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									Internet Marketing Strategy 2

Internet Marketing Strategies!

??????Network marketing is in the tradition developed on the basis of
marketing, therefore, the traditional marketing of basic marketing
principles still use Internet marketing strategy, a basic strategy in
network marketing, the main product, price, place and promotion. Be
pointed out that: as the 4P'S traditional marketing strategy network
marketing with traditional marketing then there are great differences.
Network intelligence into following details about you:
??????(A) Product strategy
??????In the traditional marketing mix strategy, product strategy
business marketing strategy is an important part, but as the social
productive forces, as well as network and information technology, the
traditional product strategy has begun to change, and gradually evolving
to meet consumer demand marketing strategy. As the content of product
strategy, product strategy can be divided into physical and information
products strategy.
??????1. Kind of product strategy
??????(1) the basic principles of physical product selection. In theory,
the network can be any form of physical product sales. But at this stage
due to various factors, network marketing can not meet this requirement.
??????Generally speaking, when network marketing companies, currently the
first choice the following products:
??????First, the performance with high-tech or computer related products;
??????Second is the need to cover a larger geographical market range of
??????The third is not easy to set up shop in the special products;
??????An online marketing costs far less than other sales channels,
product costs;
??????Fifth, consumers can obtain information from the Interne t, that
make the purchase decision of products;
??????Sixth, the network capacity of large groups of target markets
??????7 is to facilitate the distribution of products;
??????8 is the brand.
??????(2) Select the product should pay attention to the problem
??????First, we must give full consideration to the performance of their
??????Second, we must give full consideration to the regional product
marketing and logistics and distribution system;
??????Third, we should give full consideration to market life cycle.
??????2, Information Product Strategy
??????(1) set up a "virtual showroom." With realistic three-
dimensional images, complemented by programs, sound, and display their
products so that consumers visit its territory general, feel the presence
of products, all aspects of the product to have a more comprehensive
understanding. Zai establish a "virtual gallery" to transmit
information O'clock, Ϊ better meet consumer demands of companies should
be in the "Gallery" in Shelibutong product's display, and a
corresponding navigation Xitong so that consumers can Xun Su, fast they
need to find product information.
??????(2) set up a "virtual assembly room." In the
"Virtual Gallery", the need for some consumers to buy the
product after assembly, can be devoted to open up some space, so that
consumers according to their needs, on the same product or different
product mix and better meet consumer individual needs.
??????(3) the establishment of automated information delivery system. In
this regard, enterprises must be established quickly, and timely
information distribution system to enable enterprises to various kinds of
information can be passed to consumers in a timely manner; second is to
establish real-time information communication system, strengthening
consumer culture, emotional of communication, and to keep the collection,
collation, analysis of consumer comments and suggestions, Zai improve
product development, production, marketing, at the same time, for
enterprises to help the good recommendations, Ying give information
providers to the rewarded.
??????(B) the pricing strategy
Marketing strategy pricing strategy is the most flexible, artistic
strategy is a very important business of competition means that companies
marketing mix strategy of an important component. Doing network
marketing, the company should pay special attention to the use of pricing
strategies in order to consolidate the company's position in the market
and enhance their competitiveness.
??????1. Market Price and its influencing factors
??????Sales price means the process of buyers and sellers in the
marketing business transaction price. Marketing price formation is
extremely complex, it is affected by many factors and constraints. In
general, the impact of enterprise product line pricing, the main cost
factors, supply and demand, competitive factors and other factors (such
as product, marketing channels, promotions, and consumers of
psychological factors and the size of the enterprise itself, financial
situation and national policies, etc.) .
??????2. Business and online marketing pricing target price determination
??????(1) Enterprise pricing objectives. Price target is the enterprise
through the development of the objective of the price. It is the
enterprises to choose pricing methods and the basis for pricing,
corporate pricing goal is not single, but a multi-combination. In network
marketing, the company priced the main goal of the following:
??????First, to obtain satisfactory profit target;
??????Second, proper investment rate of return objectives;
??????Third, to increase or maintain market share targets;
??????Fourth, price stability as the goal;
??????Fifth, to cope with or prevent competition for the target;
??????Sixth, establish a corporate image as the goal.
??????(2) to determine the price of enterprise network marketing program
??????The first analysis of determination of market demand;
??????Second, the estimated cost of the product;
??????Third, analysis of competitor pricing and marketing strategies;
??????Fourth, select the pricing objectives;
??????Fifth, select the pricing method;
??????Sixth, the identification of possible price;
??????7 is sought the views of consumers;
??????8 is to determine the final price.
??????3. Online pricing strategy
??????Many online pricing strategies, namely, psychological pricing
strategy, but also a discount pricing strategy, geographic pricing
strategy and credit pricing strategy. This part of our main
characteristics of the network marketing, focusing on the personalized
pricing, reputation and discount pricing strategies pricing strategy.
??????(1) personalized pricing strategy. Personalized pricing strategy is
to use interactive features of the network, according to consumer product
appearance, color and specific needs, to determine a strategy for
commodity prices. Interactive network makes it possible for personalized
marketing, pricing strategy will also allow individual may become an
important strategy for network marketing. May, according to the special
needs of the consumer level, to determine different prices.
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