Progressive thinking --- Jay Abraham China Shakes the Tour by fdjerue7eeu


									Progressive thinking --- Jay Abraham China Shakes the Tour
God of the world's No. 1 Marketing
Jay Abraham Jay Abraham China Shakes the Tour
How your business marketing model? Want to get double the profit leaps
and bounds it? Immediately Jiaru Jie marketing ranks, save you 30 years
of business experience, easy to make you the shortest three days to learn
and get stormy breakthrough!
1, breaking the secret of success 2, adjustment and use
3, where I am border? 4, I use a breakthrough strategy
5, we focus on a firm belief in the pillars 6,14
7, 8, to develop the best plan, reverse the development of your flight
9, reverse the vision to develop the template 10, leading to the seven
outstanding potential avenues for marketing
11, let your thoughts in outstanding performance and, ultimately, to
stand out from competitors, the seven methods of 12, the driving force of
nine business
13, we will use and maximize the role of item 14, 20 marketing mistakes
15, you can not learn at Harvard Business School marketing concept seven
of 16 successful entrepreneurs use the power law of the 21
17, allows you to compete in the market strategy of 18, 25, can come a
variety of results of testing capabilities
19, test elements 20, the center feed
21, the risk of reversal of 22, re-positioning your business, products or
services, to distinctive
23, 24, a unique selling point, measurable data
25, problems and challenges of 26, give full play to the effectiveness of
the nine marketing skills
27, the growth of business rules to achieve performance of 28 senior
"excellent strategy," notes
29, excellent strategy 30, 25 entrepreneurs have to do
31, enterprise success in the global five key 32, to challenge themselves
and continue to exceed
33, force multiplier effect to 34, a powerful Parthenon strategy to
promote business growth in geometric
35,28 items to build a strong Parthenon 36 common strategy, by upgrading
sales, cross-selling, sustained sales, expansion of trading profits
37, Abraham, 38, 93 recommend the program to calculate the value of life,
the marginal net cost to support
39, what is the MNW (marginal net ),,,,,, customer lifetime value? 40,
re-investment / expansion of your current success to new heights
41, re-investment of 42 multiplication tables, how to make ex gratia
customer can not refuse
43, in advertising, sales letters, sales presentations and Web sites
using these programs 44, writes the basis of
Written by formula title / proposed power
45,137 a proven best available version of the 46,37 a title worth one
million U.S. dollars
47, Jay Abraham's 100 most famous title 48, 10 minutes training
advertising marketing genius
49, my sales letter / e-mail promotions of my main products of 50, non -
cash advertising - in-kind transactions
51, mature business improvement template 52, to rethink the column -
Double O matrix
53, learning and expanding their own 54, the 12 strategic pillar of
business growth
55, 56 strategies and tactics, using your tactics
57, 58 defined strategy, marketing strategy
59, influential title 60, excellent strategy that is your business value
/ principle
61, 62 tactical engagement, "the ratings out from the media"
63, the sales cycle 64, Abraham Marketing 101
65, build the back end of my 66, verify
67, 68 studies, systematic
69, 70 of my main marketing plan, value?
71, Task Team

God of the world's No. 1 Marketing
Jay Abraham Jay Abraham China Shakes the Tour

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