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									Chief Financial Officer to be of concern

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) as a very important business in senior
management positions, is inserted in between the financial markets and
value-based management an integral role. They stood between shareholders
and managers is an important strategic decision-making and implementation
of one.
Modern sense, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), to undertake the
corresponding responsibility to have superior ability to learn. Must
break the traditional financial perspective, from a strategic perspective
to examine the financial and accounting issues; understood corporate
governance, capital operation and the operation of such means of
knowledge; effective control and prevention of corporate risk; a lot of
contact with domestic and international cutting-edge financial management
knowledge and information ; in-depth understanding of the relevant
international rules and relevant experience from international companies.
Tsinghua University, famous integrated training resources together Juban
institutional advantages, "Finance Director Ren Zheng combat type
courses", invited financial finance area-class experts, professors,
and Chief Financial Officer of the world famous enterprises to share with
you the financial practices the most practical and swift practical
methods and skills, a comprehensive upgrade their ability to solve
With your questions and cases to make combat experts and your students
on-site analysis of ... ...
Sponsored by Continuing Education of Tsinghua University

Special Features
? internationally renowned institutions: organized by the Tsinghua
University, and integration of leading training institutions - the
public-line Course Management Consultants Ltd., based on the local
community to provide international training classes.
? teacher lineup: from famous universities such as Tsinghua University
professor, co-taught Chinese and foreign well-known business executives.
? teaching advanced: case teaching, simulation, group guidance, teacher-
student interaction.
? course practical: to Director-level senior managers tailor made
operable, to learn and use.
? best platform: student exchanges, wisdom of the collision; strengthen
cooperation, resource sharing.
Student object
Chief Financial Officer, Chief Accountant, Finance Manager, and related
financial decision makers.
First, the core courses (18 days + 2 days face to face courses TOP-CFO
Summit + senior financial management topics in more than Sharon,
Second, the European Business School - e-learning distance required
Topics topics
u stress management stress management one of the dual nature of one of u
Innovation Management: Innovation in process and management points
u stress management of two successful implementation of stress management
u Innovation Management II: Management of Creativity

Some teachers
Chen Jinrong teacher
AACTP certified instructor, lecturer in a management consulting firm.
Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economics and Management of Tsinghua
University. Visiting Professor, Beijing Information Technology Institute;
MOTOROLA University professor; Visiting Professor, University of
Shougang. Beijing Vocational College was the academic member of
Electronic Information, Department Head; Ministry of Finance Research
Institute of China Electronic Information Industry, Deputy Director,
General Manager; research and results: The main research direction for
the strategic management, public financial management, capital
operations, corporate control.
Real options, corporate teacher
AACTP certified instructor, a freelance management consultant trainer.
Tsinghua University corporate finance professor, the number of doctor of
economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of
Management and Harvard Business School visiting scholar. Currently Deputy
Director of Finance Department of Tsinghua University. Main research
areas: strategic corporate finance and behavioral corporate finance,
capital operation and value of the company management behavior and
strategies, mergers and acquisitions and restructuring, investment
valuation model and its applications. He is also the earliest of the
value of foreign listed companies in the management of one scholar.
Wen Zhaowen teacher
AACTP certified instructor, lecturer in a management consulting firm. In
domino (China) Co., Ltd., Motorola (China) Company, Gloucester Dayton
Purina (China) Company and a number of famous foreign company as chief
financial officer positions, with 10 years of "World five
hundred," Financial Management work experience, has a wealth of
practical experience. Master of financial management in the West, has a
number of large companies to organize and guide the financial management.
Tsinghua University, also served as guest lecturer in MBA classes and
CFO. Wen teachers have deep theoretical knowledge, 32 related to
auditing, accounting, economics article in the "Economic
Times", "Daily" and a dozen national and provincial
newspapers and journals, two were awarded the National Grand Prize paper.
Courses related to "international norms Budget Management",
"Financial Analysis and Control", "internal control and
business process optimization," "financial team building and
mental development training". Open class, 98% out of house training
courses, customer support rate of 99%.
Lee recorded a teacher
AACTP certified instructor, GEC approved trainer. Graduate, senior
accountants, tax agents registered in China, the National Accounting
Institute Visiting Professor, Chair Professor of Tsinghua University,
nationally known experts in tax planning combat operations, who has
hundreds of the country as a senior tax consultant company to design the
optimal tax scheme. First established in the domestic tax planning
"to introduce the variable" and "factors" are two
theories, the risk of tax chief architect of three-dimensional control
systems. China Central Television, China's tax reporting, tax planning
Chinese financial newspaper interview guests, and many dozens of cities
across the country hold special report.
Learning Certification
? complete the courses and pass an examination, those who pass inspection
issued by the School of Continuing Education Tsinghua University,
Tsinghua University, "Chief Financial Officer of combat-type
training course" Certificate of Completion. Tsinghua University,
education and training certificates are special stamp and seal of
Continuing Education, Tsinghua University website and in certification.
Learning arrangements
Duration: active learning, semester ten months, every two months focused
on class four days (Thursday to Sunday) classes.
Training Location: Tsinghua University report: 2009 5 ÔÂ 13 ÈÕ (ÖÜÈý)
Time: May 14, 2009 -5 17 months next issue of the Commencement Date: July
Training costs
A total of 19,800 yuan. (Including teaching fees, materials fees,
certificate fees, teaching management fees). Students learn to assist in
arranging accommodation in our hospital during the period, their own
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