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					Talk about the competition analysis (3)
????Competitor information collection and analysis system application is
to establish its purpose and key. First, the system can systematically
collect, record and analyze competitor data and information, and to
maintain continuously updated status. In order to make good use of the
system, the enterprise must set up a high-level panel composed of
managers, periodic analysis of information systems research. In the
enterprise development strategies, in addition to the necessary industry
analysis, the competitor information acquisition and analysis systems
will become a strategic business decision-makers to develop an important
auxiliary tool. Use it, the actual decision-makers can take the
competition competitors do you expect their behavior and actions to be
taken to be compared, and the prompt decision-making on what actions
competitors to focus on. It goes without saying that these should be
business confidential information must not fall into the hands of
competitors, or competitor of the system will be cast target false

????2. Analysis Introduction

????Information available, the conduct competitor analysis becomes an
important part of the system applications. Competitor analysis and
essentially the same general business analysis, but analysis of the main
competitors, the analytical tools no difference, for example, we are
familiar with Porter's five forces analysis, BCG Matrix analysis. The
following brief analysis of several methods for competitors.

????1) The combination of matrix analysis

????Portfolio matrix analysis to understand the basic purpose is to allow
enterprises of all its operational activities, the business relationship
and to help companies Juedingtouzi Yu Na Xie business, which business
cash cow Xing Zhu Yu, Er what business Xuyaochushou and what needs to

????The size of the circle diagram above on behalf of the business income
scale. Can be seen that the market prospects of good business two, but
market share is currently the company's "cash machine", a
company should invest sufficient funds to maintain the normal operation
of the business, so that enterprises have the ability to use the business
The current market share of business to earn as much as possible in cash.
1 business prospects in the market share of poor and low status, then
businesses need to consider the success of the business, even if that
success, but also in human and material resources to be put on the
careful consideration. Maybe give up the business is more suitable
choice. Business 5 in the market share of high and great market
potential, but it is the business of "cash hungry" type
business, Ji Xu ×¢Èë considerable financial resources to develop Gaixiang
business and make it the market leader and Neng as soon as possible
return. 4 Although the business has good market prospects, but market
share is low. At this time, policy makers should decide whether to
continue the business as soon as possible or to give up. Because, to
obtain a higher market share, companies must commit to the appropriate
fund, or passage of time, when the market leader for more market share,
the company will be in the market this business in a more disadvantaged
position. Matrix of the other representatives of a business location
competition in the market with different degrees of market share and
market prospects. Combined matrix France help enterprises conduct
business choice decisions O'clock, for example through analysis can
understand the business of acquisitions and strategic alliances Zhanlue
would Shi business position in the market what changes occur; business
Queding to huge investments in the "cash hunger "type
operations exceeds the number of Bu Zhiyu" cash machine "-type
business capabilities.

????Portfolio analysis matrix will also help enterprises to consider the
timing of implementation of the strategy. For example, in a rapidly
developing industry, an enterprise has one or two countries occupy a
favorable market share, and considering a global expansion plan. The
combined matrix analysis revealed that, if they lose the opportunity for
more than their competitors, companies will be at a devastating
disadvantage, will no longer catch up with rivals; if the investment too
large or too risky to consider the sale of the company items of business
prospects to recover cash, or through other form of expansion, such as
the establishment of strategic alliances.

????A combined method of matrix analysis of the role of competitor
analysis is, first of all determine the Meige Jingzhengduishou Zai matrix
and location information, and with the company's position ±¾ be compared
in order to see which ¾ºÕù¶ÔÊÖ Jing Zheng in a national or global in
dominant position. Particular, yes, when the company is seeking
international expansion opportunities and advantages of status, and Xing
Ye Zhong Huan Du's competitors range in Dequ Neimo You Zhenzhengqude
global status, Erju still not quite understanding between competitors in
the market Bingjuhaiwei the meet, competing in this way for analysis and
comparison is very useful.

????For another example, the enterprise may be in only one business to
compete with rivals, but rivals are diverse type of business enterprise,
but the company compete with rivals in their respective portfolio of
business in different positions and roles. If the opponents of this
competitive business is in the middle of the above matrix, and this
business is the opponent's "cash machine"-type business, it
must support the funding needs of other business rivals. That the
business of the enterprise in competition in a favorable position on.
Because the business of the enterprise may get more investment, and
opponents of this business is the business of funding sources, to
multiple "money hungry" type business out of resources, a heavy
burden on their inputs probably insufficient. By contrast, the business
of the enterprise with a distinct competitive advantage, decision makers
can determine to develop the business.

????2) Value Chain Analysis

????Maikebote said: "To diagnose a competitive advantage, need to
identify it in a particular competition in the value chain." He also
said: "From the whole to look at a business, is no understanding of
its value chain. Value Chain generated in their respective business
activities of independent businesses, such as product design, production,
marketing, delivery and support activities.

????All of these operations will produce a corresponding cost of the
enterprise and to establish a basis for the differences between each
other. He believes that a company should have five areas, namely,
internal logistics, production operations, outbound logistics, marketing
and sales, and service. Whether the work in these areas which have great
potential value to their customers and help companies build competitive
advantage. Thus, for value chain analysis, whether of their own business
or on competitor analysis, should first check the companies involved in
these five areas of work processes, determine the cost of where they
occur, what will create value for customers. Information collection and
analysis system in front of rival source of competitive advantage in
several aspects mentioned in the table, such as corporate procurement and
supply, R & D, human resources and infrastructure work are the five
areas of work support system. Customers may not see the effectiveness of
their operations, but they also create and consume no doubt the value of
the enterprise. For example, an airline crew of comprehensive training on
the value and will not be reflected directly from the training, but from
the customer service experience on the unit and crew conduct and quality
of service reflected. Instead, a training mechanism is not robust airline
crew poor level of service, the customer's evaluation he sent the results
less passengers, the company's performance naturally bad. Shows the value
chain exists in every business. Recognize this and to actively build it,
is to create competitive advantage in an effective way. So, when do
competitor analysis, in-depth understanding of competitors, value chain,
competitive strategy, the enterprise developed a useful and effective

????3) benchmarking method (Benchmarking)

????Benchmarking competitor analysis method often used in the operating
results of the evaluation criteria. Benchmarking method is to look at a
business enterprise to achieve better performance than the other when the
procedures used, and to compare the performance of each method.
Benchmarking method include the following elements.

????¡ñ determine what the content of benchmarking;
????¡ñ as a benchmark to determine to whom;
????¡ñ interest of the company has done research;
????¡ñ on the object as a benchmark for research on relevant aspects of
????¡ñ the results were compared;
????¡ñ to develop their own business improvement program.

????Application of benchmarking method focused primarily on process
aspects of business operations, the main method is to the enterprise as
much as possible performance indicators and performance indicators,
competitors were compared. Of course, opponents of performance indicators
of access is the key to the Act. Usually available from trade
associations or other industry publications and statistical information
in the public sector to get. Also can access through a dedicated market
research information. A competitor can do market research services. For
example, they are delivered to your door from customer order to cycle the
length of time to do the investigation; on-site product repair service
when the service engineer for investigation; for stores open service to
their customers to do the investigation, such as supermarket cashier or
Bank counter peak time customers wait in line, queue length to do

????Benchmarking method is frequently used by many world famous
enterprises competitor analysis, corporate culture is one of effective
methods of competitive advantage. At the same time, this method can be
used exclusively for internal business process performance comparison of
various aspects and assessment. For example, a multinational in the same
business in different countries, so the enterprise can set up a
benchmarking unit, allow the other to follow the same business units as
the benchmark. This can be competitors in the enterprise and external
comparative benchmarking method to build confidence before.

????In some cases, companies may not find a suitable competitor as a
benchmark object. So you can take the following approach.

????¡ñ with a competitive relationship with the company not to other
regions or foreign enterprises benchmarking method comparison. For
example, a Beijing public transport companies can equal the scale of a
Shanghai public transport companies as benchmark objects comparative
study; the Netherlands, a power generation business with Japan or the
United States to conduct a comparison of similar companies; China, a
Chinese medicine store with the United States or United Kingdom
pharmaceutical chain stores in certain areas of service for business and
Comparative Study of benchmarking method.

????¡ñ As the benchmarking method is mainly focused on the business
process level, the operational processes in different sectors but also
between similar businesses can be more of benchmarking method. The same
industry firms may in some aspects of the operation process in the lead,
but some processes may not be as part of the advanced enterprises in
other industries, so the industry and learn from each other is necessary.

????In short, the benchmarking method used in competition analysis, the
goal is not to copy the opponent some of the management and operating
procedures, but will others learn better solutions and experience to the
business segments for management and improvement, its ultimate aimed at
further strengthening the company's competitive advantage.