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1. Don't cry-guns n 'roses song has been sung millions of people cry.
Always the most soft tenderness of the heart where the heart throbbing,
eyes were red, but no tears leaking, every listen one more time on the
attachment ...
2. Fade to black-METAllic there is also a classic metal band songs, I
believe China has a lot of people are listening to the prelude of this
song only to learn the guitar! METALLICA classic of classics, is also
METALLICA been the controversial works, because at that time Suicide is
out with fans this song, do not listen to oh timid
3. Dreaming my dream-cranberries with Faye Wong Li-reliance, like
changing the singing, elegant left the original vast and the sky to
earth, it's glamorous with a cold, but people who spoke of the changes
and the eternal, Ireland cards 100 Lee learned a wizard so the band and
the legend of the vast and temperament, communication of the earth and
the sky of the United States, to the story, love, history, death, society
melting into the muffled and real female in the ... (card Experian, the
is the sound of berry vine vine)
4. Dying in the sun-cranberries constantly repeated up the song, the
short winding melodies, the lyrics of a brief detour. Lying in this song,
dizzy, anxious in the sun Shui Si ...
5. Never grow old-cranberries recently often heard friends say that time
is over De Haokuai ~! Feel myself day by day, dream away! Could not help
but think of the song ~!
6. Far away from home-groove coverage Germany, new bands, this song has
been hailed as contemporary dance music of many well-known DJ's
masterpieces for the most essential, listened to no less than several
hundred times, and the melody is very good, the show is very good ...
7. Knocking on heaven's door-guns n 'roses ("Windstruck" theme
song) Avril children and Guns and Roses cover versions, give a distorted
sense of cool, of course, female version of the more quiet, to listen to
before going to bed Austria.
8. Imagine-john lennon John Lennon is the world's most successful rock
band "Beatles" (or called the Beatles) (beatles) the soul, died
on Dec. 8, 1980, was an avid **** fans killed, his death shocked the
world, his drug use in the sixties, and there is religious and governme-
nt, in the seventies to promote efforts to study Eastern religions and
fairy-tale love (with a little star is his name), it sounds like a
prophet's prayer to hear, but the lyrics remain stubborn ideal, perhaps
Lennon requested the Thai absolute, too pure, but as a dream, can not you
and I had before?
9. Yesterday-beatles also say such a classic, radio-on-demand rate has
more than 100 million times, heard of the Poor
10. Let it be-beatles once set a record of the history list is when the
Beatles disbanded reflection of the mentality of the members. Sometimes
life is about the process, as result it Let it be ...
11. It's my life-bon jovi have been used for CS's MTV background music.
12. That's why (you go away)-meachael learns to rock halfway in a hair
salon in front heard that's why (you go away) the piano version!!! Feel
good, it sounds more classic That's why the ! (put the sound gets better
feeling oh)
13. You can't say (Korean "love female anchor," the theme song)
I believe we will not feel strange about this song, oh!!! When the melody
with which the tender will be able to understand ...
14. Yesterday yes a day soft mellow voice, quiet little reflection, a
very comfortable 21-year-old Norwegian girl marlin, writing songs his own
songs, one full of romantic French songs, like love in your ear light
whisper, super nice to ...
15. Heal the word-meachael kjackson he was crazy and uninhibited love for
those who bear the responsibility, the young wealthy, psychological sound
strange but the pure original, his creativity, not to any one genre *
rope, though, Jackson is now the image of the poor, but he has made the
world's great contribution to charity, this song is exactly the kind of
performance he was right ... at least the height of his music is no one
can deny.
16. The girl is mine-meachael jackson. Pure fairy tale like, clean people
can not breathe ...
17. Delicious way-Mai Kuraki. I am also very much hate the Japanese, but
to hear the songs feel so pure music really is no boundaries hey ~ ~
18. Under the sea Little Mermaid (the little mermaid) episode, Zhang Shao
Han can always feel more energetic singing. Then listen to original
music, you know the difference between Eastern and Western cultures where
19. Fighter-Christina powerful voice through the thick of my eardru ms,
decorated with shining diamond pieces in the eyes of the retinal impact
on me ... hope that one day I can be that fighter ... yours is full
explosive power of a song.
20. Without you-mariah carey my favorite singer! Respect for her vocals
seem very delicate, and her voice is really sexy and very explosive and
infectious ... ~ ~ This is the only treble with i will always love you
match the song, here are a Both chorus and absolute expression vocals oh
~ ~
21. When you believe-mariah carey n 'whitney houston little say, anyone
not a way of singing.
22. Crying in the Rain is probably counted on the love song is one of the
most vigorous in Europe and America, this first folk singer Carole King
from the works of the original works to alleviate the affectio n of the
transformation of a subversive ...
23. Never say goodbye-Hayley Westenra Mandolin and harp full of songs
which reveal the voice of a quiet and beautiful young woman, songs are
adapted from traditional Irish songs over, Hayley Westenra's voice was
like silk general, the singing skills the greater has reached the perfect
position, while the voice is natural and beautiful people have to admire
and envy.
24. Sugar Ray's Someday. Sugar Ray (said to be translated as
"Wire," Band-_-bbb), their musical style can be described with
one word - Summer, they are only out in the summer films, songs
reminiscent of the summer on a child - Total is a sunny, happy and
lively. On the contrary, their lyrics Que Shibi deep, that the body has
13 tattoos, and handsome too do not like a rock band lead singer Mark
McGrath often very exaggerated body language, MTV, rock, coupled with a
very very authentic The traditional rock-style orchestration, I am afraid
the band alive today can not find the second such band.
25. Iris-Goo Goo Dolls crisp and sharp guitar solo, John Rzeznik low
voice full of vicissitudes of things, love, full of questions, followed
by the outbreak, "And I don't want the world to see me, 'Cause I don
't think that they'd understand. When everything's made to be broken, I
just want you to know who I am! "This is the motto with infinite
26. Mystical Machine Gun-Kula Shaker is relatively rare, Kula Shaker's
music by a number of Eastern thinking, This is also reflected in the
lyrics, music and orchestration into. The only true band album is
"Peasants, Pigs & Astronauts" album, clean sound,
psychedelic guitar, such as the Pure Sound like harmony in India, full
of-the-spot recording, the context of a word at the time, are absolutely
heterogeneous .
27. Elemental-tears for fears. Is only one singer oland Orzab it, the
whole album all the lyrics, each track recording (instrumental, vocal,
harmony) all from this guy one hand (mouth) is really a scare dance
(original in the world is really versatile ah)!
28. Gone away-the off spring is a more controversial bands. With 99% of
the American rock band, just as the combination of students from the
school, after a very long time underground, and finally reached the
ground, people have been most impressed that the very metal singer Bryan
Holland wild singing of the tough , the lyrics play with the worldly and
the ruthless mockery.
29. A Question Of Lust-peche Mode is easy and "cool" to link
the word, pure electronic music cold, cold vocals, rare lyrics, it seems
particularly suitable for the current season to listen to ...
30. This is how we do it quite a merry dance dj mix of modern English,
even personally appreciate.
31. Boom boom boom a friend you love to dance, this is your music, as
music and dance of the faithful, you have to put up the music.
32. Earth song-meachael jackson please protect nature! ~ Highest respect!
~ Read the mv really feel heart block after block of ...
33. Everybody dance now have seen the South Korean variety show friends
love it ~ which is not familiar with the background music is to use a lot
of this, especially the uncle shin jitter dance thrown your hands, a
simple step into your music explosion head, alive, we must happier it! !
! By the way, I super love that Zhang Yinglan ~ ~ ~ ~
34. The day you went away-M2M is well deserved Britney slightly, I
believe no one will have the heart to hurt this girl, but the lyrics kind
of sad, we never know the treasure is lost forever until you have it, how
to bear the pain, now I have to say, I really really lost you ...
35. When you say nothing at all-Krauss has been rated the world's most
beautiful female voice, sits on 11 Grammy Awards, to be too many people
cover the same area ... the boy is not to be missed oh!
36. Hero-enrique iglesias born in Madrid, has a unique deep Spanish eyes,
cold face but sexy, rich and mellow voice, coupled with his captivating
appearance ...
37. God is a girl-groove coverage from a personal point of view sweetbox
and groove coverage that impressed me the most, two female singing band,
the following are a few of their songs are very like the female lead
singer of some lazy and very crisp voice, their style ... like to listen
to this strong sense of rhythm, more lively songs. Think that this band's
style is very fresh, but also more popular, should have many friends will
like, because the public does not mean vulgar.
38. She-groove coverage
39. Can't get over you-groove coverage
40. 7 years and 50 days-groove coverage
41. Encore une fois-helene segara a French song lyrics, sad songs full of
frustration, you can understand it's sad, maybe one day I will leave you
really long journey to find himself may one day ... maybe one day ...
42. Je m appelle helene-helene rolls after hearing the first song in
French that French is so beautiful, French-speaking people who feel
touched mouth cream, ... in memories to me to find a simple love, my love
, the lyrics have a hint of sadness ...
43. Here i am-bryan adams Bryan Adams It was work, I think we should have
heard his first song absolute classic "(Everything I Do) it, this
handsome men's voices is everyone vicissitudes Oh, can not resist.
44. Everything i do-bryan adams much said, the absolute classic of
45. All that you can't leave behind-no doubt, U2 is the most popular 80's
British rock band, but I only like the first, could not say specifically
why, may feel with the sounds and melodies great bar ~ ~
46. Big big world-Emilia looks neat Guainv Hai is a love, especially in
singing "Big, Big World" such a slow song, she seems very
innocent and classical. Emilia's record now been sold in Sweden, the
number of 3 platinum. The first single "Big, BigWorld" has
become a popular history of Sweden's fastest one ...
47. Right here waiting-rachard max This is a classic old songs, singing
the unforgettable love ... This is my favorite love song ever, I believe
everyone have heard countless times, but still ...
48. Stay-williams (Windstruck Theme Song) Special special special joy,
each time not to know what an upset would not help to hear this song,
even our houses usually not very willing to listen to songs for a buddy
is also in love with this The first ...
49. Live forever-Oasis is the most popular over the past decade the
United Kingdom and one of the most critics acknowledged the band; live
forever my friend gave me, after listening to feel really nice ...
50. Life for rent-dido fresh season, fresh girls, fresh music. Life for
rent, rent out the entire lives, do not belong to anyone, no roots to
float, it sounds like some sad. To be continued ... ...
51. Promise don't come easy CD slowly humming along, note what is not
clear when the first hearing, Ruoyouruowu haunted his thoughts, the same
as a dream.
52. Lonely - nana is a black rap songs, and joined the R & B and
Blues in the genre, the songs were still the show's doing the singing,
the melody is very beautiful. Not have a second song can transcend ...
discrimination, from a broken home ...
53. Dilemma - kellyrowland partner with the rap star nelly singing songs,
this song although the style of old-fashioned, but still nearly two
months in the U.S. radio hit reelection Champion records.
54. You took my heart away soothing rhythm, simple music and full of
beautiful melodies, all demonstrated mltr best at charming skill.
55. Helene segara-encore une fois a classic French song, the same strong
romantic the French, the French popular singer helene segara album, her
music and her people do not have the same style. Her voice is not very
prominent, but there is a charm blur the sound characteristics.

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