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Senior Financial Management Seminar combat


									Senior Financial Management Seminar combat
Senior Financial Management Seminar combat
Date: academic year, every 2 months Tsinghua study focused on the weekend
to 3 days
Location: Tsinghua University, Beijing

Meetings Organization: Chilean sea Jin Baidu Online Training Management
Consulting Co., Ltd.

- Conference Information -
Management decision-making, requires a comprehensive financial support;
project implementation requires careful financial controls; cost
accounting, need a reasonable plan. Chief Financial Officer not only
familiar with the financial regulations, longer than the management
planning, financial management proficiency, learned his politics in
fiscal management need to improve management thinking and ultimately
become a strategic partner of decision-makers. To this end, Tsinghua
University, director for corporate finance and taxation, and other senior
managers designed this course so that new ideas have access to ideas and
actual combat skills, learning from a strategic perspective to examine
the financial and accounting issues; master the practical methods and
skills, prevention and control of business risks; financial training
courses to a large number of vivid, lively case-based courses at the same
time closely actual practice, to upgrade their own ideology and the
ability to solve financial problems, broaden management perspective in
strategic decision-making and action in terms of overall vision to help
decision makers to address and change the company's financial strategy
and management systems and improve capital efficiency and control
business risk.
Object¡¿ ¡¾culture:
Chief Financial Officer, Chief Financial Officer, financial managers,
senior financial executives and business executives, senior managers of
financial work
¡¾Teaching method: course explanations, case analysis discussions,
interactive group discussions.
¡¾Features¡¿ Course: Policy, classic case, interactive, practical and
operable heavy, heavy combat, with emphasis on practical, real heavy,
heavy genuine talent. "Speaking from the general to fight the war to
learn from the war. In theory about the practice of seeking theory in
Composition¡¿ ¡¾teachers: well-known university professors and
enterprises in China with actual combat experience, strong faculty
experts, academics and Shi Zhanpai combine teaching faculty are the top
authority in all areas of domestic combat experts.
Study costs¡¿ ¡¾: 19,800 yuan / person (including tuition, textbooks,
forums, certificate fees, transportation, room and board charges
¡¿ ¡¾Learning: academic year, every 2 months Tsinghua study focused on
the weekend to 3 days.
¡¾Venue¡¿: Tsinghua University campus
Academic Certification¡¿ ¡¾: complete a full course of study, pass an
examination or those who pass the test, get Tsinghua University presented
the "actual financial management of Tsinghua University
Seminar" Certificate of Completion certificates are special stamp
and the Tsinghua University School of Education and Training official
seal , the certificate number can be found at Tsinghua University
website; for organization and personnel departments for reference.
¡¿ ¡¾Study costs:
Tuition 19,800 yuan / person (including application, registration,
teaching materials, information, contacts, graduation photos, school
supplies and other fees). Accommodation be arranged by the school to help
their own expenses. Please fill out the registration form participants
and promptly fax, in order to give priority to, until full.
Six curriculum modules free learning life
Tax reform plan of

New Accounting Standards and Company Law
¡ï analytical application of new accounting standards and the major
accounting case analysis
¡ï "correct Law" Analysis
¡ï Application of Company Law and Contract Law points
Tax Planning and Tax Reform
¡ï Tax Reform Trends and Prospects
¡ï new system of
¡ï New Interpretation and preferential tax policy on tax planning, use of
Senior corporate tax and planning
¡ï tax reform and change of motivation
¡ï Enterprise Tax Status and Development Direction
¡ï cost management and tax planning
¡ï reasonable avoidance of modern enterprise

Cost of capital and strategic planning

Strategic Cost Management
¡ï from a strategic point of view of cost-shaped ¡ï strategic cost
management cost control
¡ï breakthrough in enterprise cost management boundaries
¡ï strategic cost management
Corporate Finance and Strategy
¡ï financial strategy development and implementation??
¡ï Corporate Finance and Innovation
¡ï Financial Risk Management
¡ï Corporate Governance and Case Studies
Capital markets and investment and financing plan
¡ï capital markets and financing channels
¡ï overseas listing plan
¡ï Industrial Investment
¡ï Practice of Investment and Financing Planning

Restructuring and internal and external control

Business Strategy and M & A
¡ï Change modern enterprise property right system and the standardization
of MBO
¡ï M & A opportunities to identify and plan
¡ï Select mergers, acquisitions, restructuring and integration
Internal control and risk
¡ï Business Operations Risk???
¡ï identify key business risk areas
¡ï risk control techniques
¡ï establish internal control mechanisms
¡ï performance standards of internal controls designed
New Century Financial Management and CFO
¡ï Challenges Chief Financial Officer
¡ï multinational financial management
¡ï financial theory and financial support system
¡ï organizational structure and financial management
¡ï Case Study Financial Risk

Financing M & A and Strategic Restructuring

Overseas M & A strategy
¡ï M & A (merger and acquisition) decision-making and implementation
¡ï corporate valuation and value found
¡ï Listed Companies
¡ï corporate restructuring and reorganization of the Integration
Corporate Finance Strategy and Implementation
¡ï prospects of China's financial reform???
¡ï Company's financial and capital strategy
¡ï financial markets and financial instruments business
¡ï Capital Structure and Financing Tools
Competitive environment and corporate investment and financing
¡ï Enterprise Development Strategy and Investment
¡ï intelligence, competitive strategy and competitive environment
¡ï enterprises to invest in the relationship between strategy and
competitive intelligence

The financial management of non-financial staff

Modern enterprise cash flow management
????? ¡ï ¡ï cash budget cash flow management
??????? ¡ï ¡ï out of management efficiency in the use of cash management
Financial management and functions and responsibilities
¡ï financial management personnel working methods?
¡ï financial reporting method
¡ï financial management and communication skills
Financial Risk Management
¡ï types and causes of the financial market risks
¡ï Futures Market Risk Management
¡ï Chinese and foreign financial derivatives market regulations
¡ï risks of financial derivatives Case

The budget for the financial management assessment

Budget Management and Performance Evaluation
¡ï strategic objectives into the overall budget management
¡ï use of basic tools and more industry-based budgeting
¡ï familiar with the capital structure theory, a cautious company's
financing structure
Management and financial performance targets
¡ï interpret financial information???
¡ï assessment of financial performance
Financial Statement Analysis
¡ï IPO Financial Statement Analysis
¡ï Consolidated Analysis
¡ï comprehensive implementation of and amendments to the budget
¡ï Enterprise Tax Management and Planning
¡ï Quality of financial statements and financial

Students gain: a comprehensive management system to improve the combat
ability of the individual; immersive feel the Tsinghua University's
humanistic spirit.

¡ñ Meetings Registration Download registration form

1. Contact Phone :021-54483382 ,0755-61289005
???Fax :021-64082528 ,0755-61289005

2. Expenses: 19,800 yuan / person (including tuition, textbooks, forums,
certification fees, transportation, room and board charges themselves).

3. Registration: fill out registration form table -> issued Meetings
confirmation -> transfer application or on-site payment
4. E-mai:
???MSN Application: QQ: 896486730

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