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									Rice meal finally came
????The first modulation rice: failed!
????Ingredients: Heinz Tomato rice section
????Ingredients: 40 degree warm water
????Time: 4 days ago
????Process like this: First look at the brewing rice packaging
instructions, written in 25 grams (about 6 tsp) with 180 ml or 220 ml of
water washed against the milk. Water temperature 40 ~ 70 degrees. Heinz
teaspoon rice packaging is not included, I usually use the water to the
Life Cycle of Beiqin 3 tablespoons soft spoon to dig out their own
definitions to about 5 grams, according to a five-dimensional drunk when
the 2 ml of calcium in inverted spoon Almost is a spoonful of rice
noodles sure to light some of the estimated 3 tablespoons of about 5
grams (definitely not allowed, ha ~). Then washed in accordance with each
milk temperature, feel about 40 degrees, with a bottle volume of 40 ml,
180 ml of water will this be in accordance with the 25 kilogram-powder,
then 5 grams of powder 36 ml of water should be counted out.
????After the water is poured into the rice flour, stir with a spoon,
found in too thin, and the remaining 10 ml of water, that is actually
against the use of 30 ml of water 3 tsp rice flour. In accordance with
the instructions, bubble for 30 seconds, then stir 1 minute. Found after
1 minute of rice is not open, followed by stirring for about 2 minutes,
rice or not the picture as the packaging looks like thick, but a bit like
rotten bread was blisters. Continue to stir going to see is like this,
and to try to Beibei tasted Now, the results of Life Cycle immediately
showed great interest, but I see a mess of rice noodle bowl, I dare to
eat Beibei, the spoon adhesion to the meaning of meaning on the Bei-pit-
????Conclusion is: rice less? Lower water temperature? Or the water
rushed out on this?
????The second modulation rice: Success!
????Ingredients: Heinz Tomato rice section
????Ingredients: 70 degrees heat milk
????Time: yesterday evening
????Process like this: During the day I said to the People students
experience the failure of the modulation rice, Dada accurately identify
the problem: the water temperature is too low, rice itself absorbs heat,
the water temperature is too low Huabu Kai. Then at night I start over.
????Beibei baby eating half at a small banana, 18 o'clock the meal onto
the 6:30 only to eat, left a 50 ml milk. This 50 ml of milk was brought
test I prepared rice noodles friends. Not too successful unsuccessful eat
waste. First of all, milk and milk into the device temperature, the
temperature of milk transferred to 70 degrees Temperature, heat about 3
minutes. After taking rice noodles, this is the Abbott's formula with
spoon, about 8 grams in accordance with a spoon of milk to calculate,
taking nearly a spoon rice flour, rice milk lighter than those, nearly a
spoon is about 5 grams. In accordance with 220 ml of milk powder against
the 25 kilogram-calculation, 5 grams of powder against 44 ml of milk, I
use basically about 50 ml. After the milk is poured into the rice bowl,
mix evenly, and wait for 30 seconds and then continue to stir almost 2
minutes, noodles, though still not as delicate as the picture package,
but has been of the good. I dug down a little taste of the mouth, the
estimate is 37,38 degrees or so.
????Beibei try to dig a little, possibly because milk has just eaten, it
may be because she is not modulated with milk is like a word, to eat, but
not urgent, to finish one does not follow the mouth. At room temperature
20 degrees cooler under rice soon, baby food and very slow pace, the
third I eat rice has a little cold, so I found a bowl, pour boiling water
inside, the rice bowl to sit bowl on. I enabled this bowl big dogs
Holding a rice bowl. . . Put warm milk-ri also work, but the device in
water temperature and less milk, to maintain constant temperature should
attached power supply, will drag the more troublesome than the use of
such to the save trouble.
????Beibei baby ate about 5,6 not eat the spoon looks like. According to
Life Cycle of appetite, sometimes at night before did not increase food
supplement that can drink 230 milliliters of milk Dayton, and now just
had 150 ml of milk, or you can eat, and do not want to eat the root cause
is not very like, perhaps taste Perhaps the problem is not suited to
taste. So I tease her, dug a little rice flour tilted neck poured into
his mouth, then Baji his mouth to eat. . . Beibei smiled with me on the
mouth open, to a rice to eat, and give one another to eat, and then not
want to eat when I pretend to eat their own look, Beibei on eating, and
so slowly to 50 ml all eaten. . . Spent nearly half an hour, eat the last
bowl or warm, with hot water means good.
????About Chi Mifen of time.
????May need to distinguish between the different baby. I checked a lot
of information online, has asked Dada what time to eat his words, got a
lot of different answers.
????First, the morning before meals to eat, even if your baby does not
like the taste of rice noodles, also because the hungry to eat a few
mouthfuls, and slowly adapted to.
????Second, eating between meals, the nurse has not met the stage, eating
between meals can not only make the baby endure, not under the influence
of meal feedings.
????Third, eat dinner, a meal replacement milk, if hungry to continue to
drink milk, eat up; and then a meal before going to sleep still drink
????Fourth, eat a meal before going to sleep with milk prepared and
should not drink milk, they may let the baby sleep in a long time some
(rice noodles top hungry).
????I think the second and third methods are better. However, such as
Life Cycle like to accept new foods, but in eating delicious food
supplement do not want to milk the baby stage, or not to allow her to eat
before meals because it is definitely enough to eat, but then refused to
drink milk, After the feeding process can be very troublesome. So the
first ton rice meal after meal time or very good arrangements, but not
necessarily practical after, because if they do finish all Beibei it
certainly would not eat milk rice, then changed to the second method is
not bad. But to explore how slowly does not affect the nurse. Baby how to
eat the right kind of food supplement is a problem, good news at this
stage of baby milk in addition to eating nothing other than is necessary,
one day out of exploring it slowly.

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