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									This is how the
Recent gripping things too much. .
Friends to play last night and come home to more than 4 points, for a
long time did not drink much wine, not so crazy after a long time.
Led to today's absenteeism, stomach pain, lying in bed one day.
In the past closed their three years, I had forgotten how social, how to
say, even how to love.
Say what to do, all feel very comfortable.
This is how I was? ?
This year has been less frivolous, that he knows what stronger than
That he is very mature, is very naive.
Think you know what love is, is very naive.
That he is very strong, in fact, no less than anti.
Think they live very clear, in fact forget.
Bones of the admit defeat, arrogance. Do not know how to do.
A person tired, can not find the person that you can understand.
Mouth spoke not a question of feeling, the cause of the weight can be as
long as the light touch my heart will be sad for a moment.
Family did not know I had broke up with him, and today a joke.
Talked about for some time, is not the home to see both sides of what
parents see a face.
Some injuries may not touch one night with the lost of their lives.
Madman said he wanted to, and ready now how is this possible, I am so
proud of the woman inside
May be he still owes me the answer.
But I never asked. . Silently bear it
There are 28 of the 40 minutes, and 4 days in August was.
4 consecutive months on the bottom of the fast passed, followed by a
continuous period of 4 months of good luck and look forward to ing ....(
Constellation said the book)


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