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					Introduction --- Ningbo Alibaba Alibaba
An establishment:
March 10, 1999 by the pioneer of China's Internet business was
established for the research and development base in Hangzhou, September
10 international headquarters in Hong Kong.
September 9, 2000, Alibaba set up in Hangzhou, China headquarters.
II Company
Alibaba ( is a global inter-enterprise (B2B) e-commerce
brands, is the world's largest online trading exchange market and the
business community.
Good location, solid structure, excellent service to make Alibaba the
world's first 480 million business has e-commerce website, a global
business network of choice for Web site promotion, business people as
being "the most popular B2B website" .
"Listening to our customers, satisfy customer needs" is the
foundation of survival and development of Alibaba, the survey showed:
Nearly half of Alibaba's online membership through word of mouth and use
that Alibaba Alibaba; the industry member by Alibaba Business platform
partner reached Nearly half of the total membership rate.
The Dream Team from the world's elite team is the cornerstone of Alibaba
building. The perfect combination of strong team, target firm conviction,
to go 102 this year to achieve their corporate mission: "Let the
world is not difficult to do business!."
Third, the industry achievements
Alibaba e-commerce platform to create the enterprises (B2B), by domestic
and foreign media, foreign venture capitalists in Silicon Valley and
praised and Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, AOL shoulder to shoulder one of the top
five Internet business schools.
* Continuous five times by the U.S. financial magazine "Forbes"
named one of the world's best B2B site;
* The world's leading Internet traffic monitoring site global
business and trade class ranking site investigation, Alibaba ranked
* Alibaba twice been elected MBA from Harvard Business School case study
in the United States boom started in the circles.
* Competition Organizing Committee for the China Internet Network China
Business class to Alibaba as excellent Web site.
* Was awarded the China Internet Weekly hundreds of excellent site.
* 21st Century Pokka brand Site Selection Committee selected the best
trade network of Alibaba.
* "Far Eastern Economic Review" readers voted as the world's
most popular B2B Alibaba website.
* The famous "World Economic Forum," Alibaba CEO Jack Ma will
be selected as the Global 100 "Future Leaders" one.
* Asian Business Association of the United States Alibaba CEO Jack Ma
selected for the annual "business leaders", in recognition of
his innovative business models and enterprises to enter international
markets to help countries achieve the contribution of globalization.

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