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Project Cost Management Excellence 85
1, the following Naju Hua best suited to describe the cost estimation?
A, fiction probabilistic assessment, uncertainty, and the project may
occur during the inflation process of the future direction of
B, the collection and predict the course of the project life-cycle costs
C, can be used to evaluate the establishment and management of project
investment costs of the budget, standards and process monitoring system
D, a continuous collection, accumulation, analysis, monitoring,
reporting, cost management process
2, the cost of the budget process to consider the project schedule
A, can confirm that the project elements, then the cost allocation
B, allows cost allocation to the production cost of time
C, providing another cost to help assess and monitor the implementation
of the method
D, A and B
3 Which of the following is not a project plan in the preparation of the
trade-off decisions must be made?
A, the use of skilled or unskilled labor
B, the supplier should be given more profits and other profits received
by suppliers
C, self-made or contract work to subcontractors
D, the cost / quality of the importance of
4 Which of the following techniques you can use the prototype estimates?
A, parameter
B, extrapolation
C, analog
D, historical results
5, the concept of life-cycle cost estimate of the cost of four stages
A, operations / maintenance, scrap, direct, variable
B, indirect, support, development, production
C, operation / maintenance, development, production
D, indirect, secondary, indirect and direct
6, the following types of tax depreciation methods in the most
A, double declining balance
B, Linear
C, the sum of the annual median
D, residual
7 Which of the following is the most conservative principle of the work
A, 50/50 principle
B, 0 / 100 Principle
C, 20/80 principle
D, 100/100 principle
8, who should be responsible for determining the acceptable range of
deviation of project cost
A, functional managers
B, department heads
C, top management
D, Project Manager
9, if the ratio is 60% completed, completed budget is 20 thousand U.S.
dollars, the actual cost (actual cost or the actual cost of work
completed) 15,000 U.S. dollars, the cost deviation (CV) and schedule (SV)
is the number of bias?
A, information is not sufficient, CV and SV can not planned
B, CV = SV =- 3000 ÃÀÔª
C, CV =- 3000 ÃÀÔª, SV = +3000 dollar
D, CV =- 3000 dollars, the information can not adequately plan SV
10, resource histogram (frequency plot) shows:
A, the expected demand for critical path activities
B, arrangements of resources according to work package
C, according to the activities of resource allocation
D, in accordance with the time expected resource use
11, the variable production cost of each device is 100 dollars, so fixed
costs are 2500 U.S. dollars, then the cost of producing 10 sets of
equipment are?
A, 3500 ÃÀÔª
B, 1000 ÃÀÔª
C, 25000 ÃÀÔª
D, 1500 ÃÀÔª
12 Which of the following tools can be used for analysis and design, to
determine its function, and to assess how the situation in a cost-
effective to provide these functions
A, Pareto chart
B, Kanban
C, Configuration Management
D, value analysis
13, the internal rate of return is the profit expected from the project
evaluation standards, it can be seen as:
A, reported profit after tax to the government
B, in the investment project to life with no loss of use of funds should
pay the maximum interest rate
C, estimated completion (EAC) by completion of the budget (BAC)
D, the cost of discount income and discount rate
14, completed the periodic assessment of estimates is ---------
A, the cost of work done
B, the value of the work has been completed
C, the expected completion of the total project cost
D, the cost to complete the work takes
15, the double declining balance method is:
A, slow depreciation
B, straight-line depreciation
C, accelerated depreciation
D, calculation of the cost of life
16, analog estimate:
A, using the bottom-up estimating techniques
B, commonly used in the project implementation stage
C, using top-down estimating techniques
D, using actual historical cost
17, cost performance index (CPI) for the .89 mean:
A, the current plan we expect the total cost of more than 89%
B, the project is completed we will be overrun 89%
C, your project plan has now been 89%
D, input your project received only 89 cents of every dollar effect
18 Which of the following are examples of parameter estimation?
A, regression (reduction) of
B, Learning curve (Learning bend)
C, bottom-up
D, critical path method (CPM)
19, item A, if the net present value of 30,000 dollars, 50,000 U.S.
dollars for the project B, then select B the opportunity cost?
A, 23000 ÃÀÔª
B, 30000 ÃÀÔª
C, 20000 ÃÀÔª
D, 50000 ÃÀÔª
20, has approved a budget of 100,000 U.S. dollars, if the estimate is
90000-125000 USD, which is what kind of estimate?
A, magnitude
B, the budget
C, approximation
D, limited to law
21, cost estimates of the output is:
A, the cost base plan
B, the project budget
C, earned value
D, determine the estimated
22, revenue / cost ratio of 3.2 means that:
A, each of the interests of 3.2 U.S. dollars per dollar
B, the interests of 3.2 U.S. dollars per dollar
C, per unit of product was 3.2 U.S. dollars profit
D, per unit profit of 3.2 U.S. dollars 23 U.S. dollars, the completion
cost forecast calculation does not include:
A, EAC = AC = (BAC-EV)
C, EAC = AC = (BAC / CPI)
D, A or B
24, in order to establish the budget, must assess the needs of all of the
following, but in addition to other -------
A, contingency
B, sunk costs
C, direct costs
D, indirect costs
25, sunk costs are:
A, management of reserves for investment capital has not
B, the project activity, relative to the total change in the cost of
fixed costs
C, another name for labor costs, since these costs have already passed
the budget.
D, has been put into the project funds, regardless of the work carried
out will not affect the project's output
26, a project design is estimated to be 100,000 U.S. dollars, in deciding
whether to adopt this estimate is, we expect this estimate of the correct
range should be:
A, +10% to -15%
B, +25% to -10%
C, +10% to -5%
D, +10% to -25%
27, during the execution of the project, there were a lot of changes, the
project manager should do?
A, wait for all the changes to be made public, and published in the new
B, the necessary changes, but maintain the progress of the benchmark
C, make the necessary changes
D, before making any changes and the management of communication
28, earned value is the major shortcomings of this concept:
A, and the current WBS link can not be determined when the scope of
customer projects
B, when calculating the estimated cost of the work has been completed, in
order to take corrective action on the project cost has been too late
C, to provide an accurate estimate of the capacity of the percentage of
D, no defects
29, the following is NOT true estimate of the note on the analogy is not
A, to support top-down estimates
B, is a form of expert judgments
C, the actual cost of the accuracy rate of ¡À 10%
D, the estimated cost of the current project can refer to previous
similar projects
30, cost change control system is designed to:
A, add the definition of when the project contingency funds
B, define the steps to change the cost basis
C, to determine the causes of the cost of deviation
D, to determine whether the budget needs to be updated
31, if the deviation and schedule deviation cost the same, then:
A, the cost of deviation caused by the progress of the deviation
B, bias on the project benefit
C, can easily correct the progress of the deviation
D, labor costs rose at the start of the project
32, cost management plan
A, describes how to manage CVS
B, established the cost basis
C, measure and monitor project cost performance
D, establish performance benchmarks
33, if a work package of the estimated cost and completion date of 1500
U.S. dollars today, but today the cost to 1350 U.S. dollars have been
spent only two-thirds of the work completed, then the cost of deviation:
A, 150 ÃÀÔª
B, -150 dollars
C, -350 dollars
D, -500 dollars
34, resource planning aims to:
A, the implementation of project activities to determine the physical
resources required
B, approximate calculation of the resources needed to complete the
project costs
C, identify possible resources to obtain
D, assessment of organizational policies related to the project use
35, when the budget update is usually carried out?
A, project management know that if you do not amend the budget will
result in cost overruns
B, scope change approval
C, any aspect of the project to re-enact the baseline plan
D, passive use of contingency or management reserve
36, value engineering / analysis is the application of technology
systems, but it can not:
A, for the need to establish the value of the function
B, in order to provide the required functionality at minimum cost
C, identification of needs at the lowest cost function
D, an attempt to clean and cost trade-off between
37, what percentage of completion of project work, the total cost of pure
index of relative stability?
A, 5% to 10%
B, 15% to 20%
C, 25% to 35%
D, 50% to 75%
38, the cost of the budget aims to:
A, determine the resources required to complete the cost of project
activities, assign them to the appropriate sections of accounts of the
B, monitoring the implementation cost, monitoring deviation
C, the cost assigned to each work, to establish a baseline to assess
project plans pure
D, if possible, so that a minimum of capital expenditure
39 Which of the following can not be used to calculate the estimated
A, plus the remaining project budget of the current EV
B, the current actual cost plus the work of the new surplus estimates
C, the current actual cost plus remaining budget
D, the current actual costs and performance factors from the adjusted
budget surplus
40, according to the learning curve theory, when something is repeated
when the production
A, reduction of production equipment operator training, thereby reducing
unit costs.
B, unit costs decline with the increase in productivity
C, as production increases, unit costs decline in regular
D, training costs increase with increasing degree of automation
41, subject to resource constraints in the project:
A, the project manager when needed resources, functional managers do not
allocate the required amount of resources
B, the project must be completed as soon as possible, but the use of
resources can not exceed a certain level
C, the project must use the resources as little as possible to complete
at a time
D, the resources allocated to the project implementation capacity is
42 Which of the following does not belong to the output of cost control?
A, the cost base plan
B, change request
C, estimated completion (EAC)
D, additional programming 43, under what circumstances, re-benchmarking
cost control program can be an output?
A, serious cost deviations, the actual implementation of the measures
must be taken
B, the revised cost estimate has been prepared and distributed to project
C, must take corrective action to meet the expected future performance of
the project plan
D, A and C
44, after summing up the project according to schedule you find to spend
28,000 hours, have earned 25,000 hours, paid 26,000 hours, the correct
conclusion should be:
A, the project is very favorable cost-effectiveness
B, we need to trend analysis report
C, the project lags behind schedule
D, the project ahead of schedule
45, earned value management so that we can learn useful information on
project performance, relative to other items, the following best
A, project performance trends
B, the project completion forecast
C, is expected to project budget
D, project performance
46. You are trying to use the current project's earned value progress
report to training software developers how to calculate earned value. You
plan to the cafeteria bulletin board released the results of the project,
so that you can make the team aware of the progress of the project. Use
the following conditions listed in the current data, answer the following
four questions 1-4.
PV = 2,200 U.S. dollars EV = 2,000 USD AC = 2,500 U.S. dollars BAC =
10,000 dollars
According to Earned Value Analysis, SV and status of the project
described above is
A.-300 dollars; project process early
B. +8,000 dollars, the project process time
C. +200 dollars, the project process early
D.-200 dollars, the project process delayed
47. This project is the CPI number, until now, the project's cost
performance, CPI tells us that those circumstances?
A.0.20; the actual cost and planned cost as much as
B.0.80; actual costs exceed the planned cost
C.0.80; actual cost less than the cost of the project
D.1.25; actual costs exceed the planned cost
48. CV is
A. +300 USD
B.-300 ÃÀÔª
C. +500 USD
D.-500 ÃÀÔª
49. The project's EAC is the number that is meaningless
A.12, 500 dollars; said the total project cost of the revised estimates
(based on end to the current performance)
B.10, 000 dollars; said the total project cost of the revised estimates
(based on end to the current performance)
C.12, 000 dollars; that the original project budget
D.10, 000 dollars; that the original project budget
50. You are working as project manager through vending machines and fast
food industry to sell goat milk to the public. Your first task is to
prepare a project cost estimate. You are ready to use analog estimate.
Which of the following characteristics is not analog estimate?
A. provide rigorous estimates
B. is a form of expert judgments
C. In the real cost of less than ¡À 10% accuracy
D. Using the previous cost of similar projects as the basis for the
current project cost estimate
51. You're employed by a government agency to manage a 3-year budget of
300 million project. If the project needs change, you need to the end of
each financial year, more funds into. You can use your project funds. You
decide to create a cost change control system, this is to:
A. clear when added to the project contingency funds
B. clearly defined procedures for change of baseline costs
C. determine the cost of changes in the causes
D. determine whether the need to amend the budget
52. In the cost estimation you have to consider the direct costs,
indirect costs, operating expenses, total costs and management costs.
Which of the following is not a direct cost of the example?
A. Project Manager's salary
B. subcontractor costs
C. raw materials used in the project
D. Power
53. If the cost variance and schedule variance of the same, and greater
than zero, then
A. cost difference is determined by the progress of the differences
B. This difference is beneficial to the project
C. Progress difference can be easily corrected
D. Since the project began, the wage rate increase
54. You are responsible for a major project for the World Bank to prepare
cost estimates. Because you need to estimate accurately as possible, so
you decided to prepare a bottom-up estimates. Your first step is to
A. determine the need in the process of calculation tools
B. Using the previous cost estimates of projects to help prepare the cost
C. identify and estimate the cost of each job entry
D. to the expert advice and their recommendations as the basis for your
55. Your project management experience to tell you the cost variance for
making an incorrect response may cause quality or schedule problems, or
unacceptable project risk. You are convening a team meeting to discuss
the importance of cost control. Many of your team members are new to
project management. In order to introduce this important issue and we,
you stated concern is cost control
A. affect those changes will lead to the baseline cost factors, to ensure
that change is beneficial
B. on the resources required to complete this project to form a roughly
estimated the cost of
C. the estimated full cost of the work assigned to each entry
D. establish a cost baseline
56. For your project, many of the accidents occurred, mostly negative,
your management is indifferent. Project Management Office of the
Executive Officer to tell you if you do not provide some guidance to
project managers know what to do, then this weekend you have to be sent
to the company cafeteria, went to work. In order to keep this job for all
the management to provide an effective guide, you decide to focus on the
completion of the completion of the performance index (TCPI). The main
role of the index
A. financial targets in the project management decision within the work
remaining to complete the schedule and cost performance
B. financial targets in the project management to decide the scope of the
work remaining to complete the cost-performance
C. The final project cost prediction
D. predict final project cost and schedule
57. When you check the cost of the project performance data when the
baseline deviation for the different levels require different responses.
For example, 10% of the deviation may not require immediate action, while
100% of the deviation will require research. A description of how you
plan to manage the cost of plan deviations
A. Cost management plan
B. Change Management Plan
C. Performance measurement program
D. Programme management plan deviation
58. If a work estimated to cost the operation cost 1,500 dollars, the job
ended today, but spent 1,350 dollars and only completed two-thirds, then
the cost of deviation is
A. +150 USD
B.-150 ÃÀÔª
C.-350 ÃÀÔª
D.-500 ÃÀÔª
59. In your project, you need to cost attributable to costs incurred
during the period. To do this, you should
A. identification of composition for the allocation of the cost of the
B. In the progress of the project cost estimates take into account
C. to prepare detailed and accurate cost estimates
D. prepare the implementation plan costs
60. ACME project in the first four months of the total project cost is
USD 100,000, while the actual expenditure of USD 120,000. Progress of
this project?
A. ahead of schedule
B. As the cost overruns, the project faces difficulties
C. project will be completed in the original budget
D. not enough information provided to make judgments on this issue
61. Every time you meet with your project sponsor, she should be
emphasized for your new e-commerce project the need for cost control. She
often asked about the cost of your performance issues, such as which
reached a budget which did not meet. To answer her question, you should
A. Report
B. Performance measurement charts
C. Analysis of resource productivity
D. Trend Analysis and Statistics 62. Vice president of emergency
telephone call to you, that her 15 minutes to see an important client, on
a very large complex projects on the site. She gives you 30 seconds of
time to think, then tell her how much the project cost. Your prompt
review of past similar projects, although some information is not yet
known, but you still gave her a rough figure. You just use what type of
A. Uncertainty estimates
B. Budget
C. order of magnitude estimate
D. Detailed estimates
63. You are leading a project team to develop a very complex product,
this product can be ionized directly on the brain's prefrontal cortex to
stimulate the nervous system. Since the project is technically very
complex, so you have to be strictly on the cost of tracking and control,
which mainly include the direct costs and indirect costs (overhead
costs). You find on the indirect costs of management particularly
difficult, because it:
A. is in accordance with the "one project one project" approach
to deal with
B. Direct labor costs represent only
C. represent the project needed equipment and materials
D. Project Manager can not control this part of the costs incurred
64. You for Milken. Fuli Ken an e-commerce project management. Partner in
charge of indulging in the highest possible profit to increase its
dividend. It often ask you profit figures. What kind of profit is below
its real interest?
A. Operating profit
B. expected profit
C. overall profit
D. Accumulated profits
65. You are a project manager, has approved the cost of the original
baseline, but now the scope of the project there has been a big change,
so the cost baseline has changed also. Next, how should you do?
A. assess the magnitude of the scope of change
B. released updated cost estimates
C. put you through this process the lessons learned on record
D. change the scope of the implementation of adopted
66. Which of the following tools are used to analyze the design, function
design and evaluation to determine how to function at low cost:
A, Pareto (Pareto) chart
B, value analysis
C, project scope change management
D, value engineering
67. In cities around the world leased office space is very expensive. In
the U.S., office rents are about 50,000 yen / per square meter per day.
These "average" number may help people according to need,
calculate the area of office space rental costs. Which of these estimates
are the following examples?
A, why the United States to use the "m" as the unit of
measurement system
B, model using the estimated parameters
C, from the bottom of the estimated
D, rental data
68. What percentage of the project is completed, the total CPI will
remain relatively stable?
A, 5% to 10%
B, 15% to 20%
C, 25% to 35%
D, 50% to 75%
69. Your company has been established for project management
professionals, a large set of performance appraisal and reward system. In
this system, the project cost management performance is to determine the
reward in the world. To ensure that management rewards to reflect the
true performance, you should to do?
A, as part of the overtime.
B, to set a baseline cost
C, using earned value management to monitor performance
D, on the controllable and uncontrollable costs and budget estimates
70. Unallocated budget for which belongs to the following elements?
A, management of reserve
B, performance measurement baseline
C, total customer and sponsor management of accounts
D, general management and administrative costs
71. Cost estimate is important because cost estimates can be used to
measure and adjust the project cost performance. The total cost is
estimated to be assigned to individual behavior or working group to
establish a project cost baseline. In an ideal condition, the project
manager is willing to prepare cost estimates
A, before asking the project budget
B, after the adoption of the budget
C, using parameter model
D, using bottom-up estimation
72. You are the project's monitoring officer. Project managers need to
understand the cost of the project next year to determine the project's
budget should be increased or decreased, he asks you to submit to him a
project cost forecasts. Do you predict, in addition to general
information resources, the following should be considered in you which
one? 0
A, similar to the project cost estimate
B, work breakdown structure (WBS)
C, progress of the project schedule
D, changes to existing requirements
73. Cost Account
A. All staff time is the main account management
B. In the work breakdown structure of the second level of the project
cost summary
C. identify and track management reserves
D. on behalf of project performance measurement and reporting of baseline
74. Which of the following a calculation can not be used to calculate all
estimates of project completion (EAC)?
A. The current earned value (EV) plus the remaining project budget
B. AC coupled with the current project budget for all remaining
C. add the remaining budget for the current AC
D. AC current changes according to actual situation with the remaining
75. Project manager by examining the cumulative cost curve can be
A. Earned Value
B. Plan Value
C. Cost Difference
D. Cost Performance Index
76. According to learning curve theory, when a lot of work when the
repeated items
A. Equipment operation training needs less time, reducing unit costs
B. With the decline in unit costs of productivity
C. With the increase in unit cost of products down the law
D. With the increased level of automation to increase training costs
77. You need for your e-commerce project to determine the necessary
resources, including personnel, equipment and materials. While also
decided that all resources, quality requirements and when they need
resources to implement project activities. This process requires
consultation processes in different projects. Which of the following, the
project planning can be used in resource planning:
A, resource allocation matrix
B, work breakdown structure
C, Project Scope Statement
D, organizational breakdown structure
78. Ã׿ϷðÀï¿Ï consulting firm for the management of e-business project
that you paid a high price. Do you often wake up a cold sweat at
midnight, and because you travel frequently so your child has forgotten
your name. Seems only a partner in making money. Although you can dream
of the rich and the SOHO district of Manhattan's most fashionable art
gallery to open a. But you must first complete the back section of the
financial analysis. This analysis provides
A, the discount on the cost-income ratio of discounted
B, today, the future value of investment funds
C, a positive net cash flow
D, when it would cost more than the profit point
79. When the project by increasing the budget surplus (using performance
as amended) to the actual calculation of the current most frequently used
method of EAC?
A, the current deviation is considered when the typical deviation
B, as conditions change, the initial assumption that no reliable estimate
of the time
C, the current deviation is considered representative of the future
deviation when hungry
D, the initial estimate was that the fundamentally flawed assumption that
the time
80. Recently you have been appointed as project control officer is
responsible for periodically measuring project performance. Do you want
to recommend the use of earned value project manager management to
estimate the final cost of the project, because the positive management
A, actual project-based performance prediction on the final scope of the
statistical likelihood of the project manager to check whether the
B, for the management to provide the final BAC, PV, and EV.
C, to provide cost overruns are expected to occur on specific tasks, this
will enable the project managers to focus on mission-critical
D, to ensure the management of the reserve or non-occurrence of accidents
81. A car design team should be familiar with the latest automated
assembly technology. This team can get these technologies from a variety
of ways: he can hire a full-time experts in this area, you can hire a
consultant, but also can send a design engineer to participate in robot
technology in the senior seminar, or even to ask those in the
manufacturing sector staff to the project team to join. Hunger-related
costs of each method as a project plan must be a factor to be considered.
This illustrates the importance of the following statements?
A, defined in the act to complete the preparation of resource plans
B, prepared a resource allocation matrix, and as a control tool
C, the resource plan and cost estimates together closely
D, the Earned Value Management Resource Planning as an input item.
82. In following that case, the cost of change may need to re-baseline
A, CV is very bad, needs a measure of actual performance
B, revised cost estimates have been prepared and sent to stakeholders
C, corrective actions must be taken to make the expected future
performance of the unity of the project plan
D, EAC shows that even without the scope of change needed to complete the
project additional funds
83. Because you know the importance of cost control, earned value
management system you are adding a number of acceptable deviation. When
some of the "unacceptable differences emerged when the project
changes are inevitable. In each of" unacceptable "change occurs
when you first:
A, update the budget
B, prediction of the cost to modify
C, adjust the project plan
D, recording experience
84. Regulatory agencies require that all project managers for the budget
of more than 100,000 dollar project using earned value analysis. Your
project budget, 200,000 dollars, so you must use the earned value
analysis. Each meeting, your manager should ask your completed estimate
that the maximum possible assembly of the project forecast. Completion of
the project estimate is based on performance and which are based on?
A, analysis of variance
B, trend analysis
C, risk measurement
D, the project is the result
85. Planning and the actual cost of the cumulative cost curve
A, to help quickly adjust project performance

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