Netherlands prestigious: the Rotterdam Business School

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					Netherlands prestigious: the Rotterdam Business School
Rotterdam Business School Rotterdam Business School

School Description:
Rotterdam Business School, the school in 1966, is the Netherlands one of
the largest university of higher professional. School has been
innovation-oriented students to adapt to different groups and the
increasingly international business community, the establishment of a
number of new undergraduate courses. In addition to a four-year
international business management courses, Undergraduate College also
offers courses specifically for those who have relevant professional
qualifications and business class business class experience some of the
applicants. University 5,000 total students. Schools near Rotterdam
University, teaching facilities, complete.
Rotterdam Business School offers a variety of international programs
related to marketing management, logistics management, accounting and
business management professional. And provide various forms of higher
education, curriculum not only emphasizes theoretical knowledge, practice
is also a learning process ÖÐ's an important part, based on the Training
for Xue Sheng Shi Jian Zaiguanliceng Gong Zuo Zuo Zhunbei future.
School offers a variety of economic class higher education and training
programs, graduates competent in companies, government agencies and
public service industries such as real work. The field of employment for
economic, management, law, trade, industry, government and other
departments. Rotterdam Business School focuses on training students in
Gong Si, institutions, and public affairs unit Guan Li positions, or as
independent operators Chulishiji operational capacity, and the professor
Zhuanyelilun knowledge, Fei Chang Chongshipeiyang skilled students to
apply such knowledge. After training, graduates are usually in the
industrial and trade fields as well as government departments, economic,
business, general and legal aspects of the high-level management

Professional Profile:
Strengthening the school curriculum, including language courses,
undergraduate courses, Undergraduate courses and master's and master's
courses, including undergraduate courses include: International Business
and Languages; Asian Business & Management; International Business
and Management; Master's course covers financial accounting
professionals, consulting and corporate Management, Logistics Management
and so on.
Matriculation, legal, textiles and clothing, engineering, management,
environmental, accounting, computer science, architecture, education,
finance, economics, management science, tourism, agriculture and
forestry, humanities and arts, business type, design, social sciences,
Theological Seminary, biology, marketing, sports, journalism and
communications, information science, medicine, language, secondary
school, science.
Advantage Professional Introduction:
Advantage of the professional schools: the international business
management, logistics management, finance and accounting, consulting and
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