Happy by fdjerue7eeu



Before the students go to the Bank of China, and I give them both filmed
this, sweet
This two-day message that Kentucky has suddenly he went to the store to
inform practice, and asked me where in the end
One is the bank, working in the financial industry. But the treatment is
not good, not a regular employee, is a little teller, there are risks
One is the restaurant industry, namely, in which direct that the
Assistant level, a contract, one gold and three insurance is very
attractive, after all, the world came out after five hundred
Ask me how to do, because I had working in Kentucky's
I thought, that bank still good, after all, is to jump ship even if you
have longer to do catering, but directly across from your past, very
difficult profession
Then think of a classmate in the Bank of Communications also made a few
months, not to upgrade the official, it was bold enough to resign, and
had stock, and now it is very high, very happy
Most of our school graduates are engaged in the securities of the
He is now selected, and to participate in the examination, that he stayed
in the bank less than a month has gone, there is no guarantee ah
I wonder, really, really bad this whole ah
The students are really quite good
The work of this kind of thing it really is quite a bit, good people are
all fighting for you, who do not work is looked on helplessly while
working away from their own side, no way, I am one of those wide open
eyes kind of
Two days ago I came home on germination of the idea to be a farmer,
engaged in some farming also OK, but my uncle is doing that not work
around the house to bring down the
Like the original study, when the teacher said the insurance, what are
the risks ah, then buy the insurance it
Huyou feeling a little, you walk from the downstairs will also worried
about falling flower pot above it, facing the graduates find work, and
very difficult ah, after all, we college graduates, some of
underachievement, it is is depressed it, and very real, very helpless
Someone asked me, I was not anxious, I said I also went to Beijing and
then I went to drift one, or I go to Shanghai is also row, ah, ah where
to not rent an apartment, the family did not do dry, I do not care, ha ha
, big thing in my heart
More unfair things go, how can you do? Why do you no money? Haha
How should I say, I grew to be the kind of mentality osmosis my mother, I
know this world is not fair, I very frankly, ah, extremely good state of
mind, we all do not go thought so much, my mom said, this people, ah,
spend the few, and take over, would be finished, meaning a little
superstitious, and I felt it, and if this world is not fair to normal,
and Oh, right?
Fuel, nothing difficult

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