Preface: the fruit of Combination of Chinese and Western ethics by fdjerue7eeu


									Preface: the fruit of Combination of Chinese and Western ethics
Preface: "Ting Chronicle. Preamble" Social Science Report

????????????Combination of the fruit of Western moral
- About Ting
As early as 30 years ago, because of the history of the Republic of China
engaged in research needs, I have prepared some Republican figures,
biographies, among them the Ting. At that time, before the end of the
Cultural Revolution (about 1975), as seen in the limited material, I want
to go visit some of Ting had direct contact with people, ask them to help
provide a little material, or even just a clue of some materials. But the
result is I am disappointed. This can not blame those who are visitors,
such as Huang Jiqing, high vibration West, they were still in control of
the state of being, they dare a government offensive has so much to
provide any positive material villain does. I remember, when I write the
first draft Ting biography, please then-director of the Institute of
Chinese Academy of Geological Institute Mr. Zhang Wenyou Naqu seek
advice, give me the answer was actually Mr. Yin Zanxun the most
representative sentence: "how to give a biography of such a person
Ting it?"
After a lapse of 30 years, people Ting view this person has not changed,
on Ting's research, has made significant progress. In this case, without
any bias, Ting has been realistically study possible. Reading the Song
Guangbo this book, we Ting should have a more objective and more
comprehensive view.

Scientists, science organizations at home, good teachers
Ting first and foremost a scientist, but also a great contribution made
by scientists. China has modern science and science, first of all to open
their side of geology; and China have modern geology and geological
cause, by Ting, Hung-chiu, etc. chapter two or three open base
established. Ting Hands Geological Survey, and served as director for
many years and personally to do in Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Hunan,
Jiangxi Province, the Yangtze River Delta, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan
and Shandong provinces and Mineral Survey. Geological Survey for the
cultivation of talent, he Hands Institute of Geology for the Chinese
culture is very accomplished a large number of geological scientists.
Ting engaged in geological survey and geological research in the process
of doing joint paleontology, anthropology, ethnology and other
disciplines of study to become a pioneer in these areas. Ting Chong China
hand "paleontology Chi" and has served as editor of the
magazine, became the first unanimous praise for the world-class
scientists, organized by the Chinese scientific journals.
????Ting is a rare cause of an outstanding organizer of science.
????He not only created the geological sciences and geological survey
organizations, the organization has played a remarkable role, in fact the
language of the historical development of the Institute of Archaeology,
the Institute of Biology, Institute of Social Sciences to carry out the
creation and work , on the Peking University Department of Geology,
National Central University Department of Geology of the improvement and
development, the creation of the Central Museum, etc., have given too
much attention and support. His home to scientific organizations,
Academia Sinica, the Director-General when he was just one year and a
half years the most fully manifested. Academia Sinica, the Director-
General in his office, and do a lot of work, of which the most
significant long-term three things: establish a press council;
Organization Foundation Committee; to implement the Institute budget
management. Cai was the Academia Sinica president said that the number of
work "as the Court does not pull the base stand firm." Hu also
said, Ting through this a few things, "to the country's largest
scientific research agency, to re-establish a reasonable and lasting
basis." Later, the President of Academia Sinica, Zhu Jiahua did the
specific meaning of a press council said. He said "Council is set up
in Jun (Ting characters in the monarch), Academia Sinica set for a
hundred years, Mr.. With the Consultative Council, a Fellow of the
meeting only later, with the Academy of Sciences Conference, Institute of
systems before formally established. "
????Ting is a particularly good teacher. He returned 24 years old Study
Tour, a teacher since the age of 25, after the Institute of Geology, in
fact, or play a work of teachers. During this period, he worked part-time
teachers in other universities, students say courses like genetics. Still
later, they did a few years of Department of Geology, Peking University
professor. Visible, Ting life, a considerable portion of time contribute
to the cause of education. From now preserved many of the materials to
let us know, Ting is a very good teacher, the teacher called a model.
????Li Chi said: "He taught the students received no not completely
convinced of." Why? Because of his extreme enthusiasm and the
students responsible for teaching is always best to carry out. His
students Ko West recalled: "He does not teach already, he not only
taught, was exhausted all his strength to teach." Must not use
ready-made materials, "he collected common, specialized , whether
ancient to modern times, where the relationship between materials, both
reference and thoughtful, and then appropriate choice. "Ting himself
said:" say one o'clock, three o'clock to prepare for, and sometimes
not enough! "shows how he and seriously . His teaching, the teaching
is different from ordinary Jiaoshu Jiang. He does not emphasis the
dissemination of knowledge, and re-teaching people to gain knowledge of
the method. He taught geology extreme attention to training in the field.
Institute of Geology of the students often by teachers lead students to
the field to practice. Practice location and practice time should be
after careful consideration, with careful planning. Ting must also
understand the attachment to the situation in advance, before they were
prepared to take students, is to ensure that students get practical
training internship.
????Ting students and the younger generation to be sincere and
enthusiastic, is really unparalleled. Hu said: "For the young
students he has had will advise and good performance was full of
praise." For example, Department of Geology, National Central
University to recruit a professor of geology in America returned the
original Huai Cheng. The people have the desire to get rich, a large
amount of time and energy to do real estate business, as well as teaching
and research were no results. Ting from the time of the Central
University of the Luo, where knowledge about the situation, we find the
original Huai Cheng, very frankly said to him, you study economics at
Harvard geological results very good profession, universities, and
countries even need. Unless you are seriously engaged in professional, I
would recommend Luo president fired you. Ting is the geology of the
mountains figures already sound Ming Hehe, Cheng geology, but a young
juniors, by Ding so sincere and candid advice given, how can he not be
moved, from focus to the study, issued a two-year articles of a high
standard of scientific papers. This is the "rules over"
instances. If you talk about "reward good" example, you can not
fail to mention Ting favorite and most highly valued student Ya-have. Hu
had in mind, and with time he returned to Beijing from Shanghai, see
Ting, Ding apart from anything else, we should first introduce him to his
favorite student Ya-have, said Cho was "new geology and paleontology
out of a genius. " Ding spoke the kind of happy, happy look very
impressive. Soon, the talented young geologist actually study in Yunnan,
killed when bandits. Ting crying for several days this sad, unintentional
act. Later, he launched a friend to Zhao's memorial fund to raise as a
reward latecomers, tax collection pensions, to protect the lives of their
families and their children's education, parenting Ya-Ting personally
have a son to take responsibility. Friendship so students can be
described as stories through the ages.

Highly administrative skills of the "small brother"
Ting and the Chinese most of the scholars, scientists difference is that
he very administrative skills. This can probably comes from his usual
manner for the "official" enthusiastic. That's
"official" is refers to something friends, groups, things,
things in society, the country. Early study in Japan and Europe to study
the process, he has fully demonstrated ability to act. After returning,
but in particular to its enthusiastic official act quickly to get their
peers "small brother" in the world. Ting administrative skills,
he founded Geological Survey, Institute of Geology, Peking University and
National Central University to help improve the geology, mine manager,
North votes, and served as the Director-General, Academia Sinica process,
that had already been fully aware to. However, his best performance of
the administrative order, or he was Shanghai General's Office. However,
as Shanghai General's Office regarding Ting, who quite criticism. Then
the KMT and the Communist Party are against the warlords, and Ting,
Shanghai General's Office is appointed by the warlord Sun Chuanfang. Sun
Chuanfang crusade against the National Revolutionary Army
"reactionary warlords", one of Ting nature should be regarded
as "reactionaries," a member of the "counter-
revolutionary." This is prevalent in the past era of revolutionary
thinking is self-evident. Fu who was studying in Europe that Ting is on
the counter, and said he must return home to kill Ting. However, soon
after returning home, but with the Ting Fu became good friends. When the
Minister of Railways Sun For, the shall ask a geologist for the
Geological Survey of Sichuan-Canton Railway done, he recommended people
to Ting. Sun surprised to say, how can appointment of counter-
revolutionary! When Ting completed a survey mission, Sun no longer as a
counter-revolutionary phase. And later the National Government had also
at one time would like to take over the Ministry of Railways Ting long.
So, Ting served as General in Shanghai to do in the end his term of
office, done anything at all? According to numerous reports and records
at the time, he mainly does three things: First, to recover Shanghai
Mixed Court shrine; second is the establishment of Shanghai Health
Bureau; Third Shanghai full size drawing, planning road traffic, organize
taxes, the establishment of examination system and other personnel to
establish modern municipal basis.
Ting as a scientist and very interested in politics, political
discussion, (such as the hottest carefully co-founded, "Weekly
Review" and "Independent Review", and because they are the
most enthusiastic contributors), and sometimes even directly participate
in the political (as president of the Shanghai General Office), which is
by no means that he has a special political ambitions. His enthusiasm
interference in domestic affairs, is entirely based on a strong
conviction: political does not improve, progress and development of all
undertakings are rare. Ting is a radical reformer, is a doctrine full of
righteous, he is ready to strive to do things, so lazy that he hated the
most opposed to pessimism. He said that such people like him, "is
the Peace and Prosperity of the energy minister, in troubled times of the
do-nothing." Seriously speaking, Ting finds itself is chaotic, or at
best is a chaos of the world staggered. However, that is, being in such a
world situation, Ting is still a promising. He founded the Geological
Survey, Geological Institute, to become a world-renowned first-class
scientific research institutions; him to hold the North votes coal,
making sustained profitability and steady development of new mines; he
served as General in Shanghai can not do for one year to do a few big
things, for the Shanghai lay the foundation for modern municipal
management; he served as Director-General of the Academia Sinica, year
and a half, it was this country's most important scientific research
institutions to establish a solid foundation for long-term development.
This personal experience, further strengthened his belief: if they work
hard, you can always promising. It is precisely because he stressed
"the responsibility of the minority." He had specifically
discuss this issue, from the historical, social and political explanation
of its reasons. Fu Ting's article in the mourning then said, Ting view,
"only strider Mian service to all his ability to do the best, and
then you can have a clear conscience."
Ting to their friends, said he felt confident in the two areas is: first,
there is a sense of responsibility. Second, the public and private well.
This is the most impressive places Ting. Fu said: "He had never been
on car free of charge, from never to use the cost of public for private
use, never once got a text from the dry salary." He not only did not
account for public interests, when necessary, he will have to sacrifice
personal interests to the interests of Shing Chuen public or others. One
thing is very impressive. 1919, Ting's brother Ding Wenyuan to study in
Europe. Some people know that their tuition fees thanks to his brother
Ting hard support, Wenyuan wrote to him to persuade brother to use his
brother's social relations win for themselves a study in Jiangsu
Province, official fees. Wenyuan then mean by a friend wrote to brother
and asked him to. However, Ting's letter said, according to your
qualifications, your dedication to study and aptitude as well as our home
state of the economy, of course you are eligible to apply for official
fees. ... ... However, you should know, in the States than you are smart,
but also hard, but also the children of the poor, it is a lot. They are
not like you have a brother, to back them as the tuition fees. They must
think further study is only one way for government fees. An extra amount
of official fees empty, you can create a more promising youth. They
requested that government fees, is indeed a need, and you do. You should
consider some thin, is not want relations with your staff to occupy such
a space official fee amount? I advise you do not have to worry for this.
Since I assume you recognize the tuition fees, how to save funds, are my
own business, you should only peace of mind to study hard on the line!
This is what a noble mind!
In 1934, Ting took over as Director-General of the Academia Sinica. At
that time, strength is not strong, limited funds. Ding took office, the
Director-General announced the abolition of the Department of General
Affairs under the Office savings to increase funding for research
institutes. Also in that year, I heard that the Office of Education in
Yunnan Province to do so, please Meng Xianmin investigation, Ting night
before his survey in Yunnan, sort out relevant information, such as
reference to the Mengxian Min. Can be seen, he colleagues, on the public
good, is how selfless.
As selfless, he family, friends, to all the countries he considers useful
to society, he had to give all possible care and assistance. In these
respects, he can be said of a Combination of Chinese and Western ethics
the fruit.

Worth reading, "Ting Chronicle"

Song Guangbo This was the "Ting Chronicle," provides us with a
very detailed preparation of material, so that we can Ting a
comprehensive and in-depth understanding. His wide range of sources,
including the Government Gazette, public and private archives,
newspapers, periodicals, Ding and his family, friends, letters, related
to the writings, diaries, memoirs, interviews were recorded, and so on.
Can be seen in the collection of materials has made a big effort so far
seen in the writings of the Ting, not comparable to none. For quite some
time, the Ting would like to understand, some of the people, can not but
refer to this book.
In full possession of material, based on the facts completely restore the
history, restore the original appearance of the characters, with no
subjective bias, without subjective comments. Lord of the spectrum has
always been controversial, different records, different says, are to co-
exist. For example, Ting-General in Shanghai to do any of the activities
of the period, spectra at various public comment on income, but also
comment on the KMT and the Communist Party together with income.
This is the Chronicle's editorial style can be considered complete. The
book includes "spectrum before", the "spectrum" and
"after the spectrum" in three parts. In the "spectrum
before" section, quite detailed account of the Ting was born before
the modern Western science, especially geology-related science in China
was the introduction and initial spread of the case. So, people can more
clearly understand that China Ting create such historical significance of
geological sciences. "Spectrum," so there is no general
chronology of this part, but such a great impact and Ting many
controversial figures, they seem necessary. We read the book
"Spectrum after" part, can really contribute to further
understanding of the history of Ting and he should occupy in history. In
the "spectrum", which is part of the body, in each year, a
brief account of major events that year, and introduced with the spectrum
of the main personal and business related to the birth and death. All the
important activities of the main spectrum, related note, the then or
later the person's comments and recollections. Chronicle is "to do
on line", age is the central clue. However, the Chronicle noted in
the narrative in quite the sum of an important historical association,
which is the author of "compilation that" the call
"chronological events and circumstances leading to the two bodies
with Notepad." Particularly noteworthy, the book is the book a
number of species in Appendix "index", such as "Names
Index," "Title Index", "quoted the title index",
"reference book author index", "newspapers quoted the
index," "Reference File Index", etc., greatly facilitate
the reader's search. This is a serious one worthy of the readers reading.
(Abridged: Wu Wei-min)

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