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Project Time Management Excellence 100
1, rapid follow-up is:
A, parallel tasks to accelerate progress of the project
B, with a mission to replace other tasks
C, if possible, to reduce the number of tasks
D, B and C
2, crashing a task, you should be concerned about:
A, as many of the tasks
B, non-critical tasks
C, to accelerate the implementation of the tasks on the critical path
D, through the accelerated implementation of the mandate of the lowest
3, "the software code in the software before I can test," This
sentence shows what dependencies?
A, random
B, soft logic
C, first
D, forced or hard logic
4, lead and lag are:
A, for the progress of the planning process, tools and techniques.
B, activity duration estimating process input
C, progress of the preparation process of the input grave
D, activities, tools and techniques to sort
5 Which of the following formula to calculate the activity was the most
A, AD (the activity was) = the number of work / productivity
B, AD = job number / amount of resources
C, AD = productivity / quantity of work
D, AD = productivity * Work Number / amount of resources
6, there are three main icon which method:
C, guide, arrow lines, conditions
7, in the event during or after the last estimate, which of the following
is not an event?
A, the activity was estimated
B, estimation based
C, activities list update
D, WBS update
8, compression key progress, will have the following potential problems,
except ------?
A, increased the scope of
B, increase in costs
C, increased risk
D, reduce risk
9 Which of the following terms to describe the logical follow-on mission
to accelerate the adjustment of relations?
A, ahead of
B, balanced
C, crashing
D, delay
10 Which of the following do not belong to the project schedule for the
preparation of the basic needs?
A, lower costs, reduce the time
B, reducing the time required for decision-making
C, to eliminate idle time
D, the development of better troubleshooting steps
11, in the project planning stage to invite customers to review progress
of the scheme to customers that:
A, you want to get their input
B, you want customers to better understand the actual state of the
C, your company specializes in marketing and customer relationship
D, None of the above
12, program evaluation and review technique (PERT):
A, usually for 3 estimates to help predict the expected value of the
activity was
B, to the event as the center, said the activity in the Arrow line
C, only once for each activity estimate
D, A and B
13, when the need to reduce the critical path 20% of the time, you can
take the following actions, but other than -------?
A, additional resources
B, acceleration of progress
C, elimination of float time
D, parallel organization of activities
14, need to apply and increase project resources, who will make a
A, functional managers
B, Project Manager
C, Project Management Officer
D, customer
15, calculate the network activity was completed, the pre-push method and
the backstepping method can provide:
A, activities of the floating time
B, the earliest start date and latest start date
C, the critical path
D, A and C
16, for the activity was compressed, you can increase the resources on
the critical path activities. Then we must further consider what is?
A, the delay of other activities
B, the key to the emergence of new activities
C, assigned to other tasks on the critical path resources
D, schedule the tasks in the longest
17 Which of the following terms that lasted through the adjustment of the
task to achieve efficient allocation of resources?
A, rapid follow-up
B, resource loading
C, crashing
D, resource balance
18, the best balance between resources and activities for the -------.
A, time is tight
B, time of
C, non-critical path
D, the critical path
19 Which of the following scheduling methods include the preparation of
risk assessment?
20, resource balance is usually:
A, increasing the total project cost
B, to defer the project completion date
C, required fewer resources
D, requires more resources
21, activity duration estimates do not include Which of the following
A, the project team knowledge
B, time analysis
C, records of previous project results
D, business database
22, when the project completion date change?
A, the critical path compression
B, the contingency reserve is not allowed
C, reduction of resources when the project
D, there is no time difference
23, when the need for schedule changes? Select one of the most possible
A, and the Association of renegotiation
B, replacement of equipment
C, cost overruns
D, attrition
24, monthly report the progress of the program deviation is 0. Be a
matter of fact, a milestone event has been delayed, following which the
report is incorrect?
A, communication management bias
B, Resource Management Plan
C, the critical path status
D, risk assessment
25, in the sort of activity lasting tolerance estimation technique used
A, dependency graph
B, Gantt
C, the critical path
26, the time difference between the critical path for the negative 20 (-
20) days, if there are two critical path activities, this may mean?
A, the critical path must be assessed to determine the actual time
B, is expected to complete the project 20 days ahead of schedule
C, time difference of each activity is negative 20 days
D, to meet project completion requirements may need to take last
27, with arrow diagram method, which of the following resources are
A, follow-up activities
B, the event activities
C, virtual activities
D, above are
28, last estimate is:
A, activity budget last
B, time of use of resources
C, time of completion of
D, the time starts
29 Which of the following can make progress in preparing to become
A, free float
B, total float
D, crashing
30, an estimated duration of activities is as follows:
The most optimistic estimate = 6 days; the most likely estimate = 21
days; the most pessimistic estimate = 36 days; so, the activity in the 16
days to 26 days to complete the probability is very high?
A, 54%
B, 68%
C, 95%
D, 99.73%
31, the following Naju Hua is correct?
A, Hammok and fragnet means the same as
B, the project schedule can use multiple calendars
C, shall use any network loopback
D, the activities of independent activities, the use of Hanger (iron
chains children)
32, resource balance:
A, through the progress of the project planning, resources and time to
minimize the effective use of resources
B, usually has no effect on the activity was
C, may increase the duration of the original project
D, to reduce the duration of the project work method used in parallel
33, free float and total float is the difference between what?
A, free float is the end date does not affect the total time difference,
while the total cumulative time difference is the number of free float
B, free immediately when the difference between the impact of the
subsequent follow-up to the earliest start date
C, free float usually refers to "idle time (slack time)", while
the total time difference is usually refers to "float time (float
D, a key activity of the free float is equal to the total time difference
minus the total time difference between the activities
34, Gantt chart and network diagram What is the difference?
A, duration
B, the task
C, node
D, time difference
35, in the following types of network diagrams do not use virtual
B, Detailed
36, if a task the most optimistic estimate is 12 days, the most
pessimistic estimate of 18 days, then the most likely estimate for how
A, 15 Ìì
B, 13 Ìì
C, 16 Ìì
D, None of the above
37, Monte Carlo analysis can be:
A, suggesting the existence of the risk of total project
B, estimate the length of the task
C, simulated mission took place in the order
D, to the management that needs more staff
38, you have decided on for each activity or task, even with an
estimation method to estimate the project, and you will be using what
39, during programming, you sit down on the time required for each task
to estimate, the sum of these times is that the project estimate, this is
your commitment to complete the project last time. What is the error
described above?
A, the project team not involved in estimating, but this approach too
B, the project team did not participate estimates, and did not use the
network map
C, estimated for too long, should have completed the management
D, project estimates and customer requirements should be consistent with
the completion date.
40, the total duration is the number? (See Figure 1)
A, 20 ÐÇÆÚ
B, 17 ÐÇÆÚ
C, 18 ÐÇÆÚ
D, 16 ÐÇÆÚ
41, the critical path are: (see Figure 1)
I, Start-A-C-F-M-Finish
J, Start-A-D-G-M-Finish
K, Start-B-E-H-N-Finish
L, Start-B-E-K-N-Finish
42, if the activity's duration has been shortened two-week H (H in the
last 4), then what is the total duration (see Figure 1)
A, 16 ÐÇÆÚ
B, 17 ÐÇÆÚ
C, 15 ÐÇÆÚ
D, 18 ÐÇÆÚ
43, conditions such as GERT diagram for:
A, said the four kinds of dependencies (completed - start to complete -
complete the start - start the beginning - complete)
B, create a PERT chart is also easier to explain than the network graph
C, because the PCM and ADM do not allow non-sequence activities, such as
sub-loop or conditions to
D, to help promote the preparation of project network diagram
44, the project may be:
A, there is no critical path
B, a number of critical path
C, a critical path
D, one or more critical path
45, by law, intended to reverse the decision to promote
A, the critical path
B, the earliest date of completion
C, the latest start date
D, crashing Date
46, an important part of schedule control is:
A, whether you need to take corrective action schedule deviation
B, define project deliverables need to produce the required activities
C, is sufficient to support the assessment of the scope of the definition
of schedule
D, to ensure the project team morale, team members can maximize their
47, decided to schedule changes that may occur on the impact of the
project, the following is not required information?
A, new or calibrated activity was estimated
B, sort by the modified activities
C, analysis of alternative scheduling
D, the progress of plans to update the materials
48, sort of activities can be used a variety of tools and techniques.
Tools and technology constituency by several factors. If the project
manager decided to subnet or part of the network as his / her part of the
progress of planning techniques, this project does that mean?
A, the work is very special, special needs at different stages of the
network diagram.
B, in the existing network can access the electronic resource management
C, in the project throughout the life cycle of several identical or
nearly identical series of repetitive activities.
D, there are several critical path items.
49, PRET and the main difference between CPM PERT:
A, used in the calculation of the distribution schedule the average
(expected value)
B, calculated using the time difference most likely estimate
C, by calculating the time difference to determine which activities the
progress of the least flexible
D, the diagram includes non-sequence activities, such as loop or
conditional branch
50, in the planning, you found the time required to complete projects
that can be used longer than that, then you will do?
A, and customer contact, tell them that the project can not be required
to complete.
B, the project can not be reported to management time required to
C, mining rush or quick follow-up method
D, by crashing or fast tracking method, and then report to the management
51, the relationship between standard deviation and risk?
A, there is no relationship
B, standard deviation tells you that the estimate is correct
C, standard deviation tells you how high the uncertainty of estimates
D, the standard deviation tells you that the estimate includes pad
52, a project has three critical path. At this time the project mean?
A, reducing the difficulty of managing
B, increased the project risk
C, asked for more manpower
D, this is unlikely to occur
53, the customer to inform you that the project must be completed two
days in advance, you will do?
A, told the clients do not allow the project's critical path to complete
the project ahead of schedule
B, to report to the boss
C, hold team meetings to discuss the critical path or the fast pace of
work on the program follow-up method
D, hard work, observe next month's project status
54 Which of the following terms used to describe the logic delay in the
follow-up adjustment
A, delay
B, ahead of
C, time difference
D, idle (Slack)
55, the progress of multiple projects planning and resources, which of
the following parameters will be affected?
A, resource name and the resource balance
B, During the compression and simulation
C, list of activities and work breakdown structure
D, schedule slip, and the ongoing inventory
56, activity A lasted for 3 days, starting at 4 am on Monday, follow-up
the relationship between B and A for the end of the beginning. Beginning
of the end of 3 days lag relations, event B which lasted for 4 days,
Sundays non-working days, from the number on you?
A, two events took 8 days total
B, activity A start date and activities of the B end of the calendar time
for 11 days
C, B ending date for the event on Wednesday 13
D, activity A start date and activities of the B end of the calendar time
for 14 days
57, schedule control without regard to which of the following?
A, on schedule changes caused by factors influence to ensure that change
is beneficial
B, determine the schedule has changed
C, management of actual changes
D, change the schedule according to customer demand
58, an event which lasted for 4 days, the earliest start date for the
10th, the start date no later than 19 days, no non-working days, based on
the above information, you can sum up what?
A, the event was 9 days total float
B, the activities of the earliest completion date is the end of 14
C, the activities to be completed no later than 25
D, if the distribution of double the resources, you can complete this
within two days of activities
59, were held over a period should not be considered when estimating
Which of the following?
A, resource capacity
B, the amount of resources allocated to activities
C, historical data (such as you can get it)
D, management expense ratio
60, you need to shorten the project completion date. No additional
resources, but the project is low risk. If you want to give priority to
dependency, select the best equipment is what program?
A, the resources to stop a task
B, to move resources from priority dependent internal dependencies
C, reduction of project tasks
D, the more tasks at the same time
61. Your company is the largest Chinese local factory. Factory was
accused of dumping to the river to toxic substances, resulting in
doubling the size of crocodiles. While allowing a significant reduction
in the number of local dogs. The court decided, in February 15 to clean
up work, such external restrictions are:
A, key events
B, a major milestone
C, enhanced date
D, dependence on external
62. Priority map and the arrow diagram are examples of the work of the
network diagram. The main difference between the two is:
A, the arrow diagram on the estimated duration of work includes program
evaluation and review technique (PERT)
B, priority map to nodes that work activities
C, arrow diagram can not represent the critical path
D, first time as a working plan to float part of the duration of
63, you are responsible for the management of a city water system
project. In order to avoid corrosion of water pipes, the contract
requires the use of titanium pipe equipment, in addition to Krypton of
the rivets used to assemble the pipe. Because the density of krypton-
based material particularly, under certain technical requirements, these
channels should be placed well after more than 10 days to install rivets.
In this case, the 10 days referred to as
A, lag time
B, lead time
C, floating time
D, relaxation time
64, your company is using the project management plan to manage the
business, while your company is now engaged in more than 50 projects
throughout the country. You must develop the schedule, and allocation of
resources among various projects. Which of the following parameters
should be the main consideration is that you?
A, resource use and the level of resources
B, and the progress of the simulation of compression of
C, work lists, and work breakdown structure
D, changes and progress in the process of inventory
65.'s Highly competitive, complex project management environment has
increased the pressure on project completion time. Schedule control is to
avoid the time delay is an important way. Time management of corrective
actions to accelerate some of the behavior is often to ensure that these
practices can be completed in time, or completed within the shortest
possible delay. In order to re-schedule the preparation and
implementation, corrective actions usually require
A, so we do not like the decision-making
B, timely adjustment of the baseline
C, analysis of the core reasons
D, resource balance
66. Preparation of project schedule is an ongoing iterative process, if
the start and end dates are not realistic, then, the project may not be
completed as planned. Since you recognize the importance of the progress
of control, you and your team is working to clear how to manage the
progress of the change. Your final result will be written in which file?
A, progress of the change control procedures
B, schedule management plan
C, schedule risk plan
D, service level agreements
67. If a project employs two people, each working 40 hours, hourly labor
cost of 30 U.S. dollars, including the common expenses. During the same
period of the third person hired to work 30 hours, but the labor cost per
hour up to 50 dollars. This week's PV is
A, 2,400 U.S. dollars
B, 3,600 U.S. dollars
C, 3,660 U.S. dollars
D, 3,900 U.S. dollars
68. Your chief engineer estimated that the workload of a work package may
be required to complete the most time for 50 weeks. If everything goes
well, could be completed in 40 weeks; but if the situation worse, then
the need for 180 weeks to complete. Use of program evaluation and review
technique (PERT), estimating the completion of this work package is how
A, 45 ÖÜ
B, 70 ÖÜ
C, 90 ÖÜ
D, 140 ÖÜ
69. You are in charge of a project, the content of the milk is really bad
to get consumers out of their processes, are customer requested to
complete the project six months ahead of schedule. Do you think you
project behavior by overlapping way to achieve this goal. You plan to use
the program are:
A, concurrent engineering
B, rapid follow-up
C, equilibrium
D, crashing
70. Activities A sustained period of 3 days, but also in the Monday (4)
start. The next activity B and activity A is connected end to end
relationship. This end to end relationship occurring in the middle 3 days
of lag time and duration of activity B is 4 days. Sunday is a public
holiday. Based on these data, which you can draw the following
A, two to the total duration of 8 days
B, starting from A to B the end of calendar days to 11 days
C, B is the date of conclusion of the event on Wednesday (13)
D, starting from A to B the end of calendar days to 14 days
71. One way to speed up the progress of the project is the design phase
of the project allocated to each behavior, rather than five, two, even
though you are considering this approach, but this would mean that the
project team will double in size. This approach will
A, lower productivity
B, increase productivity
C, reducing the need for high-level team members, which will reduce the
overall cost of resources
D, the ratio of increase in productivity will be higher than the increase
in the proportion of resources
72. You are making a project schedule, you have some production schedules
in the hands of software, but those things are too complex, cumbersome,
so you do not want to use the software. You still have some plans on how
to make the project take into account limitations of the book, but the
contents of those books people read on the headache, in order to produce
a simple and quick way to project schedules, you decide to just give each
project activities of the earliest and latest start and end time. Then
the process a time where you plan to use the technology?
A, Gantt
C, critical path method
D, Monte Carlo analysis
73. "Until the software produced, I can test it for." This
phrase describes what kind of dependence following
A, random
B, rational
C, preference
D, mandatory or hard of
74. According to the actual situation carefully reset the progress of the
project baseline is important because:
A, progress requires management to approve changes to the baseline
B, the historical progress of the project data will be lost
C, must be the root cause analysis
D, can not be late for the progress of the activities described in the
design of the progress of recovery plan
75. You are responsible for this project is developing a product, this
product is good for voice recognition by a complex system to use e-mail.
But the company's marketing department has just informed you that a major
competitor the company is developing a similar product. Start your
principles according to the project was the first to prepare a progress
schedule, but you find that if this approach is, at some stage of the
resource consumption will be particularly large. Plus you do not have
much time pressure, so you decide to use resources in a balanced
approach. But now you have competitors in the market, so need to start in
accordance with the principles of the earliest timetable for the
preparation of project progress. To do this, you should use the following
A, resource control
B, the resources from the critical path of activities deployed to non-
critical path activities
C, a key link in the progress of the arrangements
D, re-allocation of resources
76. Customers to expand the original scope of the project by 65%, which
makes up 5 times the cost estimate. Now you must change the already
approved project start and end timing. Your first step should be:
A, for the progress of the re-set the time base line
B, modify the contract
C, using a new scheduling table
D, additional resources
77. You're about to transform your kitchen, and decided for the project
to prepare a network system diagram. You have to buy electrical
appliances, and until we can complete the installation of electrical
kitchen appliances. In this case, these relationships are
A, from start to finish
B, from end to beginning
C, from start to start
D, from end to end
78. In the definition of project scope and activities to be used in the
process of decomposition, but the technical definition of scope and
definition of activities in the course of play a different role. From the
perspective of comparing the two, which of the following statements best
describes the activities in the course of the definition of the role?
A, with a work breakdown structure WBS work packages described in the
final output
B, to describe the final output can be delivered or effective entry
C, the final output is described as an act or action steps
D, decomposition defined in the scope of the definition of the role and
behavior is the same as
79. Which of the following formula to calculate duration provide the most
accurate results?
A, duration = number of work / productivity
B, Duration = number of work / number of resources
C, duration = productivity / quantity of work
D, duration = (productivity) ¡Á (number of jobs) / amount of resources
80. In order to exercise effective control over the progress of your
project team must guard against future problems that may arise in any
situation. In order to complete the outstanding tasks described above,
your team must
A, review the performance reports
B, does not allow any change in progress
C, continuously updated schedule management plan
D, on a regular basis to check the progress of the project
81. Sort of behavior there are several tools and techniques you can use,
you can use several factors to determine which tool or technique. If the
project manager decided to sub-network as it plans to progress the
technology, the use of this technology in the planning of the project
progress of what kind of features?
A, the project has different requirements at different stages of the work
of the network diagram
B, the electronic network from the existing resource management software,
access to the technology
C, in the course of the project has several activities in the network
diagram are identical or almost identical
D, in this project there are multiple critical paths
82. In order to assess the need for a project deadlines, project managers
should first calculate
A, in the rush after the behavior of each key can reduce the cost and
time range
B, the project's critical path to increase the cost of the additional
C, the critical path of tasks to accelerate the timetable after the
savings in time under
D, estimated using the PERT critical path for each duration of time
required to estimate the three
83. You control the schedule with the project team to discuss the best
way, you want to control the factors that change the project schedule. At
the same time you want to know when to change pace, so you can take
appropriate control measures. With team members to discuss how you
measure and report project progress to prepare for this you agree to use
the following:
A, schedule management plan
B, network diagrams
C, project schedule
D, technical baseline
84. In the past, you progress in the status report submitted to the
project Gantt chart like the time that this table easier to understand,
even senior administration is no exception. Project Office today
announced a new program requires the project manager to prepare a
milestone that updated every two weeks. Milestone table and bar tables
not the same, it shows
A, the main event of the start and completion time
B, behavior of the start and end dates
C, the expected duration of activities
D, dependence between the activities of
85. To use the benefits of the progress of change control systems
a. The progress of performance was reported on the specific requirements
B, to assess the progress of the performance reporting requirements are
C, clearly assess the progress of the different methods of magnitude
D, clearly the progress of change that must be approved by the approval
86. A task the earliest start time is the 10th day, the latest start time
is the 19th day. The task duration is four days, the middle of no days
off. From the information provided above, for what conclusions can be
drawn to this behavior?
A, the behavior of all the float time is 9 days
B, the task completion time is the 14th day of the first end
C, the latest completion time is twenty-five days
D, if the extra resources put into words, this task can be completed in
two days.
87. You are committed to a software development project. In this project,
the need for a large number of tests, some tests have to be repeated.
Some of the activities of this project has the task of the order of the
results of Wai conditions. For example, in the inspection process found
an error, the project design may be modified, thus the need for
additional tests. The only solution to better the situation temporary
network technology
A, priority sequence network diagram (PDM)
B, Program Evaluation Review Technique Form (PERT)
C, Graphical Evaluation and Review Technique network diagram (GERT)
D, Arrow books method (ADM)
88. In the project development process, such as who will perform this
work, where the implementation of this work, the type of work, and work
breakdown structure (WBS) Which of the following examples are?
A, activity attributes
B, restriction
C, in the work breakdown structure of the data storage library
D, the definition of refinement
89. Can help us clearly what work must be completed in the time the tool
A, the project master schedule
B, the budget
C, work breakdown structure
D, Gantt table
90. Progress, said the performance index less than 1.0
A, the project did not complete the scheduled work
B, has made the earned value of 100%
C, the project permanently lost part of the time
D, may not be in accordance with the timetable for the implementation of
the project, but project managers do not care about this issue
91. In the project network, there are several types of float period. The
use of those specific activities and does not affect the activities of
the floating period was called
A, the extra floating period
B, the free float of
C, the total float of
D, is expected to float on
92. You have on your project schedule was revised several times. In some
problems, the progress of the delay is very serious. In order to ensure
accurate performance evaluation information, you should
A, update the progress
B, re-set the schedule baseline
C, to prepare a master schedule
D, proposed a change request
93. You are a construction company, the negative design of the world's
most advanced cages. This project is very complex, requiring hundreds of
thousands of designs. You will need to design the first time multiplied
by the number of drawings to design the cage to estimate how long time.
This is an estimate which type the following?
A, the number of Basic
B, expert
C, analog-type
D, parametric
94. You can deal with a calculation of PERT and CPM project management
package will enable your organization to benefit. However, the cost of
the software other than the high cost of the package, and you need to
train staff how to use PERT. Implementation of the regulatory
requirements to you why you think the company should buy the software to
explain. In your explanation, you set the PERT and CPM is the main Mian
A, that were used in calculating the average (expected)
B, calculated using the maximum possible to estimate the time
C, focus on calculating the floating period to determine which has the
least progress of the elastic behavior
D, including non-continuous behavior, such as loop or conditional branch
as part of plan
95. You are planning to direct your new outdoor project management team
formed part of the training courses, participants will take part in a
survival test to eliminate the most "weak" team. The winner
will be the company's Darwin Awards. Because this course can only be
green on the implementation arrangements for the course in practice, you
can only be limited to a few specific times of the year. Start of the
course is the best time in mid-July. The progress of your design project
a more general time limit
A, not earlier than the beginning
B, no later than the end of
C, there is a time to determine the latest start
D, there is a fixed end time of the earliest
96. Pessimistic estimate task duration was 36 days, the maximum possible
estimated at 21 days, optimism is estimated at 6 days, then A acts in
between 16-26 days to complete the probability of how much?
A, 55.70%
B, 68.26%
C, 95.46%
D, 99.73%
97. You as a leading manufacturer of work clothing west village, now you
manage a customer accommodation was to increase and improve the
efficiency of retail store layout for the purpose of re-engineering
project. Much of the work of this project should be completed in the
field, but also the active participation of store employees, and these
employees, many of which are a known trouble encouraging labor unions
lifetime membership. Then you schedule an important part of it must be
A, a capacity matrix
B, reserve officers and reserve
C, a resource schedule
D, a resource histogram
98. When the design progress of the project, if you want to define for
each task may be the result of a distribution, and use this distribution
to calculate the distribution of all possible outcomes of the project,
using the most common technique is
B, Monte Carlo analysis
C, Graphical Evaluation and Review Technique
D, same project
99. Project managers in assessing the performance of the project time
should be concerned about the critical and sub-critical behavior, a way
to do this is to sort of float up ten times the time critical path. This
approach is an analysis which follows part of the management?
A, analysis of variance
B, progress of the simulation
C, Earned Value Management