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									Chen Lin and her husband Zhang Chaofeng Chen Lin and Zhang Chaofeng
pictures @ 2 - Chen Lin Zhang Chaofeng ¡¾
Chen Lin and her husband Zhang Chaofeng Chen Lin and Zhang Chaofeng
pictures @ 2 - Chen Lin Zhang Chaofeng ¡¾
Or home economics, there are extremely different.
??????????????????????- Hangzhou housekeeper at home have been in
January, thanks hometown people.
???A friend sent a message today so I watched the CCTV "today,
saying," I say that they are 11 recorded before the holiday, now
housekeeper Miss Cheng has been working for a month, a very good
relationship with me just yet, and I went to Zhuhai.
???I found this online video programs and looked at. Frankly, the
position of program is very neutral, very good. But the real problem
reflected in domestic markets has not been a better analysis and
expression. But still saw the good news, Komori has entered the love-
ning's training courses, formal training in home economics, and recently
I also saw a message that we are employing a company in Ningbo, she was a
sales supervisor, this position I find more suitable for Komori, also
asked businesses to give her hometown this training opportunity, I always
thought that if she can do easily some, not so great mental stress of
work will have heart, should hand a number. After all, it is difficult to
change the market in the service who thought their lowly status, the need
for all of us to improve the conceptual change.
Back to Hangzhou to find the "Golden Key Manager", for Hangzhou
96365 Hotline
???Nanny door, there are many care about my friends a message, phone want
to help me, some domestic companies through a number of channels to
contact me, by the end of September I contacted by a media Hangzhou
Zhejiang Hangzhou, a service group - three for Group and made contact
with them. Previously I have considered looking for a lifestyle the same
home, and this time contacted, and we also saw some information through
this enterprise situation.
???The Group is principally engaged in services, Hangzhou 96365 service
hotline operator. This year has just set up a "golden key butler
center." So, we will some habits in my life, probably the work,
including some of my preferences. Summarizes the more than 5,000 words to
them, eventually they delineated the candidates for me, is now in my home
butler service - Zheng sister.
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Zheng sister agreed to our photos posted to the blog, this is our go to
Qingdao Laoshan.
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Qingdao sailing school sports athlete members of the Committee for
inviting us out to sea on boats, Zheng sister is always with me.
Network video, telephone to determine candidate
???Zheng sister is in Lake people, engaged in domestic industry for some
time, but after more than two months of training to become a golden key
steward. As far away from Beijing, Hangzhou, we have decided through
communication network video and housekeeper, an online hear the sound, I
first feel the intimacy found Zheng sister's voice and like my mother,
although her speak Mandarin with some " Zhejiang taste ", but
for me it was very cordial.
????After that, we contact them several times, and discuss the specific
content of the work. Including my nursing training, we also prepared a
five nursing manual, specific to some of the methods of catheterization.
Thus, Cheng sister before in my daily life to all with understanding.
????We would also like to let Cheng sister to look at the situation at
home, take a look at the specific work at home because the nurse wh o had
felt the heavy workload of my house, too tired. 3 for the company and
Zheng sister blog to see my family in the basic situation, decided to
send Ms Cheng to Beijing.
One person in charge of all the family housekeeper House, we are all TV
???Zheng sister got home, Huang has been the kitchen of smoke and deal
with the dirtiest places clean. She got home at night to lay down their
luggage, they begin to organize, clean, the action is very quick and
neat, even before my nanny who I have not seen this kind of action.
???Zheng sister to the house, my home is described as "ass big
spots." Spent a morning time, she basically get my house clean, get
started the next day began to carry out sterile catheterization
operation, how to hold me up and down wheelchair, also a native dishes
for me.
???Bargain to the vegetable market to buy food, use water -saving taps
attention, wiping down a few days to 2 times ssssss, I am very relieved
Cheng sister. This is a business trip to Hangzhou, go before I must be in
accordance with previously told the habit of taking things, such as
adequate drugs, catheters, sterilized utensils. But this time something
Zheng sister are early to put my suitcase, she brought enough catheter.
This is what make our province a lot of heart, heart felt a lot of
???Some people have always thought that a person is really difficult to
take care of me, even before the job is like my nanny the same as the
media has said. At first, I want to consult with the three requests for a
part-time workers to share the work of Cheng sister, but since she came
home, she told me that her people can get, but I also skeptical.
???But after some time, I found their work arrangements Zheng sister
orderly, into the kitchen to cook 40 minutes, catheterization less than
30 minutes. Brushing every day when she Dunbu again, then wipes the
corner some hair and dust removal. Basically, she took home the morning
to wash the clothes of health and all are done up.
???Afternoon, if I'm at home, while I was playing on the computer on the
micro-Bo, she read in the edge of the TV, chatting with me. We all like
to run into the TV, I also gave up other things, with her view, we talk
TV series in which the hero. Zheng sister's mantra: "This is
laughable Le", let me forget me and her are in the north.
???Sometimes she also buy some snacks from the supermarket, and I shared
with her. All right, she and I talk to her little sister, talk to her
son. Her home in the Lake, a few days ago to her hometown to Beijing to
work and asked if I may come home to see me, they know that there Zheng
sister came to Beijing to a Sunland home, want to come see her . So I
agreed, but then I interviewed at home, just let Zheng sister and they
went out to eat to eat, chat. Later, I interview until late, have not
been able to eat with them, or very regrettable.
Beijing should learn better management of domestic experience
????Just before contact with domestic companies in Beijing, of course, I
also believe that a good nanny and good domestic companies have, but I
have not really met. From the "Today saying," I see some
columns on the nurse said he's working very low, sometimes suffer from
discrimination. I think no need so that the nanny housekeeper Yehao worth
mentioning, is to serve the employer, this is a job is a career. We can
not say that some employers find fault in life, they become
discrimination, what do you think of those people with disabilities, they
were of much less than you is not looked down upon, but the key is to
look at a person's state of mind.
????I went to Zhuhai in the past few days, there are friends to invite to
dinner and Zheng sister not to go, she said to rest in the hotel, or
ordering a meal package to her on the line. That she th ought were my
friends, my friends and I get along among themselves should be more
space. The work of some of the reception, hospitality, she do not like
that kind of occasion. If I need her help, she must go. After my sister
Zheng, Huang went to a few insiders have a separate beach dinner, the
meal she ate very fragrant.
????I went to Hangzhou for the group dedicated to the three subsidiary of
domestic companies, their housekeeper, nanny is after 2 months of pre-job
training, and the sum of my pottery to go about their every day there are
tens of dollars training allowance It is also encouraging them to
complete the training, or do not make money every day to train, who
willing to attend training ah? Many of their employees are as a company
employee, staff of the home service users and employers, giving them the
three insurance companies, retirement they can enjoy retirement, many
employees are very positive, and the company have the responsibility to
be even more certain.
????Contrast, domestic companies I have encountered, although large in
scale, but mainly intermediate-type company, should not be referred to as
domestic companies, they are introduced in the labor on, not sending.
????Of course, belongs to the Yangtze River Delta region of Zhejiang, a
relatively developed economy, of course, the boss has a lot of money in
the household need to provide a wide range of services, and even there
the employer's I've heard there are more than 10 pieces of kitchen towel,
have different usefulness. Increasing in our life today, serving the
business customer should be more to address the question, and I feel that
Beijing's number of domestic companies to look at the strengths of
others, we should not always complain about their jobs humble, nanny
quality is not high, Jia Zheng Inc. employers and parents as a nanny,
your responsibility is to make both parties are happy, but now, through
this "view all" program, in my view is not optimistic. Just
from my aunt left the house before the term this company now h eard from
sufficient explanation.
First, domestic companies should have a positive attitude
???Between the employer and the nanny problems, domestic companies under
contract to carry out measurement is correct, but this program I just saw
a return visit nanny domestic companies, but no one Huifang me but never
been at home. Said the nurse suggested that the two people to take care
of that live too tired, then I can only tell you my personal experience,
because you do not train, resulting in the employe r's nanny all day
running around in circles, or even a meal to two and a half hours This is
too difficult for them was. To know through vocational training, well-
trained hands of deft aunt, and all processing will be relatively
appropriate. We just saw the Beijing home economics, but we should take
to see Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shanghai, home economics, although others
have this kind of problem, but only the people from those cities to
provide the service hotline to see what we have been missing.
???Need to drain my family, my home for the elderly to take care of my
family child care sssss so no one thing can be solved satisfactorily,
requires more than just one, two domestic companies, but more of a sense
of public service change . Home Economics: Please do not blame your
employees from the old border and poor areas, not to emphasize the
difficulty, starting with your business idea and service awareness
started to change it.
Attention to the right in nanny, please attach importance to the rights
of employers
???Many friends have told me that things can not be mentioned nanny,
because they are migrant workers are vulnerable, I think home economics,
do not mention what the industry vulnerable groups, and users to pay for
services, nanny or domestic company that provides is a very direct
trading and contractual relations. 1 minute advance notice is to inform
the employer, 1 day in advance notice is not to quibble over. If you pay
attention to the nanny and the employer's rights, then you will find a
way to help the first time nanny and my aunt together to solve this
problem. If the aunt made me leave the house immediately after the people
to serve, not because of "helpless" screenwriters, aunt back
home immediately. The fact is I did not replace the aunt, an aunt was not
any to go home before.
???Whether you are concerned about the right nanny or you are concerned
about the rights of the employer, in this center is to provide services
to you, then you are concerned about the rights and obligations of both
parties. Do not just think I'll get a nanny, nanny is my man, you are
standing on a ship, even through thick and thin. But the employers who
stand in a boat and then? Certainly nanny, and nanny do unsatisfactory
time? Employers certainly shaky boat.
???Respect for the nanny, this is inevitable, she came to the house in
the hands of all the initiative, did you decide to eat, did you go to the
toilet and decided to breastfeed your child points it is fed or not fed
ssssss family is not a battlefield, insisted all day lives of the people
who smoke Gaode confused quality of life decline?
???My aunt's old dog will bite bad shoes, I feel obliged to buy her a
pair of natural new. I do own activities and others donated to the aunt
of my new clothes to wear, can I order staged a "theater of
war." If you can not face up to domestic companies the right of the
employer, then you trained nanny, housekeeper, and you will be the same
as ignoring the employer's right to ignore the money paid by the
???Nanny need better rest, who can work without rest? Who hardening with?
Aunt nanny service poor families, are these the stiffness of the
families? Seemingly contradictory, but we must also consider the root
causes of conflict, while emphasizing the right nanny, please also give
serious consideration to the employer. Consider these consumers spend
And Zheng sister agreed to Thousand Island Lake in April next year, 1
month to live on
???And Zheng sister's contract is long, and I can not ask Mi ss Cheng had
been with me, she also has elderly mother. I went to Hangzhou, Ms Cheng
also took clothes back to Thousand Island Lake, visit the elderly, one
such opportunity, I still hope to see Zheng sister to multi-home, she
first came to the North, we are of each other and wish each other any
easier. Back to Beijing, she also brought from the Thousand Island Lake
my favorite snail. Thousand Island Lake in Zhejiang famous snail back to
Beijing, we ate two meals at home and brought some small snail into the
tank, I hope they breed, Zheng sister jokingly said: "Thousand
Island Lake home now moved to Sunland . "
????Northern warming in April next year, I am ready to return to Zhejiang
for some time, this 10 year effort because I study, work, money i s too
tired and too difficult a. Zheng sister built a 5-story house their own
small building, I was ready to help her think of a way to
"development." Thousand Island Lake farmer's music is still
great business opportunity, and I hope Zheng siste r not to give up this
opportunity, if possible I would like to help her a future she can have
more opportunities. I have this manager, I have very much at ease, she
like my mother, my very good all things food, I once again feel the joy
of life.
Thank the media
????Few days in Hangzhou, I specifically went to the Tang Miao, also went
to the steward of the company, many media colleagues to come to report.
But we can not say that they rob the news, nanny door Sichuan, Zhejiang,
some of the media to actively help me think of a way, Hangzhou,
"City Express" Give me back when the "matchmaker",
giving me the opportunity to witness to so well of domestic service
companies and housekeeper. Now, I find a good housekeeper, but also thank
you for my care.
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