This decade_ the _quot;Clean Sweep_quot; by fdjerue7eeu


									This decade, the "Clean Sweep"
?????Do accounting and billing of the mother, calculations (calculators)
to play for a lifetime dealings, thought like her old profession no new
surprises, however, the invasion of computers and the Internet, such as a
tornado, her original orderly Office of the things by the book's overall
disruption procedures, pleasant attitude even close to retirement also
will be swept away.

However, anxiety is the turning point after. The mother, the tornado is
after the spring. She reluctantly stepped over the threshold of computer
technology, the Internet brings to her "Arcadia 10000 Pear Tree
open" riotous living. Instant chat, video, e-commerce, online games
... ... the mother's life is like opening a door to the mystery of
Alibaba, so that the door was the father of colorful extremely coveted.

Recalling the 30 years of reform and opening up, ask yourself: what has
changed our lives? For the general public, the protagonist of the third
decade, no doubt, "the Internet"!

In my opinion, the application of Internet technology in China, just as
"reform and opening up" the best voice. This remark should
start with the Internet revolution.

Internet embodied in the "reform" the spirit is not only from
its own technological revolution, but also reflected in its many social
rules and theoretical challenges and contributions, such as the economy.
"The scope of the Internet economy," Theory of the overthrow of
the past, represented by Adam Smith to promote the "industrial
revolution" in economic system, the "information
revolution" grew up in Alibaba's founder Jack Ma, is the
"economies of scope" biggest fans and beneficiaries. Today, the
Internet is a large warehouse, all of humanity to share the
infrastructure; today, the computer is a large warehouse management
software on a personal and individual costs of 1000, the difference is

Internet re-structure our lives:

Internet media to ordinary people much faster than other media. It swept
in for "The New York Times" Jin Bu Huan such signs are
chilling. From generation to have 50 million readers, the newspaper spent
50 years with 38 years of broadcasting, television took 13 years, and the
Internet took only 4 years. While the popularity of the Internet has
driven a low threshold to newspaper abruptly corner of elite culture,
"elite" means high-end, also means a small audience.

Psychologist said: the great man, "not in our 'what to read,' but we
'how to read the'!" However, "how to read the" has been
created by Robin Li, Baidu's search engine such radical change. Internet
media is not only "information" would "change the way we
process information in the process", since there is a network then,
we think the process is changed to "scanner", and the light to
brush through it. If you can not finish Ailing, how to book a picture of
each into your blood vessels; if you do not read Jin Yong, the strength
of the book how to penetrate to every nerve!

The Internet "open" is reflected in its inclusion on the. As
the old saying that the Sea, a tolerant and inclusive is the Internet's
rapid expansion and continued growth of his subtleties. "New
Yorker" has been published in a famous cartoon, said: "On the
Internet, nobody knows you're a dog." This is the Internet tolerant
of extreme statements, it is natural also to show other than the angels
Zhang devil's face.

In the Internet "inclusive" big draw warm embrace, in addition
to the devil, dogs still outside the network literature, pop culture blog
this product. "‡å" the appearance of the word Kurayoshi
dumbfounded, it is the prototype of Chinese characters in hieroglyphics,
but unfortunately the character of our ancestors to complicate it, from
traditional simplification, after another round, back to the circle of
pork on a skewer ... ...

For individual Chinese people, the Internet's "open" so that we
understand the world, people with various countries such as "QQ
group" this parlor room drinking tea, reviews the fairness, justice
and democracy, or gossip, mom Spare Melancholy by and adolescents. In the
Internet world, Jingyang Gang on a tiger, enough to lead to n-Tiger of Wu

For the development of China, the Internet's "open", is a can
surpass the runway. As the technology and resource sharing, we first set
the number of "catch up" is clearly could be touched and even
surpassed. This vision for those struggling to catch up with extremely
pleased, being the case, perhaps we have the power to make rules again,
is not it?

No wonder China's Internet elite business leaders than the traditional
more active, more confident, more ambitious!

Some say that the Internet is now surrounded our lives, in fact, a spider
web, weaving spider and insects live by network have been unable to

The end of 2007, had invited me to the Hong Kong Writers Association to
make a speech, could have been a hundred percent of the literary
activities, had to sit the hall is a poet, writer, literature, art,
literary predecessors, had such a time as this world Only literature no
other. I say innocence and fairy tales, senior TSANG Man, said that he
remembered a long time ago he wrote innocence of the poem, the veteran
stand up and recite poetry Zheng Chouyu poet, professor of Chinese
University of Hong Kong and the Hans Christian Andersen about the little
prince ... ... I looked at one by one writers and scholars to stand up to
express my inner feeling of snapping bamboo shoots with the germination,
the germination of innocence, feeling as if innocence were further
mobilization of the world. However, the only literature of the world,
suddenly stirred up a whirlwind.
For me about the Ma's heart!

A beautiful young lady came hurriedly, unearthed in the same beautiful
neck, with a more beautiful voice that he said: "We are most worried
about is that Ma do that Alibaba's shares have fallen, but we have bought
Ali Baba's stock up! "

I remember the media reports, last Nov. 6, Alibaba listing in Hong Kong,
the Stock Exchange for 15 minutes in the morning, trading system for
trading on the active users plug, there slow machine. HKEx announced that
it would invest 450 million dollar transformation of trading systems.

In my opinion, is the fairy tale Jack Ma, Alibaba is the myth. January
12, 2008, in Hangzhou Grand Theatre FY 2007 Top Ten Zhejiang's award
ceremony. I Abstract Ma's presentation introduced a few words: "He
used a name from mythology to create a myth of the Internet
community." "Let China's private enterprises not only touch 20
billion U.S. dollars for the first time the standard line, and it created
a 4,000 million rich hand of the rich scenery. "

Media that Alibaba is a listing of "thousands of the rich to
help." So I think, nine years ago, started in Hangzhou, Alibaba, the
almost "Gai Bang."

Clinton did not go to Alibaba
Alibaba 8,000 employees, with an average age of 27.
Ma and Clinton have talked till midnight.
Ma thought, Clinton arrived at 9 pm to clock Hangzhou, very tired all the
way by plane, how not tired?
Is already 12 midnight, or that on September 10 in 0:00 a. To 12:00 time
of 1 minute, which is September 10 the first 1 minute, former U.S.
President Bill Clinton stayed in the Presidential Suite, suddenly the
lamp is off.
The lamp? Clinton's room lights off? ! Then the door of their suite open.
Point of a box of candles, candle lit cake jump from Clinton aides
holding room.
Clinton stood up on Ma said: Happy Birthday, Jack!
Jack Ma's English name. Jie Kema then remember, the 10th is his birthday.
Clinton aides together sang Happy Birthday Jack. Later, Ma said to me,
and chat with Bill Clinton when Clinton looked to make you feel that you
are the most important person he is. Respect for people, this is a kind
of Clinton's charm.
I think people who can charm perception that it is also a charm.
Clinton Ma said: Jack, you must find me in New York!
Clinton was invited by Jack Ma in Hangzhou for a speech.
Clinton's speech charm and remuneration, are world-class news. September
12 of "the Economic Observer reported," an article describes
the success of Las Vegas marketing, said, "it is not selling
'tourist', not 'gambling', but 'excuses'!" For instance, the General
Assembly held in 5000, a crowd gathered in the grounds can: You can go to
Clinton's speech to the hotel.
Clinton was invited to Hangzhou, the host of the Internet world, Ma
"West Lake swordfight" to speech, no charge.
This is the September 10, 2005. I used to go to the bathroom before the
meeting, do not come out during the meeting. In particular, there is
Clinton's speech that day! I go to the bathroom backlash will come out,
what a halt. Because, front, more than 1 meter away from me but the
front, long walked Bill Clinton.

Clinton hosted by the Internet industry event Alibaba - "West Lake

Around, there are 78 large bodyguards. The Clinton walked so elegantly,
as if it is to nobody around, as if he was only in Westchester County,
New York, walking on the lawn of their own residence.
Are to "West Lake swordfight," the site, I followed the path
Westchester County lawn - I had also graces. I rushed him not to go
Ma told me that the world leaders in Davos to open branches when
wandering the streets, a rise that is a leader. Hangzhou, more than hope
that one day he just like Davos.
Well, at least on Sept. 10 in Hangzhou, I looked up and saw a Clinton.
Ma stage to introduce President Clinton, he said the official
presentation of the information superhighway building program to promote
the Internet, the Internet made so many contributions for the people, to
connect all the world's people together, he is - Bill Clinton!
Clinton talked about the democratization of the Internet to make
information, so that the whole world together, is the co-operation tool.
When the tsunami hit Southeast Asia, the United States, 1 / 3 of the
human contributions, half of the contributions through the Internet. Most
of the problems mentioned in the world, is caused by not sharing. No
sharing of information, not sharing education, there is no sharing of
medical, not sharing responsibility and sharing of technology, not shared
values, not sharing opportunities for economic growth.
Bill Clinton at length about the environment and energy, that energy can
create a better future, saying that if he is a young Chinese
entrepreneurs, he must engage in the solar industry.
The presence of some of the audience aloft Clinton's autobiography.
Clinton said that if there is no Internet, he wrote this book spend two
to three months. Government to provide a legal framework for the
Internet, the Internet is the entrepreneur's paradise.
Clinton said that China is a great country, the Internet, it can make a
more balanced China's rise, there is a more stable environment. He told
the audience raised his autobiography that while he signed for everyone.
In his speech, Clinton mentioned tomorrow, is "9.11."
Day 2, September 11, Hangzhou, in all the newspapers reported the Clinton
speech. But I wonder how all missed one in my opinion the most important
words: Hangzhou, he encountered the most beautiful cities.
Is it because I got it wrong? But my record clearly and written words.
The charm of the Clinton speech, the Earth people know. In particular,
after he improperly President of AIDS, children in poor regions of the
world into a more widely known. But I think today the charm of Bill
Clinton, perhaps he was a little boy in time to flip. At that time, the
ordinary people's boy said: I want to be president.
No one would believe this crazy talk.
Later, he met a man named Jack Ma from China's "crazy", a claim
not who I do not actually have to build T website. The two men sitting on
the stage dialogue, as if born to a president, one is
"hopeless," the urchin. But the two can come together, because
the same manner as "crazy" the passion and creativity, and
contemplation world charm. Clinton sat in the sofa, one leg high to put
the other leg, in this chic touches of elegance, there is a master of
self-confidence, as if that sofa is his home, as if he had sat on the
sofa only ri.
Ma Clinton moved to Hangzhou, "West Lake swordfight," the only
sofa, Hangzhou, the audience who, with their own eyes, from their point
of view, to see a lot.
After Clinton signed the reader 11, was originally meant to Alibaba.
Headquartered in the morning put on the red carpet 9 paved. Headquarters
road where traffic control is also implemented. But Clinton did not go.
Not Clinton do not, is Ma did not let Clinton go. Clinton is the first
time in Hangzhou. Ma thought, Hangzhou chosen Alibaba, Alibaba has chosen
to Hangzhou. City care Alibaba, Alibaba should take care of the city.
Clinton to visit so little time, let him or see Hangzhou Alibaba?
A business, if a former U.S. president, this will in business, what is
White said more popular, it is the kind of advertising. However, Ma said
Alibaba has not Hangzhou, no. Ma went with Clinton, Hubin Road to West
Lake. Clinton said: This is incredible beautiful! Clinton opened the
bodyguards, to the passionate people of Hangzhou.
Ma said: I just thank the Times
Ma never feel successful. Then one day, Ma suddenly realized that if
Alibaba disappear from the earth, that at least 500,000 small and medium
enterprises may face bankruptcy or closure, the original is not common to
do their own thing.
August 2005, British Prime Minister Tony Blair in Beijing to attend an
event. Sitting on his right hand side, a distance very cartoon look is a
horse near total - Alibaba's Jack Ma.

Ma of Alibaba and his "empire."

Often hear is "total horse", when I listen to it almost a
derogatory term. Mr MA do CEOs who do not know how much the whole of
China. Mr MA cloud looks cartoon called supernatural powers to do things
the people, there is only one.
The end of 1988 he was dining at a restaurant in the United States, when,
suddenly pop out four words: Alibaba. He immediately asked the restaurant
waiter, Alibaba know? Waiter laugh: Open Sesame! Ma quickly on the
streets, repeatedly asked the 56 10 different colors of passers-by:
Alibaba do you know? Each told him: open sesame.
Alibaba mean? Means luck, wealth and kindness. Ali shouted Sesame kind,
found that wealth is distributed to everyone after. If you want to be a
global company, we need such a loud and catchy the whole world knows by
July 2003 Tony Blair met with business leaders in China, named to see
"China's Ma," because Alibaba "is changing the way global
traders to do business."
Alibaba's turnover to do a million times, Ma is very pleased to Japan.
Japan, a boss laments to his own business doing well this year. Ma asked
him how much? He said that only 200 million. Ma said that 20 billion yen?
He said 20 billion dollars.
Ma was shocked. Thought themselves to do a million have been feeling
good, and people do well also to 200 million! And then encourage their
own: people are not afraid of a gap, the gap afraid do not know!
Ma said to myself: to be down to earth people in Hangzhou, Hangzhou, but
had his mind out of this world to know what is happening.
July 2000, "Forbes" 50 years ago, the first time the Chinese
entrepreneurs to do the cover. "Forbes" the text description
is: "protruding cheekbones, twisted hair, a mischievous grin, with a
5 feet, 100 pounds heavier urchin look, this looks strange people
Napoleon the same figure, like Napoleon, also have a great ambition.
I can not help but admire the "Forbes" devaluation Ma's eyes,
but I do not think Ma and Napoleon have any "connection."
Most people suggest that Ma is an alien, so he made the earth who can not
What aliens? U.S. film "ET" in the computer three-dimensional
design. Ma's body light and agile, quick, indeed a like a computer drawn.
He looked at Clinton gracefully walk 5 minutes to turn a body - this is
the Clinton's turned into a slow motion, he does not no shame in laughing
at himself: to walk like the wind, call to come here, call in there.
He wore apple green shirt, with a milky white trousers, a student first,
not a good shoe line drag on the ground, feet touching the ground to trot
to the podium. Laughed, eyes sparkling with first, and then the entire
face and laughed together all of features into the laugh lines in. I am
reminded of an age of two young children, is this kind of laughed. Or on
stage, smiling feet raised, people bouncing chair, feeling his ÇṦ, the
body can leave the chair and hung in the air, laughing enough and then
takes a seat.
If Xingqingzhongren for Ma, are colloquial. Ma is a sunshine boy.
Ma and handsome missed. Handsome people the world over, lovely few.
Ma childhood obsession with two things, one English, one martial arts.
His English made him free passage in the world, in January 2001,
"World Economic Forum," named him as one of the world's 100
future leaders. October 2001, the U.S. Asian Business Association has
named Jack Ma as "business leaders." He was familiar with Jin
Yong's martial arts, Alibaba his office, all the martial arts martial
arts in the Holy Land: "Guangming Ding," "Dharma
School", "Peach Blossom Island," "Luohantang",
"Tsui Yin Zhuang" "Banshan Ting", "knight-errant
Island" and so on, even the toilet is called "Ting
Yuxuan." He was called the "Guangming Ding" conference
room, hung with Jin Yong writing "Pro deep envy of fish, as retreat
webs." Alibaba Taobao everyone to their own employees from the name
of a Jin Yong novel, good man name. But the "crisis" began - a
good man's name ran out, only bad name.
Jin Yong lectures in Hangzhou in 2000. See Yong Ma, excited, and Yong Jin
Yong's martial arts novels, genre, etc., etc. Go. Ma was embarrassed
after that big, thinking they were heroes before such a pass that down as
his novels are written by Ma.
Cute, but Ma.
Ma Yong said that looks like the people in the martial arts. Tsui Hark
said that Ma can become a martial arts actor. Ma heard he had wanted to
play "Swordsman" in the role of Feng Qingyang. There was the
media broke the news that Zhang Jizhong shot "Sword", to Ma
play a martial arts master, that hanging goatee, the gossip gowns figure
who trained himself head of the Huashan School. September 21, 2005
"Shanghai Next Week" playing with the headline "'Alibaba'
audition Yong heroes." Play heroes on Alibaba, Alibaba was 800-
million members, that the daily increase of 13,000 new members, as well
as concern about Ma's many Internet users begin online voting, which look
forward for the role of Ma. Zhang Jizhong's film "Sword" Do not
hype the media has become a hot spot.
Regardless of speech does not play Ma in the end the heroes of Jin Yong's
novels, I see, is a simple, a naive, a martial arts myself, always a
chivalrous love.
Ma office wall, I saw a few people upside down photos. Held it aloft only
see the bare feet, not see the upside down face. I asked a few people
there Ma That him? He said there was. Zaiyi Kan, no. I said sure no
problem you upside down. He said he was master, the company has continued
to work during SARS, can not go out to exercise, he had his staff all the
training Taobao inverted. Sometimes a row of 15 people stood on. He said
he wanted us to reverse thinking. See the world upside down with some
things not so terrible. Ma said he wanted to go to the cave to find
martial arts Cheats, say, when he had found a "martial arts
Cheats" - he's B2B e-commerce sites.
I have a dream, Ma said: founder of a Chinese founded, the world's best
companies. He or Alive, the world and responsible Xia Qi, interpretation
of the new martial arts spirit.
I said that while a person obsessed with English and martial arts, it is
very rare.
He said this as if two completely different martial arts of the
Then I saw the video of Mars when the collision splash Department, burst
out of a world-class urchin future leaders.
He said he was just lucky. If the Early 10 years, he can do nothing; 10
years if the Younger also fail to get him to do. "I just thank the
Clinton to Hangzhou "swordfight" and that on September 9, I see
the "Evening News" published in the United Nations published
the "Human Development Report 2005", pointed out that China's
Human Development Index ranking, up 20 in 15 years, 20 years the world's
fastest growing economies. China to create the fastest progress in human
Born at the right luck.
I suddenly remembered the two Harvard Business School MBA Alibaba
selected cases of fever in the United States started in the circles.
Hangzhou to see arguably been Harvard professor, who was 5,
"Forbes" as the world's best B2B websites CEO, originally so
romantic, that simple, it so hot, so sunny on!
So the MBA case Alibaba, or be called: Sunshine Boy how economic miracle,
or call: the relationship between economic miracle and the sun.
World famous urchin
January 23, 2008, the World Economic Forum in Davos will be held on the
theme: "the power of collaborative innovation." Of course,
today's issue of the world unite in cooperation with the innovation
needed to solve. An announcer talking about Davos, I immediately thought
of that - Ma.
Ma up in the morning, after the next room. How that the door stood two
bodyguards? Ma not help to look into the wide open door, there is
standing Mahathir, Malaysia's president.
Ma walked in the toilet, I looked up, eyes is standing Soros. In the
hotel, in the street, wandering the face of it could be Bill Gates.
This is a branch of world leaders in Davos, Switzerland. January 2001,
"World Economic Forum," the selection of 100 Ma for the future
of the world leaders. Ma participation from world leaders in mid-chapter.
Of course, he went to meet a growing number of leaders have not only
because of the Davos. Chinese translation of the name of the last word as
"thou", and there is Tony Blair, Bill (Clinton), Gore, Powell.
Later, I meet with clients outside the office in Ma "Guangming
Ding", the "Meet" the Honourable "r", felt like
a step from his novels step into the United Nations.
If the time allocated back, appropriated for 1978, Hangzhou emerged after
the reform and opening up the first batch of foreign tourists checked
into Shangri-La hotels. Hangzhou foreigners who looked fresh. Hangzhou, a
12-year-old boy, 5 am every day, 45 minutes on the ride to the La gate
foreigners. But he is not a fresh perspective, he hoped to give foreign
tourists, no charge.
No charge, but rewarding - practice English. The thin boy, Deng Zhao a
broken bike, please foreigner in his back seat seated. Foreigners such
free riding coach, listening to the little boy with a childish English
introduced West Lake, unknowingly Heart sympathy and affection. Some
foreigners came again the second year they lived in Hangzhou Shangri-La,
the early morning or standing up and saw the door of this little boy,
producing an illusion, as if their is no left Hangzhou, with the door
still remains the little boy too. The third year, foreigners came again,
not feel shocked: Are you still here? You must amount to anything this
A foreign woman said to the boy: I want you to take an English name.
Thin little boy's face, the only heaven full, if the draw comics, you can
draw into heaven takes up half his face, then a pair of round eyes. The
little boy smile, shiny eyes to bleed the smile: Sure!
The old lady said, if you do not mind, I want my husband's name to you,
his name is Jack.
Jack? It loud and simple, very good. Since then, the English boy named
JackMa, has been used later he went to Davos and the world leaders
exchanges. The "Forbes" Introduction Jie Kema, or say
"naughty look."
I asked Ma, when his 12-year-old ran 5 other foreigners every day, why is
there such a big drive to learn English. Ma was full, full of wisdom,
heaven, and bitterly thought for a moment, finally have not thought out
"do not know, I do not know why so fond of English."
A simple "love" behind the insistence of his in 2089. Get up at
5 o'clock every day towards the Shangri-La, when the complete translation
guide plus drivers plus a bike after the rush to be punctual to school.
Ma helped small guide for foreign visitors, or to help the little boy had
spoken Ma learning foreign tourists, many of them became friends 20 years
Ma. He said that on Aug. 11 announced the acquisition of Yahoo, Alibaba
China is busy when a 20-years of foreign friends, and Ma had to let his
wife to accompany them to visit Beijing. Last year one of his friends in
20 years, died in Australia, Ma arrived in Australia.
"Forbes" put onto the cover of the first Chinese entrepreneur
summarized as "naughty." I also think that Ma's character, the
word has been, one is "stubborn" is a "child."
He often than do conventional, or no track can be accessed. Now he's
singing rang Alibaba, any of his actions were called news. But he was
originally just a happy youth, his fantasy, it is called lone madman.
The last century 80's, he played in six parks to do the first English
Corner in Hangzhou and later run from the first translation agency in
Hangzhou, called Haibo, a monthly income of 700 yuan, 2,000 yuan on
expenditures. But Haibo is now the largest translation agency in
Hangzhou. In 1995, an American company invited Ma to the United States
for their translation. Ma was kidnapped, nothing lost, all alone in Las
Vegas earned 600 dollars, then buy air tickets to Seattle to see friends.
Friends at home have a computer. This is Ma Yunsheng Zero level for the
first time and the computer. A friend let him button, Ma can not: by the
bad, and have lost much money? Friends say you want to search something?
Ma said that you hit the "beer" word it.
So out of a beer brand, the United States, Germany.
Without China. Can help the Chinese company, known for the world?
April 1995, Ma set up in Hangzhou, China, the Yellow Pages website. This
is the first Internet service companies business model. And Ma, do not
understand computers. In his words, called: No I do not T. No I do not
optimistic this is not T, one can create IT industry.
And Ma used to say: do not be optimistic about a blessing. Not optimistic
because we did not kill come. Everyone expected something to fail to get
February 1999, Ma take part in the Asian E-Commerce Conference in
Singapore. Ma said: the need for the Internet is a small business. If the
companies are divided into rich and poor, then the Internet is the
world's poor. The characteristics of the Internet economy is small on the
big, slow to Fighter.
March 1999, Ma founded Alibaba in this "poor world" in his home
in Hangzhou. Several hundred square meters of space, the room was busy 20
to a poor guy, on the ground Rengzhuo sleeping bags, whose support is not
open eyes, whoever drilling sleeping bag.
August 11, 2005, Alibaba the world's largest Internet company acquisition
of Yahoo China, all of the assets. Ma's work platform extending from
Hangzhou to Beijing, Yahoo China. No one is saying is crazy Ma, Alibaba
is now in the August 11, Tanabata in the lunar calendar, the Chinese
Valentine's Day marriage of Yahoo's news, covered all the newspapers.
Yahoo's Alibaba to invest one billion U.S. dollars in the news, let Ma
mailbox full - so many people tell Ma how to use the 10 billion. Ma had
net business meeting, a request made that we will not teach him how to
spend a lot of Email.
I think Ma said: Networks do not think this thing too clear, too clear on
so that we can think of.
I could not help but ask Ma: You are not T or not I do?
Ma clear and precise: I still do not I do not T. There will always be
more who do not I do not T, I have to represent their interests. The
Internet is ultimately convenient for all those who do not I nor T
service. In fact, I have no interest in technology. Moreover, I do the
talk, you do the work. From time, I would like, CEO's ability that they
will use someone else's head.
Yong Jin Daxia to Hangzhou in 2000 for the first "West Lake
swordfight." At all is the master Internet. Ma Yong laughed and
said: you most do not understand technology, but I know that you most
want. Ma wrote the pieces and then gave the word: "put the essence
of the great leaders of this great cause record the reason why Liu Bei
Liu Bang also. Willing to ordinary mien of Ma brother. In September 2000
in Alibaba Bao-dong Jin Yong."
Whether or not I do not Ma T, Ma is also still a normal person in
Hangzhou - the most painful, he said he was when civilians are not
civilians. He worshiped his network operators say: Be yourself! Make your
own. Ma has been the very fact that Ma himself was to make a cement life
- "I cement, my job is to everyone sticking together." Ma said.
Of course, he means that the seller and the buyer, is the SMEs and the
world market.
He should be sticking out of the one-China was founded, and to make the
world proud of the company.
What then? Then he write, "Alibaba's 1001 error."
After hearing him say, do not forget, he is world famous urchin.
Postscript: In mid-January 2008 speech in Taiwan, Ma, spoke of his sense
of crisis, always feel that, today I am suffering, more pain tomorrow,
the day after tomorrow is good. Most people will die tomorrow night. To
adhere to fight on, tomorrow will be more ready to bad luck happens, it
could see the sun the day after tomorrow.
I once said to him in Hangzhou, your name is Ma, Ma are you from
originally, rambled start B2B, now you are flying horse, Pegasus into the
clouds. He said he knew he was standing on the horse goes on, if Caikong
foot will fall off. People run higher, the better the scenery, the air is
thinner, could be the common thought of people less, the greater the
pressure. Do not mind looking at the scenery, and only thought was how,
because so many people now do business together. The company is in
Hangzhou, China, and I do not want to commit a fatal mistake, after all,
I'm going to push back the prospects of e-business step. I like Forrest
Gump, but I can not have him, because I am on behalf of thousands of
employees Alibaba dream.
I think Ma said: I'm the man inside the fool. (Text / Chen Zufen)


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