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									Soft power
"Soft power" Introduction
Hot book: detonated sales - skills articles, great wisdom 1, Chinese
culture in the management, and great wisdom 2, excellent staff, the
financial tsunami and what my business - Famous Forum 46, Zen and
Business Administration, the election will , throttle, effective
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Outlook profile that health is tossing out the backbone, the Chinese team
Instructor: Yu Shiwei American University public policy, Dr. Nova
Post-doctoral research at Harvard Business Management
Oxford University, after the study of international economic Bo soil
Hailed as "the first person of Chinese management education"
People combat the most respected experts in one of the Training
Speaker's style, tolerance strategists, theorists of talent
2005 he again won the "Top Ten Chinese companies the most attractive
Trainer," "Top Ten Chinese companies the most attractive
consultant" title, was awarded the "2005 Outstanding
Contribution Award." In 2007 again won the "Top Ten Leadership
expert" the honorary title
Four dimensions:
1, a leader in technology and innovation
2, has a unique charm of the management system and leadership
3, to become responsible and influential corporate citizens
4, focus on customer needs and aspirations of the spirit
Three levels:
1, enterprise soft power
2, product competitiveness
3, the personal charisma cultivation
"Soft power" concept is a manifestation of corporate internal
Harvard Kennedy School Dean Joseph Nye ? eighties of last century, first
proposed the concept. Some scholars later extended to apply soft power
company, and become soft power of modern management science: namely
organizational structure of norms, values, management science,
innovation, corporate culture, brand strategy, corporate social
credibility, companies harmony index in the external environment, the
impacts of long-term business development, fundamental and strategic
elements of. Guidance force, attractive, and follow the power, the
strength of an assimilation-style - - a corporate culture attractive and
sustainable development-oriented capabilities.
?"Soft power" to grasp the foundation of the company and trends
in the protection of the law
"And skilled persons, help of trend momentum is not responsible for
the people." Corporate long-term accumulation of soft power is the
company to continue to ferment in the future the right skills and habits,
and the right ability and habit of always and everywhere it is the
enterprises to anticipate trends and patterns of the grasp of, so
"potential" as the foundation of soft power company .
Market demand: First, trends, companies from the present into the future,
be a kind of direction or you can grasp the trajectory of development;
second, and enterprise from the past come to now, a kind of certainty
shown by the state; third advantage , companies can come from the past
now, from now into the future, by relying on what?
Enterprises have: First, select the situation, that is, enterprises in
the grasp of future trends, the past trend, present advantages of the
premise of the survival method of choice to adapt to the situation;
second stereotype, is to determine the company's strategic objectives and
the future survival of state enterprises to survive; 3 is the momentum,
focus on the future survival and development of enterprises, and strive
to nurture, create a solid corporate culture.
"Soft power" role that is the core of enterprise development
Enterprise software strength has very rich contents, the core of how
forms the enterprise is Teyou model of resource integration, to achieve
healthy Guimo of Sustainable Development in Zishen unique enterprise
culture, and was staff Suoren Tong, which generate business in the sense
of belonging, the natural formation highly cohesive team to enable
enterprises to truly have a soul, a highly respected enterprise market.
?When your business is not big enough scale, customer loyalty is not high
enough, the market is not wide enough coverage, visibility is very low,
whether you build team cohesion, marketing depth, impact, visibility of
the soul businesses brains?
?Competition in the Red Sea and the blue sea to come to the fore in the
game, you always evaluate your company's products, technology, brands it
create a style? Value of the adequacy of mining?
Business when the expansion is in development, as a business in your
executives are always thinking what is essential in addition to business
skills outside of Zhuan Ye, Tong Shi in the credibility of the degree of
Deng Fangmianyingzao out its potential to enhance individual.
All these are business issues surrounding the rise of soft power, its
experience shows that: easy to increase production, improve brand
awareness is difficult; bigger and easier, and stronger difficult.
Quality corporate culture, build first-class core survivability is to the
soul of the role of soft power in the hard power of the body, thereby
forming a set of business management. Maximum competition among
enterprises or war, in fact, the soul of the game between the two sides
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