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?????????????????????--- Observe and pay attention to things around!
????Imitation, which means to follow; follow.
????Bionics is the predecessor of bionics. Bionics is the science of
biological science and technology between the edge of disciplines, it has
the various functions of biological systems principles and mechanism as
the biological model, and hopefully we can use in the technical
development of these principles and mechanism of realization of new
technologies design, creating new machinery, equipment, building
structure and process.
????Because, biological functions of various biological variety.
Extremely complex and delicate structure, its wonderful far greater
degree than many man-made machines to date. So. The further development
of science in engineering, people need to look for inspiration and to
simulate biological and explore new horizons.
????In ancient times, once biological phenomena of the development of
technology played a certain role. 4000 years ago, ancient Chinese working
people imitate the wind rotation canadensis grass invented the wheel.
1500, 10,000 Chinese scholars as the birds want to fly outside the earth
to see the same magic of the universe, therefore, imitate the birds do
space experiments. He sat in a chair, holding two large kites, then tied
back on the thrust of the world's largest 47 rockets, like the power of
God through the rocket, the rocket ignited unexpectedly, a loud noise,
10,000 died in an of smoke. Experiment failed, but after all the actions
million greatest feat. Modern scientists to commemorate the great feat of
10,000, a volcano on the moon named "10000 crater." Chinese
people in the April 24, 1970 to China's first artificial satellite sent
to space. 400 years ago, Leonardo da Vinci Italian scholars of birds
based on the research, design flapping-wing aircraft, the personal upload
a pair of wings, use of force to step foot flutter aircraft. Later, one
of the birds in flight dynamics, in the late 19th century invented the
????Bionics, has made significant development in recent times, for
example, electronic frog eye tracking artificial earth satellite; a whale
ship size can speed by 25%; imitation flies extremely sensitive olfactory
organ, designed for small gas analyzers have been used in spacecraft and
human life.
????Bionics as a multi-disciplinary design fields and promising. At
present it is only applied to the bionics engineering sciences. Not
involved in business management in bionics, which raised a new issue to
the people. In fact, a number of successful business management practices
and biological world have similar, only that people do not pay attention
to observe and study Bale.
????(A) of the Lu Ban Implications
????Lo Pan was invented folklore "Saw" story. Lu Ban received a
one year building a large palace of the task that requires a lot of wood,
but it works very tight deadline. Luban disciples up the mountain to cut
wood, the saw was not only cut with an ax, efficacy is very low, tired
exhausted every day, for timber or not, on far, delayed the progress. Lu
Ban was very anxious to go to the mountains look in person. When the
mountains, and occasionally a long pull on the mountain grass, suddenly
scratched hand. Luban very strange, a sharp grass Why? He carefully
observed broken off the grass and found that long grass on both sides
there are many small fine teeth, his hand was scratched by the small
teeth of. Lu Ban was inspired from this incident. He would like to use
many of the tools with teeth, not cutting trees can it? Metal craftsmen
with the help of Lu Ban made a one with many small teeth of iron. Take
this saw the tree, really fast and easier, "saw" so invented.
????Get inspired from this story: lb, studying wisdom. Modernization of
management of enterprises, there is no ready-made model to cover only the
light of actual companies to practice in order to get management company
may experience. China's large and medium enterprises in addition to
technology-intensive, is that labor-intensive, many production tasks and
construction projects, only a large number of people working together, to
complete. As the saying goes: "people Tai Shan shift."
????1. Imitate the way ants move mountains, organized huge mass
production activities. Production task, especially urgent, difficult,
short construction period, the case of lack of funds, to mobilize the
power of enterprise-wide large surprise in the required time to complete.
This will not only guarantee the completion of production tasks, but also
reduce investment, reduce the waste caused by long duration. Sometimes a
project, starting from the organization of production, no matter how
analysis, are difficult to complete the schedule. However, many
participants, everyone take a balanced pressure, the overall action and
perseverance. Could have been difficult to complete the task to
complete.Æä because yes, when a mass Desheng Chan organized and up ºó,
everyone is a Da Yu's exposure to the spectacular scenes of the
environment, Qifen of Gan Ran, Xiang Hu competition, Ren's Qingxu Best of
Show, Conger glow out of the labor enthusiasm, increased labor effect is
a fixed staff were unable to use computer programs to measure. Therefore,
the modern enterprise is inseparable from the ant-like mass production.
When the "Battle for Petroleum," is this form of organization.
This organization is particularly suitable for medium and large
construction projects.
?????2. Imitate the way the lead pian orientation, attention to their
advanced production units (including individuals). We all know that the
leading air flock of wild geese flying geese, one for the team-oriented;
Second, assume air resistance, the back pian for the creation of flight
conditions. Particularly long flight pian, pian constant need to exchange
the lead, otherwise, exhausted. Business advanced units and individuals,
generally larger than other units and individuals to undertake the
arduous tasks, and pressure. If business leaders do not know the reason
leading pian, any advanced units and individuals are difficult to
sustain. Therefore, as business leaders, first of all establish the
advanced units and individuals, we establish a model for the leading
role; followed by the "lead pian" the continuous adjustment of
the support and care to advanced units and individuals, to tolerance in
the allowable range and avoid excessive stress, the result appears beyond
their grasp.
?????3. Imitate the manner of earthworms cut back to life, the major
production activities are divided into several stages. Biological world
there are many mysteries, such as earthworms cut into paragraphs, each
can survive. Imitate the way to organize a major production company
seemed far-fetched. But the general is an effective way. In the
enterprise often a major production activities, if in full swing, it is
difficult handy way to organize. If divided into several different stages
and at different levels to implement them will not affect the overall
value and the "vitality", but also within our capabilities were
organized and completed. This is an image inspired by earthworms.
????(B) bees Inspiration
????Bee is a collective life of the insect, in a swarm of bees, only one
queen bee (female wasps) and many worker bees and a few drones. Their
life is quite special, not a life of a decentralized, but tens of
thousands of members living together, form a large group. Any one member
leave the group, can not live alone. In this large group, each member of
a strict division of labor closely we can work together to maintain
community life. Worker bees as productive labor, is the most difficult in
itself is female, but not reproductive, the largest number of specialized
as nesting, collecting objects, raising their young, care for the queen
bee, clean up, to prevent predators, etc.; drone fewer, A group of dozens
or hundreds; queen, are female, in a group, the mature, it can lay eggs
only one. Its main duty is to produce offspring, and to maintain social
????Bee inspiration to many people, many of its functions and business
management were similar. Queen's authority, the worker bees of
consciousness and spirit of sacrifice, colony organization and
discipline, and strict division of labor, coordination of the overall and
nesting art, these are incredible people. However, bees inspiration to
people, reflected in the modern enterprise management should emulate to?
????1. To establish authority. In the enterprise, authority is not a
democratic opposition, it is the authoritative basis in order to achieve
effective democratic management. Imagine a business without authority,
who said the are not, business tasks and the system will be difficult to
achieve, will be like a mess and a pot of water spilled on the ground,
who also did not pack up, businesses will survive affected. Therefore,
general managers, department managers, directors of the authority and the
role of queen as important. Most companies prefer employees to accept the
authority of the leadership, only under the leadership of the authority,
the orderly operation of the business with.
????2. Group business. Bees are highly organized, disciplined group of
groups, in this group who can do without. Today in the enterprise reform
and opening up, commodity business into a social market economy,
companies rise and fall, and the vital interests of each employee are
related to, a great loss for both sides, prospering or declining trend.
So, we must cultivate a spirit, not only team spirit, group management;
companies must form a whole, be invincible.
????3. Self-sacrifice. In business, people should be like the worker bees
as a conscientious work, the virtues of self-sacrifice. Carried out in
the country to learn from Lei Feng, Wang Tie people to learn, people
learn to model the activities is to establish such a habit. This trend of
development is a thriving business base. This requires business leaders
attach great importance to this issue. If everyone is too selfish, all
for themselves, do not speak dedication, enterprises will lose the
prerequisite for survival.
????4. A clear division of labor. Thousands of enterprises, strict
division of labor is absolutely clear less. Full control of network
management De greatest advantage, yes right enterprise fully controlled,
while the full control of the premise is based on strict division of
labor Jichu. No division of labor, there is no production activity, the
framework of the overall structure of the enterprise division of a screw.
????5. Care workers. Worker bees are the most difficult. In the
enterprise, production line workers the hardest. Some companies give
front-line workers, special treatment, whose aim is to work and pay
consistent. It may not have found that general business of the advanced
producers have seemed more gaunt, his selfless work and the reason is due
to heavy work. To this end, business leaders should be humane, every year
there are plans to arrange the priority to rest, regular infirmary, so
that they can get physical and psychological rehabilitation to enable
them to long-term effectiveness for the enterprise.
????(C) spider Inspiration
????When people see the river channel on both sides of the trees, or two
from the very far corner of the room between the knot with a spider web,
they often people will think of a question, how set up this spider web of
air it? As for how to set up no need to explore in detail the key is how
to choose the terrain spider silk ropes fixation point and the network
structure, and how to weave nets to capture prey it? This is a question
of interest.
????1. Spider web of practical value. The structure and properties of
spider's web as much as we use the tool in real life network. Its biggest
feature is a radial network structure has the advantage of a large impact
load. When the impact to prey, it will be the same basket as the prey,
corrals, and the net balance between the wire mesh between the force and.
Therefore, the total control of network management in the design of
radial index structure system, the reference to the spider web structure,
significantly better mechanical properties than the matrix structure. We
all know the layout of Chengdu in Sichuan Province is the radial
structure of spider web structure, perhaps the early construction by the
web designer on inspiration.
????2. Cobweb location science. The general location of choice in the
natural spider web next to the space object, in this space are often
prey-infested areas. Management also has the same problem, that the
improvement of economic efficiency of enterprises, their starting point
the choice is very important. Generally speaking, first select the
precise and accurate on the premise that scientific decision-making;
Second, selection must be matched by measures to ensure the. Because the
breach is often risky, vulnerable to internal and external environment,
so choose carefully.
????3. Fixation point choice. In general, there are two thick rope spider
web, while the two cables of the fixation point is often chosen in a more
solid object, this object is the spider web which erected the foundation.
Enterprise Management is a similar problem, this is the corporate
foundation work, which includes six aspects, namely, Ding Yuan fixed,
namely, technology, standardization, information, basic education and
personal responsibility. The basic work is based on the enterprise the
workers. If the base collapses, like cobwebs, like loss of fixation
point, everything is gone. Therefore, the core of enterprise management
should be based on the management and human, that is to be the basis for
consolidating the enterprise.