 94.1%. Once a registered property manager, then enter the high-
income groups, to promote vocational CPM value and cherish honor. 1998
registered an average annual income of the property manager over 86,362
U.S. dollars, while in the city of Los Angeles area MONTEREY PARK average
household income was 32,605 U.S. dollars! Professional division of labor:
more use of CPM as the core company of other staff working around the
CPM, so size is not generally (see table), a property management company
with AMO status, management, housing more than 380 buildings, "Hong
Dou" more than 20 buildings (similar to we are talking about Siamese
villas) and some apartments, but the company has only four individuals.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for the CPM, have both agents,
development, construction and other qualifications, responsible for
overseas development, development planning, management decision-making;
vice president responsible for corporate finance and chief financial
revenue and expenditure, reporting, accounting and internal management; 2
clerical work in accordance with instructions, all day long busy
telephone, fax, e-mail, eat lunch, have staggered. They like the
scheduling of large companies, responsible under the owners request,
contact for repair service companies, cleaning companies, green companies
and special management of daily affairs. Integrated service-oriented
business: First, CPM's time allocation and income structure, mainly the
property management, agency, consulting, valuation is also an important
part of development; second, management of the property, to both
residential and non-residential; Third is type, CPM except mainly in the
property management companies, in the real estate development,
construction, investment trusts, banks, etc. were distributed. 5, the
contents of United States property management (1) primary task is to
property management. American Property Management's primary task is to
good property management. Therefore, IREM's training, always with the
lease of property sales in an important position. CPM 22.1% of the time
in the operating area, 40% of its revenue comes from business activities
other than property management. Property managers pay more attention to
the real estate market changes, how to make the management of the
property to remain competitive and maintain high sales rate / rental
rate. Timely collection of property operating income in rent tenants may
escape to take decisive measures to reduce the loss of the owners; lower
operating costs, through bulk purchase, fixed service channel, timely
payments to obtain all possible concessions to reduce customer costs. (2)
routine maintenance - to rely on the professional company. Routine
maintenance for the property, the property management company from an
organization, scheduling, and ultimately responsible for the role. As the
social division of labor developed, most of the management companies do
not have the personnel and equipment repair and maintenance. House and
its equipment and facilities by a professional company to bear, all kinds
of facilities, the company also by the corresponding professional
commitment; health by the health professional cleaning company to bear,
the general weekly cleaning and garbage collection, transport 2; green
with green commitment to professional companies, usually green personnel
came a week pruning, insecticide or fertilizer 1. Green basic automated
irrigation, sprinkler timer. (3) The security services are not the legal
content of property management, the owners of the property under various
provisions of the Convention. General property management do not include
law and order, especially residential, basically no security. There are
three basic reasons: First, high labor costs of security; Second, there
is security against people feel unsafe, people will think is unsafe, I
will call security, property devaluation inevitable; Third, the
popularity of anti-technology, anti-technology companies can provide
sound, rapid and inexpensive service. Another reason is that the police
and fire brigade (911) of the quick response. (4), property management
generally no 24-hour shifts, working hours outside of the emergency,
treatment by the government's 911 offices, property management costs
significantly reduced. IREM's explanation is to reduce consumption of
resources, no need to set people everywhere are waiting for the property
is unlikely to happen, the government team can cope with a large area.
Second, the U.S. high-rise building features a device management, using
advanced technology to maintain the advanced nature of building
management. The United States is the world's most developed countries,
science and technology, which is also reflected in their high-rise
building equipment configuration requirements. We visited in Los Angeles,
CB Richard persons from the United States the world of property
management for intelligent buildings 6500Wilshire Boulevard building. The
23-storey building, with a total area of 435,039 square feet (40,416
square meters), located in Los Angeles downtown area, is a Los Angeles
business community landmark, the IM Pei design. Since the building can
Yuanwang Pacific coast, Century City, Hollywood Hills and downtown Los
Angeles. Building construction for three consecutive years the owners and
Managers Association International (BOMA) Building of the Year title and
become the most satisfactory Los Angeles office building. The building
security with advanced monitoring system, eliminating human inspection.
Building air conditioning system with the United States Auto-Matrix
Enterprises HyperTerminal computer control software system for energy
management. Controlled by the building engineers to use a laptop computer
into a super terminal system, at any time (especially during off hours)
to adjust the air conditioning system operation. 2, focusing on energy
conservation, reducing energy costs with high-tech means. Visit 6500
Wilshire Boulevard building that impressed me most is that building
owners and managers attached great importance to energy conservation,
reconstruction and building services at heavily invested, through
technical means to reduce energy. The building has three consecutive
years, the U.S. EPA "Energy Star Award." By investing in
transformation, building energy management systems, including automatic
temperature control air conditioning systems, freezers automatic
switching, all air handling units, cooling tower and parking supply and
exhaust fans were installed speed control motor. Building a comprehensive
detection of installed lighting control systems and water-saving valve.
Garage exhaust fan only use a variable frequency motor for the building
on the annual expenditure on energy saving nearly a million dollars. 3,
focusing on equipment management environment, increase equipment life.
Attached great importance to equipment managers of the building
management and conservation of the environment. During the visit, we
found that the environment everywhere neat devices, objects placed
orderly, dust-free clean room and the equipment itself, paint a new,
clean and level of its marvel us. At the same time, managers strict
equipment management procedures, and regulate strictly, equipment testing
requirements are clear and on-site inspection cycle record. Third, this
U.S. study on the development of our property management Inspirations 1,
the U.S. focus on property management services, property management,
property management, broader meaning. Divided by the main property
management, the related brokerage, consultation and evaluation, lease
sale, real estate development and sales in many fields, this property
management company with the majority of our country just a simple
property management in the basic formation of a great contrast to the
situation Business . Focus on property management, on the one hand
expanded the field of property management, profit margin expansion
through diversification, industry risk avoidance. U.S. property
management companies and 40% of its revenue comes from outside the
property management business activities, which China's current level of
profit is too low, difficult operation and management of property
management companies can not is not a major revelation; the other hand,
involved in high end Business real estate industry, can effectively
improve the overall quality of the property management team, changes in
property management only in the external image of simple labor. In the
United States visit, was the U.S. high-quality property management, high
energy, high duty satisfied, 94% of the property management staff with
higher education qualifications. To improve the quality of our employees
and property management level, we must improve the attractiveness of the
industry, expansion of industry profit margins and business space,
involved in high-end real estate business content, from planting plane
trees, Golden Phoenix and exterior. 2, the United States highly
professional team of property management, property management to ensure
the U.S. can maintain a high level. Visit the study, give us a deep
impression is that the U.S. occupation of the property management staff
treasure their hard-earned, but also has high social and economic value
of registration, have a strong long-term or even life in the property
management Yuan Wang . They put their life's energy and talent in
property management that contribute to the cause of social services,
which ensures that the higher their social status and income, but also to
ensure the United States, the world-class property management. From the
property management industry, the highly professional, rigorous selection
process registration, limited registration number (U.S. only 9500
people), were assured of qualification for registration of property
managers µÈ the overall quality and the quality and enhance the United
States Institute of Property Management property management industry in
the U.S. position and reputation, so that qualified for registration
management tools in this industry into a virtuous circle track. We
believe that the United States, professional experience in building
professional management team we should learn. 3, focusing on
environmental protection and energy saving, is investigated in the United
States was an important characteristic. 6500 Wilshire Boulevard in the
study tour to see the building, building owners and managers have a clear
goal of environmental protection and energy saving plan, the owners are
willing to work hard, willing to spend a lot of money into the price for
building energy-saving, from 1994 to 2004 investment funds for each year
of the transformation of the minimum energy efficiency 10%, the maximum
increase 75%, effectively achieve the energy saving purpose. EPA property
management activities to promote energy conservation in each assessment,
"Energy Star" program, were to be commended on the significant
energy saving. China has proposed building a thrifty society, all walks
of life build a conservation-oriented enterprises, institutions, units of
the activities are carried out. Construction of major energy-saving
reduction, the property management industry is also saving residential
construction should be undertaken, building activities, to include energy
saving environmental protection an important part of assessment of
property management. Members of the delegation: Tien Wei, Xu Xinmin, Zhao
Chunkai, Lei Zhi Chao, Yang Bailin, Caoxue Chang and Huang Guang Rong,
Cai Renzhong, Cao Yang, Yong-Ping Yan

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