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					Lifeline stock
????What are the lifeblood of the stock? Fact that the essence of the
theory are average!
????Lifeline is the so-called stock market stock market stock market
index or individual stocks necessary to maintain a living state of the
supply line. If you fall below or be below the lifeline that the supply
shortage of stock at any time may become a very tough battle from the vim
and vigor; up worn if the lifeline, full of nutrition, the stock at any
time a recovery from the hibernation state.
????In the use of lifeline when, the following points:
????1. Closing the day at the lifeline above the bullish market outlook,
the date of closing under the lifeline, bearish market outlook;
????2. Lifeline close below the trend line or average, should be thrown
out, ended up breaking the lifeline of the trend line or average, should
be bought;
????3. If the confirmation is difficult to close the next 2-3 days on top
of the lifeline, should be ready to throw, the next 2 -3 days if the
confirmation is difficult to close under the lifeline, should be ready to
????4. Sharp increase in the lifeline to the highest point before the
stock or index to the general decline in the sharp decline to the lowest
point of the lifeline before the general stock or index to rise.
????5. Lifeline risen sharply, rising to the highest point should be
considered before throwing, the lifeline of a sharp decline, falling to
the lowest point should be considered before buying.
????6. Turn for Lifeline (high to low or from low to high high low
position) can be resistance or support, and meet resistance or support of
all the theories. Shanghai Composite Index, for example, June 29, 1999
close of 1739 points, the next day is the lifeline of 1716 points, ended
the day below the point if they should consider the ship, while on July 1
is the lifeline of up to 1820 point. Results, 30 June 1689 closing point,
too far away from the 1716 point difference, if that trend is not good,
especially if the forecast on July 1 can not ris e more than 120 points,
below 1,700 points at should be shipped. In fact, the July 1 closing is
1560 points. Let's look at individual stocks. Zhengzhou Coal August 31,
1999 was 25.96 yuan lifeline, but the closing date is 25.06 yuan, has
been less than the lifeline, so it should pay close attention to the. 1
September rose to 27.79 yuan lifeline, but close only 25.62 yuan,
obviously senile, and September 2 rose to 29 yuan lifeline, but close
only 25.96 yuan, is the shipping time, not to mention on September 3 the
lifeline of up to 29.63 yuan. Results on September 3 stock daily limit.
????How to determine the broader market or the stock market's lifeline?
????Gann think that any one stock is living (who do the operation),
different stocks have different habits, out of a different wave form, to
make a stock first of all be familiar with its character. I agree with
this point!!! Here is the lifeline of the theory of the stock and
recommend it to friends for information.
????When a stock is making settled, the dealer's cost study will be the
only way we beat makers. Of making the cost there are many ways, where I
will focus on average. When the market or individual stocks about to blow
up a major positive, the main tend to move up the steep extension of 5
average Jiancang, Xi Pan is very shallow or non-Xi Pan, never fell below
the 5th line effectively. Then on the 5th line is the lifeline of the
stock, which is making the cost line. Determine the stock's lifeline
could seize the dealer cost of the Gate of Life. I sometimes stop and so
located (including Expansion only win) position, that is, below the stock
effective lifeline out or lighten up!!! To the 5th line for stocks is
very precious lifeblood, are the dark horse, dark horse is not off the
assembly line is not out. Bull market in stocks, there are many lines as
the lifeline to 10 more units to 20,30 on line for the lifeline, shares
of the faithful can click here to see a daily chart method to find out
the lifeline of their stocks, then you to find a golden k ey of winning.
In principle, the shorter the lifeline of the cycle, the stronger the
trend, shares of the better (eg, 5, best, followed by 10,20,30,60).
?????Can not do much in determining the basic principle is that
individual stocks and the broader market are the lifeline above the old
60-day moving average value investors are generally broken the 60 -day
moving average of individual stocks, do positions involved are small. But
everything has an exception, because we favored institutions to use
technology easily, so based on personal hobby, and some indicators on the
60 day moving average of the trade-off a little difference, some people
get close, and some take the opening price, and some get the highest
price, but also of taking the lowest. Used to obtain these prices
confused the average price. And the name changed to Bull and Bear
lifeline line for your reference! !