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					Guo Guangchang: "Entrepreneurs will always be lonely"

"He's never been there, the idea of novelty." Guo Guangchang
said of his partner Liang Xinjun

????Earlier this year, "two sessions" of Guo Guangchang chance
that, for some reason, an international business out of the Expo Hall,
the lead company, which triggered his inspiration. So, he went to
Hangzhou, about 5 Ma, Jian Zhou and other night will be. We hit it off,
the Shanghai World Expo will run the idea ripened Corporate Pavilion. Guo
Guangchang said with a smile: "We collectively show a show."
Accepting "Bund" said Fosun Group interview, he said:
"There are many misconceptions out of the Fosun, the risk that we
Preference. But I personally think that I am a very careful person.

????Photographer's flashbulbs open, Guo Guangchang his arms in front.

????"This point of view like Li Ka-shing." A staff member at
the side of the joke. "Ah?" Guo Guangchang heard that remark,
mouth open, slightly stunned expression.

????3 years ago, Guo Guangchang, and Cheung Kong Graduate School
classmates Ma, Jason Jiang, Niu Gensheng, Xinli, and others dedicated to
Hong Kong, called on his idol - Li Ka-shing.

????Now, some critics say, Guo Guangchang is on the beach, "most
people like Li Ka-shing."

????"We really are flying in Adversity." Guo Guangchang say,
"Us", which basically covers to help his business school
classmates. When Hillary Clinton called on the U.S. brass everywhere
raise money donations, to block the United States when the World Expo
Museum's financial hole; Guo Guangchang and his students are enthusiastic
to build their own Expo Hall.

????"Museum of organizing this private enterprises, we indeed a 'no
bad money'." According to Guo Guangchang introduction,
"Basically, this museum is all equally funded by the Fosun enough to
fill some." Behind him, the Shanghai World Expo Museum of Chinese
private enterprises to jointly model crystal clear, looks like a
"Golden Age of Chinese enterprises fable."

????Earlier this year, when the economy is the worst winter, Fosun Group
opened the annual meeting, Guo Guangchang and colleagues each wearing a
scarlet scarves appearance. His staff to give the Group a visual comfort:
"Since the economic cycle, like tonsils, can be cut off, but like
the human heart, there is the economic part of the core, then we at least
have in mind calm."

????He realized that "the opportunity to take the initiative to
????"But the opportunity comes, you have been made, or is unable to
help." The wearing gold rimmed glasses, physique is not tall man in
mind quite clearly: "The current financial crisis, Buffett on
account 1,000 billion U.S. dollars in cash, Li Ka-shing have 1000-2000
billion yuan in cash, while only 100 billion yuan Fosun cash, which
basically reflects the gap between the two levels where we need to work.

????On the day, reporters rushed to Fosun Group business downstairs taxi
driver wondered: "Many years ago, is not this the Huangpu River pier
as a contractor on schedule Why? Now seems to have no luxury

????Desk full of Buffett biography

????Standing Guo Guangchang's office, look around, panoramic view of the
Huangpu River scenery.

????Many years ago, Guo Guangchang shot was uncompleted flats bought this
building for Fosun Group, their home. Today, there is already a high cost
of land, and he led the Fosun International, total assets reached tens of

????Guo Guangchang's office filled with books, books and numerous and
both "fan book" and also "Prahalad - Law of Business
Success." "The circle of entrepreneurs, each month must
recommend a good book to others." Side, said his secretary.

????Telenet book recommending reading for Guo Guangchang and his friends,
this is a rather formal thing. Recommended are not only sincere person to
write a book review, but also in the title page of each book printed on
Gonggongzhengzheng recommended by name.

????Now, Guo Guangchang looking at is the "escape" and
"flat world hot and crowded," were recommended by the former
China Netcom CEO Edward Tian, founder of Haier Group Zhang. But his
secretary said, "Guo Guangchang too busy, do not recommend most look

????Desk placed the most is the various versions of the Buffett
biography, which he ate most is an English version, "Buffett."

????Li Ka-shing's proposal

????Guo Guangchang English quite well. But to be more comfortable to
listen to and that he had found a will to speak English, do not speak
Chinese assistant. "Time assistant in the car with me practice
English. No way, based on previous bad, bad pronunciation. We must do
this, this is our life, we are a group of entrepreneurs working children
to life."
????Zhejiang Dongyang, who was born in the Philosophy Department of Fudan
University graduates, the most valued of the three individuals - the Li
Ka Shing, Jack Welch and Warren Buffett.

????He said he had not quite remember all of Hong Kong Li Ka-shing for
his answer. His desk, scratched his head, straining recalled a moment:
"The problem, of course I went to ask for advice how to manage an
integrated enterprise."

????However, Guo Guangchang has two clearly remember: "Li Ka-shing's
answer to one to learn, learning; Second, a person for what they do to
keep a sense of freshness, this is the very basic principle."

????Standing of Fosun Group Assistant to the President Sun Jun could not
help but to add: "In fact, Mr Guo came back, the answer is also
dedicated to Li Ka-shing re-combing, combined with the successful
practice of Fosun over the years, summed up Fosun own a few basic
investment principles, such as upholding the value investment, counter-
cyclical investment and so on. "

????Late last year, early this year, Guo Guangchang is to follow some
basic principles such as the acquisition of Jason Jiang of Focus, founded
nearly 30% of the shares, became the largest shareholder of Focus.

????"We want to go out networking, fishing"

????Zhejiang in previous meeting, as long as the talk about business
innovation, as the president Guo Guangchang will point to the
"Focus." The financial crisis raging in the winter, in addition
to Chinese and divided, Guo Guangchang also bought Tongjitang, shares,
"Lao Niangjiu fast-food chain."

????"He's never been there, new ideas, to reach a level when one
thing can be for breath, he can propose a new target as big as
mountains." Guo Guangchang Liang Xinjun said of his partner.

????Fosun four business groups are Fudan students. Guo Guangchang
rational dialectic is the soul of the whole enterprise group; responsive,
energetic, good communication Liang Xinjun any vice chairman and CEO,
responsible for the Group's investment and public relations services;
Wang Bin is the president of group, the main control optimization and
improvement of internal management, while in charge of medical services;
Fan Wei is in charge of real estate, and Wang are the same as intensive
type. Today, the number of Fosun executive director has been expanded to
7, an increase of the financial, legal and administrative personnel

????At that time, everyone recognized leader Guo Guangchang do, but also
because "his high emotional intelligence, the integration team
played a good role. He can make the team, everyone speak freely, but
still give you the appropriate separation of powers, the formation of a
good collaborative relationship."
????"This winter, we not only wear a warm coat, but also out webs
and fishing." Guo Guangchang said: "Because every time after
the Great Depression, will have a number of great companies - 1929 Morgan
consortium after the Great Depression ; in 1973 after the U.S. economic
crisis, Buffett; in 1997 after the Asian financial crisis, Samsung; IT
bubble burst in 2000, after Google, Apple. "

????The so-called Kuo Investment Act, is "counter-cyclical"
line of. "We must seize the opportunity for asset prices, increase
the listed companies in particular, investment in overseas listed

????Choice in the industry, Guo Guangchang almost committed a fatal
error, good move faster bargain involved. 1994, into the real estate,
pharmaceutical industry, in 2000 involved commercial retail, into the
steel industry in 2003, the securities industry in 2004, stationed
themselves gold industry, mining investment in 2007. In 2009, he judged
that "increasing the resource, financial, consumer and other sectors
of the investment assets in the appropriate light to enhance the
proportion of assets."

????Guo Guangchang tell the people around, we all find it very difficult
at all to show "weak" when "we have to brave a
little," "get over it."

????A few months ago, Guo Guangchang is about Jack Ma in Hangzhou 5, and
late at night with red wine, go to the founder of Zhou Jian Metersbonwe:
"At this time, we are private enterprises to build an Expo Hall,
collectively show a show."

????"Entrepreneurs will always be lonely"

????And most of the work of private entrepreneurs in different night, Guo
Guangchang do not like to stay in the office all day long. To the office,
processed the necessary things, he likes to go out and communicate in all
aspects. Only look at U.S. stock market, he would boil about the night.
"I can worry less to worry about as far as possible," he said
with a smile: "On a personal capacity for each of us up to play 67
am, but we believe the strength of the team. A good business is to pool a
group of outstanding of the people. "

????40-year-old Guo Guangchang, "the first time as a friend read a
eulogy Zhejiang", "made a deep impression." After this
happened, Guo Guangchang sometimes Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce meeting
place will be set at Huashan hospital. 5 Annual General Meeting in
Zhejiang ceremony, each member has received a gift in a box of new
hepatoprotective drug. "We like to do business and treat your body
to manage."

????Guo Guangchang often do an experiment where he would casually
"as an intersection), look at everything that happened casually,
such as pedestrians, cars blocked, violations, penalty. Slowly, he found
that the reason everything is so conflicting and contradictory, but are
very reasonable. He felt that this is the philosophy of pursuing the

????"Doing business now, I feel more and more people need to believe
what a little", he said: "The truth in the pursuit of business
process, you will always be lonely, this 'alone' does not mean that you
do not own team, your team is alone, always bring your own boat straight
ahead. "

Guo Guangchang dialogue "I like to have as a person with

????B = Bund

????G = Guo Guangchang

????"I and Ma they hit it off instantly"

????B: How did you determine that a person in such a short period of
time, took over the construction of Shanghai World Expo Private Corporate
Pavilion task? Can you disclose some details?

????G: Earlier this year, I was "two sessions" met the leaders
talked about how to help private enterprises to share opportunity, when
the World Expo, an international business by chance that for some reason
build corporate pavilions out, just have a chance to build museum, the
one taken on over. I was thinking is that the Chinese economy and private
enterprises are in transition; Expo is an excellent brand promotion
opportunities, this matter too is worth doing.

????B: How do you convince Ma and Zhang Jindong them? Do you think this
group of people to do this time what kind of mentality?

????G: is not convinced, basically hit it off. When I decided to do it,
my mind immediately rushes out some names: Ma, Wang Jianlin, Zhang
Jindong, Dong Wenbiao, Zhou Jian and so on, I want to find those who can
best represent the first 30 years of business success, but also To find
those 30 years there will be highlights of the company. This group of
people, how do you say, are very powerful. Jack Ma of Alibaba and the
like into the construction of Metersbonwe week, they are doing the
creative industries, ideas constantly. For example, the company was on
the plan during the Expo, from which tens of thousands Online Shop,
selected more than 100 distinctive single store, use them to represent
the future of China's new business efforts in the direction of
civilization. We also have some sense of responsibility it and let Fosun
lead to integration, is a trust for me personally. Now they say the most
is "Do not let private enterprise Tan Tai ah."

????B: Your hall of criteria? Have no business like to participate, but
you are not authorized to happen?

????G: We are the first phalanx in the enterprise, all the industry best.
Basically, the chosen one, the first 2, 3 to apply for, you can not
passed. At present, the first phalanx joint breeze over. Companies
involved in the Expo, enthusiasm, because they themselves
"players", rather than at the Olympics, but a sponsor's
position. I think the selection of these companies are some similarities.
You look closely, they are all gone against the tide of this financial
crisis is still flying business.

????B: Why are you flying to Adversity?

????G: These enterprises have some common, they actively adjust the
industrial structure, not low-level manufacturing, the development of a
sense of rhythm particularly good grasp of it, the slow is slow, the fast
is fast, but also has its own core competitiveness. Such as Dalian Wanda,
Suning, easy home, Meikailong, are an example. Chinese companies now is
when I need out of the brand. China's largest jewelry companies such as
Shin Kong Group, which are private enterprises to join the Expo Hall as
an opportunity to determine their own brand of local development
strategies. This is our first 30 years the situation is different, the
first 30 years is for a crack, we had not got to go; now commercial, is
already exploring the future directions.

????B:   private enterprise joint Shanghai World Expo pavilion design is
how to   settle down, and philosophy? GM is said to be used for a few years
before   the design of their exhibition hall, you will think that he spent
little   time?

????G: Private enterprises museum covers an area of 6,000 square meters,
construction of "cells" as the design concept, a symbol of the
infinite number of dynamic private enterprises, and embedded in its
internal energy. To be honest, time is relatively tight. But I said, we
must be able to complete the task, because private entrepreneurs have
always do some people not doing live.

????B: Jason Jiang this time they involved?

????G: participation ah. The Focus and Huayi will provide its own unique
resources and channels, involved in China's private enterprises
participating in the joint pavilion, they have been doing my part in
their respective industry's leader. Focus of the network will be fully
promote private enterprises Hall, Huayi's star will also star backup
group composed of the full support of the Expo Hall to promote private
enterprises. "Buffett is very personal heroism"

????B: When did you probably started Focus wanted to buy stake in it?

????G: Focus at 60 U.S. dollars before the time, I am definitely not
interested, no matter how good I am not interested in it; but it is the
time to 78 U.S. dollars, has been seriously underestimated. Of course, I
do not see where is the lowest point, I do not have this ability; have
investment value, relatively speaking, whether it is 7 yuan, 8 yuan, or 9
yuan, as long as the investment value on it. I believe in the crazy
market, you buy cheap stuff again is expensive; in the market is rational
or low time, as long as a range, you buy another expensive is cheap. We
do not see the price fluctuations in the moment, we see there is no
interval in which your investment value.

????B: How do you determine when the masses, shot to buy is the best
time? There were no hesitate?

????G: Many people will feel such as the Focus, I do not think you see a
business problem in it, when you look at the problem; but it is a
successful woman's time, they just see it shine. In my opinion, Focus has
all the problems exposed, and this time is the most solid companies when.
As a business, crossed so many Hom will be more mature, and you think it
met the unfortunate things, and I will not list them one. From the
individual, Jason Jiang crossed so many Hom, shows that he is fighting.
From long-term development gains and losses is not the most important
moment; a million more this year, less to do a million, not the most
important. Previously, although very beautiful, but in reality there are
many enemies constantly emerge to fight with him, this is very dangerous
because you do not know where the enemy will come up. Now this battle a
dozen, I do not see what the enemy can fight for the position with him.
Of course, there are small, but large gone. In the course of fighting may
have failed to review a variety of get lost. But according to the present
situation, the best situation, based on these judgments, we are very
optimistic about the long-term development of the Focus.

????B: In the "9? 11" incident, Welch has boldly seized the
opportunity to buy a lot of aircraft on the desert, GE thus became the
largest company owned aircraft. So in this global financial crisis,
you've got a similar "baby" yet? In your opinion, GE, and
Welch's the attraction?

????G: GE is an extreme division of the company stock, say in the end,
its owner is not obvious. GE is a professional manager-oriented,
technology-driven company, while it is already several generations, so it
has a cultural orientation, because it has deep-rooted culture, and
generations inherited. So Welch will pay attention to professional,
stress management team to undertake. He will pay attention to the
training team, with GE schools, culture is very strong, very strong
management, very professional, it is the characteristics of GE.

????B: Buffett do?

????G: of course not the same. Buffett's company on a number of people,
he stresses personal charisma, personal charm Buffett; then pay attention
to is the center value of the investments in the financing structure of
this piece of her own, because of its insurers. So for now he is a very
personal heroism. And although he is holding, but is holding high the
combination of authority and. The formation of such a structure, of
course not the same. In the financing, he is an insurance company, and
has a strong ability to invest, and this investment is largely relying on
his own discretion, of course, his team, but the relatively few number of

????B: If you meet Buffett, what questions would you ask him?
????G: "(surprised a moment) that I really do not think well, if I
met, my question naturally came out.

????B: You and many private entrepreneurs had met with Li Ka-shing, Li
Ka-shing your deepest feelings on what?

????G: Li Ka-shing with some familial and professional managers with a
high degree of integration. He has a taste of family business, that's for
sure, but with the average family business is different because he has a
great openness. To a large extent also depend on his personal discretion,
investment and personal charm charisma and is rising with the rise of
Hong Kong. Get the pot of gold in Hong Kong. But he told Hong Kong's
property developers are not the same place that he has the ability to
expand again, if he is only in Hong Kong's real estate sector, he is not
today's Li Ka-shing had. In addition to his investment in real estate,
also voted in ports, terminals and, more importantly, he invested in 3G
this one. Li Ka-shing did not say today what we do. We went to see him do
today What is the logic behind them? The logic of the usefulness to you,
is worthy of you to learn, and this is the most important. No company can
COPY another business model, and impossible.

????"I am a very careful person"

????B: Cheng Yung-steel that your investment quickly, he was very slow,
you feel it?

????G: I did not do more, so I can stand on our own point of view. Many
people feel that Fosun developed rapidly, is not fast, for example, iron
ore investment in Hainan, Fosun signed a letter of intent from the
concern on the use of nearly four years. Another example is small city
commercial banks to become shareholders, Fosun has been tracking for a
long time; from the national forefront in the town ranked firm selected
by 2 ~ 3, follow-up study, 4 years to visit every year. In addition, the
debt ratio we can in fact, a lot of misunderstanding out there, I felt
that we risk preference-based, expansion, investment, but I personally
think that I am a very careful person.

????B: You choose a business, most Chinese and what? For example?

????G: Fosun select a company, mainly to see the three indicators. First,
look at its prospects for their industries; second, compared with their
peers, their competitiveness is; third, to have a good team.

????B: the acquisition means the selection, the PE has a set of internal
"phase one" rule, you "physiognomy" of the law is

????G: I like entrepreneurial people. Entrepreneurship, what is it? Is
this man the courage to set high goals for himself, and often can be
achieved; In addition, he experienced the industry, individuals, business
low, and have the courage to come out too; Another thing is to copy the
training team, will bravely face change. These are what I want. Some
people like the pressure of costs, some people like to engage in
innovation, it does not really matter. This is his means. You want to see
what his nature, he is ideal, there is as, and to actively change the
face of the person, we have to such a person.

????B: Fosun in the capital markets have had many successful investments,
these companies create a lot of profit for the Fosun. These investments,
you tell us a little story?

????G: Well, a business in our hands is not in our hands is better than
some, only that we deserve to go when he's shareholders. Our strength is
that the invested enterprises to provide services and support, mainly
from the operations, finance, human resources, and other investment also
raise; such as the operations side. Besides the cost, we are very
concerned about the innovation; like the Dragons, we have invested very
large R & D innovation. We create a product into production,
production time is short, so we can avoid the Red Sea; this one has not
done the Red Sea, and we immediately went to the Blue Ocean, our
efficiency is relatively high. We are also concerned about the brand
focus and guide enterprises. This time we go to private enterprises build
the Expo Hall, is that it really is a Chinese enterprise to the world to
show their promise as a world-class brand opportunities. How much you
spend in Europe and the United States mainstream media advertising in
order to achieve this effect? So I think we should do. There is the copy,
many enterprises will meet his high-margin, high-return market, not
willing to try new markets where the ability to copy him, it is necessary
to do. Huawei is not in Europe and the United States, African, Latin
America, Southeast Asia and to copy, then, how Huawei today, I think this
is very important.

????B: In addition to Focus, pig, what fun you will fancy the industry?

????G: Select Focus, is not as "interesting." Fosun behind each
investment behavior, has its own logic support. 10-15 years for China's
future economic development, there are several basic Fosun judgments and
inferences, which is essentially the basis of our investment decision-
making behavior. First, China is the next 5 to 15 years within the
world's major manufacturers of tangible goods, so resource, energy sector
prospects. Second, China is the fastest growing one of the countries and
regions, as the fastest growing, the greater the scarcity of money, or
reverse the efficiency of that money is the highest. Among the economic,
financial is the leading indicator of economic good times, it will be
even better than the economy, the economy is bad it will fall, if you
conclude that it is one of the fastest growing region in China's
financial sector, income and grow much faster than other places. Third,
most industries in China need to integrate and improve concentration.
Therefore, M & A leader is facing a great opportunity for growth and
acquisition growth premium can enjoy. Fourth, China's domestic market
over the next 15 years will grow much faster than the previous 15 years.
It can be inferred that with the rise of the Chinese domestic market,
finance, medicine, new media industries have great development of branded
consumer products have a bright tomorrow. (Bund)

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