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					Shopping shopping
????Working 11 days rest between the three days, a rare rest time, but I
have never idle. Yesterday, more than two points from nine wandered,
wandered today more than three in ten and more, each carrying put back
all the things fixed. These things are for my own to buy it? No, only a
few things to eat is to buy my own. To work for three months, and have
not acquired my own clothes, nothing, no one else for me to install too.
????Look what I bought some bar, milk powder, Hui Shi, Abbott, Dumex,
pacifier, bottle Beiqin work, masks, hats 2, molar cake, a word many,
many, many things to buy your baby a lot, no better The rest are easy to
buy, buy food accounted for, and also snacks, buy a lot, because her
mother at home with the baby usually rare out, 11 days work, I would like
to reserve enough for the food. Sometimes barely holding on so many days,
I was nap time at noon to give up to buy fruit, grocery shopping,
shopping every time, not to mention succeeded sour, tingling feet, do not
come back. Want to buy it in more. Light to put these things back home, I
do not know how many times going wrong, the number of acid. He is very
relaxed, he had never done anything for the baby. Also accused me of
doing bad, but also felt that I did not do the duties of motherhood, but
also reminded me of a do with the baby is my responsibility.
??????Mother said to him, only that I am willing to buy things, and his
answer is, I do not willing to buy a baby who are willing to buy ah. I
said, all my free time has been accounted for out baby, I could not even
repair a stay in the sea of time did not. Every time I go out full of
things that are carrying, their hands have no room for a little place to
see the barber shop, and can only continue to move forward, just want to
get home and to hand things down. Each holiday, go shopping more than
once. To go out many times, gone to buy milk, snacks, buy a finished
retail, buy fruit, buy fruit finished, shopping, buy a finished dish lost
baby shopping with her mother to play, but also take your baby a bath.
Buy daily necessities but also to the baby, buy pants, buy a thermos.
Cold weather is not enough of a thermos. I was just shopping stroll. Is a
pure housewife, well he could not see, he is not with me, done well, and
let him know, he should not have to rough on me meal. This is my world
now, now lives. Fortunately, the cute baby, give me a lot of joy.