Rule: technical traders and Huawei's core competence

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					Rule: technical traders and Huawei's core competence
Rule: technical traders and Huawei's core competence
Author: red-bean world
Publishing House: Jiangsu People's Publishing House
Publication Date: 2009-11-1
Word count: 252000
I S B N: 9787214060426
?Editor's Choice
Huawei has revealed the secret of eternity. Use "technology
Huawei" "Wolf Huawei" "Huawei winter" to explain
the success of Huawei is a big mistake, Huawei rule the dome stic market,
Call of Duty What is the secret overseas?
The first depth analysis of Microsoft, IBM, Huawei, a world-class
companies such as the ruling force for DNA. Technical traders first
introduced the concept of innovation and insight into the trend of future
????As the most ideological power, influence, leadership, one of the top
CEO, Huawei Ren Zhengfei leading the successful implementation of
"going out" strategy, changing the pattern of the world's
telecommunications industry has become an example for Chinese
????Ren Zhengfei said: "Huawei is not academicians, only 'hospital
land' (commercial engineer). To become a fellow, do not come to
Huawei." He started off on the clear: only sell the technology to be
useful. Not sell the equivalent waste!
????Because of this. Huawei is constantly growing and expanding the road
to the market the way technology is the business culture of the road
constantly. In the future, knowledge of science and technology business
enterprise and talent are the real rulers!
????World of red beans, Tsinghua University, MBA, during his tenure at
Huawei, Huawei had participated in and chaired the R & D system, a
technology marketing system, qualification system and other major
management changes, the current general manager of Germany for the
management consulting firm. In recent years, Mr. Bean Red Bank is
committed to providing high-tech enterprise change management consulting
services, consulting clients include China Telecom, Delta Electronics,
electrical life of the United States, in the control group, Changan
Automobile companies such as hundreds of first-class. Germany for the
management consulting firm consultant Xie, Lei Wang, Xu -Dong Yang also
participated in writing the book.
Huawei successfully sequence a password - to create technology business
Two dominant DNA sequence found
First sold to the value of the technology have
Chapter technology are primary productive forces, but only the most
dangerous heavy Technology
Why not escape the decline of technology giant doom?
Innovation is the entrance to hell or heaven?
Innovation model, select the "Seven Injuries Boxing" or
"Nine Yang Magic Power"?
Appendix: away from the commercial success-oriented, but technological
Chapter II technology market, the market technology-based
Bill Gates the richest man in the road from the start with
Technology commercialization is the only way science and technology
Huawei's core competence is business engineers
Staff training can not change, but it can enhance the ability of
Appendix: Innovation must be to enhance the core competitiveness of
enterprises as the central
Second R & D Engineer
Chapter III Development of market demand: the demand of all market-
Demand management process to develop
12 law to collect customer requirements
Demands and complaints from customers appreciate
Demand management on the market, "Horn theory"
To hear "guns" who came to decision-making
Appendix: the customer needs as the truth
Chapter Four ambitious goals for the strategic development planning
Product planning to have a clear plan and purpose
Market opportunities for choice: "advanced" or
Starting from the product line to enhance sales force planning
Product platform planning is a "building block" to prepare
CBB strategy and technology roadmap planning
Appendix: the establishment of product line management system
Part III pre-engineer
Chapter from "bury ourselves in technology" to "look up
Future sales is to sell the program
A clear position: pre-sales engineer is the program
Excellent pre-sales engineer capacity model
Appendix: the front line to the market to understand the needs of users
Chapter branding: Brand is committed to
Huawei "'151' brand building"
Model is the key to getting the door open market
Through technical exchanges will create "loyal customer production
Implementation support units to combat units from the project operations
in transition
Appendix: for customers is the foundation. Direction for the future
Part IV engineers sale
Chapter VII from the "service" to "service marketing"
¡Ù ¡Ù after-sales service marketing service
Response from the passive to active transition after the sale value
Huawei is an important feature of good service
Appendix: devotion to customer service is the only reason Huawei exists
Chapter VIII began to consider services from product design strategy
Service system to build the pyramids
The six key product development services
Overall solution design is the soul of service products
Sales kit design - to simplify sales
Appendix: the beginning from product design to consider the interests of
Chapter win the delivery of
Seamless end to end delivery management
Be completed before delivery of the sales
To develop strategies and plans to deliver the key
Appendix: To reduce the short board, we must agree with after-sales
service system
The Fifth Article commercial culture system engineers
Chapter X create a good product good character
Who is the next commercial engineer of Huawei?
How to Make Business Engineers?
Appendix: to enhance staff training is a long-term arduous task
Chapter XI Huawei commercial engineer "Wolf"
New employees "super devil training"
Elimination of competition and job rotation
Appendix: hold up with us tomorrow the sun
?Media Reviews
????This book by leading Chinese and foreign business R & D planning
analysis, demonstrates the true meaning of R & D enterprise. From the
depth of involvement of Huawei's major management changes in the direct
access to rich experience, and from the perspective of management
consultants out of the R & D management, universal thought, to the
dedicated line of high technology enterprise dedicated valuable practical
- Zhang Peking University PhD supervisor
????What type of business personnel to ensure the leading technologies
used to produce business value, heavily in developing products to gain
market success? Book business, in-depth analysis from the start, the
company's business model into a model of staff capacity to commercial
success for the company laid the foundation talent.
- Huawei FANG Xiao, vice president of human resources
????When Huawei overseas markets overnight growth spurt occurs, many
people have not enough time to think about their reasons for the success,
few people concerned about Huawei quietly stationed overseas a great
tribute to a "reconnaissance team", whether it was a kind of
mystical power? This book will show you wonderful.
- Huawei Latin America, government relations and marketing director of
Sun Kai
?Extract Illustration
First sold to the value of the technology have
Chapter technology are primary productive forces, but only the most
dangerous heavy Technology
Why not escape the decline of technology giant doom?
"Thanks to TV, to thank all the TV ... ... MTV ... ..."
This is Uncle Zhao in 2008 CCTV Spring Festival Evening Sketch
"torchbearer" in the classic lines, sentence sense of humor,
then became the rage of the buzzwords. In fact, "Uncle Black"
does not know a lot of mouths to say that "TV" in the end is.
In today's business, many companies do not know the real "TV" -
market-oriented is what empty slogans have become a common problem with
most Chinese high-tech enterprises.
Into the 21st century, although the markets have become the overwhelming
majority of enterprises, especially high-tech enterprises in the
consensus, but the market-oriented and not really implemented. For
example, the lack of real understanding of market functions and means,
can not find the full understanding of market conditions and customer
needs, integrated marketing approach. Many companies only care to the
immediate interests, business lags far behind market conditions,
continued loss of customers, increasing satisfaction, reduced business
and even easier to commit wrong direction.
????Again, with our continuous growth and business diversification,
inevitably makes the product mix and business models become more complex.
This led to many companies in product development became slow to respond,
increasingly out of touch with the market, operational effectiveness and
efficiency decreased.
????Again, as customers need is a system solution, the inevitable high -
tech companies from product / technology to service transformation, many
Chinese high-tech companies do not realize this in time, be integrated
and even had to face the fate of being eliminated .
????These make the Chinese entrepreneurs headache early in the 20th
century, once afflicted over 90 years, "the cradle of science and
technology," Bell Labs and the "Big Blue" IBM. They are
relying on technology has lead the company, and tried to continue with
leading edge technology into the 21st century, h owever, the change in the
irresistible flood of business, they are almost invariably go into
decline and even extinction.
????Bell Labs fame known to everybody, in the past nearly a century, Bell
Labs scientists, 11 Nobel Prize in in the list, which scientists validate
the "Big Bang" theory. Here is the laser, fiber optic,
satellite communications, modems, solar cells, electronic digital
computer microphone and the birthplace of such inventions.
????Although Bell Labs won numerous awards, but it s own little
application to the relevant scientific research on the market make a
profit. AT & T (American Telephone and Telegraph Company) a virtual
monopoly on telephone communications business, so more money Deshu of
them. "Not bad money," Bell Labs managers never be the driving
force of new technology commercialization, and then lost this ability.
Therefore, a long time, Bell Labs research activities are not out of the
laboratory research results can not be related in time into the market
????However, AT & T was split in 1984. Inherited the parent company
spin off a new AT & T name companies and seven local telephone
companies (the "Bell Seven Brothers"). Later, in 1996 from
Lucent Technologies, AT & T spinoff, from Bell Labs into the
turbulent times. Telecommunications industry in the technology bubble
burst and demand for our products decline, the Lucent Technologies Bell
Labs to reduce funding for.
????It was assumed that Bell Labs will continue to serve as a leader in
business technology, but as the parent company steadily lost market
competition, laboratory gradually lost influence. Research projects were
cut one by one, scientists have left the world-famous laboratories are
empty, "Today, around the corridors of Bell Labs are dark. In the
corridor to look around, have a bunch of empty house ", so that
gradually reduced to real estate acquisition prey.
????If the representative of Bell Labs research and development of
technology-oriented organizations leading the decline, then IBM
represents the leading companies in technology-oriented decline - their
experiences are surprisingly similar: to rely on technology to achieve
unprecedented success; was very rich; to the importance of technology in
the market place in front of; lack of market power of technology and
capacity. End point of the commercial operation invariably dusk, dusk
????In the early days of IBM, IBM set the old Wolfson as a slogan -
"think", as IBM's spirit. The slogan o f IBM who led the
tireless exploration of science and technology, inspired generations of
IBM's technological enthusiasm.
????With this slogan, IBM 50 years from the 20th century into the
computer industry, and in the 80's boarded the pinnacle of glory,
"Big Blue" singing along to the tide of the continuous
expansion of growth potential, and finally dominated the field of large-
scale computer. The "IBM is always first," this sentence, IBM
into the convinced.
????IBM in technology leading the way bolted on the road, so forget the
market environment changes. It is bent on indulging in large -scale
computer market's success, the data equipment company, enter the personal
computer market, Apple ignored the trend and the central processing ch ip
to the OPU Intel Corporation, will DOS Caozuoxitong to Microsoft, as
train themselves in the future the most powerful enemy.
Will mainly focus on the technology of the other consequences, IBM
organizational structure step by step, far from the market, have become
increasingly bloated, sluggish response, no innovation.
????Finally, IBM missed several opportunities, ushered in a succession of
failures, to have run out of control in 1992, a net loss of 4.97 billion
U.S. dollars, the resignation of chairman and CEO Akers, a large number
of staff redundant.
????IBM headquarters Jiekebeier this description of the situation:
"We must fall from the cliff, which we know nothing." Is true,
even if IBM falls to the lowest valley in the time, IBM is still a bunch
of people the technology is full of fantasy and cult of a madman, for the
arrival of the external crisis had no feelings. In a strategy meeting,
had just entered IBM's Lou Gerstner found that senior managers at the
meeting that the use of technical jargon, acronyms and obscure terms
sufficient to allow any person fainted, so exposure to them when Gerstner
found themselves redundant as president, "I would rather become a
fly on the wall."
Gerstner's most important initiatives to revitalize IBM IBM is the
technology to change the culture first, he proposed a new slogan -
"services." From the "thinking" to
"service" represents IBM from technologies to market, which has
strengthened the determination of technology commercialization.
However, Bibel laboratory Fortunately, IBM has taken action earlier
years, while the Koreans Jin Zhongxun (Jeong Kim) took over the Bell Labs
set up a "technology commercialization" group and put forward
plans for the revitalization of the laboratory, is the 2005 .
????Bell Labs and IBM in the same way a success, but also the decline in
the same way, they concentrated upon the most recent decades of relying
solely on the old business model (only the successful establishment of
the technology or product basis) to achieve success can not be to avoid
the decline into the generation business experience. Included in their
list of enterprises is still very long behind, including: General Motors,
Nortel Networks, the computer giant in China, Datang Telecom ... ...
????Rose to the challenge is the quality of entrepreneurs in the previous
setbacks and difficulties encountered in the face of a constant
exploration of the business community. Among them, a worthy benchmark for
high-tech enterprises in China - Huawei Technologies, the first years of
looking to the industry's best business management model, is to set up
end to end process, from product development to understand the market and
then to life-cycle management, and process every step is input by the
customer traction with every step of directly face the customer.
The core of this business management model is that it helps find the best
balance: it is necessary to maintain a leading technology, but also to
ensure that technology in business success, we call technology
commercialization. In this great change, great transformation, Huawei CEO
Ren Zhengfei made clear slogan: to engineer a business!
????In the global field of technology commercialization strategies into
practice as the company's world-class business leaders is typical of IBM
and Microsoft. The former brink, from the "thinking" to
"service" so that technology to market, so that technology to
meet market and customer demand; recipe for success in th e latter can be
seen by the human resources strategy: only to find not only understands
technology but also understands business elite.
So, these leaders unanimously chosen business Why this route? What is its
meaning? How did they do that?
Innovation is the entrance to hell or heaven?
????Tokugawa Ieyasu is the terminator of the Warring States Period in
Japan, he founded the Tokugawa shogunate, created nearly 300 years of
peace and prosperity in Japan. Tokugawa Ieyasu and Ishida Mitsunari
started off his former co-war Japanese peace foundation laid last
decisive battle. Perspective on the pre-war balance of power, the
Tokugawa military victory can be said that there is no suspense thing.
However. The joint warfare is the most dangerous play Tokugawa Ieya su's
first battle.
????Was put down after the death of Japan's war of Toyotomi Hideyoshi,
Tokugawa Ieyasu seeking refuge as part of their subordinates, in part by
Toyotomi Hideyoshi's retainers Ishida Mitsunari against Tokugawa Ieyasu
gathered to prepare, there are still some waiting to see: on the one
hand, Toyotomi Hideyoshi original strength is very strong, there are men
in high prestige; the other hand, Japan is a country advocating the
spirit of Bushido, the old master died every samurai one thing. So.
Ishida Mitsunari played under the banner of fighting for the Toyotomi
Hideyoshi has great chops. Tokugawa Ieyasu of force, if only to win, then
Toyotomi Hideyoshi's other old unit, including the men had come seeking
refuge, the right time in the future will provoke a war, the war will be
continuous, peace will be delayed indefinitely. Moreover, Japan was still
more powerful than military force Hideyoshi shares, for a little careless
handling of this war, have drowned.
????Therefore, Tokugawa Ieyasu gave up play and win, decided to change
has never experienced a new play. Attempted one shot. Only let everyone
know that this war is not the old unit of Tokugawa Ieyasu and Toyotomi
Hideyoshi's confrontation, but the power of the forces of peace and war,
battle, this war makes sense. After the victory, all problems will be
solved. Therefore, Tokugawa Ieyasu decided to "peace and
harmony" in the name of the old unit for one's own side of Toyotomi
Hideyoshi Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Ishida Mitsunari organizations to battle
the old unit.
????This suddenly increased the risk of Tokugawa Ieyasu. First, he must
give up the battle had a favorable location, the main battlefield over to
their customs are not familiar with the original area;
... ...

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