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Elaine Chao


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									Elaine Chao

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--- Minister of the United States Department of Labor Elaine Chao
In 2001, as U.S. secretary of labor, Elaine Chao, her history of Chinese
politics in the United States, a cabinet minister.
1. People Profile
Elaine Chao (Chinese name of Elaine Chao), Chinese-American.
Born in Taipei in 1953, native of Shanghai, Jiading. Moved to the U.S.
with his parents in 1963.
From 1984 to 1986 of any U.S. commercial banks in San Francisco, vice
president of international finance.
1986, leaving the business in politics, then-Deputy Director of the
Federal Government Ministry of Transportation shipping.
1988, he was Chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission.
In 1989 he was Deputy Minister of Communications.
U.S. Peace Corps in December 1991 appointed the 12th captain. After
candidates to serve as chairman of the Joint Fund.
In February 1993 with U.S. Senator Maikangnaer (McConnell) marriage.
In 1996 she resigned as chairman of the Joint Foundation office to help
her husband run for Senate.
January 11, 2001, President-elect George Bush's nominee as Secretary of
Labor Elaine Chao. She is the first one in U.S. history to enter the
cabinet of ethnic Chinese, but also the cabinet's first Asian women.
2. U.S. President inviting as Minister of Labour
In 2001, U.S. President George W. Bush inviting Elaine Chao as secretary
of labor, Elaine Chao was surprising that repeated declined, she thought
that time had not come. Until Bush came forward to speak, she gladly
accepted. January 29, the U.S. Senate unanimously approved President
Bush's nomination. January 31, Elaine Chao was sworn in as the first
ethnic Chinese minister in U.S. history. She not only Chinese-American
politics has set a new monument, but also several generations of people
round the "American dream." With her own talent and strength,
as Chinese immigrants 200 years, the first Chinese American cabinet
minister. George W. Bush in the nomination of Elaine Chao as secretary of
labor, the news conference, praised her strong administrative capacity, a
high work ethic and sense of responsibility for the welfare of the
Bush accepted the nomination, according to U.S. law, Elaine Chao to quit
other duties, for which she gave up an annual income of 100 million U.S.
dollars of work. She said that was willing to accept the nomination, do
not because the government wanted to, but this position can help more

You know that I choose not boring government. I am very lucky, and when I
grow up, my parents always encouraged me to conduct real exploration, and
develop my vision. So this is the starting point of my adventure, I want
to try different things. My father is a entrepreneur, but I think this
world is not the only business there are many other things. That is why,
when I was banker, I would like to seize the opportunity to enter
government work. At that time I have heard members of Congress, the White
House. So I went for it, and was selected. Although I did not know
anyone, nor how to understand the circumstances of this matter, just know
that this is a very good, very prestigious thing. What really inspired my
interest is to find different things. When bankers do and I do private
debit transactions, I am the borrower, only myself. Then he (she) a
lawyer, in most cases, he himself, and my lawyer and I do a deal as long
as two hours. But I also do business with the federal government. First,
the time when the transaction near the end, there will be a large base of
documents, to do a deal would take several weeks. I want a large group of
lawyers to help me, borrowers also have a large group of lawyers, the
government also. So while I was still a young man, young businessman, but
I think the Government should seek a fair and effective commercial for
sure there will be a coordination between the bond. Maybe I know more
about the government, I can be such a link, I can help the parties
understand each other's ideas. This is the reason I chose government

Elaine Chao's life review process, described as "step by step":
1961, emigrated to the U.S. in 1971, graduated from high school in 1975
graduated from the University of He Like Hill, 1979, was awarded the all-
A Harvard Business School, MBA, from 1983 to 1984 was elected as "a
White House Fellow," as assistant to senior White House officials in
1986 as Deputy Director of the Federal Maritime and soon switch to U.S.
Bank senior vice president, President Ronald Reagan in 1988 was appointed
Chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission , 1989, President Bush has
been appointed as Deputy Minister of Communications. From 1991 to 1992,
served as head of the United States Peace Corps, from 1992 to 1996 as the
nation's largest charities - United Charitable Foundation President, in
1996 as the U.S. think tank Heritage Foundation Fellow in 1998, he became
the Association of Asia Research Institute Advisory Committee. Elaine
Chao to do their own talents and strength, hard work and dedication to
the spirit of courage to embark on a road leading to ideal. She was
ordered in hard, to the chairmanship of United Charitable Foundation, the
Foundation is the financial constraints. Colleagues rallied to make the
determination set her own salary reduced from more than 40 million U.S.
dollars 19 million, and required only when you travel economy class, she
is no exception. Spirit, together with her staff, after five years of
hard work, finally got the Foundation turnaround. Later, when Elaine Chao
departure, the Board of Directors in recognition of her contribution and
performance, all his own money to give her the prize money awarded
300,000 U.S. dollars, but she declined.

If young people work, will be able to find it, I can tell you that my
life experience. I never thought I could come here. You know I just
graduated college goals? I just want to survive. I just want to find a
job. I just want to be able to financially help my family. So, I think I
have a good goal. I want my work I can do some changes, more than in my
own ability. I think everyone can have more than his own dream, and then
to pursue. Life will be very exciting, very broad.
I am very lucky, I have mentioned. But I have many interests. In my life
I have a lot of fun. I very much hope that more Asian Americans, and I
can share it all. Because in my experience, I often think: "Oh, God,
it was so wonderful." You know this is very simple. I want more
people to share. I hope I have confidence there will be more Asian-
Americans come to mainstream society. Where they can increasingly meet
the culture and language. They can also see more and more exciting
things, business, art, science, sports, music, etc. in the field have the
opportunity, and here there are many risks. I hope that everyone, you,
the audience can really feel that life is a great adventure. You can
also, like me.
3. The US-China bridge
Because my father's homeland feelings and Zhao Xicheng Jiang Zemin in
Shanghai Jiaotong University Yan deep friendship, Elaine Chao and senior
Chinese government has good relations. In recent years, Elaine Chao
visited China many times, by Jiang Zemin and other state leaders had a
cordial meeting. Chinese President Jiang Zemin and Premier Zhu Rongji
visited the United States, is also busy meeting with Elaine Chao, and had
a cordial conversation. Elaine Chao served on the Minister of the United
States Department of Labor hearing, Member of Parliament, words that
carry double probing Elaine Chao: "You became secretary of labor,
whether it will become a bridge between the United States?" Elaine
Chao is neither overbearing nor answered: "Bush the family itself
and the Chinese leaders have a very good relationship, I am Chinese
American, of course, The US-China hopes to become a bridge of friendship
between the two countries and contribute to the development. "has
always been loyal to ethnic Chinese to the United States has repeatedly
been suspected of Many people in the U.S. political arena was defeated,
which in itself is tired of the ethnic Chinese political opponents has
become a critical time in the killer. Elaine Chao has never denied that
his immigration status, even in his inaugural speech, she first of all
that, he was sitting in a boat came to this country. She said she
experienced the suffering of immigrant families, received a taste of
racial discrimination, so she did her best ability, to eliminate racial
discrimination, helping immigrant families achieve their dreams.

I want to say I do not want you to be, "Elaine," I hope that
you become your own. The United States is a very good country, it has
many many opportunities. Today, "Elaine Chao" may have reached
a very high position, tomorrow may not. Tomorrow may be more
opportunities for new, higher goals to pursue, I just might get the
position I've arrived, I could not up, so we need new leaders have
different ideas of the people, Therefore, they should strive to be their
own. I think this is very important, they should go find themselves in
the end want to do, to find in this community given the opportunity,
because the opportunities are endless. For example, when I grow up, I was
very timid, I am very afraid because, as Asians, we do not have a lot of
opportunities. Do you know if we have an opportunity to have his life for
them. So sometimes we would be very afraid of engaging in new things, or
we are too concerned about a small chance, because the opportunities in
those countries is not as much in this country. Here a chance to play
around in your flying. If you miss one, you do not have to worry too
much. You can look for other opportunities. I remember first met the
Chinese villagers, a farmer. He is trying to become a degree, he hopes
that by learning to put cattle out of the point where kerosene lamp. They
only have a chance to take part in a test, go to Beijing, but they
failed. After 20 years of their life is being destroyed. They hope, pray
and then be able to take part in a 20 years ago that examination. This is
not the United States, the United States if you wrong thing, not worry
too much, you can continue to move forward. I think I know this is the
single most important reason. Because in the past I was so afraid of
making mistakes, because I think if I made a mistake I will never have a
second chance, and ruin my life will be, will shame my parents. New York
Times Magazine to write Elaine Chao to shame her family. The United
States is not the case, there are many opportunities, so you want to work
hard to do, of course, must consider the matter carefully, not reckless,
we must consider the good, but if you really want to do it, you really
like to do something , then do it, think about it, then do it. If you
fail, does not matter. This is a country full of opportunity. If you
fail, you still have a lot of opportunities.

Oriental Phoenix new wings, Elaine Chao has took office. She was in
charge of the annual budget of 40 billion U.S. dollars, leading more than
17,000 employees, manages tens of millions of dollars in labor, she
should pay more for their hard work. Now, her 15 six-hour working day, it
is necessary to communicate with the trade unions, but also big companies
with big business ties, but also with Congress, and subordinates contact,
really busy. But she has been in high spirits and confident. No wonder
members of Congress said at the hearing: "Elaine Chao will be an
outstanding Secretary of Labor." She stressed that under the
leadership of the Labor Department in the use of her legal principle
protecting the interests of workers can not change, including the
guarantee that workers have safe working environment to ensure that they
work every day can be real honest remuneration ensuring for them from
racial discrimination in treatment. She said that the new century's
economic development model and the traditional development pattern is
very different, it will bring challenges to both employers and employees,
Wei Lai employers will not find a suitable workers had headache, but they
want those workers to be read training to posts. The functions of the
Ministry of Labour in the new century is to help people adapt to new
changes. Elaine Chao took office, set up two offices, one is "the
twenty-first century, the labor office" is a "Disability
Employment Policy Office." She said that we must focus on those who
because of disability is denied opportunities for people who work.

I would like 100 days I have to do first is to understand the sector, to
those professional staff to express my respect for them, to understand
their work in this general period, ask them to help me and us as soon as
possible, Mr. President work. So the first day I took office, I met the
all the staff. I hosted a coffee hour will be short. Then I inspected the
entire building, I get to know the building to the cleaners, for their
entire floor was so clean clean. I also visited the printing and
publishing room staff room. I just say thank you to the relative who, for
their work in this general period, they can continue our work.
Secondly, I want to simply learn more about our all important issues. We
have many very important issues. I want to make sure I made the right
decision. So I make sure they are in the professional expertise of staff
based on the decision. And I not only organized labor associations, I
would like to organize business associations, large, small businesses and
the labor sector on behalf of all members. So I'm going to know a lot of
different people, hear their ideas, so I can make good decisions.
My third goal is my long-term plans. In this regard, I might talk about
how much I prepare for the future of our workforce. This is the
Department of Labor, which represents all of the labor personnel,
currently it has 20% of the labor organization officer. The remaining are
those scattered small businessmen. But I also represent them. Census
shows that the U.S. is entering an aging population. This means that in
future we will be there for 50 years the lack of city workers. Therefore,
this issue concerns how we come to care for our aging population, to
ensure they get what they deserve financial security. But also involves
how we ensure there is a need for new staff, so there is an immigration
problem here. We will have new jobs and employees. I also worry about
technology issues on behalf of the missing. You know that there are many
well-paid technology jobs. Reward those who work well, and have
consequently a large number of millionaires. But there are many, many
people can not do the job. So there is a missing generation of technical
problems. Our department's goal is to solve this problem on behalf of the
labor shortage. Of course, technology is the lack of on behalf of the
nature of the problem, our task is to help our country for the 21st
century a truly global and highly competitive labor market.

Four or five years from the 19th century, large numbers of Chinese
immigrants to the western United States gold rush began, and now have 160
years of history. During this period the United States often use a
variety of popular grounds for preventing diseases, carry out anti-
Chinese action. In 1882 the United States through the Chinese Exclusion
Act, to prevent Chinese laborers into the United States, and prohibited
the Chinese to obtain U.S. citizenship through naturalization. Until
December 1943 17 Sub-Roosevelt signed the Chinese Exclusion Act repealed.
Notorious Chinese Exclusion Act, passing into history. During the 61
years of anti-Chinese law was the first time in U.S. history, a race
against a bill into the United States. No one thought of 120 years, the
United States from the Chinese "coolies",
"exploitation" that when any of the Minister of Labour, how is
traversed a long and miserable road.

I think we have opened more than 30 years ago. Of course there is no
doubt there will be many problems. Example, difficulties, challenges,
obstacles, why not fair. But I believe we will do. Because the population
is changing, we will see that day will be closer. Now, you know, us Asian
Americans, Hispanic Americans, African-American majority. Electoral
politics before they have a growing influence. And you know, this is a
pluralistic country, we all have influence in elections.
4. Chinese and Western culture and life
Sworn in later, Elaine Chao issued a rather philosophical speech. She
said: the earnest parents to teach and the United States to provide her
with the possibility of leading to success, but success hinges on the
realization of their continuous efforts and constant competition; and the
American spirit of excellence and Chinese modesty, hard work combine the
spirit, it is her biggest competition in the capital. As a cultural gap
in the elegant ferry who, Elaine Chao can be said that people who fish
and eat it, when the past became a stumbling block in the United States
when she was, she never remember the past, but concentrate on the
present. She absorbed the most advanced things in the West, while not
giving up its own rich tradition. She maintained contact with overseas
Chinese, often visit Chinatown, the Chinese community to participate
actively in the activities.

I think the impact of the Asian tradition of my particularly deep, I
think it is a part of me, and always will be. I learned from my Asian
tradition has been a lot of power. I think she gave me a lot of support,
emotional support. In my difficulties, she really have to give me endless
confidence. I think we Asians often have a long-term view. You know, we
always try not to be too high nor too low, we always try to maintain a
balance, very strong. We Asian emphasis on family and education. So I
think those are very, very good, and to support our tradition. For me, my
Asian culture and Asian background are all aspects of power. For example,
you know, I'm at my desk arrayed with many photos, I like to do so. One
of them is my father to visit the home when it is shot. He and I visited
China in 1981, when China started to carry out modernization, is still
relatively poor, but my father wanted to take a look at home, take a look
at the situation over there. In order to welcome the village have built a
special road, very clean and pack up the whole village, and sent their
best gift. Do you think I shot this photo over there, it is a very
backward place. A group of kids around, next to a pig. I shot this
picture is like in my difficulties is that it can remind myself that
since my father to survive, they did so very well, and come out from that
environment, so if I was her daughter, and I certainly be able to face
and overcome any difficulties. This reminds me a lot of confidence and
strength. When I face difficulties, I told myself I am a Chinese, we have
5,000 years of history, although we have experienced difficulties. I will
survive, so that we must use these to encourage ourselves, we come from a
great history, great people. We are all Americans now, it is also part of
our heritage, our cultural traditions will become more rich and powerful.

Elaine Chao, and parents for the first time in 1981, returned to his
hometown Shanghai Malu Town, Jiading, contributions to two million yuan
to build the kernel kindergarten to her grandfather's name is Jen. Elaine
Chao 8-year-old with his parents emigrated to the U.S., from a little
girl did not know the word to more than 17,000 employees of the United
States led the Minister of Labour, some assessment of her intelligence,
diligence, strong at the same time without losing the gentle and filial
piety. In her body, not only has the Chinese modesty, the virtue of hard
work, but also American competition, the advantages of tolerance and
honesty. Elaine likes to play golf, horse riding and ice skating, but
also a good piano playing is first-hand.

I have very good parents, and very good family. I think that the
understanding of our vision is very important. I'm lucky I have a very
good family background, I have received a good education, and when I do
some risky things such as access to government, I always get the support
from my parents. Because the Government is not very safe, you know, to me
the President, the President go I left, I do not want to stay with the
new president, for fear of mistakes, because the idea of the government
work so unsafe, but I hope I parents as I am proud to bring glory to my
family, I always like to wish our community a better place, but it also
means I have to take risks, sometimes I have to do something does not
succeed in the beginning thing. Do you know these things are not sure of.
So I constantly update my thoughts. If there is anything I failed, I can
always go home.

Elaine Chao's father, Zhao Xicheng early 40s graduated from Shanghai
Jiaotong University, current chairman and general manager of the United
States Linfair shipping companies, shipping U.S. financial circles. Mulan
Zhu mother is a model wife and mother. Some harsh talk about Elaine
Chao's success, the media are all also praised Road, "Elaine Chao
that neither haughty nor humble, reserved and with a moderate ethnic
Chinese honor the temperament, the family from her special
education." Even the Bush president in office, have very seriously
to his wife Barbara, said Zhao should be open-minded and learn how to
raise the children! . "Love not Johnson, not strictly tied" is
a method of educating children Zhao father; "knowledge is
power" and "contribute more to society" concept, is
training his children home. Elaine Chao is the home of the eldest of five
sisters, her parents the most stringent requirements. Young, every
Saturday afternoon, his father must bring home some of their sisters, the
dandelion dig up the grass, turn around the backyard swimming pool clean
of garbage, in front of 120 yards of asphalt Drive is also a father to
lead them a little paved. Every night, five sisters together serious
homework, homework. As parents, strict education, Zhao five daughters
excel in skills and learn something special, called "Zhao Five
Golden Flowers." Elaine Chao is the boss, she and Er Mei Siu Mei,
Simei kiosk, fifth sister Angie is a graduate of Harvard University,
Sanmei small just is Doctor of Law at Columbia University.
Elaine Chao is always filled grew up in Western culture, excellent
tutoring has made her the virtue of adhering to the Chinese nation. Fresh
out of college, her father's shipping company to a course, especially to
her father to do some difficult task, she always make the work done,
well, not because his father is chairman of the choosers, sloppy engaged.
Elaine Chao into Huantu the years, develop the virtue Quesihaowei small
change. No matter how busy, no matter in what place she called home every
week must know I was safe. Even when the Deputy Minister of
Communications, home for dinner, they often compete to hold rice a tea
for the elders. During festive seasons or parents birthday, Betty always
have to fly back to her parents, and family members to share their

My father told me just a natural guide, more of my own interest I hope to
do more useful in this industry things aspirations. He always try to help
them. He also passed on these things to his children. We can help others,
we should help others, so With this concept, you know, I participated in
many additional cultural activities. School extra-curricular activities I
have always been particularly active. And when I am a banker, though I'm
busy, but I always participate in voluntary work, always try to help
people. So when I became a director of Peace in my volunteer work is a
natural extension of this area. Only this time is to do volunteer work
for a peaceful organization, but also threw himself to.
Elaine Chao is Chao's last unmarried daughter, Elaine Chao in early 1993
engaged in industry and 51-year-old Kentucky Republican Senator Mai
Kangnuo married, the year she was four years old.

I try to find a Chinese boy, but I was too high, my mother always worried
about me. You know, she is also very high, so very late marriage. I heard
that my husband and I want to get married is a bit funny. I want him to
go to my home, and it must come to me when I marry him for the whole
family. So he went to visit my family. We sat at the table, the side of
our sister sitting at the table, my father sitting at the table of one,
my mother sitting on the other end. I sat next to his father, looking to
find my husband, my fiance. My friends and me. He had told me that his
father and sister to do what he wanted to marry me, he would take care of
me. So my sisters looked at him again from scratch in place, he nodded
his head, they agreed. You know, Mitch is 10 years old than me, so think
he has such a person to undergo this kind of thing is a bit ridiculous.

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