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					Development of young lawyers and Thinking
Shanghai Lawyers Association A research on the survival of young lawyers
in the legal profession is very broad impact. Sample of the research
project more than a thousand people, the age of the respondents were
concentrated in 25 to 35 years old, in them, less than 5 million annual
income ratio of 60%, 82.8% of the respondents believed that the current
low income or very low , in particular the first two years in practice,
it is easy to make ends meet.
According to my understanding, currently 14.5 million people nationwide
lawyer, 2007, 16 million yuan and per capita income, but accounted for
60% of the total number of lawyers per capita income of young lawyers is
less than 10 million, some less than 20,000 yuan annual income .
?First, the low status of young lawyers
Say that lawyers are highly paid professional, but this definition
seemingly should be changed to, barristers or lawyers are paid into the
hand job, young lawyers clearly do not belong to this category (of course
does not exclude a very small number). Many young lawyers in big cities,
often as large entourage of lawyers, doing the work, and many are far
removed from the legal profession.
More in large cities, the more intense competition, where young lawyers
in the low state, the more apparent.
Second, the short life cycle of young lawyers
In accordance with the standards of higher authorities, young lawyers
practicing lawyer should be 25-35. Around us, these young lawyers age
life cycle of worrying.
For example, this group of young lawyers, when they are full of
enthusiasm, into the threshold of a lawyer. Extremely cruel practice
environment, directly to these people pushed to the brink of survival. In
front of Shanghai's research article on mentioned, 10% of the young
lawyers, directly at this stage, 2-3 years, to quit the industry. Can be
said that some of the young lawyers group, in the beginning of this
stage, it was evaporated environment, practicing life in such a time, not
to mention cycle.
When the young lawyers who survived continue to struggle in the ideal and
reality, due to the increasing external pressure, the characteristics of
the rapid consumption of young lawyers no. I often see this with the
industry, 30 years of age, 40 years old to do school, 50-year-old
mentality. Needless to say, decreasing the number of young lawyers, but
also constantly lower quality.
Third, poor enabling environment for young lawyers
"The Church of the disciples, starved to death master", this
sentence is now in the legal profession there is still no small impact.
Young lawyers have their own unique strengths, but also lack of social
resume, which lack sources, not promote their own shortcomings. This
time, it needs a good enabling environment. However, the current social
competition, coupled with the impact of stereotypes, so that no reliable
most of the young lawyers, no one can find. Without strong external
support, young lawyers to succeed, probably more time-consuming,
consuming more energy.
Such a severe situation, how young lawyers in such difficult
circumstances, our own development, and strengthen ourselves, to achieve
the ideal, this proposition is indeed worthy of attention.
Thoughts of a young lawyer practicing high ideals is most important.
In today's ruthless competition in the face of society, often in the
interests of the game and the spirit of the age, a noble ideal practice
is to resolve all the problems of the premise. "Law is not a belief
that exists in name only", young lawyers should establish their own
strong convictions and lofty ideals, the only way we will not be afraid
of any difficulties.
Turning to the ideal, perhaps contrary to the trend of modern society to
pursue, but as a practitioner in one, I am a lawyer practicing
exceptionally good work for lawyers, especially young lawyers the
importance of the work.
Lawyers, "the law evangelist, knight of justice." Young lawyers
to keep their own mental space to add oxygen, as a young lawyer in charge
of departments, as the senior mentor young lawyers, young lawyers should
also ideal and ethics, and provide the appropriate conditions. Only by
working together, our young lawyers not only practicing the ideal and the
reality of the collision, the increasingly barren.
Second thought, young lawyers of excellent professional knowledge is an
important condition for the success of practice
"Make bricks without straw his tools", and all occupations,
excellent professional qualities, it is also essential to the success of
young lawyers conditions. Lawyer's professional knowledge, embodied in
two aspects:
First, professional knowledge
Professional knowledge is the basis of professional competence. Coban
mostly young lawyers graduate with a good theoretical basis. Subject to
judicial examination, but also have a grade raised. But the ivory tower,
theoretical study and the judicial examination on paper, when in actual
combat, is not enough.
In the end what lawyers need the professional knowledge? Too much.
Lawyers will make any educated person, on their own knowledge, are
You are good at financial business? Then the funds, futures, stocks, how
do you have some knowledge.
You are good at the real estate business? Then the country's land,
housing, auction, bidding, etc., you should know.
Specializes in intellectual property cases your agent? I am afraid you
have to Shangzhi astronomer and geography.
A successful lawyer, he is a social activist, he is a speaker, he is a
legal theory, he is a political person, he is a businessman, and even he
may be a model. As a young lawyer, we have to learn too much.
Second, professional competence
Talk about capacity, I am reminded of my teachers have taught us.
Lawyer's expertise can be simply summed up in three areas:
1, beak
Ru group of words, millions of smart remarks defeat Xiong Bing; generous
remarks, a statement said unto the learned best v. 100; and emotionally
moving, a word of sincere Souls moved heaven and earth, are among this
court loss to all between the debate in this court. Young lawyers the
most basic skill, is eloquent, is beak. The iron, iron on iron in the
argument rigorous, through a rain storm; side is unaware words,
unassailable. Young lawyers how their expertise in this bad of silver
tongue, mastery, practice is very important
2, stylus
Lawyer's eloquence, only the short time trial in the courts, lawyers
usually work, most legal instruments should be is writing. The number of
cases, there is the number of petitions, agents words, the word defense,
applications, etc., non-litigation of the instrument is complicated.
Legal instruments of writing different from other instruments of writing,
required the use of legal logic, the correct idea of the release of the
brush, writing instrument will not deviate from the direction of the work
of lawyers will not error. Most young lawyers came into contact with the
work is legal instruments. Correctly grasp the legal instruments of
writing, so that argument is correct, quoted accurately, to grasp the
basic skills of practicing one of their own.
3, iron legs
Iron leg refers to the investigative capacity of lawyers. Young lawyers
to overcome the lazy mood, all should be more investigation.
Investigation should be divided into two parts; first evidence of the
investigation; Second, data research. Now the office equipment and office
conditions, compared to the previous 10 years, we can say Well do not
know how many times. Under such conditions, young lawyers can better
fulfill iron leg-like investigation.
Thinking three, young lawyers should focus on lawyer marketing
Love Chinese lawyer marketing Poole will be a more concise statement:
lawyer "marketing means to win and keep customers or clients."
????As every young lawyer, to talk about any good questions, we must
consider survival. Not the case the source, no income, can not exist, we
can not talk about the further development of the future.
"Gentlemen's love of money, in a proper way" and now the market
economy, we do not need to talk about money at the mere mention. In the
legal market have risen to the level of theory, when young lawyers on the
new proposition should generate sufficient attention.
How to win and keep your customers or clients? Rule out the quality of
personal practice, I think there are the following:
1, with the most primitive manner, starting from the relatives and
People in the community, there is a also a circle. The most primitive,
that is, their loved ones, this push. In accordance with the degree of
kinship, a growing circle. In these circles, starting from the closest
circle. Continue to give them to strengthen the impression I am a lawyer,
legal issues often go to help them. In accordance with the domino effect,
may be paid little by little, the future may produce an unexpected
2, looking for a good senior mentor
If a young lawyer can practice at the beginning, he would face such a
good lawyer, or face a fine tradition of young lawyers to assist lawyers,
then it is a blessing.
3, active part in public welfare activities, to provide more legal aid
First of all we need to confirm, to participate in public welfare
activities and legal assistance is the obligation of each lawyer. For
young lawyers, but should actively participate. The reason is simple, the
early practice, the case certainly not much. Participate in such
activities, on one hand, their social communication is an exercise, while
it also enhances their practical experience. And selflessly to help
people in need, only then can there be people remember you.
4, through modern means of propaganda and their own
Young lawyers on the computer network would not be unfamiliar. Blog, QQ,
MSN ... ..., too many promotional tools, and individuality, absolutely
Young lawyers are lawyers the cause of our country to the future,
although the current problems in Existence, however, Xiangxinjingguo
multitudinous youth Lawyers Does senior lawyer and the parent department
Guan Huai Bang Zhu, Yi Ding young lawyers will flourish, Chengweirenmin
assured of Counsel successors.

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