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Prevention and Treatment Act Child anorexia picky eaters


									Prevention and Treatment Act Child anorexia picky eaters
Anorexia and picky children how to do? Medicines net for parents
Children of appetite, reluctance to eat, parents are often very anxious,
and even bring the child to hospital for treatment. Indeed, long-term
anorexia can cause malnutrition. Postnatal nutrition, inadequate
nutritional intake of children are weak and usually suffers; the sick
child appetite even worse, the two form a vicious circle.
Anorexia causes include psychological factors, and poor eating habits,
for example, do not concentrate on eating, while eating while watching
TV; parents spanking their children to eat or when such criticism.
Therefore, are having all the high spirits of the children 15 minutes
before a meal to tell the children gradually stop their activities.
Parents should also pay attention to food, cooking, such as color, smell
and taste to frequent changes to improve the children's interests, to
promote the purpose of appetite. In addition, anorexia and lack of
nutrients. Such as vitamin B1 deficiency decreased bowel, appetite is
reduced. At the same time, people will ignore the lack of lysine may
cause muscle weakness, decreased peristalsis, can also cause loss of
appetite low. Lysine is an essential amino acid the human body, involved
in a variety of digestive enzymes in the pancreas synthesis, can promote
digestion. If the child is the emergence of long-term anorexia symptoms
and signs of malnutrition when, you need to appropriate additional lysine
and vitamin B1, in order to promote increased peristalsis, increased
appetite, appetite improved. Lysine must food intake, it is mainly found
in animal foods, but food can easily be destroyed during cooking. So you
can take some nutritional supplements, such as Ya Peiwei his spiritual
children a variety of vitamins and lysine syrup, which is rich in lysine,
vitamins and proper calcium and phosphorus, to promote the natural
appetite, increase endurance, Child anorexia solving significant effect.

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