Project Management

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					Project Management
Project Management
Date: January 16, 2010 -17 days

Venue: Fudan Complex Building
Meetings Organization: Chilean sea Jin Baidu Online Training Management
Consulting Co., Ltd.
Course Objectives:
¡ô systematic understanding of project management knowledge (PMBOK)
¡ô familiar with the general terms of project management
¡ô preliminary master modern project management processes and techniques,
¡ô project through the project management case study and understand the
¡ô use project management methods to guide the project practice
¡ô exchange project management experience
Training: house training, combined with lectures, case discussions,
games, scenario analysis and counseling.
The first overview of project management unit
¡ñ project and its characteristics
¡ñ project constraints
¡ñ Basic knowledge of project management
¡ñ Why do we need project management
¡ñ project management, current development at home and abroad
¡ñ Project Management Body of Knowledge About
The second unit project managers and project team
¡ñ project manager responsibilities, skills
¡ñ project team formation
¡ñ lifetime of the project team
¡ñ project launch meeting
¡ñ Project Organization Structure
¡ñ project success and failure
The third unit project start process
¡ñ project evaluation and selection methods
¡ñ Project Charter
¡ñ Preliminary Project Scope statement
Project planning process, the fourth unit
¡ñ project management plan content
¡ñ the scope of planning
¡ñ Scheduling
¡ñ cost estimates and budget
¡ñ risk management plan
¡ñ Communication Planning
¡ñ Procurement Planning
The fifth element of project implementation and monitoring
¡ñ project execution, tracking and correcting
¡ñ quality assurance, contract management
¡ñ overall change control, scope change control
¡ñ Schedule Control
¡ñ Risk Control
Sixth unit project closeout process
¡ñ significance of the project closeout
¡ñ contract closure
¡ñ Project closeout process
¡ñ the results of the project closeout
Days schedule

First day
AM Project Management Framework
Project managers benefit analysis of interest
Project Management Process Group
Project Management Body of Knowledge
Project team and project manager at
Project startup

The next day
Am the project planning process
Work Breakdown Structure
Project Time Management
Project risk management planning at
Project implementation in the monitoring process
Project Closing Process
Case Study
Instructor Profile: LIU Gui
¡ñ Project Management Institute Member, "Project management of
national standards," the preparation of group members;
¡ñ University of Sydney Master of Project Management;
¡ñ PMP, 2001 Äê 6 ÔÂ
¡ñ National registered supervision engineers, in May 2000;
¡ñ Senior Engineer, Ministry of Information Industry Computer Systems
Integration Project Manager Certified Project Management Instructor;
¡ñ Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd. invited Enterprise Project Management
(EMP) Instructor, Consultant;
¡ñ Motorola University Distinguished Lecturer in Project Management;
¡ñ Bank of China Development Center Enterprise Project Management
Information System Project Director
Participants: project director, department manager, senior project
manager, project team members, etc., especially for project management
personnel are working
¡ñ Meetings Registration Download registration form

1. Contact Phone :021-54483382 ,0755-61289005
???Fax :021-64082528 ,0755-61289005

2. Expenses: 2600 yuan / person (including teaching materials, group
photo, lunch, refreshments)
3. Registration: fill out registration form table -> issued Meetings
confirmation -> transfer application or on-site payment
4. E-mai:
???MSN Application: QQ896486730