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					Market space (51): The stock market's sunspot cycle, Lu Zhao (change)
There is too much earth cycle phenomenon. Circle around the earth the
moon is about 29.35 days for January. In the meantime, we see there is a
waxing moon phase, old moon, full moon, or call Shuoyue and Moon.
According to historical records, human emotions are vulnerable to the
impact of the waning moon, full moon, some before and after the onset of
the disease easily in the full moon. Stock market often a waxing, waning
moon, or full moon occurs after the market turned. Members of the United
States Securities and Exchange Jialu Lan to the moon cycle on the AUDIT
(29.53) to the square root of the number of Lao Tzu's fee for the
multiplier to create the famous spiral calendar, well explain and predict
the stock market cycle.
Earth rotates around its axis, is a day and night. Earth around the sun a
week, about 365 days, is for one year. Year in four seasons cycles. The
spring has gone back, never stops. People on the earth according to
seasonal change, and sowing, processing.
In fact, the sun and the moon, again acting on the Earth's human, human
emotions, especially feelings of human groups (trend) are subject to the
moon and sun, and therefore affect the investor groups in the stock
market. Market examples to prove this point.
Some important market turning points in addition to the induced by the
moon phase, and likewise constrained by the sun. For example, some market
turning point, frequently occurred in the 24 solar terms in the vicinity.
Accordingly know, I am Peggy's spiral calendar month based on the
introduction of the solar cycle (30.43) and the moon cycle to form a
window of time. For example: the square root of 3, 1.732 ¡Á 29.53 =
51.147; 3 of the square root of 1.732 ¡Á 30.43 = 52.70. In this way, 51
to 53 days form the date on the time line window. Another example is the
square root 5 2.236 ¡Á 29.53 = 66.03; 5 square root 2.236 ¡Á 30.43 =
68.04. Thus, 66 months to 68 months to form a window on the time line.
Market example shows that this has filled some of Kerry's spiral calendar
cycle of blind spots, very practical.
Sunspot cycle is the most important cycle of solar activity, its has a
great impact on global climate change. As noted in the information said
the sunspot cycle is not very stable, long about 12 years, the short is
about 10 years, average 11.1 years. People often say things to 11-year
cycle. Since the sunspot cycle affects Earth's climate change, also
affect the production of human life, thus also affecting people in the
financial sector's investment sentiment. I note that, in the period last
month, 11 months, 22 months, 33 months, 44 months, 55 months, 66 months,
77 months, 88 months, 99 months, 110 months, 121 months ... ... often
produce important market turning points .
This article introduces the stock market on the sunspot cycle. Stock
sunspot cycle time window of 132 months plus or minus 1 month, or 131
months to 133 months. China's stock market repeatedly reproduced in three
different forms of 1-year cycle, two-year cycle, 3-year cycle, four-year
cycle, 5-year period, 7-year cycle, 10-year cycle ... ... However, these
cycles are not very stable, When not working when the spirit. The 11-year
cycle is relatively stable. For example, from April 1993 to October 2007,
we found a second roof to the ceiling, second bottom in the end the more
stable the sunspot cycle. Top up to the ceiling the third cycle of being
market-tested (see Figure 1).
The first, from April 1993 to March 2004 at the top of the top run of 131
months. If the calculation point to the 1783 top, is 132 months of the
sunspot cycle punctuality.
Second, from December 1996 to October 2001 top 6124 points at the top,
running 131 months. Front 1 month sunspot cycle.
Third, from June 1998 to May 2009 top, running 131 months. The sunspot
cycle, the time window is May to July, 2009 (ie 131 months
To 133 months). This month, has entered the front window of time period,
any of them - are likely to peak months. We have to do any preparation
for peak.
In the end the bottom of the market by the Ministry of case is:
The first, from November 1992 to 386 points at the bottom of the
Department by the end of October 2003, running 132 months. Punctuality
sunspot cycle.
Second, from July 1994 to the bottom of 325 points 998 points in June
2005 at the bottom, run the 131 months. Sunspot cycle front.
Third, from 1025 points in September 1997 to October 2008 bottom of 1664
points at the bottom, run the 133 months. Post sunspot cycle.
998 points after the completion of a sunspot from the bottom to the
bottom of the cycle, so there is a large upward move! Rose to 6124
points, rose by approximately 5.618 times! After 1664 points, it is time
for the bottom to the bottom of the sunspot cycle, is there a big upward
move it? Have been discussed below.
I noticed that 998 points, 1664 points, the bottom two important, are
precisely the Shanghai index fell 95 points since the beginning of a
long-term rising trend line has been (and I have repeatedly introduced in
this year's apology)! This shows that China's stock market is still
running - meeting long-term, large-level rise among city. The judge
should be designated as an important reference wave.
At a given time - sunspot cycle, in particular space - the rise of
online, three-dimensional fusion occurred, reversal in market trend. The
technology of Technology, 1664 after the start point of another big
upward move full technical possibility.
I note, "Dynamic Analysis of the stock market," columnist Hop
Tak-keung, Mr. Li Feidao small, from their different perspectives,
different techniques to deduce 1664 point start big upward move
conclusion. This is a different school, reflection, probability of this
is high. I admire their vision and courage. If the early years, I am sure
that big upward move is advocating a "standard-bearer."
However, now aged year, I have been bald edges and corners, become
conservative. Taking into account the global financial turmoil of the
economic environment to support large upward move it? Doubts about the
judge therefore have reservations about a large upward move, temporarily
only for large B wave it. B, after all, and they can rise very high.
Figure 2 pairs of 325 points to 998 points, 11-year sunspot cycle, a more
detailed analysis. Elliott Wave theory is essentially human (investors)
group cycle theory of emotion. Ehrlich believes that the rise of a full
wave, must be 5 waves were driven. 5 waves up against the amendment,
while three-wave patterns must be abc. 3 or 5 liters thus constitute an
8-wave cycle. Why is 5,3,8, not the other figures, Ehrlich's answer is
that God (natural law). As your fingers are the same as 5, is on purpose.
If a more or less the one, are abnormal. In essence, Ehrlich series that
I use Fibonacci numbers 1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144, ... ...
Short history of China's stock market, the lack of long-period data
calculation. Only catch was the first unit of a monthly cycle, complete
run down a 5 L 3 8 wave cycle of the 11-year sunspot cycle (see Figure
2). While we can not use this as a law, but also to explain - some
technological phenomenon.
325 points to 998 points at the bottom of the bottom run of 131 months. 5
waves up to form one run of 83 months to 3 waves to adjust to run 48
months, that is, seven-cycle and four-year cycle of the combination. The
rise and fall time ratio was 63.35% and 36.65%, close to the golden
ratio, structure, rather the United States. I call it the stock market
sunspot cycle.
998 points straight after the stock market next sunspot cycle point in
April 2016 to June. In this cycle, we do not stick on - Periodic
movements in the ratio - into the same (refer to), but it can generate a
multiple of the stock market based on the principle of life and
reproduction, general presumption: 41 ¡Á 2 = 82 months, corresponding to
2012 In February-March. To produce a high point here. 132 months ¡Á 2, or
325 points, after 22 years, this is the long sunspot cycle, the
corresponding April-June 2016 (95 points from May 2016 to 307 months, Kun
number of space-time, the old Yin Kun ), is expected to occur here - a
significant low.
In addition, according to the bottom of the Tai Chi experience induced by
a new bottom, Figure 3 may have marked the bottom of the three periodic
points, respectively, in August 2009 before and after, in April 2010 and
December 2010 before and after before and after.
This week, the stock market fall also want to rose, for the high
performance wide swings. Many blue-chip regular morning market just down
the way (natural), hold up the afternoon again (intentionally), the
morphological features present stage of the head. Have now or next week,
the head appeared, the property may be sub-head may be intermediate the
head. Observation of investors to wet storage stability of the main.
May 19 (next Tuesday), 21 (next Thursday), highly sensitive, special

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