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?0-1 years old baby supplies to complete the whole article¡¿ ¡¾Raiders -
super practical experience [reprint] 0-1 years old baby supplies to
complete the whole article¡¿ ¡¾Raiders - super practical experience
Listen to sister said the United States One mother wrote a book devoted
to experiences in a variety of baby products, very practical, very
popular. Little Women is not a book of desire, but would take its own
course with his son, has learned to use various types of baby products,
to share with you my mother. Hope can help you save a little money her
mother, to avoid the same year as I buy a bunch of useless items.
1 bottle:
Son of six months of age before breast-feeding and bottle before it lost
six months of age not by much. Later benefit of domestic love, Japan, Bei
Qin, England AVENT have tried to come to a conclusion, several bottles of
the difference is not just a preoccupation with the problem baby, the son
of the former six months of age benefit is made love to drink water, her
son still prefers love benefit of the bottle, the most disgusting Bei
Qin, presumably because of that paragraph Beiqin imitation breast milk
natural rubber pacifier, burns after a stock flavor. But the nephew was
born with the Bei Qin, 1 year ago only accept Beiqin. So my conclusion is
that the public does not need her mother to spend more money in it, made
in China on it. Dr. Brown has subsequently domestic bottles, according to
old sister say, not bad, found there to buy domestic when the son has no
bottle, and not had time to lose.
2, clothing:
Now generally brand baby clothes 3 months 1 yards, according to my actual
experience is a 0-1 month because of the code of dress ²Å¶Ô. Babies grow
very quickly in the month of which is basically one or two a day, a month
of time already than most of the time of birth. Son was born before a lot
of clothes to buy, the result is still the most practical for me my
grandmother bought in the shop which is no fortune teller monk services.
The Li infant room that sets the best look, but also the least practical.
0-1 month baby, my suggestion is dressed in a monk on clothing, is a kind
of waist strap, and a set of buttons and the head is not suitable. In
fact, if there is someone else take your baby's old clothes ,0-3 months
baby, underwear can wear old clothes. Mama Do not you have a mental
block, since the money, the key to baby skin soft, more comfortable old
About 0-1 months baby pants, I was recommended not to wear. As to the
yard of baby pants is a very difficult task. The baby and often wet, the
old want to change pants. Qualified as a small sleeping bag can do a few
things that made monk clothing longer, like a robe, you can cover the
baby's feet, following the same in sealed envelopes like to do this
better not to use the same button Yiyi, all with a cloth belt system.
Inconvenient to do the mother, the easiest way is to have a larger towel
around the baby around the waist, tied with a cloth belt. Close look at
the following mouth with a cloth belt. Son on the regular yard this
month, his grandmother said that towel fish tail.
Of course, if the mother received diapers, plan on the whole yard on
diapers, baby clothes before the age of which the best option is to climb
clothing, her son is sleeping with wet diapers, 2-year-old former all
pajamas is the climb clothing. Climb the biggest advantage is that baby
clothing is very comfortable activity, but also do not worry baby belly
Mothers to their babies to pay attention to each size of clothing do not
buy too much, baby grows very fast. And to consider what the season your
baby is born, how much corresponds to each season is prepared baby
clothing, I was to commit this error, when pregnant with her son to buy
too much, there's not considered the issue of the season, the results
others clothing or unopened. Now found around many mothers can easily
make this mistake.
Another new mother is not too much to pay attention to the superstition
brand clothes, more believe that their hand. The key is the texture of
baby clothes, on the issue of excessive formaldehyde, I think is one of
many big brands each time the list, therefore, we believe the brand,
better to stick to wash clothes twice to give the new baby to wear. I now
buy clothes for his son's strategy is to not look at the brand, pay
attention to texture and work, money spent on cutting edge.
3, milk
Son of six months of age is 100% of the breast before, after six months
of age as a mother to work, the quality and quantity of milk plummeted
(post-natal mothers to work note, I did not pay attention, imagine the
first month of work, there is no sense of their own time of milk No, son
suffered a hungry, almost a month longer, I write to you own it pained
them). Son ate homemade milk Erie, Nanshan, Wanda, imports Mead Johnson
and Abbott. Abbott to eat the last 3 years long. Perceived higher-made
milk sugar, milk powder imports rare bottle washing point. Nutritional
differences, to be honest perspective from the son's development does not
make any difference, why Abbott was selected, mainly his son like his
taste, and his son to drink his milk house is not constipation. Nephew in
the United States was first recommended by doctors to eat Mead Johnson,
also constipation, listen to me after the Dao Shi suggested that the
drink is not constipated Abbott. According to my friends in Canada say
the United States drink, Mead Johnson and Abbott is indeed well-known
local milk, the proposed selection of imported powdered milk mother had
selected these two brands.
4, child car
All my children's car use the good boy, good quality of this brand of
cars and prices moderate. Here I would like to talk about what kind of
car to buy.
First of all, many children born before the mother bought a baby
stroller, I was no exception, or to buy the most luxurious at the time of
a good child, resulting in the utilization of the minimum number of cars
inside. So conclusion is best not to buy, particularly with grandparents
who helped, it is not required to buy. As do grandparents do not even
like the little point hides in his arms, as long as the baby a hug out
the sweetness of taste, naturally not to be a small cart. I often see in
the yard in front of Grandma holding baby, mother in the back of a small
cart. So he just thought of a cart off the addiction, the best friends
there from the old stroller, might get one to push, because the carts are
usually new. In addition to his son that bike down a bit on the gray, is
basically a new 8 percent. Really want to buy, you buy a light style,
luxury, the other tube and more beautiful, and all other tempted.
Second paragraph should appeal to all mothers do not buy that walker. Of
course, their son, 7 months at a time when a car lost (and lost a royal
baby was learning to walk with), will step in here to remind you might
suffer the fate of my mother. Purchased less than a week after the
walker, a child specialist to see written on the walkers and toddlers
with the relevant papers, probably about walking upright is human nature,
walkers and toddlers will have negative effects with The establishment of
child care balance. So there are a lot of data query, and then observed
using the walker, when her son was indeed Dianzhe feet week, so I bought
a walker and toddlers after 10 days, along with the entry of marginized
not let his son used. Later, with the yard to see the use of walkers have
been darting in and out of the little girl walking to 2 years old hop-
hop, and the increasingly think that the experts correct. Son learning to
walk is 1 year and 2 months, although not early, but the left one started
to walk a very reliable. The reason why Walker did not become a family
vehicle with the lowest utilization rate, which is 1 year and a half
after his son, and I again pulled down the inside of the seat walker, to
his son when the train.
Against the two cars, they still recommend a car to you mother. When the
baby 7 months, they can buy a good children's foot care, and push the
handle with a small tricycle. The basic model of less than 200 yuan, 200
yuan Deluxe, you can actually buy a basic model, this look at you
mother's preference. Recommend this car because of 7 months after a baby
seat stable, but also heavier baby, always hold to go out to play will be
very hard, need a car this small tricycle Seoul, baby could have been
used 2 year old, so baby feet long enough to be their stepping foot in
the car, but also can control the direction of their own. And the car is
not heavy, high-rise living is also not too worried mother. (High-rise
living mother, or recommendations to buy basic type, light some) like to
go outdoors with your baby's mother must buy.
5, Diaper
Regardless of whether the mother is now fully diapers, baby diapers in
town has become an essential baby products. In my experience, when the
night is good for the baby diaper department, one to adults not so hard,
and secondly the quality of your baby sleep better, sleep better to know
before the baby looks good. As for what a bad boy with a diaper, in
access to a large number of medical information after that there is no
scientific basis.
Son used mainly Phoebe thin dry diapers, mother baby, curious trump card
thin and dry, Pampers thin and dry, safe and ultra-thin cotton, soft
music, Beiqin thin and dry. These diapers at home should be considered
high-end products, than the average price will be your little diapers,
but this effect is visible out of money, and his son also used an
ordinary diaper bag, but with ordinary diaper change in a time when his
son will find a small ass Tide, but several products that are not on this
issue, although the overall effect is a great deal of diversity. I
personally recommend using the trump card of curiosity Pampers thin dry
and thin and dry (inside the supermarket is more expensive, the kind of
green packaging). Following careful to talk about, their advantages and
disadvantages of several brands.
Phoebe thin dry: Name the first minimum, may not sell a lot of
supermarkets, the biggest drawback is the pants-type design of the
department do not pay attention a little, side leakage occurs. After two
bags used, there is no longer bought the.
Baby Mama: points of male and female baby baby equipment installed more
than curious and Pampers thick, but still very soft, but not very strong
water absorption ability. 6 months after the baby products that will use
his family often was an accident. Because the baby's urine output big.
Home this issue found that he also found that Japanese companies have the
background, the son of no use after six months of age.
On the music soft thin cotton: the name of a soft cotton, very soft
indeed down. But the key issue of water absorption not, and relatively
thick, is that several of the most thick, absorbent is the worst. And
there is no price advantage of the above. So, after a packet used not
Bei Qin: Because boycott of Japanese goods, not bought. However, used or
sent. Nothing special feeling bad, but still no match for absorbent
Pampers. The key is low cost, are much higher than other models, that is
not worth the price increase is another Japanese goods, the more to be
Thin dry curious trump card: a diaper is very good, in the United States
and Pampers disposable diapers for infants with the two brands. Son to
use when shopping malls which are bought from South Korea, and do not
know is not the same. Absorbent as Pampers, but softer than Pampers.
Winter is the day his son with curiosity (since the campaign more) in the
evening with Pampers. And the personal feeling is that a Pampers diapers
to feel the pressure of competition, product updates continuous
Pampers thin and dry: a diaper is also very good, above the waist and
have adopted the same trump card magic, so you can check the status, re-
use. The advantage of this super-absorbent diaper. In particular, after
1-year-old baby, the night basically can only use this a the. The less
disadvantage is that no card to play software. His family and trendy
trousers Lara, is actually very soft, just shorts style, baby must be
wearing clothes we go for Kazakhstan.
5, baby bedding
First crib like to buy the issue. Think have to buy the small baby and
the adults slept in the bed, neither health nor safety. However, many
mothers have complained that the investment crib white, wrong is not in
bed, not in the baby. But these mothers and babies born from the first
day did not insist on sleeping baby can only sleep on cots. I am a great
nephew than his son only 2 months, bought a bed to a bed, two beds have
become a storage basket, cousin also clatter with the word "son do
not want", the result is the nephew children from an early age his
son would not sleep well. So I suggest that mothers, preparing beds, but
insisted from the outset a small baby sleeping bed. My son to develop the
habit, even in the month yard, above the middle of the night is sitting
on the couch feeding, avoid the lazy, late at night to snuggle your baby
to sleep on my side. Once your baby used to sleep in my own little bed,
you let him sleep in bed, do not do yet.
Problems sleeping bags, winter quilt is a problem play. But do not think
that sleeping is a good choice, because the baby usually do not like
sleeping bags, a time like my son that his trap, even after sleeping wear
a sleeping bag, sleeping bags the night also was referred to withdraw up
to you. And I find baby play quilt, the final analysis, hot, fast
metabolism children can have less cover than adults. If you do buy my
mother insisted on sleeping bags, I suggest buying the same kind as the
gown, with sleeves, and baby's hand can easily. This sleeping bag, in the
large winter, my son still barely acceptable. The standard Les Enphants
buy sleeping bag I used to be his last was a small bed mattress.
Diaper pad, not too useful. Because the night is always used in diapers
to his son. But can still buy a piece of winter mats be prepared for the
sheets below. This is also something useful for the baby bed. When
purchasing a little attention to the election soft, breathable point. If
you plan to frequently used, this proposal is to buy big brands, the key
is to shop in the baby's bed a long time, or to breathable waterproof
material. Because they only lost one, and is a local business Whiskers
products, not feeling particularly well, used too little, so there is no
brand recommended. However, to remind her mother one of these things can
go home wash with warm water used, do not use hot water, hot material
generally can not do this.
Baby pillows, attention, despite manufacturers blown to heaven baby
pillows are the best think twice before they buy. 1-year-old son before,
and I lost a 7-8 pillows, can be described as a variety of brands, a
variety of materials. Basically, the result is a waste of money. 3 months
ago, baby do not sleep on the pillow, do not listen to any garden to
sleep on the pillow saying rice, affecting brain development, the first
important type pretty good head no. 3 months later, the best thing is to
use a white towel and small beds stacked as wide as the 1-2CM is best to
use high pillow, better cleaning. I lost a 7-8 pillows out after Gordon.
Small quilt, small quilt baby ready to pay attention to preparation of
thin to thick, the son of the cover is from thin to thick towels and
blankets were thin, thick towels, blankets, bedding, air conditioning,
cotton carpet, Autumn is, cashmere is. Reasonably should have the best
equipment on the two sets of each season to avoid the unexpected
situation of running around in circles at night. Avoiding waste, in fact,
prepared two thick towels, towels blankets and thin blanket on it. Such
as autumn was wet, you can use the air conditioning was added to replace
cotton carpet, air conditioning was wet, you can use two thick towels and
blankets to replace and so on, to see you mother arranged. Baby cover is
the key to the thickness of layers more than adults, so avoid the more
your baby, baby hit also avoid a quilt.
6, dental care supplies
First to give the soother. This is not be used, the experts also each
have their own view, there is that help baby oral development, is also
considered detrimental to the development of baby gums. Read many
articles and think before the baby teeth should be no problem to use 6
months later to suggest that my mother used carefully. Pacifier has no
use, as different as a child I really do not. Useless in terms of my son
because his son refused to use, but I have seen used very good baby. Here
we suggest that mothers in particular, once you buy your baby refuse to
use the first pacifier, it should never, like me lost one by one, I lost
a total of 7,8 5,6 a brand pacifier only after a thorough understanding
of my son will not accept the pacifier, he prefers his thumb (hand on the
baby food issue, posted in the next feeding inside enumerate). It is
proposed to buy a pacifier can be, and every little difference between
the brand and style to see you mother's love, do not look cheap baby does
not like, go for an expensive. It was a waste of money.
Besides gutta-percha. Ashamed ah, dental adhesive was I lost a 4, but
also not cheap. Feel is a waste! Infant necessities such things are made
very attractive, so that the hands of a little silver in the mother can
not help but lose. Heinz also that the teething rings, but also the
things that are lost each time her son eating the stuff he had angered
the fiery belly. The result is his dad and mom baked bread slice apples
produced articles for molar Gengrang son loves. But with Apple to allow a
baby's time to pay attention to the thickness of teeth, do not let your
baby broke, Yan Zhao.
Toothbrush, regularly visiting the baby's mother must have seen supplies
shop 0-6M baby toothbrush and 6-24M baby toothbrush, are very cute stuff
,0-6M was used in the first round of the ,6-24 On a bit like a normal
toothbrush used, but the brush head are the same materials and gutta-
percha. Useful to you, tell the truth do not feel that the dental health
of his son how much help. If you mother to baby's dental health, sleep
better than before the ban on any baby sweets, after eating and before
going to sleep a little boiled water to drink are feeding your baby more
direct and better effect. Basically, the two sons became the toothbrush
two toys, and generally under the close supervision of the mother can
play, how about the stick is installed stuff, playing alone, fear of a
accident. Personal opinions, not recommendations to buy, buy it,
recommend a good boy at home with music handle, baby playing more
6 cups water
Love drinking cup used the standard benefit drinking cup, baby room Lai
drinking cup with a straw, AVENT Magic Cup. Strongly recommended AVENT
Magic Cup.
Cup is the first to buy drinking water standard drinking cup love
benefit, basically did not spend it twice. Because her son from the very
beginning to play it as a sprinkle bottle. Followed sweep the battlefield
do not say, after every use must be for a head to toe, with his
grandmother to say that still bother than ordinary glass. He then went to
a lot of brand counters, designed to discover how beautiful other tube,
basically are likely to be spread as a baby bottle may disadvantage. Is
no reason to defeat chaos.
Lai is the second paragraph to buy baby room with straw drinking cup, in
fact more like a kettle without braces. Cover is a cartoon can promote
the image of the baby liked, and also to solve the sprinkler problems.
But the problem is in fact the baby is not drinking water absorption, it
can not exercise your baby learn to drink in the action, there is a
drawback is that kids love to bite straw, his son took a straw are
Finally bought AVENT Magic Cup is a. This cup design really did not have
to say, ah, the problem completely solved the sprinkler, and for
different age groups can spout. Baby teeth used plastic materials spout
is simply not afraid to bite the baby. You are a little expensive, but
worth the design and materials are quite good, not afraid to throw your
baby. Son is still used, because to go out, even in the car to drink, do
not have to worry that he will choke or spread in the body.
7, tableware
First, a recommendation to buy tables and chairs, many mothers did not
use the cart to buy time is willing to wait until 7-8 months baby can do
tables and chairs when they hesitated. I think good for cultivating
children's eating habits, dining tables and chairs or should buy. And now
the design of tables and chairs are also very scientific, basically
multi-purpose table, dining tables and chairs his son was now open to the
son as a small desk, chair in use. I bought a good boy all wood that
paragraph, the quality was fine.
On the bowl, I want to negate the suction bowl, that is, with a suction
cup that can be adsorbed on the table and bowl, and it can prevent the
overturned bowl. I bought a super expensive, wasted, do not buy.
Basically, from the food on the child's attention shifted to how moving
up the bowl, and generally they will eventually be knocked over.
Recommended bowl inside the supermarket to buy the kind of double
stainless steel bowl, because the baby usually eat their own time will be
longer, with this bowl can guarantee that eat the last bowl of food or
temperature, and stainless steel materials are also not afraid to fall.
And spoon, like shopping mom & baby stores must pay attention to head
over silicone spoon ,0-6M baby does fit buy one, because when feeding
your baby to eat, occasionally touching the baby's gums will not be
distressed, do not like I buy more, then designed a variety of shapes is
nothing more than to earn pocket money my mother to buy a size
appropriate, common shapes on it. Wait until your baby learning to eat,
or it is better to use stainless steel because stainless steel is easy
baby food a number of wedge. And your baby to eat non-existent problem
touch gums.
As for the baby pocket, I also lost a lot, but look at the actual use of
results, if the baby's saliva to prevent the wet clothes, pocket on all
brands such as gauze masks are not effective, because the type absorbent
gauze masks exceptionally strong , and very soft, prices cheaper off than
normal infants pocket, is really affordable. The meal with the pocket, I
would recommend a design that is very reasonable and pocket the baby. Son
8 months I began to cultivate his own food, but after each meal the son
of the battlefield is really terrible. Even if wearing a food, clothing,
a meal down the chairs, the floor littered with the remains goods not
that often want to change his son's pants. Occasionally, one day at a
baby supply store found a shape somewhat like a dustpan baby pocket, then
the price is not cheap the store salesgirl said that because the designs
have won awards in Europe (now found in his house, I made a a lot of
money), intuitively think that the design of good, gave his son bought
one home for a use, really good. Son mouth leave out the rice, ah, ah
vegetables, and even Tangtangshuishui, and all Douzhu it, and cleaning is
very convenient. Later, also brought his son to kindergarten,
kindergarten teachers also found it is good. If you still do not
understand is the mother of what can go to my shop to see pictures, I
store on sale, and is specifically looking for the mother too lazy to run
errands wholesale.
8, toys
Speaking of toys and very ashamed, and really lost a lot a lot ah.
Recommended several particularly good for you mom feel it.
The first recommendation is Bailiwei (good brand ah, his family's toy is
suitable for 0-2 year-old baby, the material is quite good), three-piece
infants, a bell, a horn, a telephone handset also three things are for
your baby to play, and baby will love. Price is not high, the general's
mother are acceptable.
Recommended second paragraph, is the baby gym, whether Bailiwei or di die
of hunger, and the price is not cheap. If your baby is less than 3
months, consider buying, big is not necessary, and would be a waste. Baby
small, buy music than to buy the bell on. A second-hand pick the best
play on this toy baby generally not bad.
Recommended third paragraph, is the size of the ring, the size of this
toy train your baby to accept the concept of good. I bought is 100
Leeway, have this other no-name product, the price will be much cheaper,
but the material did not Bailiwei good.
Recommended fourth paragraph is the tent plus the marine ball. This toy
baby at home have asked a very spacious room placement tents, baby can
wait 6 months after the purchase. Son, then climbed into his tent every
day at 1 hour inside the roll. Tent with a price of 400 marine ball does
not come cheap, but the utilization of this toy in my opinion is still
The final stage of the recommended 0-1 year-old beat a toy is a toy ball,
I was selected Bailiwei, that is, four colors of beads, each have their
own position, let your baby take a small hammer and tap the ball, the
ball will fall out from the underground passage roll. This toy baby after
8 will be like to play, and good time to know the process of baby on 4
basic colors. There are many toys of this kind, it is recommended not to
buy wood materials, and buy withstand the beating.
Concluded that about 0-1 years old to buy toys for baby's Note ,0-1-year-
old baby or a mouth to understand the world stage, so the baby must have
chosen toys can make them bite. All electric, remote control is not
recommended to buy (which is also the lesson of silver bought), all
stuffed toy is not recommended to buy, do not recommend that all wooden
toys to buy (because wooden toy are coated with paint, even if it is safe
paint, but also should play with other big point).
9, shoes
Shoes also recommend an affordable brand - shoes foot Union. Son, not a
waste of money shoes, because very early discovered that he likes to wear
shoes produced this summer to wear this cloth sandals, winter shoes to
wear this house swung. Recommend a friend bought many, many friends of
the baby tried later on, like my son at home, especially like this house
shoes. My point is very soft soles of his family, and the shoe design is
consistent with the whirring of the feet of meat baby, baby wear
comfortable. Special is not recommended for such a small baby wearing
leather shoes, sneakers, do not cover their baby's foot is broken.