Project Life Cycle and Organization by fdjerue7eeu


									Project Life Cycle and Organization
????A project can be divided into several stages for the effective
management control and the implementation of the project to link the
daily operation of the organization. Phase of these projects together,
called the project life cycle.
????Project life cycle typically provides:
????1. Each stage of what technical work to be completed?
????2. Deliverables for each stage when the production? How each of
deliverables review, verification and validation?
????3. What are the personnel involved in each stage?
????4. How to control and approve each stage?
???Very detailed description of the life cycle may include the provision
of structure and control of forms, charts and checklists.
???The life cycle of most projects have many common features:
???1. In the initial stage, lower costs and staffing levels, the highest
in the intermediate stage, when the project is reaching the end of the
rapid decline.
???2. In the initial phase of the project the highest level of
uncertainty, so the risk can not reach the project objectives is the
???3. In the initial phase of the project, the project stakeholders
influence the project's final product characteristics and the maximum
capacity of the project's final cost, as the project continued decreases
????Driving force stimulating the project is generally the problem,
opportunity or business requirements, management generally must be the
needs of other potential projects and resource requirements required to
determine the project priorities.
????Product life cycle started in business plan, through idea, to
product, to the daily operations and products out of the market, the
project life cycle through a series of stages of creating this product.
Other projects could include the performance of this product update.
?????A typical project life cycle models: waterfall model; spiral model;
iteration model.
????Information system project generally feasibility analysis, business
restructuring, information systems planning, system requirements
analysis, system design, system implementation, system testing, system
implementation, system commissioning, operation and maintenance stages.
????Each project includes the key stakeholders: PM, customers / clients,
implementing organization, project team members, management team,
investors and influential people, PMO.
????Project-based industry organization, is the main business
organization formed by the project. Project organization structure: one
end of the work function. The other end of the project type, the middle
???Project management system is a tool for managing projects,
technologies, methods, resources and procedures. The system should
provide in the project management plan provisions. It helps PM
effectively control project completed.

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