Say by fdjerue7eeu


Last Thursday, two years, the first peak crowded subway. Line 10 for
World Trade Center Station No. 1 line, the dense crowd, hurriedly surge
in n meters deep underground tunnel. I can not see everyone's feet, only
to see so much thick black hair and the back, in silence before the line.
Looking around, clearly came from all over the world face.
I was surprised, it happens every day Why? Looking for someone to ask,
but they were all in silence, but also as if accustomed to silent.
I know me and how far society interval, isolated in the three-ring side
of the neighborhood full of older people, the isolation in my little
shabby homes. Just out of the two stations, you can feel the pressure of
employment and work.
I have been "happy" and distant, distant I was deeply immersed
in the full target, pressure and intrigue of office life, it looks like a
busy but in fact an empty life.
Fond told me that because there was no headcount, she could only take
five interns. Intern, not from the labor contract for three insurance
constraints, students only earn pocket money, much cheaper than fresh
graduates. I looked at managing the flow of interns who easily brought to
the Fond extremely tired - this is unnecessary workload. The Fond, a
beautiful girl the truth, one has three-year-old North drift, a memory of
the homeland of the north drift, a love of the city's north Beijing love
drifting, while enormous pressure to bear, while also embrace the dream
would also like to read ... ....
Her true feelings with the camera and watercress on the crystallization
of us, embodied 365day group. She hugged us, she gave us laughter. But
this great cruel city, but only her squash, drained. Looking at her, I
seemed to see the future one day, she would really desperate. In Beijing
with love and hate, with a tired, with dismay the tears, go back home ...
I certainly hope this is not the end of the story, how I hope she can
find a treasure in Beijing, her people, who love her, give her a happy
warm home!
But this can not be doomed to the fate of all the North drift, and she is
only one of them, there is love for the one, the one persistent.
And Baidu, Novo, many such companies that we devoured. Refined laughter
watching Robin Li, Baidu's depth of my users to benefit from his day, I
do not know the respect, or that the hate.
... ...
Say no.
For those in the use of our youth, our passion for people, say no.
We, the have our happy life.

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