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					Ministry of Finance in 2009 Receipt No.
????January 7, 2009, I were to The People's Republic of China Ministry of
Finance and National Development and Reform Commission presented the
"information disclosure", recently I have received the Ministry
of Finance 2009 (years) No. 1 - Receipt of total s 16 "Government
Information Disclosure Statement", Development and Reform Commission
is not informed by telephone in the law to reply within 15 working days,
to be postponed.
????To the Ministry of Finance, Development and Reform Commission,
"information disclosure" and the Ministry of Finance,
"Government Information Disclosure Statement" reads as follows:
Government Information Application (To the Ministry of Finance)
Applicant: Yan Yiming
Contact Address: 12th Floor, 1033 Zhaojiabang Block B
Tel :021-51087770
Post Code: 200030
For open issues:
1. The National People's Congress two weeks before the convening of a
detailed list of the Ministry of Finance website announced 2008 revenue,
expenditures and explanatory statement (other than involving state
2. In the National People's Congress two weeks before the convening of a
detailed list of the Ministry of Finance Web site open in 2009 revenue,
expenditure budget and the text description (other than those involving
state secrets).
Facts and reasons:
????Report of the Seventeenth Party Congress pointed out that the
government authority in the sunshine. How to protect the government
authority in the sunshine? The so-called power in the sunshine, is that
the Government should, under the supervision of the masses to exercise
powers and perform their duties. The most important and most fundamental
step is to always keep the people supervise the government.
????China's Constitution, the 57th, the sixth 12 of the National People's
Congress to determine the highest position of authority, confirmed the
law of the country's political, economic, cultural and diplomatic power
to decide important matters, confirmed its state administrative organs of
the Authority. "The People's Republic of China Constitution,"
the 62nd stipulates National People's Congress to exercise "review
and approve the state budget and the implementation of the" terms of
reference. In socialist society, citizens will be part of their rights
and transferring money to and countries, on how to use public power,
especially how Zhichu government finances, the need for a highly
transparent system to protect the citizens, as taxpayers right to
information and supervision, "Information Disclosure
Regulations," the implementation of laws to protect citizens from
the right to know and supervise implementation.
I. Current Situation of China's financial information disclosure
?????At present, China's financial information is still in "the
principle of non-public, open for the exceptional" status, so that
became the state budget and implementation of the secrets made public
disclosure of state secrets is equivalent to the general public can
access through open channels of the national budget and report on the
implementation. Meanwhile, China produced more rough budget, budgeting,
the contents of the irrational, the subjects are too general, resulting
in the passage of the NPC for deliberation "outsiders do not
understand, experts are not clear." Budget and performance reports
only in the People's Congress deputies submitted during the meeting, NPC
deputies, no time to look at hundreds of pages thick budget reports, let
alone study and discuss the constraints of public financial budget of the
regulatory and fine, limiting the financial decision-making more
????In fact, there is no list, the subject in general terms, Bianzhi
rough budget and performance reports, simply can not provide deputies
Xingshijuece and Jiandu right that there is adequate information,
Zaocheng Rentaidaibiao Nan Yi Cai Zheng balance overall control of all
the circumstances, more difficult to achieve NPC review, approval and
implementation of the right budget.
Second, financial information disclosure on the significance of the
government building the sun
????Information disclosure is a decision-making democratic and scientific
foundation, is to establish the fundamental Sunshine Government.
President Hu Jintao said that the current government to clean and serve
the people. To this end, we must deepen the reform of the budget system,
strengthening budget management and Jian Du, Tuijinjuece scientific and
democratic decision-making ͸Ã÷¶È Zengqiang expand public participation,
the development interests of the people and the laws and regulations
related to public policy Shang Gong Kai views.
????May 1, 2008, "Government Information Openness" is the
promulgation and implementation of construction of 17 large established
an important step in the government sunshine. Implement the slogan of
Jian Li sunlight Government Reform of the budget Zhidugaige, strengthen
fiscal budget management commitment, Bu Jin Yao Yi Kao government
gradually improve, refine the budget management system, Hai Yao People's
Congress make decisions to ensure that the review of substantive approval
, but also to ensure extensive public participation. Protection of the
public have the right to know the Government's financial information so
that the public wishes to convey to the financial sector and legislative
bodies, government revenue and expenditure rose to mention the
arrangements, specifically the draft budget for the departments, the
legislature, the specialized agencies, together with relevant real to
discussions of the amendment and the legislature approved the budget,
making it a legal effect of the implementation file.
????Although the "open government provisions of the Ministry of
Finance," referred to in Article VI: "The National People's
Congress examined and adopted the report of the budget and final accounts
reports should take the initiative to government information management
and clients and the community to the public." However, the applicant
is required Ministry of detailed disclosure of the text with your
description of the 2008 fiscal year actual income, expenditures and
fiscal 2009 revenue, expenditure budget details. First of all, after
consideration of information by the National People's Congress open,
means that the public and the deputies in the National People's Congress
held before the national financial budget and final accounts can not tell
situation. This resulted in the state of public finances can not express
the will of the requests of the public will not be effective to convey to
the NPC. Second, the financial budget and final accounts before the
meeting the report of the NPC does not advance the public, deputies at
the meeting for consideration, not enough time to investigate, of its
decision-making is a scientific reality, if feasible. Again, the public
text description with the actual fiscal 2008 revenue, expenditure and
revenue in 2009, spending budget details are not "open government
provisions of the Ministry of Finance," mentioned in the budget
report and accounts of the report, it is not a National People's Congress
passed to public information.
????With the popularity of broadband in China and the rapid development
of information disclosure is the best platform for all levels of
government websites. On the one hand, ÔÚ National People's Congres on the
website two weeks before the convening of public listing on the State's
fiscal accounts and the budget report, the National People's Congress on
behalf of Xingshijuece and Jian Duquan important. Advance the public need
to review and approve the list of national financial accounts and budget
implementation, Youzhu Yu Shi Jian NPC deputies have sufficient reading,
discussion, analysis of relevant reports, targeted advisory professionals
Cai Wu who, Yipian better De opinions and suggestions, on the substantive
supervision of public finances; on the other hand, the public through
government websites can easily access relevant government information,
reports about the state financial budget and final accounts, the right to
know the basis of the exercise of oversight of public finances, the same
time, supervision deputies to better perform the examination and approval
of the duties.
????Government information, both top-down reforms need courage also
requires bottom-up civic consciousness, the right of every citizen
awareness, increase awareness of the law and put into practice, can
greatly enhance the Government's disclosure, to realize the party's 17
largest raised in the report "puts the power in the sunshine."
Information to the greatest possible openness, transparency of
information, is the real state of the financial sun, the sun state
government, so that people know where the money came from in the end,
where to go. Public disclosure under the premise can the Government's
budget and comment on the implementation, criticisms, questions, Jian Yi
before it can truly participate in democratic management and democratic
supervision in order to promote the government's procedures for financial
Xing Wei, standardization, rule of law.
????January 5, 2009 in the National Financial Work Conference, Finance
Minister Xie noted in the report: China's fiscal revenue expected in 2008
more than 6 trillion yuan. Meanwhile, the central government increases
spending, the central fiscal expenditure on education 158.18 billion
yuan, "three rural" spending 595.55 billion yuan, 83.36 billion
yuan health care spending, social security and employment, spending
276.16 billion yuan. Central government revenue in 2008 composed of six
trillion yuan, how? Central government expenditure in 2008 the specific
situation? Fiscal 2009, state revenue, expenditure budget situation?
Budget and the implementation of the vital interests of the people
involved, "Government information open regulations" should take
the initiative under Article IX of the scope of open government
information. To protect the citizens right to know the budget,
participation, expression rights, and supervision, promote legal
financial management, democratic management, and promote socialist
political civilization and a harmonious society, the request shall take
the initiative in your Bu Gong Kai.
??????????????????????????The People's Republic of China Ministry of
eight years on January 7 OO
Government Information Application letter (NDRC)
Applicant: Yan Yiming
Contact Address: 12th Floor, 1033 Zhaojiabang Block B
Tel :021-51087770
Post Code: 200030
For open issues:
1. The list of open Nov. 5, 2008 Development and Reform Commission has
been submitted for approval to the application list and project list of
provinces and cities (except those involving state secrets);
2. The list of open 4 trillion yuan and the current sources of funding
has been approved by the specific investment project name, select the
reason of construction projects, investment projects, the amount of
budgetary funds (except those involving state secrets);
3. Continuous, real-time list, the main responsibility for public
investment projects and their use of project funds, bidding the
supervision measures and supervision of name (except those involving
state secrets);
Facts and reasons:
????November 5, 2008 Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council meeting,
the meeting identified the protection of housing projects to speed up
construction, speed up rural infrastructure construction, improve urban
and rural income and further expansion of domestic demand, the 10
measures to promote economic growth. According to preliminary
calculations, the end of 2010 about a total investment of 4 billion. 4
trillion yuan for a large investment, the context of the financial crisis
put an investment program in China to expand domestic demand, stimulate
the economy and maintain economic growth of far-reaching significance.
First, monitoring the use of funds related to the success or failure
????After the news report, it immediately became front page news in major
media sites, since the functions of government departments, local
government, to the experts, scholars and ordinary people, are all hot,
"4000000000000." Under the National Development and Reform
Investment Commission ("NDRC"), a time of crowds, from the
provincial and municipal government departments and enterprises at all
levels of the national project "run by the Department," the
threshold is almost worn out the Development and Reform Commission, hope
from the first slice. Development and Reform Commission hotels all around
the hotel was full, and even lived around the alley in the basement are
also running the project provinces and cities to visitors of the
"grand", so that the public can not help but have raised many
questions: How does this 4 trillion yuan of funds constituted? Specific
investment projects in which? Which one of these projects approved
institutions, organizations and prove the design? The project budget
preparation and implementation of procedures to what? Why cast
construction of these projects, the need for that? Huge amounts of money
how to regulate the national economy and investment will not become
official pocketed some great opportunities? If you can not effectively
prevent these problems from occurring, the economic stimulus will
certainly improve the livelihood of the people subject to its lopsided,
with the decline in economic growth highlighted the social conflicts may
be difficult to be eased within the system.
????4 trillion yuan of investment plans, both the government's public
sector investment projects, while using the taxpayer's money, about
China's economic trends, concerns the welfare of the people. 4 trillion
yuan of national investment, coupled with its drive for social
investment, total investment up to a dozen or even tens of trillions of
trillions. Resolution in accordance with the State Council, 4 trillion
yuan investment, mainly in the livelihood projects, infrastructure
construction, ecological environment and post-disaster reconstruction,
much of which is to protect the nature of housing projects, agriculture,
infrastructure, education, culture, investment, public facilities, the
state key projects projects that most need government procurement
involving government departments, government officials, a lot. The
possibility of establishing anti-corruption program of the 4 trillion
yuan investment is very important to protect the investment programs and
projects the key to success.
Second, information disclosure is an effective weapon against corruption
is a necessary requirement for effective supervision
????97 Asian financial crisis, the Government determined to increase the
scale of investment, large-scale infrastructure investment plans. The
decision-making in China from the financial crisis, contributed. However,
as interest driven, government investment projects implementation process
large corruption cases, especially mass corruption, so that
"projects, the cadres and dismount," "Every one kilometer
highway repair, there is a high-ranking officials dismount" the rule
. The investments are in place to ensure and to avoid corruption,
Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of
Supervision Ministry to set up a cross-Inspectors Group, the presence of
inspectors in each province to monitor the use of use of 4 trillion yuan
of funds and direction, supervision control project discretion of local
governments and officials. Government oversight is an important aspect,
but in the government-led investment, the government is both the policy
makers is the dual role of supervisor, destined to the limitations of
internal oversight. Thus, Yao Wen Ti against corruption, to 4 trillion
yuan investment in the real Da Dao sustain economic growth, maintain
social stability Mudi, Yin Jin external monitoring ¹«¿ª transparent basis
in the public's Guangfanjiandu Jie Shou Gen Ben is the most effective
????Development and Reform Commission has since early November 2008, the
site gradually open the project approval and the approval of the relevant
information. However, the contents of the public approval of the approved
project is limited to the name of the relevant project application
report, feasibility study report and other details were not open.
"National Development and Reform Commission, Interim Measures on
Government Information," Article VII of its review of fixed asset
investment projects (including project proposal, feasibility study,
project application report) ratification should take the initiative to
open to the public. Currently, the openness of Development and Reform
Commission does not meet the requirements of the approach.
????Government Information is to play the role of external oversight of
public premises, "Sunshine is the best antiseptic." Government
information is the state administrative organs as well as laws and
regulations authorized or commissioned by the organization, in the
exercise of state administrative power of the process, through legal
forms and procedures, take the initiative to government information to
the public or by application to a particular individual or organization,
open system. Will and administrative acts, or is the government agency in
terms of access to a public resource properties, without concealment, all
open, help to avoid rent-seeking, set rent situation, and help increase
public participation in administrative action and supervision of
administrative power, is of great significance corrosion.
????Report of the Seventeenth Party Congress put forward "to power
in the sunshine," "protect the people's right to information,
participation, expression, and to oversee." Government information
is actually the process of realization of the right to know the process,
through increase citizen participation in administrative acts of the
degree, enhance the supervision of administrative power, the government's
actions and judgments Jieshougongmin supervision to reduce corruption in
the Fa Sheng. 4 trillion yuan investment projects, investment decisions,
whether macro or micro-project management requires greater transparency
so that the general public to participate. Government departments should
take the initiative to open four trillion yuan investment project
consideration, approval, implementation, change, accounts, evaluation and
so the whole process of using public funds budget, project selection,
tendering process, so that 4 trillion of investment plans put under the
constraint of law and regulations, placed under the supervision of the
????4 trillion yuan of each payment approval by the Development and
Reform Commission allocated funds, the vital interests of the people
involved, the applicant in accordance with "Regulations on Open
Government Information," Article IX and the relevant provisions of
the Development and Reform Commission shall take the initiative to
request the public.
????The People's Republic of China National Development and Reform
an Yiming)
eight years on January 7 OO
Ministry of Finance, "Government Information Disclosure


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