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Project Scope Management _1_ by fdjerue7eeu

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									Project Scope Management (1)
Project Scope Management Excellence 85
1, there is a file, it is by identifying project objectives and key
project deliverables, the project team and the project formed the basis
for agreement between customers. The file name is:
A, the implementation plan
B, configuration management plan
C, range statement
D, work authorization program
2, the project charter is the life stage at which the project generated?
A, planning
B, a feasibility study
C, the implementation of
D, start
3 scope of the project:
A, is only the beginning of an important project
B, in authorizing the project to be approved contracts or other documents
are no longer important after
C, from the concept stage to the finishing stage of the project should be
managed and controlled
D, is the implementation phase of the project change control steps
through the issues addressed
4, the project proved by what the scope of
B, job description
C, the sum of the delivery of products and services
D, the sum of the delivery of products and services
5, to verify the scope of one of the main attributes are:
A, improved cost estimation
B, customer acceptance of project work
C, the improved schedule estimates
D, improved project management information system
6, the project charter is the significance of the project manager
A, describes the details of the work needs to be done
B, shows the name of the project team members
C, authorized the Project Manager
D, describe the project of historical information
7 -------- assessed under the scope of the project, while the range of
products evaluated under ---------
A, contracts, verify
B, requirements, evaluation criteria of success
C, plans to request
D, range of base plans, scope definition
8, work breakdown structures are each marked with a unique identifier,
identifier is the name of what?
A, quality control identifier
B, accounts chart
C, coding project activities
D, account coding
9, does not require the preparation of project scope includes the
following statement Which?
A, cost / benefit analysis
B, project history
C, the project deliverables
D, measurable objectives
10, work breakdown structure numbering system to allow the project staff
A, estimate the costs of WBS elements
B, to provide project demonstration
C, to determine at what level WBS elements can be found
D, project management software used in the coding system
11, the scope statement is important because the scope statement
A, for the development of future projects provide the basis for decision-
B, provides a concise summary of the project
C, for the project stakeholders approve the project
D, to provide a standard measure of project cost
12, the scope of verification should be carried out?
A, end of the project
B, the project start
C, during every stage of the project
D, when planning a
13, using the work breakdown structure of the main reasons are:
A, organization
B, to prevent the omission of work
C, provide the basis for the project estimate
D, above are
14, in order to effectively manage the project, the work should be broken
down into small pieces, can not say which of the following items in the
task should be broken down to what extent?
A, the following can be completed in 80 hours
B, no further breakdown of the logical
C, completed by a person
D, can actually estimate
15, in addition to the scope statement, the scope of programming of the
output is what?
A, range management plan, support details
B, the project charter, project manager assigned
C, WBS, scope management plan
D, project charter, scope management plan
16, in a major project completion, which of the following are considered
A, financial records
B, procurement documents and records
C, the formal acceptance
D, technical specifications
17, the scope of customer requirements change. In order to analyze the
impact of change on the project, the project manager should review the
work breakdown structure, change request, scope management plan and -----
A, performance reports
B, distribution of responsibilities matrix
C, Pareto chart
D, Monte Carlo simulation
18 ,--------- contains detailed work package.
A, WBS Dictionary
B, the scope of work
C, the budget estimates
D, cost estimates
19, Project Charter, including:
A, leading graph
B, the task estimates
C, detailed resource estimates
D, the project's business needs
20, with the increasing complexity of the project process, the scope of
the uncertainty level:
A, remains unchanged
B, down
C, then increased
D, increased
21, the entry team meeting, a team member suggested expanding the scope
of work, his proposal has gone beyond the scope of the project charter.
At this time, the project manager noted that the completion of the
project team should focus only need to complete all the work. This is an
example of what?
A, define the scope of
B, scope management
C, Project Charter
D, the scope of decomposition
22, create a work breakdown structure of the process, there are what?
A, the project schedule
B, group outsourcing
C, the project completion date
D, the risk list
23, the project manager can use the ------ to ensure the project team
clearly understand their work included in each task.
A, the project scope of work
B, the project charter
C, WBS Dictionary
D, risk management plan
24, linear programming can be used as examples of the types of project
selection criteria?
A, force optimization
B, Comparative Law
C, benefit assessment
D, impact analysis
25, determine the project's technical requirements is an important step,
because these requirements:
A, with a plain language description of the characteristics of the
B, to help determine the objectives of the project staff
C, the project staff and customers are using.
D, can be used to ensure that customers know they can get anything from
the project
26, work breakdown structure, scope of change control is an input,
because it:
A, to provide information for the project objectives
B, defines the scope of the project baseline plan
C, define all project baseline plan
D, for the implementation of the scope of information
27, used to describe the project objectives, work content, deliverables
and final product files are:
A, Project Charter
B, product description
C, range statement
D, work breakdown structure
28, an organization select the project selection model is the most
important criteria:
A, Performance
B, realistic
C, easy to use
D, the cost
29, the following items, which do not benefit from screening assessment
project example?
A, benefit - cost ratio
B, recovery period
C, peers view
D, multi-objective planning
30 Which of the following tools or technology for the project start?
A, identified alternative
B, configuration management
C, decision-making mode
D, decomposition
31, project scope change control system is:
A, a formal step has been documented in the collection of official
project documents used to define the steps to change
B, a process has been documented for the application of technical or
administrative instructions and supervision to identify and record the
task functions and physical characteristics. And record and report
changes, control changes, and audit tasks and systems to audit compliance
C, a set of steps to change the scope of the project, including the
authority to change the essential paperwork, tracking systems and
approval levels.
D, the project must be, so that in the review and approval before they
can not change the scope of management plans.
32, the discounted cash flow method, the conditions in which the project
is acceptable?
A, in all the whole project life cycle net present value of estimated
cash flow is equal to the sum of profits
B, the present value of cash flows than the present value of cash
outflows over a given percentage
C, all the expected net present value of future cash flows and the ratio
of initial cash investment is greater than 1
D, recovery period began on the project next year
33, functions to link organizations and WBS elements, the project manager
should use one:
A, WBS index
B, the project WBS
C, cost accounting matrix
D, distribution of the index work package
34, work package are:
A, WBS lowest level of deliverables
B, with a specific task identifier
C, required reporting level
D, can be assigned to more than one strong unit of the task group
35, the project charter should at least:
A, description of project managers and functional managers of the
responsibilities and rights
B, the risks and limitations of the project and plans to address these
C, the designated organization of the project
D, shows the implementation of organizational business goals
36, the following is caused by external events as examples of change
A, using the old version required by the Government definition of error
caused by the project scope
B, the implementation of contingency measures to bring the sub-risk
C, apply the provisions of the current project environment changes
D, as suppliers develop new technology allows us to use a single device
replaces the original definition of three sets of
37, the scope of change:
A, change the WBS can be defined in order to obtain unanimous approval to
the project scope
B, can cause changes in all the project baseline plan.
C, requirement of cost, time, quality and other goals and make
D, can learn
38, at what time to select and appoint the project manager is more ideal?
A, during the course of the project start
B, during the project planning process
C, the concept of the project life cycle, the end stage
D, in the development stage of the project life cycle before the start of
39, scope change control of the output includes:
A, the scope of change, correction actions, lessons learned, adjusted the
benchmark program
B, corrective action, scope changes, schedule changes
C, performance evaluation, additional planning, lessons learned
D, the results, product documentation, lessons learned
40 Which of the following is not a project start-input?
A, product or service description
B, group strong strategic plan
C, the project screening program
D, Project Charter
41, scope note:
A, does not include the project objectives, such as cost, schedule, or
quality standards
B, including a project description of the assumptions and constraints
C, the formation documents, as prepared to PERT / CPM network based
D, describes the structure of WBS
42, who should be released project charter?
A, the project manager
B, implementation of the organization's leadership
C, items of a manager
D, the project sponsor
43 Which of the following tools are used to scope change control?
A, performance evaluation
B, change request
C, corrective action
D, range management plan
44, according to what the scope of activities to assess the completion of
the project?
A, required
B, the project plan
C, range management plan
D, work breakdown structure
45, in an environmental improvement project, the following is an example
of a value change?
A, revised as required by the Government, need to re-submit the design
B, used in accordance with the scope of the original can not be obtained
to reduce the cost of technology
C, combination of materials define the entire scope of the project,
including all components and sub-components
D, modified system design, but should be some features missing
46. You are a car company to manage a project to develop new products. At
first, this product is defined as "Art-based personal
transportation." Later, it was described as "the artistic type
does not require personal transportation fuel." Finally, after
detailed discussion with design engineers, the further described as
"do not need gasoline, cost less than USD 15,000 and no noise, art-
based personal transportation." This shows that the gradual
refinement of product characteristics. However, despite the
characteristics of the product has been continuously refined, they are
content to be in accordance with the following statements carefully
A, the appropriate definition of project scope
B, the project stakeholders
C, scope change control system
D, customer strategy plan
47. Last week you leave the comfort of the sea, and today you had to bury
ourselves in work. Have a project manager position currently vacant
because the former project manager decided to retire and to Arkansas to
open a catfish farm, and you took over the project, and now want to check
a pile on the scope of the project change requests. In order to assess
the project will be to what extent the change, you need to change the
requirements of these documents with the requirements of a project which
to compare?
A, the scope statement
B, work breakdown structure
C, the project plan
D, the scope of management plan
48. Your company's project review committee meeting each quarter to
review all the budget more than two million U.S. dollars project. You
recently promoted to senior project manager, and assume one of the
largest projects that develop the next generation of computer-aided
manufacturing processes. Review Committee at the next meeting ask you to
explain the project objectives, work content and results. To do this, you
will need which of the following documents?
A, Project Charter
B, product description
C, the scope statement
D, work breakdown structure
49. Your company is an industry-leading pharmaceutical companies. Do you
have a lot of projects to be developed, but currently do not have enough
strength to complete all of these items. And you are leading a team
engaged in the development of a screening method for the project work,
you eventually have to establish a project selection model. You have the
economic return, market share and the company's public image, and other
aspects into consideration in the screening criteria. Please point out
all the screening criteria, the most important piece of criteria should
A, the company has the actual ability to complete the project
B, whether the project is feasible, whether the reality
C, ease of use
D, the size of the project cost
50. By repeat your legacy in information systems during the millennium
bug outbreak happened, you finally convince the company's management at
the project outset to maintain the system. However, in addition to
considering the system design issues, system maintenance should also be:
A, the project closeout phase of the work should always be conducted
B, system maintenance should be in the system development project life
cycle alone occupy some time, because the computer systems throughout the
life cycle cost of 60% to 70% was mainly spent on maintenance of the
C, are not counted in the project life cycle
D, is seen as a separate item
51. You are a project manager, manages a distributed in five different
countries around the world of virtual teams. Based on past experience,
you know: The team members for their response to the request of
functional managers may respond to you than the more positive. Taking
into account this problem, you decide to prepare a
A, a memorandum for the team members to remind them now work for the
project manager
B, the project charter
C, a memorandum for the functional managers to remind them that you have
the right to spend their employees
D, human resources management plan
52. A project management techniques to implement the objectives of the
ideal environment, because
A, project management including setting organizational goals
B, usually the project using a matrix management environment
C, the project manager's responsibility is defined according to the
company's goals
D, all projects should be goal-oriented
53. The company is a chicken company, is currently implementing a project
to eliminate the threat of Salmonella in products. You are the project
manager. You have completed the conceptual stage of the project.
Conceptual stage, the results are:
A, the project plan
B, job description
C, Project Charter
D, resources and electronic data sheet
54. A very well known project management company appointed to help you
select the project for a major customer. Client company's engineers the
best options to conditionally optimal, however, that the profits of sales
program better, but also relatively easy to calculate. You are actually
just graduated from a college student, professional and zoology the
original, and project management without the slightest relationship.
Because you are not familiar with these issues. But the client side every
day for your service to your company to pay 2000 U.S. dollars, so you
have to do something the next meeting. You take out your PMBOK, you want
to prepare a beautiful presentation, each program listed the advantages
and disadvantages. Results of a small problem you prime your report, this
topic is: Which of the following programs are not the best option
A, levels of analysis process
B, the logical framework analysis
C, the economic model
D, multi-objective plan
55. Your team designed a list of materials to define the project's work
constitutes, without a job analysis of the structure you recommended
(WBS). A client note this list does not cover the scope of the project
needs change, then this change needs to be added into it. This is caused
by a change request which of the following specific examples?
A, an external event
B, product range in the definition of an error or omission
C, a value-change
D, the definition of project scope for errors or omissions
56. When choosing a project, when measuring the value of the project and
the project to appeal to all stakeholders is very important. Your company
in the project selection using multiple criteria and put them together
into a measurable indicator. You have established a method of decision
making under uncertainty. That is:
A, the project implementation options
B, decision-making model and calculation method
C, logical framework analysis
D, levels and bridge process
57. You have to prepare a project scope statement and WBS. Your project
plan has been approved. Present your project has been started, but you
realize that nature-based project work, project scope changes are
inevitable. As you have experienced recently expanded the scope of the
torture, so to spread the risk of your special attention. In order to
avoid similar incidents, you convened a team meeting to establish a
project scope change control system. The system is:
A, a series of formal, documented with written procedures, these
procedures provide a formal project document how to modify the steps
B, a set of formal written documentation of the process, its main role is
to implement technical and administrative guidance and supervision, that
the purpose is to ensure that the work of the various parts of the
project to be clear, and there is formal documentation, Work logging and
change reports, change control, and work as intended in order to ensure
the normal audit carried out
C, can be changed using the scope of the project a series of procedures,
including paperwork, tracking system and approval of changes to the
approved level
D, the project change orders, these orders is to ensure that the scope of
the project management plan reviewed and signed in before the higher
authorities will not be arbitrarily changed
58. As you learned in college is a finance professional, so the company
requires you to actively participate in the company's project selection
process. Project selection committee chairman to introduce you to some
basic rules of project selection and feasible. You know the company chose
a basic principle of the project is to be making money, that project
costs can not exceed program income, so you recommend a discounted cash
flow method. A basic principle of this method is 1 U.S. dollar in today's
value is usually better than that one U.S. dollar in a higher value after
the year. Under this approach, the circumstances under which the project
is in the following order to be accepted?
A. project life cycle net present value of estimated cash flows equal to
the sum of earnings
B. net present value of cash inflows equals the sum of earnings
C. the expected present value of future cash flows divided by the sum of
the initial cash investment is greater than 1
D. payback period of the second year in project
59. You want to work on the current contents of the project broken down
to make each project team members have their own independent work. Each
team member independently completed the work of project management known
as the word:
A, work breakdown structure, the lowest level of deliverable products
B, have a special task identifier
C, the necessary level of reporting
D, can be assigned to the task of multiple work units
60. You are a project manager, manages a medical database system project.
Company has a professional programmer is responsible for the design
process, but you need to buy from the hardware. Project officer
responsible for contract management hungry to tell you, the contractor
need to provide a product description, the product description is also
A, Statement of Work
B, the scope of the contract note
C, Project Charter
D, contract
61. Have you ever worked for a private company for 10 years, and now
switched to a government job, your former employer in project management
have very strict requirements, he was in the project many times during
the course of the review to be carried out to understand the project the
current state of progress. Although the project management for government
agencies is new content, but the body is a basic project management job
requirements, they set up the four-stage project life Zhouqi: concept
definition of the implementation and completion. Although this
institution in the project life cycle for the timing of the review
project status and how many times to conduct the review did not ask, but
do you think each stage of the project completion time for the state
examination is very important piece of work. The purpose of this state of
A, the project of the baseline to determine the amount of resources
needed to complete the project
B, adjust the schedule based on past performance and cost baseline
C, to obtain customer approval of the delivery of products
D, to judge whether the project should be entered into the next stage
62. You are responsible for the management of a video game project. Last
month, customers have signed the project description and scope of the
demand note. But now she made a scope change requests. She hoped that
this game made a TV and a computer can play interactive games. This range
of change in which at least one aspect of performance?
A, modify the work breakdown structure, project scope has been identified
B, leading to all project baseline changes
C, the cost of time needed to adjust the quality and other goals
D, get a lesson
63. You are a project manager, as a more formidable tomorrow to see
customers, I am more anxious. Are depressed, you call a senior partner
said you transferred to another project. Based on your experience in
project management, the appointment of a project manager you know the
best time to be:
A, the project start-up phase
B, in the preparation of the project planning stage
C, in the definition phase of the project life cycle at the end of
D, in the beginning of the project life cycle phases before
64. You in the management of a telecommunications project, as the
Government has recently introduced a new rule, you have to change the
original scope of the project. Several changes were made to project
objectives. You update the project with technical and planning documents.
Your next one is:
A, formally notified stakeholders
B, to amend the company's knowledge management system
C, from the project sponsors and clients get formal recognition of the
scope of change
D, to prepare a performance report
65. In the concept phase of the project life cycle, management expressed
the hope that the benefits of each new project should be more than
development costs. This is what the following example:
A, assuming
B, restriction
C, through the optimization options
D, a technical requirement
66. You have been appointed to a new project manager must prepare a
project plan. In order to provide the overall framework of the project,
you decide to prepare a work breakdown structure (WBS) to illustrate the
complexity of work and workload size. But now there is no availability of
ready-made template for WBS. To prepare for WBS, you do the first step
A, deliverables for each project to determine the cost and duration
B, determine the project's main deliverables
C,. Clearly the composition of each project deliverable
D, clear the main tasks to be performed
67. You are a personnel management specialist human resources. You have
recently been transferred to a new project team. The team is setting up a
team-based evaluation and reward system, this system is mainly applicable
to companies in more than one year duration, and some members of the
project spend at least 50% more of their time to complete the project.
Where the rest of your team members still come from the company's human
resources department. The project charter should be published by whom?
A, the project manager
B, Human Resources director
C, is a manager for this project outside
D, an authority higher than the HR Project Management Office (PMO) of the
members of the
68. Your main production company had a leading food suppliers. In order
to increase revenue, management intends to open new markets and products.
You are leading a team responsible for developing products. As your
background and interest in information technology, you suggest the
company develop wireless communication products. But when you submit the
proposal for consideration, management believes that this product and the
company's core competencies do not match. You need to return to Planning
Board to recommend other products, and to the guidelines for the
A, a hypothetical
B, a binding
C, a standard
D, a technical requirement
69. United States Bureau of Indian Affairs Navajo reservation in a
primary school renovation projects outsourced to your company. Ask you to
hire a contract team owned by a local contractor for the U.S. labor
reserve. This is the kind of restrictions on the following conditions:
A, the community
B, the economy
C, the environment
D, the law
70. All kinds of projects can be used for archival material
A, the current and expected performance compared with lessons learned
B, prepared to stakeholder management plan
C, selected project team members
D, as input to the project start
71. The company has a biological program, you are the project manager,
research department now has an advanced micro-organisms isolated. When
combined with seaweed, when the microbe to form a biodegradable synthetic
material. Sales department to believe that the material should be used to
manufacture can only wear once and turned into garden fertilizer can be
discarded socks. Management to ask you if you should start a project to
create this product. To do this, you should be prepared to:
A, feasibility study
B, return on investment report
C, the production and purchase of
D, Project Charter
72. For an environmental management project, a value-change example:
A, as a new or revised government regulations lead to force the re-design
B, using a range in the first set when no technology, this technology can
reduce project costs
C, using a single ¡Ì definition of scope of the project materials,
materials slip covers all the accessories and the main parts
D, corrected miss when designing a necessary feature
73. In the project life cycle phase which experienced the greatest
A, conceptual stage
B, planning stage
C, the implementation phase
D, finishing stage
74. Scope verification:
A, increased costs and schedule to determine the accuracy, especially for
projects that apply innovative technologies
B, is delivered to customers before the end of an activity
C, records of the project made the characteristics of products or
D, and quality control of different, because the scope of discussion to
determine whether to accept the problem, not a matter of right
75. Refine the technical requirements of the project is an important
step, because such a requirement
A, to ordinary language to describe the characteristics of the
B, was used to determine the work content of the project members
C, the project members and clients equally useful
D, is to ensure that customers know they can get from what a project
designed to
76. You are managing a team, you choose three items from a to. The
project is to develop a drug for prickly heat heat antidote. During the
meeting, many members of the group have decided what project to use
technology. Some prefer to use internal rate of return (IRR), while
others advocated the use of benefit cost ratio (BCR). In deciding to use
the method, your first step is to
A, comparison and select the technology, identify their strengths and
B, if applicable to the project, the most widely used corporate
C, using most of the team members are aware of the methods
D, a clear philosophy of the company's management and will
77. A written change order when the need should
A, all of the projects, large and small
B, it needs only the large projects
C, those with an appropriate, formal, the scope of the project change
management system
D, change control system that can adjust the cost of the project
78. Your company, a meeting management flycatcher, was about to new
areas. Currently the government sent a standard invitation of the
Department of historic research, your company cast standard, and
ultimately successful bid. And you were appointed the project manager, to
become the first historic government research project manager. But
unfortunately, your work does not meet the government standard for
historical research. Chairman of the company has just signed from
official government agencies received a formal notice, therefore, this
project will be suspended immediately. Now you have to
A, the project from inception to present the results of this time has
been to contract management of the technical representatives
B, recording lessons learned and for the record for the index
C, has completed work on the project record, clearly has reached the
level and extent of
D, close the Project Office and members of all the items re-assigned to
new posts
79. The theory of project failure because
A, lack of project-based, or a strong matrix structure, the scope of the
definition of bad, and the lack of project plan
B, lack of upper management support and commitment, the project team
disharmony, lack of leadership and project manager
C, customers need a bad location, location on the project team dispersed,
and the lack of progress throughout the project to communicate with
d organizational structure factors, poor positioning customer needs,
inappropriate project specific requirements, as well as poor planning and
80. In the change control in the project plan is important because the
project plan

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