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									Select the company's eight reasons Usana USANA USANA
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First, brilliant prospects: USANA (USANA) was established in 1992, the
global headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a financial health, zero
debt NASDAQ listed company, 16 years USANA (USANA) Performance steady
growth year after year, received numerous awards in the industry.
Currently USANA (USANA) has entered the ready stage, especially into
China has the world's largest market, have been fully prepared to
formally enter just around the corner, now is the dealer cut into the
wealth of the most Good golden era.

????????Second, professional background: USANA (USANA), founder of
Mallon. China engaged in professional research Weiss 30 set, great
achievements, the academic world nutrition, immunization Scholar. Human
health for the recognition of his outstanding contribution to the cause,
Utah Business Magazine awarded him the 2004 "Utah is one of the most
influential person" award. USANA (USANA) management is most
prestigious business leaders. In 2007, China-based life science Weiss
dedicated to outstanding performance, and received the Albert Einstein
Award. Albert Einstein Award, is a global awards, mainly granted to those
with vision, dedication to service and those to improve human life for
the intent, and considerable contribution to the scientific elite.

????????3, top products: health food market, many brands, products
dazzling, in the end one is better? Of course, manufacturers can not just
listen to their propaganda. In order to provide consumers a professional
reference, the authority of nutrition professionals in North America with
Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplement "Nutrition Evaluation
Guide" last 6 years, in-depth study of the North American market,
almost all brands of health products to more than 1000 kinds, and
streamlining selected more than 500 species, in accordance with generally
accepted professional standards of nutrition-depth study, of which USANA
(USANA) products with its comprehensive and balanced nutritional
supplements, excellent efficacy and safety, score four consecutive
edition of all products listed first!
USANA (USANA) one of the series - optimized dose series, specifically
developed for a variety of modern diseases, its exceptional quality by
the world medical community and national health authorities of the
extensive attention, the product were included in the U.S. , Canada, Hong
Kong, Taiwan, Australia and the United Kingdom "Medicine
Collection," this is really in the health industry is also very
rare. USANA (USANA) optimized dose series is not drugs, but nutritional
supplements, they are by nutrition, repair cells, and to improve health
or cure disease, the purpose, only USANA (USANA) can do.

????????4, excellent bonus system: USANA (USANA) is the U.S. Direct
Marketing Association, Chairman of the Board. Its unique cell-type bonus
system with zero risk, no pressure, high acceptance and success rate is
known. Consecutive years (1997-2007) was the authority of the United
States direct marketing journals MLM Insider Magazine named the
"Most distributors welcome the award," the first, now the
second company in North America can not get this honor for several years.
U.S. direct sales company listed on the first U.S. money actually
appropriated. Cell division-type bonus system acceptance and success
rate, first in the world.
In this decade, from 2 to the tenth annual changes in the ranking among
the competition, which almost no one company can keep its rating on the
always in the top 5, and Usana (excellent Shakespeare Na) was awarded
first place for ten years, it can be an absolute advantage. It also
reflects the Usana distributors (USANA) the quality of our products
totally agree on USANA (USANA) concept of support, also shows USANA
(USANA) a bonus system that primary, secondary, high-level dealers are

????????V. USANA (USANA) 10 Certification
????????1. Awarded the GMP factory certification: Usana factory using
American-made drugs, strict production standards (GMP) to manufacture
products to ensure that each product to meet specific performance and
????????2. Awarded U.S. patent number: USANA (USANA) product has a number
of U.S. patents, recently re-awarded the patent for a double recipe, this
patented ingredient will be improved cardiovascular health, the land
following the this component to add to the existing star products.
????????3. Won the United States Pharmacopoeia (PDR) Recommended: Yes
USANA (USANA) up to six nutrition products include the U.S. Pharmacopeia
for up to 800,000 medical professionals drug reference.
????????4. Won the Canadian Pharmacopoeia (CPS) recommended: USANA
(USANA) a number of nutritional products, included in the pharmacopoeia
of Canada for up to 110,000 medical professionals in the drug reference.
????????5. Won the Hong Kong Drug Handbook (MIMS) Recommended: USANA
(USANA) a number of nutritional products, included in the Hong Kong drug
compendium, for the British Commonwealth countries, Hong Kong and the
Chinese medicine profession, drug reference.
????????6. Won the Taiwan Drug Guide (MIMS) Recommended: USANA (USANA) up
to six nutrition products, included in the 2003 Drug Handbook of Taiwan,
Taiwan's medical professionals for drug reference.
????????7. Won the North American "Nutrition Evaluation"
magazine (Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplement) ranked the highest
praise: In the star up to more than 500 kinds of nutritional products,
competition, USANA (USANA) products in 2007, again won the professional
evaluation of the preferred recommendation.
????????8. Won the 2007 Utah Best Corporate (Best of State) Evaluation:
excellent work in many companies, USANA (USANA) crowned as the 2007 Utah
Best Enterprises first throne.
????????9. NetWork Marketing award for 10 consecutive years ranked the
nation's best direct marketing companies: According to the NetWork
Marketing Today magazine's survey, for the past ten years USANA (USANA)
companies have been selected: the most direct marketers the most popular
excellent direct selling company.
????????10. In 6400 a number of listed companies in the U.S. stock
market, USANA (USANA) was awarded the CBS network of experts, financial
investment appraisal of the best profit the company one of the nation's
three big companies.

????????6, the best cut into the time: USANA (USANA) has been
successfully launched in 14 countries worldwide operations, distributor
performance global connectivity. USANA to open in 2005 in Tianjin, China
factory in 2007 to allow mainland residents to join the USANA (USANA)
USANA, the mainland market is still a virgin, and now seize this
opportunity to honor those who will is the first in mainland China USANA
(USANA) and most profitable dealer! Now the most successful in the Amway
best are An Ligang the outset to join, and later those if you want to
achieve their success needs to be done several times in their efforts.

????????7, e-commerce-style networking: In comparison with traditional
direct selling company Amway, the other advantage is the ability to
operate through e-commerce network, as long as the front of a computer
can complete all should be done, all products ordered , conferences and
courses all through the network to low-cost, high efficiency, e-commerce-
type operation, start to develop the country and even overseas market, no
travel costs to and development of the same city the same.
????????Relative to the Internet everywhere a few months a number of
dazzling or 2012 on the collapse of the so-called e-commerce companies,
the products, the strength and reputation of the company, the formal
level, the stability and sustainability of long-term and so can not be
compared, and Usana, because non-comparable, in this study would not have
done it!

???????8, the expert evaluation: how to choose a direct selling company?
Nation of too many well-known monograph of the financial investment
expert Robert Allen (Robert. Allen): "The direct selling is a high
risk industry in North America 90% of the direct selling company will
close down within a year and a half." However, He studied USANA
(USANA) business opportunity, exclaimed: "In my 20 years of
professional research, can be very sure that I have never seen this one
than the faster, easier way to make money!"

????????Join us now for our team, you immediately have a market a line
across the country, which will make your Usana business multiplier, the
details of the Advisory QQ: 369751118 Usana Galaxy (Maybe you learned
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This is really on your own and your family for!!)
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