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									Jolin the days after the password
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Note: The blink of an eye, Jolin debut 12 years. As the saying goes, a
cycle of 12 years, in this reincarnation, it was insufferably arrogant,
some ups and downs, it was short-lived, it was still struggling in
obscurity, more people have long been the wind and rain to go. Who would
have thought, Jolin Tsai, the original does not seem very striking girl,
but for 12 years like a day to sit tight in the music Diaoyutai. They do
not take the ever-changing scenery here is fine. This is really hidden
inside a secret? Lay / text ear East / Planning
Jolin Tsai Chinese days with new album, "butterfly" appearance
of another eye there are separate ways in the media in front of fans.
Jolin Tsai, for now every hair piece, we think she has no need for this
change what kind of style, because "Jolin Tsai" in the name of
the brand has become a whole concept, and the words associated , we will
think of difficult dance, thought of her gorgeous fashion model, think of
her nearly 30 songs, but still showing the little woman will taste the
same, "Jolin Tsai" It appears there are three words with her
side from the uninterrupted or well or ill that the various speculation,
such as Jay has been sold and more, such as "plagiarism" and
then such as "buy list" and so on. And a variety of right and
wrong in this way, Jolin Tsai's career path is flourishing, but also puts
the top spot in the Chinese music scene as ever-larger stability.
Jolin Tsai's position today, first of all rely on her efforts. She is not
perfect Faye natural ethereal voice mildly, not very explosive stage Mei
control, and they Jolin always use more time than the others to try to
figure out a more precise style of singing, she always took a more effort
to understand ultra-complex steps, she would shed per cent more than
other artists have a lot of sweat, to regulate a little bit difficult to
stage their own performance accurately. So the singer Jolin Tsai will be
present for a sister, it appears that a matter as it should be the new
album "butterfly" in the name implies that she's persistence
through their own along the way at last from the past a small plush
insects, metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly flower, just fit her in
today's music is a sister status. So the media will give to her as a
"land only" in the title bar.
In fact, from Jolin body, we can see things more. Brilliant figure in the
butterfly room, I do not know how many hidden password.

The business for the Jolin pure and lovely, her face still with baby fat
Global Period
Keywords: girls, youth, frozen
Jolin Tsai is braving the global period "boys killer" label
debut, but happened to hit the boys most of the fans had already captured
the hearts of the audience also known as the "boys killer"
Yuki, then Who is the real "boys killer "arguments for a time
as Jolin Tsai win enough attention, and the topic of sex, a year later,
Yuki's acting career into the trough, Jolin Tsai, host quickly,
successfully occupy the" boys killer "title, a strong win in
the the starting line. At that time, she did not present such a devil's
body, with a point just how much baby fat, thick lips, look, a pure
beauty of young girls, so fans in the majority of the boys is definitely
a market, so Ze-Shan in Jolin Tsai, half-baked to give her time
positioning is quite accurate, this is the image of Jolin Tsai.
Remember the most popular in the United States in 1999, two new non-
singer "Britney" is none other than Britney Spears and
Christina, both the United States to young beautiful girls are lively and
dynamic shape and do main youth dance style This new sample of the
natural beauty of young girls have also affected the scope of Chinese
music circle, so Jolin's positioning in the first, and she also is a
"killer boys" against the background of the identity, that is,
to lively dance style to do main, At the same time both in the Chinese
music always has a place in the girls love songs, two styles both in
parallel to Jolin Tsai image or music, are liked people very impressed.
Global's four albums, the Jolin cover a lot of time in Europe and the
United States market is very popular hit single, with 98 ¡ã of
"Because of You", 7 Club's "Don't Stop", adaptation
of the classic folk song "The Rose "," Sugar Sugar
"so popular in Europe and the United States track after these Jolin
Tsai's re-interpretation of these songs not only in the case of fans are
familiar with a lot of goodwill, but also add a fraction more than the
feeling of freshness . Even then some sexy elements to join the
"Show Your Love", the dance arrangements, the heat also is full
of young girls Fan specimens children. Can be said that the first phase
of the global Jolin Tsai, the Ze-fir under the careful planning and
successful playing its own musical identity in the "girls",
"youth" label, a debut in 1999 in quite a number of new female
singers have a bright spot.
Only the unexpected outbreak in 2001's fourth album, "Lucky
Number" as Jolin Tsai attract new fans after a number of taste
preferences, but because of her and brokers in the income distribution
has been of differences, even The court also once and Economics, finally
losing end, and the co-brokerage firms stop here, and Universal Music
Group's contract has therefore come to an end. The case of losing the
fight for Jolin career of almost fatal, because after this long period of
time, Jolin singing career did not take over the work area, no
alternative had to have appeared on a number of dramas, to publishing
photo albums difficult to maintain visibility in the entertainment

Jolin has just joined Sony Shihai look of Young and Innocent (The picture
shows joined Sony Music in the conference)

After joining Sony, "72 changes"

"Double J" singing sensation
Keywords: Jay Chou, dance, femininity
In 2002, when Sony Music boss Chen Yaochuan risked being advised to
beware of the risk of losing money, determined to sign in or salted fish
was one of Jolin Tsai, and spent more than six months efforts to build,
and finally in March 2003, with a "look at me 72 Change" album,
Jolin Tsai once again to successfully pushed to the public in front of
Jolin Tsai in the singing career ups and downs, Jolin Tsai, Jay Chou is
definitely helping backstage salted fish in a great tribute. Jolin's last
album in the World "Lucky Number" and Jay worked together on a
"how do you even speak clearly," the song of the successful
cooperation for the future relationship between the two played a very
important sail effect. Jolin Tsai in 2002, when almost no exposure, Jay
wrote a "Chivalry", Jolin Tsai lyrics himself at that time
reflected the strong regret his inner state. Then, Jolin Tsai, Jay Chou
again in 2003, stood up album, "look at me 72 change" in the
contribution of the two quite a prize of "love me",
"Prague Square." Company had chosen to do the two main song,
not just in the subject area to get people attention, indeed as the two
main songs have become the absolute strength, hear out, Jolin Tsai, Jay
Chou to write songs of the heart in the degree of by no means inferior to
the album myself seriously, so these two songs became Jolin many times in
the Sony representative of the two could not be ignored.
"Look at me 72 change" is Jolin Tsai win a reputation and the
transformation of album sales, gained unprecedented success. Then in
2004, "Castle" The debut album is not only a genre ibid. a
"look at me 72 change" similar, even the song titles that are
similar to the identical ingredients: "look at me 72 change" on
"Love 36 dollars," "said love me "on" Love
", and" the taste of lemon grass "to" the taste of
popcorn, "and so on. Here, Jay ÒÀºù«»-Æ° they were full of
concocted the sweet, "is love" and the exotic style of the
"pirate." The first level of response in these two works is
clearly not as good as before the two, but of the topic and record the
same copy of the publicity focused on a very carefully written.
Afterwards, but is a rock style with a point but not very Jay Chou from
the hands of the "Rewind" has become the "Castle"
album, the most widely sung in the works. At this point, Jay Chou and
Jolin Tsai's cooperation in the end, with the period before the one in
the global work, Jolin Tsai, Jay Chou this 7 song written for Jolin
Tsai's music career to play the role of non-small-obsessed.
April 2005, Jolin released "J-Game" is her return to pop music
in the first left after the first-line position of Jay's
"independent" work, perhaps the company to "strong
combination" of the strategic principle of time-tested, so this time
it Wang Lee Hom got created a rather Chinese style charm of
"exclusive myth", but this piece is far and the first few waves
hit "barbaric game" "Sky", "open one eye and
close the" extent of the warm response .
In the Sony period, Jolin Tsai, Jay Chou popular track in addition to
contribute a few first, there are a number of dance fans also received an
enthusiastic response, the degree of respect is no less sung Jay's are
mine. "Look at me 72 change" and "Love 36 dollars",
"Love Love Love", "barbaric game", "eye, close
one eye" or original or cover them dance let Jolin Tsai's
achievements in the more dance mature, and gradually establish a
different from other female singer Jolin Tsai will dance image. Since
then, the fast songs in the album in the proportion of Jolin increasingly
important again.
Jolin Tsai have also mentioned several times in the Sony representative
of the first slow song "Mask of the Confession,"
"Castle," "Sky," "the taste of lemon
grass," we hear in this one compared to the Jolin Tsai in global
context during the vocals in progress, to be successful transformation,
of course, can not rely on the external packaging of the major shake-up,
of course, ultimately, to some extent its own changes, such as vocals in
progress is Jolin Tsai can be re-energized in a major key factor. In the
"look at me 72 change" in the album, Jolin Tsai's progress in
singing is the most obvious, the album is in the following year she was
nominated for a Golden Melody Award for "Best Female Vocalist of the
Mandarin" and "Best Mandarin Concert album, "two awards.
Not only that, fans still evident in these slow songs she felt
increasingly sophisticated and feminine, innocent girls slowly retreat
dynamic, Mature charm gradually shaping up. In the "J-Game"
album, the Jolin and Sony Music ended the contractual relationship, the
second conversion of the cause of the runway. Here, in the Sony building,
under the careful, Jolin has firmly secured a "Chinese small
days" position.

Jolin Tsai EMI successfully molded during the "dancers" image
Keywords: dancer, challenge, to just buy list
After the last one "J-game" continued success, and proved that
music from the Jay Chou Jolin Tsai can still hit a success, but in music
there is not much of a breakthrough. Jolin Tsai This is not a publicity-
oriented music singer, she has been on sale are the product of her whole
Union, and her dancing, her style, her subject, of course, music. Since
the style of music is unlikely to make much change in terms, the company
can not bear to let go of the past that go to create a successful
business model another way success or failure of the unknown, so it would
be simpler to gain another victory dance in the subject area to go in a
number of attractions.
"Dancers" focus areas in terms of publicity, or Jolin Tsai's
shape, as well as the album fast songs and slow songs with a proportion
of all emphasize the "dance" elements of the increase. In the
"dancers" MV's filming, Jolin Tsai is also a difficult
challenge of gymnastics, ribbon, before the three years Jay has been
pressing on his head, mid-runner in Taiwan's Jolin Tsai sales last year-
end 2006, with "dancers" album won the sales champion of the
year in Taiwan, won the year Jay Chou's "Still Fantasy", which
is Jolin Tsai's brilliant success in sales. In the impact area, then do
not know how many TV shows, players, both boys and girls are in school or
jump the first point of the Middle East with a style, it incorporates
many elements of the "dancers", so the impact is probably
widespread Jolin Tsai have never thought of before.
"Dancers", the Jolin Chinese music completely firmly secured
the status of a sister, their influence also reached unprecedented which
attract a powerful force. May 2007, Jolin Tsai even with
"dancers" album won the Golden Melody Award for "Best
Album" and "Best Female Artist" award nomination, and
after June's ceremony, winning in " Best Female Artist
"trophies, 1:00 scenery without both. With the launch of Golden
Melody Awards DVD "to only" once again to Jolin Tsai's career
to new heights, this originated in 2006 at the Taipei Arena, Jolin Tsai,
"the only dance overwhelming" concert front of the podium after
the documentary record, deeper Jolin Tsai step so that we learned in the
cause of the efforts and hard work. In "Only Dance
overwhelming" concert, "Dance" continues as the main role,
Jolin Tsai, and the company is to discuss the pommel horse, rings onto
the stage of these Olympic events. This innovative move, Jolin Tsai is on
the challenges of the fans, it is definitely not bear to miss an exciting
show. Concert, Jolin also special thanks to her evaluation of the public
media, saying she was "in it." Different from the
"genius" of natural talent, Jolin Tsai is acquired by the more
constantly for self-challenge, continuing to try out limits, achievements
and brilliant genius of the same wonderful results.
Next, in 2007 launched the "secret agents J" album, Jolin Tsai
to "dancers" mental challenge their physical limits, this time
she played a pole dancing school, Banqi a secret shape, still full of the
various factors that attract the eye. Album out in the planning aspects
of the music would also like to film this package, and the money spent on
filming, so the "secret J Trilogy" of the three sections of
video, Jolin Tsai and Kim Jae-Yuan, respectively, Stephen Fung and Carl
Ng co-operation far beyond the the essence of music albums, we almost did
not focus attention on Jolin Tsai's music, but in the music outside. The
result is unsatisfactory film, but to do so the result is greatly
increased the album's publicity stunt, while also popular aspects of the
topic and Jolin Tsai, fueled by a handful again. So during the Jolin Tsai
Capital has a long way from the music, but was more popular, and we
recognize her days, not because of her strongest vocal style, not because
she was dancing the best, just because of her most topics, the most
attractive eye-effective.
But words ringing in Jolin Tsai, Jay was rushed to the cause of seeing
the peak time, burst out of the Capital executive director of Ze-shan to
Jolin Tsai "buy list" impulse sales, events, and had to leave
so Ze-fir. After Jolin did not follow the Gold Typhoon (formerly EMI /
EMI) contract, 2008, cause to fall slightly. However, by the end of 2008
December 16, Jolin Tsai in the Beijing Water Cube, and with record
company Warner held a grand signing ceremony, now, Jolin Tsai, Chinese
music has also become the first signing traveled onward, the world's four
major record companies (Universal , Sony, EMI and Warner) and female
singer. Apart from the Sony does not and Ze-fir during the cooperation,
Jolin Tsai in the other three major record companies are the cause of the
journey Chen Ze Shan matchmaking done under these circumstances. Jolin
Tsai at different times by emitting a distinctive identity in music,
which she developed in different companies are different development
models, those tailored to the various moves for her routine was her step
by step, the key to popularity.

Jolin Tsai is bound to continue after joining Warner transformation
Keywords guess: International? People First?
Jolin Association each issued a new album before the record company made
selection of experiences to expand their market to happen, this
"butterfly" also issued a strong wind hit gold "J Century
Best Collections" from the album name to see seemed to be predicted
Jolin careful to build in under Warner, J again set a wonderful feat of
the century. Jolin Tsai can not be adjourned in the end of brilliance
before, we hold onto from her new album "butterfly" to begin
Album first appeared, there are fans on the Jolin Warner made not to
create attention, because the 10 new songs of which the capital is the
cover track 6. But listen to these six cover the dance, in fact, not
difficult to find the motive in the music arrangement, but just
illustrates the level of new business on Jolin Tsai to open the section
of the journey more to pay. Both the main broadcast "real man"
or the same name album track "butterfly" and the end of the
song "Hot Winter", Jolin Tsai in the dance interpretations are
increasingly sophisticated, and has been a partner to make a small
arrangement of security than before Jolin Tsai works in the Capital
during the texture more refined and more dance. Wind in the gold medal
last an English album, "Love Etude" had hastily issued, a
little broken, Jolin want the road to international development, but
listening back to the first new album of these wonderful dance, Jolin
still has to enter the international strength and possibilities,
especially at the end of one the color of the "Hot Winter"
people also hear some faint smell of Kylie Minogue. Slow song
interpretations, Jolin Tsai is an improvement compared with the past,
"the reliance on" an emotional Jolin Tsai decide how best to
hear out the slow songs to sing when in the mood to express the voice of
the Superstar song The expression of emotions that are Tolerance and
introverted, so Jolin Tsai's interpretation is in place. A composition of
the first Qin another "compromise" is to express Jolin singing
slow songs in the emotional aspects of earthly side.
Jolin the beginning to joining Warner, also went to New York, while the
model with local designers also collaborated with to develop their own
fashion brand Seventy Two Changes, while also not forget that to continue
to improve their dancing, continue to their challenging spirit dancer,
this album brings a new dance ballet and jazz elements.
Warner set out to Jolin Tsai in the publicity strategy, we also see Jolin
Tsai of Taiwan into the 10 campus University of singing this one, but in
the day of the album, Jolin Tsai took to the streets in particular
promote the new album, still in the streets teach a new dance album. It
seems hard to sell the album today, even as the days of Jolin return must
be close to the people of publicity out of this line, we go in you mouth
well received, so that the album sold satisfactory results.
So Jolin Tsai next to the Warner's style, should continue to go on the
road toward internationalization, the company will spare no effort to
Jolin Tsai at least out of the building to the point of the Asian market.
1 days, of course not just superior, coupled with Jolin Tsai is a work of
this artist, so the strength of the record to support such activities,
she will certainly spare no effort to do a good job with the company
name, so as the "butterfly" one stop after another Station
information line, Jolin Tsai, the People First word of mouth style and
approachable will gradually be spread to. The "butterfly"
current market feedback received and the industry's assessment of the
circumstances, Jolin Tsai, the new Warner will create a more brilliant
career success, and she traveled the world's four major record companies
will soon be moving footprint Because Warner set aside during the
wonderful performance of a perfect ending.

Jolin Tsai Ayumi Hamasaki like shape alleged

Tarcy cover re-energized by the year

Yuki become "Hanliulaixi" evidence
As mentioned earlier, Jolin Tsai can get on the top spot in today's
Chinese music, first of all thanks to her efforts. Throughout the whole
music scene, Jolin Tsai's hard and there is absolutely at the popular
level is one of the top female singers - pommel horse, gymnastics, rings,
pole dancing and the new album "butterfly" in the element
applied to the ballet, jazz these dazzling elements, let us see a
beautiful addition to the "days" and also "butterfly"
in the difficult transformation process.
Hardships among the care and thought the whole operating team also
contributed. Ze-shirt is indeed the driving force behind one of the best
music, Jolin Tsai, a jump of each nest and the changing styles and works
to grasp just right. As the saying goes, move trees die, people move to
live, but for pop music is often not the case. Transition turn
"dead", jump jump nest "dead" singer everywhere, such
as Jolin Tsai and transition nest each hop are as wonderful as the
butterfly transformation.
However, Jolin Tsai, who, we are also very clear that the old and new
music business models collide.
The old music industry is built on "asymmetric information"
based on. The so-called information asymmetry, plainly, is the record
companies control more resources than by the hands of many. In addition
to music, record also controls the information channels and a variety of
available resources, such as cover and the "copy", they horn
Gala Li from abroad will be able to easily find the song you to
"fool" in the past.
This is the eighties pop music's magic weapon - Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung,
Faye Wong, four kings, without exception, from the "used" to
benefit, but also Tarcy, Yuki, who hit " survival. "
So-called "packaging", but also closely linked with this.
Because the record companies of "channels", the audience more
often only with the eyes (MV, album packaging, singers shape, fashion,
etc.) rather than the ears to identify the music, so the
"packaging" has become one of the elements of winning, so
"Idol" has been popular. "Scandal" is
"packaging" one of the forms. Now that we fight is not about
"music" and therefore, by sex scandal to Bo eyeball "mixed
a familiar" will become an important propaganda tool.
Above, Jolin Tsai's body in the performance thoroughly. Works on Jolin
Tsai's team full use of the hands of the "resources", learn a
variety of Japanese and Korean popular culture in Europe and America,
took pains to "packaging" a dance days, plus sex scandal (think
back to the "Double J Love") to stir, Jolin not want no red
This means, in the old model, definitely considered a
"success", but, in the new background, problems ensued. The
most prominent example is the endless years of "plagiarism"
Jolin Tsai first became popular as early as 2000, her song "You
Gatta Know" was a song genre fans that, MV MV model also includes
the shooting style and Britney Spears are similar. In fact, similar
musical styles are inevitable, but the way the MV filming is really
similar to three dozen, "plagiarism" in the name of the. But
then, because the Internet was not so developed, we can get the
"evidence" was not so much, so much response, then followed up.
Back in 2003 after taking pictures for Jolin Tsai to attend a number of
occasions by a large number of fans that shape resembles Ayumi Hamasaki,
MV they were similar to that Madonna, Ayumi Hamasaki, Mika Nakashima,
Koda Kumi and others, also were posted to watch the MV only address,
enlightened, really looked up to find that is quite similar.
This is the gift of thanks to the Internet. In the Internet era,
audiences get more and more information, with the record company can
obtain information more "symmetrical", and many did not know
what now are all surface, so that one day we suddenly found that
"plagiarism "event flying.
By "copying" is not is "copied", including a
reasonable draw, adapt, remake, etc.. As mentioned earlier, this was a
tremendously popular Hong Kong pop music magic. From commercial marketing
point of view, not be any problem. However, in the new environment, the
record company that is focused on long-term development must look before
they leap.
"Scandal" of the "consequences" the same way. If the
old system, the "eyeball economy" may still play a significant
role, then the case stands, as consumers will increasingly accessible
music resources, those rely on market speculation Lai mixed singer is
more difficult to survival.

Four days later: Faye Wong, Chang Hui-mei, Coco Lee, Na Ying
Ten years ago, we were still us, but Chinese music is not like this now.
At that time almost dominated the media from various quarters, people
believe the media's remarks, I believe the media reports. Under the old
business model is not very well developed Internet, fans can do now to
hear their own network to hear the music, but not easy to determine a
good album or a singer in the poor, rely on more of the media referral
and evaluation, so the media Criticism of a good singer, fans went to go
follow suit sought after, the media, if the attitude of the album
dismissive comment little, but even the fans want to listen to the
impulse did not. Such an environment, a singer easily achievements, but
also very easy to ignore a number of very strong powerful company has not
made a strong backing of the excellent music, and this is the old
commercial system for Chinese music market, the biggest shortcoming.
Fortunately, both advantages and disadvantages of the old model of this
commercial market in the past decade has been a huge change in the degree
of niche area of the rise of the NPC's, and has resulted in the lack of
King days, people of all genres of music have their own supporters, the
general public really going extinct star.
Around the years, that is, 1999 and 2000, Chinese music, especially the
Taiwanese pop music market, is really emerged a large number of
outstanding new artists, some of them become a pop music group King days
days, some even without cause summit, but also their music have become
the mainstay of people, even some people they did not long go on in the
music, but also the beginning of his debut has bright spots, too virgin
ears memorable works. In that order under the old music, is their
achievement of the Chinese music industry is a golden decade.
Strength of the parties become common practice to sing the turbulent days
Chinese music in the golden years of the last first, female singer is the
market force, the three areas of several women to sing all sales are
guaranteed great market appeal. CoCo the ABC song in the background, and
her thick Western flavor, and lead her slowly out of China into the
international market; mei mei force once 99 tour open to the United
States, "Can I hold you? Love "album is selling for 8 weeks
occupied positions championship standings; Faye and Dou Wei in
experienced after the change of marital status, and Ya-Dong Zhang, Lin
Xi's seamless collaboration for her highly competent in endemic and non-
mainstream boundaries of the shuttle; Na Ying not only succeeded in the
mainland and Taiwan markets, she also steps onto the stage, Hung Hom,
Hong Kong, the Mainland first solo concert held at the Hung Hom will be
the singer; Others include Winnie Hsin, Rene Liu, Karen Mok, Gigi Leung,
Sammi Cheng, Kelly Chen, Tian Zhen casually pull out which half of all
single block, whoever had the strength enough to branded "XX
days" of the title, the music has quite a time Weak of flavor. But
men sing to the camp, all are created equally, both vocal style, and
Chan, Andy Hui, Zhang Yu, Richie Jen, Ronald Cheng, Harlem Yu, Jeff Chang
who are the strength and the box office guarantee.
In mainland China and Hong Kong and Taiwan music market has never been so
frequent interaction time to reflect on the Spring Festival Gala is a
singer most popular support, so like-Mei, Coco Lee, Richie Jen, Jeff
Chang, Faye Wong to sing to these strengths, they this has been red-hot
career appearance in several of the Spring Festival Gala, the more on the
floor. And then the new century, with Nicholas Tse, Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai,
who's there, the music slowly shaking the regime change, the new golden
age begins.

Two small days: Elva Hsiao and Stephanie Sun
Elva PK Stefanie: Small days one after another
The late nineties and the new century, dance and pure functional strength
of the Elva to win her as the most vocal style that people love drawing
any comparison. Elva was originally built under the careful Yao Qian,
dynamic fast songs, slow songs intellectual, her deep and powerful bass
was she at the time a hurricane in the Chinese soprano singer occasion
Bill Ford's most powerful weapon, so that voice in the interpretation of
R & B songs are particularly emotional flavor, the former three
albums "album," "Red Rose," "Tomorrow" in
the "no" and "the most familiar of strangers",
"rainy season", "a person wonderful, "" The next
time love "Elva became the first representative. Stefanie is also
excellent vocals by a firm foothold in the music scene, and different
from Elva's in the bass, though she's quite explosive in the treble and
the sound of resilience, whether it is her interpretation of "dark
days", "get it started" This slow song is
"natural" and "zero defects", "escape" a
little rock in the board so fast songs, all have very good control over
the sound of their own efforts, as well as her debut, "her as"
in a self- Chong Song "finally" in the transfer tone singing,
all in the future become a unique musical identity Sun Yan Zi.
The feedback in the commercial market sales, the Sun Siew is also
difficult to compete. Stefanie almost all sales of each album sold over 1
million in total sales in Asia; and Elva is in sales in 2001 IFPF
Certification Association International awarded "Asia's Best Selling
Artist", and in after honor Only one person in China, Jacky Cheung,
Nicholas Tse and then only took the prize.

Jay Chou
Cash cow, but they can swing to the direction of the money had not record
income, record income and perhaps not this one. At that time the star
they would become full-time, all kinds of commercial speech, then finish
endorsement, or even can go branched out into financial services,
fashion, etc., play mix and match a wonderful cross-border flows, no one
just "singer "or" music "as the title.

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