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Bicycle at the Institute, in libraries will face a downhill, I
subconsciously brake tight security, but found no response, had to let
cars go so red -
What? ! Downhill corner there? ! !
That downhill - the corner looks cramps, grim, as if the monster Xuepen
large openings, mercilessly devour all the fingertips of the delicious
... ...
At this time the bike has lost reason, it is rushed straight to the
corner of the lawn. I think and try it some time in the downhill high
bar, to the plains, the natural rate on small down.
At this time my heart has fear to the extreme, the whole body trembling,
his hands firmly holding the handlebars, and the sweat, rickety bike of
that turned the corner to be greeted is not flat, but -
A good steep uphill! ! !
Heart suddenly jumped throats. I hasten to use the pedal, the bike under
the action of the friction began to do reluctantly uniform deceleration,
may be already too much initial velocity, forced rushed to the almost 90
¡ã uphill! ! !
God, I come ... ...
Seems a matter of course, my feet had become stiff as trembling, stopped
cycling. Cycling in the slope of punched stagger, Lianren Dai cars roll
along the ground -
Whole body a gust of impact, eyes of a black, was found to have kissed
the face of the earth.
Rumble ing ... ... I'm super close to her on the floor of the dust and
leaves a daze at least 10s, was slow to get up and sit on the grass
paralyzed. Cycling also devastated to lie down on the ground, have hit
the front shape.
Fresh and strong winds here, I did not aware of his injury must have a
multiple, but sighed deeply, then looked at the sky trance.
Long, long time ... ... every day since the nest from a holiday at home,
so in the Songshan Lake in fresh air is rare, by the point of injury Ye
Hao, out at home all day than sports injuries to the brain injured
sleeping well.
Hawking whole body paralyzed people can be developed lot, actually the
Tired, strange, only just come out ... ... but people just fear of fear
ah. Yu live in this wild and uninhibited to the bike really is not easy
to do. Like Yu-live their own future.
Or take the old road it, originally intended to familiarize yourself with
the library side of the road, did not think the downhill - the corner -
along with playing tricks on me uphill.
Slowly near the playground on the flat road riding, passers-by look at my
face are related to not the same as usual, but I was too lazy to go to
Yuxin Lei Qin Lang Corner, experience love, I encounter bad road! ! ! I
complained to the side of his face was expressionless. But to go all the
way to avoid the corner, because I have fear, and fear over the corner
after experiencing what I fear.
A home inspection wound, only to find almost disfigured bird: Ukraine has
a large nose, and the wound is very symmetrical, do not know people still
think that I do what nose job, where people are kept in the blood, in
addition to This addition to whole body had bruises.
Deserve. Confucius teaches us: too far. Chong too carried away, not only
did not achieve the purpose of exercise, but also harm the body.
"Is your own useless it! I go there every day for wisdom for not
wrestling Well?!" Dad shouted unceremoniously. He always, do not
regard me as a girl, and boys always asked me the same indestructible. I
am not impossible, but vary somewhat and less, I have not Sheshi
Moreover, how do you know who the next corner waiting for me after what
will brutal and ferocious challenge? How can I do as fearless as boys do?
A brother, you have the ability renewable ah, but I do not need to
protect my brother or my brother being bullied at school had. Now is the
high school.
"Who knows it has a corner after the hill it!" My voice is
smaller than the mosquitoes. In fact, I have a more convincing objective
fact: that bike bad brakes When you're clear. But I thought before the
first one, because it is an intuitive question: are not familiar with the
intersection do not know, who would expect that will be encountered after
the corner, even guess, the reaction was not so popular here, especially
if you gave birth to a daughter ... so slow ...
This path in life, we have gone through too many corners. Some of the
corner will make you bad situation better, and some will make your
situation worse, some will let you in danger, the people ending up badly
beaten, battered.
Worse still, some invisible corner, turn the still unconscious.
Is also a hot it figure flown in August ... ...
High and one little brother little sister who should start military
training instead. Ha, I have fond memories of that time carrying a father
and mother slipping into Nanning to go into the Third miles, was 29 Road
unwittingly pulled to Dongguan, this is said to be the best secondary
Dongguan is the best? Well, then I do not care the envy of junior high
school students: the best so what, I do not care, I only care about their
mood happy and comfortable! ! ! Even people in this place, then do not
understand me how to make friends, how to live ah? ? ? ! ! !
No more then the passion and curiosity, I remember one summer I heard two
days of the West Junior High School to another super-nice new super-
luxury to the Agricultural School Road near the campus, I would hold back
any longer to bike every afternoon to go over the new campus. After that
summer can be in the test, I do blame the legendary Guan no interest in
school, there is no hope and imagination, with the idea to see if it did
When I bang to the heavy baggage when carried to 8th floor, cold and dull
the face of a whole summer has been even angry again.
High school students with middle school classes, 8 different ah ... ...
they want to warm more! Those in middle school classmate who had all of
my impression of Dongguan. 8 classes of people may really not the same it
just did not expect this high one (1) class for the first time I am in
Dongguan, a class of warm.
Originally thought that the students own sense of Dongguan is always
pale, cold, feel like being in the world, the invisible film with a layer
of sealing themselves up, but entered the classroom, the film suddenly
It seems time to put away those childish and unrealistic illusions of the
past have been irrevocably, now you irresistibly to integrate into the
immediate environment! ! !
In order to forget it as soon as his elusive past, I try to let myself be
bright, more so, they inevitably hit a wall several times - frustrated
that, I decided to insist on the original idea: I will never can not be
on this group, the city in love! ! !
May in fact already own charge.
Leave that day to see the students busy figure, suddenly sad.
You going? It is hard to gather in the classroom yet? A ban has existed
in name only it?
Sudden surprise; I doing? ! Did not you say will never be integrated into
the collective right?
Oh, ha ha ha ... ... 1 year is too short, the road of life we just
hastily looked at each, but also their access to their next
reincarnation. That instant heat transfer, but also how long?
Just passing Bale.
After a corner, vulnerable heart had extreme fear - having to deal with
sophomore corner that I do not know to graduate in 2009 shattered that
day will do?
Fear of change, often change is the most experienced people, ah ... ...
Despite knowing that life does not stop, change will not stop. Can not
know since when, I weakened heart can no longer bear the terrible change
that again and again ... ...
Sophomore school ... ... and also to face the environment, new
classmates, new teachers. Haha, sure, or that of the new environment of
fear to the trembling, stammered a word and then had to squeeze out the
silly nonsense Niu it, but also perhaps, at the time because of Dongguan
in this cave is also a loss point clear bottom line, it should be like a
bar, after all, have had an experience.
Sunset sunset fall, 1000 owned by birds.
City closed, the lights, the 10 000 students warm oven.
Wander. Docked. Evening breeze. Waning moon.
Every corner of the original, are how can we know good and bad fortune.