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									That important?
Guided power is more important than the execution
There was much talk in today's business execution, often ignores the fact
that implementation of the strategy guiding force in the central role of
the process. Guiding force as long as good, a mediocre strategy can
achieve significant results; if not a good guide edge, a great strategy
may die halfway. Implementation is a relatively long, subjective and
objective factors in the process of interaction, lack of guidance force
will fluctuate or even deviate from the strategic track, which is many
companies is purely the idea of some grand objective reality can not be
one of the reasons.
Lead to strategic failure for many reasons, but these reasons are often
predictable and, therefore, prepared to start the implementation of the
mechanism in the same time, we should fully take into account market
conditions, unexpected changes would occur, so a number of unexpected
changes in the market is easily lead to the original strategy beyond
recognition. For example, product life cycles, or increase the frequency
of emergence of new technologies or unusual financial market
fluctuations. So, how in the implementation of the strategy to maintain
and use to guide the process of power?
Design and implementation of a strategy into a search form, will
certainly increase the success rate of strategy execution and effective
way. People often overlook a very important step, that is, assessing
whether the implementation of existing organizations established
strategy. In addition, business managers, professional managers in
particular need to follow-up evaluation: When the strategic changes, the
ability of existing organizations to keep pace with the new situation.
These assessments help improve the organizational capacity and strategic
In the implementation of the strategic decision-making process, managers
must consider the reaction of competitors to the strategy and how
companies treat these reactions. If the industry environment has changed,
you need strategic framework for local fine-tuning or structural
transaction. In this context, there is no guidance while immersed in a
timely manner, will produce bad consequences, or even to bring about
comprehensive development of enterprise risks. Of course, we must
understand that power is not a force to guide intervention, but the
manager has a wealth of management experience and keen sense of, the work
done on running Sudden Shi guidance. That is, different from the simple
guiding force orders. Managers and staff to maintain convenient and
efficient communication for more people to speak on the strategic
implementation of different views and opinions, help find strategic
strengths and weaknesses, to improve management through integrated
thinking to form the guiding influence. It is no exaggeration to say that
many policy failures can be attributed to failure to communicate
effectively, causing human and material resources misallocation. For
example, managers should let employees know what the recent and
established strategies for the business. For better or worse, managers
should let employees know what those results and strategic relevance.
West, large multinational companies, in the weekly newspaper executives
will be in the area are invited to the theory of business management
experts on a regular basis to discuss implementation of the strategy
issues, to facilitate the strategic decision-making at any time found in
the implementation of the actual situation. This benefit is for all to
enter the situation and know what happened. It was the latest development
will bring back their own departments to inform everyone else. This way,
the person responsible for directing the implementation of the strategy
were more likely we recognition.
Force managers to guide the implementation of overall strategy from his
familiarity with the degree of need for him to keep track of a wide range
of performance indicators: progress in implementation of the strategy,
the competitive environment changes, customer satisfaction changes, and
strategies arising from the implementation of a series of related issues.
In the course of implementation of the strategy, symbolic actions
generally is to guide the staff to consider and implement an effective
tool. Symbolic actions in different forms, including ceremonies, physical
goods, the clever use of language describing the heroic deeds of these
stories spread far and wide, and set an example for leadership and so on.
Use of these symbolic action that allows employees believe that companies
are determined to implement this strategic decision, to increase their
enthusiasm for work, and thus conducive to the implementation of the
There is a more important issue is the establishment of information
resources and strategies of third-party relations, this is a very
important process. A wide level of IT applications, including enterprise
resource planning systems, customer relationship management, network
infrastructure technology, and manufacturing technology. Information
resources and strategies to establish collaborative relationship is a
two-edged sword, to the twenty-first century, without the aid of new
technology, any strategic decision-making would move an inch, and
increase the implementation difficulty.
In fact, business has always been in an uncertain environment,
uncertainty is absolute, to determine is relative. But this does not mean
that strategic decisions are lottery hit the jackpot, because most of the
problems are gradually shifted by the uncertainty determined, this
process has its own rules, there is no fracture gap. The degree of
uncertainty based on market conditions, we can divide it into four
levels. If unable to control the specific business operation rules and
the implementation of strategic decision-making form, would seriously
undermine the manager's guiding influence.
First level: the prospects clear. This - the prospect of relatively
simple level, managers can access relevant information, will be
uncertainty into certainty, accurately predict the future, proposed
response strategies. That is, at this level, the remaining uncertainties
can be transformed into uncertainty because of the strategic decision-
making with little to do.
Second level: There are several possible prospects. At this level, may be
the result is clear and discrete. Although the analysis results to help
determine the probability, but it is difficult to predict what the
results will appear, thus affecting the implementation of strategic
decisions. As many encounter regulatory or legislative changes,
enterprises will be faced with similar circumstances, they can predict
which of several laws as a potential form, but can not predict whether
the Ordinance would be passed through and the speed of implementation.
Another example, in oligopolistic markets, the main uncertainty is the
output of the expansion plan rivals, because any large-scale factories
have the potential of the industry pricing and profitability have a
significant impact.
The third level: the prospect of a certain range. At this level, we can
only determine the scope of future changes in general situations. This
range is determined by a limited number of variables, actual results may
exist in this area a - point, there is no discrete situation. Such as
entering new regional markets in emerging industries or enterprises are
often faced with this situation, they often only on the potential
customer penetration, technology, cost and performance potential impact
of strategic decisions about changes in key indicators of a given range
(eg, 10% -30%), in this context is difficult to have clear results.
Fourth level: uncertain. At this level, interaction between various parts
of uncertain environment, making environmental effect can not be
predicted. This situation is rare, but it does exist. With the new
technology appears as an emerging market, and decision makers will face
technical, Xu Qiu, law and rules multiple Bu uncertainty, all these
factors interact in an unpredictable way, the future of Qing Jing Yin Er
Wufaqueding the reasonable range.
The face of the further deepening of the market economy system, in
particular WTO trade rules, import, Qi Ye ¾ºÕù environment Le
unprecedented in Bianhua, Tai Duoshu Jiceng staff Meiyouchongfen Renshi
Dao these Keguanyinsu strategic Zhixing the Ying Xiang. In a dynamic
market environment of operative procedures as a gourd under this painting
is clearly wrong, managers should study and analyze the market from time
to time, standing in the corresponding theoretical level, timely and
effective guidance to subordinates, then the implementation quality and
implementation effectiveness will be better.

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