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He is known as "the world's youngest piano master," "a
piano generator," a "will change the world of young
people", "Mozart in China", "China card."

He created many "firsts", called a miracle in world music:

He was the first major orchestra with a long-term cooperation with all
the world, and all major concert halls in the world will be held solo
pianist in China;

He was the first held in Beijing's Great Hall recital pianist;

He was the first concert in Tiananmen Square Piano Concerto "Yellow
River" by China Central Television broadcast concert live to the
world of the pianist;

He was the first Times Square in New York by the seven large -screen
broadcast at the same time his collaboration with the China Philharmonic
Piano Concerto "Yellow River" piano;

He is the first in the World Cup opening concert pianist to perform;

He is the first time in a month playing 10 different styles of continuous
piano concerto pianist;

He was the first as the United Nations Children's Peace Foundation
"International Goodwill Ambassador," the pianist, is the

He was the first by the piano maker Steinway & Sons in its 150 year
history of a product line named after the artist's pianist;

He was the first into the Carnegie Hall board of directors of the Chinese
people, but also its youngest directors, and are included in "the
greatest artist series";

He was the first one was, "Bernstein Art Achievement Award" in

He was the first Grammy Award nomination for best performance of
classical music and played at the presentation ceremony, the Chinese

Each of his albums, classical music in the world, ranked first;

He's played all over the world for long ranked as No. 1 box office.

When in November 2005 when President Hu Jintao's visit to Germany, German
President Lang Lang with the plane to go to Germany as President Hu held
a piano concert, even those foreign leaders think: This is the best way
to honor Hu. President Hu's three excited to embrace Lang Lang.
When June 30, 2007, held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition
Centre, "to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Hong Kong's
reunification" large-scale party, Lang Lang as a "national
treasure" pianist was invited to play End of unrestrained passion,
"Yellow River" Concerto, the Hu When meeting with actors in the
stage once again hold the excitement of Lang Lang's hands, and is holding
hands with. President Hu Jintao Zhuhe Lang Lang performed successfully
the same time, commend him on the international stage win honor for the

When near the end of 2007, when Lang Lang received that all musicians are
fascinated news: Best Performer Award nominated Grammy nomination (or
literally the "best instrumental solo performance awards": Best
Instrumental Soloist), thus becoming shortlisted for the prize the first
Chinese. In February 2008 he was awarded the U.S. recording engineer
association "Art Award" and the Grammy Awards ceremony, played
six minutes, which is the classical pianist in recent years, the Grammy
stage debut. Lang Lang once again become a "China card.&quot ; The
same month Lang Lang's new album, "Magic Lang Lang" in the
North American launch, it was the classical music charts for two weeks
(Bill Board) first.

December 31, 2007 and January 1, 2008, Lang Lang and the world renowned
conductor Seiji Ozawa and co-operation, the opening of the new National
Grand Theatre of China held in two consecutive New Year's Concert, and
after the opening of the first series of organized the piano recital,
creating a ticket that is sold out for 15 minutes beginning at the box
office miracle. He also organized a piano master class, one moved by the
guidance of the blind, said: "Lang Lang Gege is bright in my

January 2008, he served as ambassador and 2008 Montblanc Montblanc
Cultural Foundation. Montblanc Global CEO Tony commented Mr. Lu Ci him:
"Mr. Lang is what we are looking for that person, his passion for
art, although he is young, but his accomplishments in art and highly
respected, and he was non- with exceptional international influence and
hope committed to the cause of the strong cultural and arts sponsorship
with the Montblanc brand will perfectly fit the spirit. "

February 2008, in order to shape the world-renowned politicians, artists,
the image of the famous Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, but also for the Lang
Lang started making a real wax tailor, as they tourists from visiting the
survey found that " You want to see the image of the Chinese people
"column, fill out the" Lang Lang "the most.

March 6, 2008, Lang Lang largest city in the southern United States, the
hometown of former President George Bush Houston show, not only by the
warm welcome from local fans, but also unexpectedly received visiting
China and met with President Hu Jintao, former President of Bush's
handwritten letter of congratulations. Moving letter wrote: "Dear
Lang Lang, when you are in Houston (my hometown) time performance, I was
in Beijing (your country) to visit, unfortunately, and you did not live
together again and to hear You play, you feel very proud of the
achievements, I hope to see you again, your friend, George Bush. "

A best-selling book by the famous American writer Perez personally track
interviews and written English Lang Lang biography "of a thousand
miles" (I prefer to take "a thousand miles begins with one
step" in Italian) has been completed and will be 6 in 2008 month by
the American Langdon Publishing, and has to issue to the world in 12

He, Although still young, but set a large number of the first:

He is the first work of different conductors, within one month playing in
ten different styles of piano concerto. October 2007, he was the Tenth
Beijing Music Festival and the China Philharmonic joint performance of
"Yellow River Piano Concerto" more by the U.S. big screen in
Times Square seven broadcast at the same time, unprecedented.

He was the first one with the Berlin Philharmonic, Vienna Philharmonic,
the U.S. top five orchestras (New York Philharmonic, Philadelphia
Orchestra, Chicago Symphony, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Cleveland
Orchestra) and all other first-class orchestras, and in all the world
Hall held the famous Chinese pianist solo recitals.

He is known as "the world's youngest piano master," "gold
star in person," "the world's Lang Lang, the pride of the
Chinese," "a piano generator", "Lang Lang, China's
business card" and so on. Renowned pianist Fu Cong said he was
"a hundred years before a genius," 2007 "New York
Times" called him "the hottest current artists of classical
music, worldwide audience favorite." "Wall Street Journal"
has quoted an authoritative source of interesting comments: "If Lang
Lang is a stock, I borrow or buy." He was called following the
Horowitz and Rubinstein piano industry in the world after another
position leader. His musical talent and passionate disposition complement
each other, made him become the best interpreter of classical music and
young idol.

He, in 2006 by American youth magazine "People" (Teenpeople)
selected as "20 young people will change the world," he is the
only artist.

He was the world's most famous music halls include Carnegie Hall in New
York ---- "2007-2008 quarter of the world's greatest artists"
series, only five of the world, his youngest. October 2007, Lang Lang was
selected to become the youngest ever director of the Concert Hall.
(Background: The Carnegie Hall performance each quarter and more than 100
field to the "Great Artists" series were performed in Carnegie
Hall is available for today's professional musicians the highest honor.
He is the artist's artistic achievements arts and culture in the world
and influence the driving force and the global box -office appeal and so
on as the measure.)
August 8, 2007, Lang Lang at the Beijing Olympic Games in Tiananmen
Square countdown to the first anniversary celebration, once again
passionate interpretation of the Yellow River, the global broadcast,
attracted worldwide attention.

October 2, 2007, Lang Lang Lang and his father regardless of the fact the
country playing in the Special Olympics opening ceremony, "horse
race", break new ground and was warm and cozy atmosphere make

In 2007, Lang Lang and the famous blind singer Andrea Bocelli, in
cooperation with the United States recorded a vocal and piano recordings,
and MTV, will be distributed worldwide. At the same time, Lang Lang and
Rinpoche conducive July 5, 2007 live concert in the Italian Cooperation.
Will be broadcast live on Italian television, American PBS public
television also broadcast to the world!

June 2007, Lang Lang and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and Maestro
Muti performances at Lincoln Center four consecutive Symphony Beethoven
Emperor, Field sold out, some of them back screenings of eight
consecutive games, enough to prove popular degree. Well -known musicians
performing Bernstein's two daughters, after watching the excitement,
heartily and said: "This is the most beautiful piece of music had
ever heard, like angelic communication. If our father is still alive, to
hear Lang Lang The play, certainly happy for him. If they can cooperate,
the world will be better. "

May 2007, Prince Charles invited to mark the Queen's premiere Lang Lang
Piano Concerto. Prince Charles, tears beginning to end, very excited. In
December, the Queen of England is viewing his performance, and highly

Lang Lang not only concerts in Europe, North America, South America,
Asia, Australia and almost every region of the world's number one box
office, and published by the Universal record album he had in Europe,
North America topped the list, or even months won the fir st, and
sometimes even two albums simultaneously top the popular list.

April 2001, Lang ÀÊŦԼ¿¨ÄÚ»ù Music Hall premiere tickets swept away.
June 24, 2006, Lang Lang's Carnegie Hall again in the recital, the
organizers did not even have been available for decades the stage
pedestal votes to meet the needs of many audiences. Lang Lang's piano
music in this show called the history of the world's landmark event.
Director of Carnegie Hall, Mr. Haz also called Hall's history, "the
most admirable and most brilliant concert." "The New York
Times" called the "Chinese superstar Lang Lang" and
"incredible performance." Lang Lang not only his superb touch
people's skills, techniques and more hidden in the back of a deep
sentiment for music, a keen perception and rich emotion.

January 17, 2006 Lang Lang was first launched in Beijing's Great Hall
piano recital, which is the Great Hall of the first ever piano recital.
Lang Longden on the May 7, 2007 issue of the world's lead ing fashion
magazine "Vogue" (German version). Known as the "fashion
bible" of "VOGUE" magazine is recognized as the world's
leading fashion magazine, is the world's most important magazine brands.
Lang Lang's interview entitled "The ancient music, enjoy the
modern." One wrote: Classic does not mean old -fashioned, Lang Lang
Hearty rigorous classical music interpretation, infected more and more of
the audience, he proved to everyone: classical music, you can walk in th e
forefront of fashion, classic is always popular.

May 2007, the world's most famous piano maker Steinway & Sons
(Steinway) launched the "Lang Lang piano has (Lang Lang
Piano)", and the first in China to meet with the child fairly large,
popular in China. This is the Steinway & Sons in its 150 -year
history, the first time named after a pianist piano brand, but also a
Chinese young man.

June 2006, Lang Lang was invited to Munich in Germany's opening World Cup
soccer tournament at the concert, in addition to solo worked as
"Hungarian Rhapsody", but also with the famous singer Domingo
perfect match, Hurricane 1. China Central Television quoted in local
reports, commented: "Lang Lang has become the World Cup, one of the
most striking symbol of China."

December 2005, Lang Lang to become the Central Conservatory of Music
employed the youngest visiting professor of history. In addition, he was
in China a few of the most prominent institutions of higher music (such
as the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Conservatory of Music in
Guangzhou, Shenyang Conservatory of Music, Conservatory of Music, etc)
Visiting Professor.

November 2005, invited by the President of Germany, Lang Lang in Germany
Charlottenburg Palace, President Hu Jintao for the visiting to conduct
exclusive performance. President Hu's warm embrace of the Lang Lang came
to power. In 2006, former German President Hill in the Chinese Embassy in
Germany organized the conference, listen to after the excitement Lang
Lang played on the Lang Lang said: "Your music makes me feel life is
extended. Hope you can often play in Germany . "

August 2002, he received the Leonard Bernstein Award. This award aims to
reward the whole world "of art most artists c ontribute to" Lang
Lang is also the winner of its first year the only winner.

In 2007, Phoenix began shooting, "Lang Lang's song ---- To
2008" music documentary, the piano placed in China's historical
sites, beautiful mountains and rivers, Lang Lang indulge play, cheers for
China, for the mountains and rivers add to the excitement. Beijing has
already finished filming Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Ancient
Observatory, Jinsan Ling Great Wall, the Yellow River Hukou Waterfall,
the Taihang Mountains attractions of the Grand Canyon, etc., the Lang
Lang indulge play, will be the 2008 line show in the national cinema.

2001 / 2002 / 2003 / 2004 / 2005/2006/2007, the Lang Lang on average
about 150 a year more than the world tour, becoming the largest worldwide
concert pianist, conquered the world of classical music. He is also the
first in 22 years ago and all the world's leading orchestras including
the Berlin Philharmonic and the United States five Philharmonic, the
Vienna Philharmonic has worked with musicians.

Lang Lang has become Audi, Sony electronics, Mont Blanc, Zegna clothing,
Abbott and other spokesmen for many world famous brands. China Merchants
Bank also Lang Lang "and the world together with the red" as
the pursuit of its own brand. Beijing Music Radio is more to Lang Lang as
ambassadors to promote the image of classical music. 5100 Lang Lang as a
brand of mineral water to speak for promoting environmental awareness.
Lang Lang invited the German national television as a cultural
ambassador, and promote cultural exchanges between China and Germany.
Adidas will launch a "Lang Lang" brand sports shoes, modern

Said, "Lang Lang changed the world", he in the end changed?

He changed the Western perception of China: The Chinese people can play
the piano playing is so good!

He changed the popular view of the classical: classical can also become a
popular alternative!

He changed the art of the business view: art is successful in business
should be successful!

He makes many people for the first time into the concert hall, for the
first time listening to classical piano concert for the first time the
soul entrusted to music, let music into the heart.

His success to the "three elements" "Genius - hard -
Opportunities," the perfect blend in with the magical legend of his
young fighting life have become numerous, the pursuit of excellence in
incentives and blessings!

Lang Lang not only belong to China, but also among the world; not only is
music, but is peace! 1982, was born in Shenyang, China.

1985, 3-year-old country either by the father of Enlightenment Lang
started playing the piano.

1986, 4 years old he studied under Professor Zhu Yafen began learning the

1987,1989, 5 consecutive years and 7 years old in Shenyang Piano
Competition was the first.

In 1991, the 9-year-old was the first National Xinghai Piano Competition.

In 1993, the 11-year-old youth was the fourth International Piano
Competition in Germany first, and won the Outstanding Artistic
Achievement Award.
In 1995, 13-year-old was the second Tchaikovsky International Young
Musicians Competition first place. In the same year he was invited with
the newly established China National Symphony Orchestra concert at the
opening ceremony was designated as a piano soloist, Jiang Zemin, as

In 1996, the 14-year-old admitted to the famous U.S. Curtis Institute of
Music, where he studied under renowned pianists, president of Gary

In 1999, the 17-year-old Lang Lang Chicago Latin Music Festival in
Slovenia stars recital, dramatic physical discomfort °²µÂ³Íß×È emergency
substitute, and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Tchaikovsky "Piano
Concerto" , by the famous conductor Maestro Eschenbach. Before the
opening, the famous artist Lang Lang Stern introduced the audience said:
"you will know from the young Chinese boy who heard the voice of the
world's most beautiful." As expected, when the last note finished
playing, the audience all stood up and cheered. Temporary substitute for
this successful performance is one of the three major U.S. newspapers,
"Chicago Tribune" extreme appreciation, saying, "Lang Lang
is the world's greatest and most exciting piano talent." Lang Lang
La Weiya night solo concert hall for the musicians again, "Bach's
Goldberg Variations," a very skillful in 1 hour and 10 minutes to
complete back spectrum. "Chicago Daily News" called it a
"miracle in the history of music." 3 months later, he performed
with renowned international brokerage firm IMG signed onto a professional
performer from the road, and with all the world's leading orchestras, one
after another co-operation.

In 2001, Lang Lang DG, Germany signed the world's leading record company,
becoming the most notable artists. (So far, Lang Lang has published seven
CD and a DVD, the other a recording of the new CD also.)

Steinway & Sons in 2002, the 150th anniversary celebration, Lang Lang
was awarded the company's first artistic gold, but also a Steinway

August 31, 2002, named after the late conductor Leonard Bernstein's
"Art Bernstein Achievement Award" in Hamburg, Germany. This
award aims to reward the whole world "of art most artists
contribute", the first winner is also the only winner that year was
Lang Lang.

In 2003, young people are well-known U.S. magazine "People"
(Teenpeople) named the inclusion of "20 young people will change the

April 2005, Lang Lang was invited by the United States Julia Music, Piano
Master Class held talks, as the organization of the school's youngest
master courses pianist.

May 2004, was appointed International Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF,
becoming the first pianist to fill the position, but also the first
ethnic Chinese ever and the youngest ambassador, and in August 2004, to
Ambassador will visit Africa.

June 2004, Lang Lang to Israel with Zubin Mehta and the Israel
Philharmonic Orchestra, Israel's most important newspaper commented:
"Lang Lang playing Chopin's" Piano Concerto "than

October 2004, Lang Lang to become President in 2004 Gramophone music.

November 2004, the U.S. governor of Pennsylvania to grant Lang Lang,
"Mr. Music 2004" title.

November 2004, Lang Lang was formally signed the world's top watches
"Rolex", as its Ambassador.

In 2004, Lang Lang was formally signed a world-class luxury cars
"Audi", as its Ambassador.

In 2004, the United States in the global broadcast on CNN television sets
of Lang Lang's cover story. U.S. CBS television famous TV program
"60 Minutes" broadcast Lang Lang album. Almost all of the
United States have done the famous POP SHOW Lang Lang's program. Many
well-known feature articles, BBC reported Lang Lang.

2004 Berlin Philharmonic Hall recital, Lang Lang Rachmaninov Second
Sonata premiere, Germany's largest newspaper, "Mirror", said:
"Lang Lang is the 21st century, Horowitz, and listen to Lang Long
bomb "Rachmaninov", that we forget Horowitz. "

September 23, 2005, Lang Lang and the third collaboration between the New
York Philharmonic at Lincoln Center's season premiere, by the PBS
(American Public Television) broadcast to the nation, caused a sensation.
New York Philharmonic with Lang Lang has signed for next year's season
premiere. New York Philharmonic, said the New York Philharmonic has never
been a musician for four years with the same sign. American music critic
called the "miracle of music."

October 9, 2005, was invited to the White House as U.S. President George
W. Bush and his father George HW Bush and U.S. government officials

November 11, 2005, Lang Lang, the German Office of the President invited
for a visit from Chinese President Hu Jintao in the Presidential Session
at play.

June 2006, Lang Lang was invited to Munich in   Germany's opening World Cup
soccer tournament played at the China Central   Television quoted in local
reports, commented: "Lang Lang to become   the World Cup in one of the
most striking symbol of China" . Opening   ceremony there will be 3.0
billion viewers worldwide.

October 2006, large-scale music video art film, "Lang Lang's song -
dedicated to 2008" in Beijing Forbidden City Meridian Gate boot. The
film was the inclusion of the State Council Information Office of the
Olympic campaign.

May 2007, Prince Charles invited to mark the Queen's premiere Lang Lang
Piano Concerto.

May 2007, the world's most famous piano maker Steinway & Sons
(Steinway) launched the "Lang Lang piano has." This is the
Steinway & Sons in its 150-year history, the first time named after a
pianist piano brand, but also a Chinese young man.

2007 Lang Langdon on the May 7 issue of the world's leading fashion
magazine "Vogue" the German version.

June 2007, the famous Chinese pianist Lang Lang and the New York
Philharmonic held a concert at Lincoln Center four consecutive
performances of Beethoven's Symphony Emperor, Field sold out, some of
them back to field eight consecutive screenings.

June 30, 2007, held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre,
"to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Hong Kong's
reunification" large-scale party, Lang Lang as a "national
treasure" pianist was invited to play End of unrestrained passion,
"Yellow River" Concerto, the President Hu Jintao interview
stage actor once again hold the excitement of Lang Lang's hands, but also
praised him for the motherland in the international arena, gain the

In 2007, Pavarotti was known as Lang Lang and his "successor"
of the famous blind singer Andrea Bocelli, in cooperation with the United
States recorded a vocal and piano recordings, and MTV, will be
distributed worldwide.

August 8, 2007 Lang Lang was held in Tiananmen Square in Beijing 2008
Olympic Games countdown to the first anniversary celebration, reflects
the national spirit of passion play, "Yellow River Piano
Concerto", cheer for the Beijing Olympics.

Lang Lang in March 2008 the world's top art scene in the United States
John F. Kennedy Center solo concert held in 2900 -seat Kennedy Center for
the arrival of Lang Lang packed.

May 2008, Lang Lang with virtue, "Beethoven No. 1, Fourth Piano
Concerto" album was "Edison Music Award" category Concerto
Classical Award.

June 4, 2008, in the "Pennsylvania Night" press conference, and
Pennsylvania history with the Lang Lang was awarded the title of Goodwill
Ambassador of Pennsylvania.

June 30, 2008 renowned Chinese pianist Lang Lang was invited to the 2008
European Cup add to the fun, the final venue in the Stadium in Vienna,
Austria, and world-class live performance of the Vienna Philharmonic
Orchestra, "Chopin's First Piano Concerto."
In 2008, German state television announced to invite world-renowned
pianist Lang Lang as a cultural ambassador of the station, and in Beijing
during the Olympic Games and the Olympic Games as an anchor to promote
the Beijing

August 8, 2008, at the Bird's Nest Beijing Olympic Games live performance
of "bright stars" song up to 8 minutes.

August 29, 2008, produced by the Phoenix, Lang Lang film debut,
"Lang Lang's song - dedicated to 2008," all released.

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