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									Case Study of Organizational Behavior
Case Study of Organizational Behavior
With the explanation:
1. To help you on the theory of organizational behavior education, learn
to understand, apply, our teachers and students set up a case base, this
is the case among the main textbooks, I hope teachers and students in
various means (their experience, the selection of the other cases)
continue to supplement our education organizational behavior case
library, (sent to the online discussion or our mailbox) for the creation
of a garden to discuss practical issues.
1. Analysis of the case, first of all, to Zai in the program to find
cases of Di corresponding theoretical analysis, description of the basic
ideas of this theory, and the use of these ideas are targeted Di case in
the fact that, explain their views and analysis.
2. In general, the case is no standard answer, this case provides
suggested answers, only an answer thinking, only for your reference.
1. What does boycott lectures
Town junior and small-scale, mixed biogenic basis, the overall level of
professional quality of teachers is not high, still do not increase the
quality of teaching, parents reflect the strong views of the leadership
there. The new semester began, the town Board of Education decision to
transfer cases for school education in the Office of Minister Li to the
school president. Mrs Lee president a week later, the school held a
leadership meeting, he shared his initial ideas to improve teaching
quality, he said, "to improve the quality, take off behind the hat,
we must strengthen the teaching management, pay close attention to all
aspects of teaching examination, especially classroom examination,
because this is the key to improving teaching quality. I want to surprise
regular lectures, encourage teachers to delve into teaching, improve
teaching, improve teaching standards, to 45 minutes to quality. In the
past, our school team do not attach importance to this work, results in a
few responsibilities mixed class is not strong or absenteeism of
teachers, it is obvious weak link. Therefore, I propose that, from
tomorrow, all principals, according to their own specialty, sub-
disciplines to the team at any time lectures prior be greeted not with
the teachers, that we should not Leak. "
The day after the meeting, principals, according to the original program,
bring their own stools to the classes conducted separately, without
warning the lectures.
After the first lecture, part of the principal, director confirmed the
practice, and some said: "This does not greet the lectures, did find
a number of problems, some teachers are not preparing lessons, that is,
read books, some new teachers is simply do not lecture. "Others
said:" The lectures have also found many teachers teaching ability,
high level, the focus of attention later to use. "Some said:"
This kind of lectures in the future some time to listen to each one, is
very good. "Of course, some cadres of doubt, that this lecture is
not quite proper way, a lack of respect for teachers, could easily lead
to reverse psychology.
Although there are different views on the next day, based upon the pre-
division, to continue the unfinished work, unexpectedly different from
the previous day. The teacher said: "I This section is designed to
allow students to do homework can be." The teacher said: "I
This class is designed to allow students to endorse." In short, just
do not want to hear without warning the leadership class. One can
imagine, the principal, director of the bench really.
This lecture has been unable to go on.
Teacher dissatisfaction, overtly or covertly, the soft resistance action,
Mrs Lee face value. The face of this unexpected situation, he mused.
Requests for more than a human case of theoretical assumptions and a new
proposal for the president.
2. Rules and regulations are strictly good or wide-point good point
The convening of a high school leadership conference to study the
regulations of the building. Party secretary suggested that according to
Law school spirit, school rules and regulations to conduct a
comprehensive amendment, the amendment requiring the establishment of the
Yan 1:00 Huan Shi Kuan set point, please comrades Men Taolun about, set a
tone, to allow departments under the Diaozai revision of the rules and
regulations. Rules and regulations are strictly good or wide-point good
point, everyone was talking about. Some people think that is to strict
rules and regulations, from the fine, the finer the more strict the more
able to plug the loopholes. Some people say that the problems there are
loopholes in this system, scientific, regulatory rely on people to
operate, the key issue is the quality of people, high-quality system of
the person is not binding, it will not go wrong. Put systems in place to
establish the basic trust on the basis of comrades, is not that the
system stricter the better, to be the very death of anything is not
conducive to play a responsible person, to give a little responsible for
the space. The two sides wrangle. ª¥ ª¤
Talk about your case on the above understanding of the issues raised in
order to assume human nature based on the theory, indicating your
understanding and views.
3. Use of Personnel, personnel director
Selecting a middle school teaching office, school after school study
presented the only master's Xiao Zhang teacher. At that time, small Zhang
Ganggang 29 years old, is the highest academic qualifications of young
teachers in the school. Not only that, because of its outstanding
achievements in scientific research, was named national outstanding
teachers. In addition, Xiao Zhang, or party members, attended the city's
congress. He was modest and prudent, amiable treat and Ye were my
colleagues think that is a rare good man. Xiao Zhang is the inadequacy of
the teachers here do not assume any prior management, and he is not
willing to carry out communication activities, the school administration
is not usually how to intervene. ª¥
In school leadership meeting, we agreed that, Xiao Zhang ability and
political integrity, full compliance with cadres of the "four
modernizations" requirement, is dean of the right person, then, Xiao
Zhang agreed to serve as dean. When the principals in conjunction with
talk of Personnel to find Xiao Zhang, Xiao Zhang said that his ability to
work No, do not be appropriate dean, better let him out quietly mind
business mind. However, after school leaders and personnel to do work
comrades, Xiao Zhang obey the organization's decision.
The new dean of teachers placed great expectations, and actively to
cooperate. However, soon after, they disappointed. They found that the
new director of school management, not only the lack of ideas, and
courage, lack their own minds. Xiao Zhang himself was raised within the
team, this team would be a "maintenance organization" as well.
Thus, in more than a year after that, the School to maintain status quo
this way, many of the development opportunity it failed to grasp, school
development at a standstill Zhuangkuang. Some teachers from the
expectations become disappointed and became dissatisfied.
Xiao Zhang was Dean himself became his burden in this work, and then have
the burden of thinking and, therefore, affect the body.
In this case, Xiao Zhang presented his resignation to the school,
resigned as dean of the duties required. However, the school leadership
team established that time is not long, and four-year term is far from
maturity, combined with Xiao Zhang has not committed any mistake, it can
not approve his resignation. However, Xiao Zhang to Italy has been set,
so he will not go to the schools to any relevant meetings and activities,
or meetings held in the Senate, the Office did not even go. This
situation lasted a few months, the school leadership had agreed to
Chang's resignation. Xiao Zhang did so two years of teaching from the
director of reactive positions deflected.
In management activities should determine how the employment principles,
and the analysis of the above cases.
4. Practice when the team leader who should?
Feng Yang, a teacher is a headache for the leadership of the characters,
then he really must not cross no pet. Feng high standard of teaching
teachers, working ability, region, the province is famous. What the
school gave him, can be completed by the quality and quantity of students
trust, parents worry. But he's arrogant sense of straight red for
leadership uncomfortable.
School of the internship, and President Wang as usual practice group
leader, Vice President, Dean ranked and the last to be considered a
capable team members, so they go to the Von teacher. Feng teachers
readily agreed, and made their own designs on the practice, hear
President Wang he kept nodding. But in the end von the teacher made it a
condition: To me dry, must do a good job, but to practice team leader you
let me, you may require the permission and acceptance criteria. President
Wang hear that some angry, I do not know what to do?
If you are a president would do, and why?
5. Education Director and Director of Studies
Zhao, deputy director of the Senate in a middle school teacher With hard
work and dedication, winning praise from the school most teachers, art
teachers have been awarded. But there are many teachers who hold
different views: "Light know hard work, quality of teaching do not
increase, so do not have much impact advanced." "Work
efficiency, and dry 12 hours of people who do not necessarily stronger
than dry 8 hours."
Yaojiao Zhang Zhao analyzed the operational capacity of teachers and
teaching: the teacher Zhao weak cultural foundation, language ability is
not strong, but the collective interest, love school, such as home,
working hard, sticking to principles, but also good at financial
management. So Yaojiao Zhang Zhao proposed teacher out of teaching posts,
he made mention of any General Officer.
Zhao made a five-year General Director of the teachers, worked very well,
under the auspices of his school built three buildings, the construction
of a standard sports ground, school capacity school appearance completely
Take the work environment and job requirements and people's capacity to
match the theoretical analysis.
6. The class teacher should be fair?
Wang, a high school teacher is always late, pay attention to dress, the
meeting became a director in the year the focus of discussion. Wang's
late on the issue, leading Duoci Zhao talking to her, every time she
sincerely accept the criticism that some correction in the future, but
always old trouble long committed. Wang dress on both co-trend, but also
refined sets, noble, elegant school of a landscape.
Students how to evaluate their class teacher do? In a forum, the students
shared his views on Wang: Wang is the best teacher we have encountered.
Why is she the best, most important is her respect for the students,
understanding students, this is our most high school students need a
teacher to give you. Our previous work of class teacher are some very
serious and responsible teachers, they be decided to control everything,
we had to face a perfunctory them inside special aversion. The king very
understanding of our teacher, she always grab some great things, to
create a good learning atmosphere. She told us that a man always wanted
to enrich themselves with knowledge, ability and be invincible. For some
small things, very few of her control. For example, once the school year
in the Sunday requirement we have to go to school basketball games, some
of the students in our class on Sundays to make up classes, to her leave,
she agreed. Some students are not interested in basketball compiled a
variety of reasons, to leave her, and she agreed. Her classmates are very
good, and that is the worst class to learn the students always agreeable.
If there is a bad influence on students is that she always late, so not
to late for our class seriously. Speaking of Wang's dress, the women
students enjoy endless. Those clothes are designed by Wang himself, we
not only appreciate, is still admired. Moreover, Wang not only pay
attention to dress, pay more attention to teaching her English class on a
special stick, sounds nice. Girls in our class not only studying, usually
wearing also pay attention to harmony, what is not good?
Schools what to do, the class teacher Otherwise let the teachers continue
to serve as king?
Please teaching profession should have a personality trait based on
analysis of these cases, talk about your views on Wang teachers, and
school recommendations.
7. Jiang village secret
There is a small village deep in the southwest, called Jiang Village.
Every year, several people admitted to the University, MA, PhD, well
known for the passage of time known as University Village.
20 years ago, Jiang village to the thought that 50-year-old teacher.
Heard people say that the teachers are university professors, for unknown
reasons was banished to this remote village. The teacher called a short
time later, there is a legend in the village has spread: The teacher can
pinch will be counted, he could predict children's future. The reason is
that some children go home and say: The teacher said, I could become a
mathematician; Some children said: The teacher said I could become a
musician; a child: the teacher said I could become Qian like that.
Soon, the parents, they discovered that their children and former big
different. They have become sensible and easy to learn, if they really
are mathematicians, writers and musicians of the material was. The
teacher said the children will become mathematicians learn mathematics
more hard; teacher said a writer of children the language is more
outstanding achievements. The door is no longer fun kids children, no
longer as strict with him and become more conscious of.
Parents are wondering, are skeptical, does the child really is great
material, the teacher lay bare the secret? So, after a few years, a
miracle happened. These kids go to college entrance examination at the
time, most of them admitted to the university with honors.
The teacher in the eyes of villagers Jiang become marvelous, and they let
him own homestead, measuring their own destiny, but the author is a
teacher said, he would give the students predicted not others.
The older the teacher, and return to the city, but he predicted the way
the teachers teach to the successor. Teachers also took the students to a
level significantly predicted, and they stick to the old teacher's
exhortations not to tell the secret village people. Several of my friends
from the village out of ginger. They said they admitted to the university
from the moment, we know the secret, but since they are consciously
adhere to the secret.
Jiang Village teacher secret? And this analysis, discussed this case.
8. A male teacher refused to accept the award show?
When a school at the end of the year, held an Awards Assembly, when the
president announced the list of advanced workers of the semester and
asked when these teachers came to power bonus, there is a middle-aged
male teacher refused to accept the award. The reason is: he did not want
to be the prize. Is the teacher ashamed not be on the dole, or the prize
money too little, far did not reflect the "rewards according"
principle? Not! The enthusiasm of teachers, teaching performance among
the best, totally good enough for advanced qualifications. This is a
school teacher for all to see, share the same voice. I do not think that
he nearly hundred dollars in prize money too little. Honestly, this
year's prize money advanced workers greatly exceeded previous years.
Afterward, leaders of the school sent specifically to his home this
prize. But he was firmly resigned charge. Speech, the last revealed his
intention: "I tell if he Zhang (Zhang and his work generally,
especially good relationship) can also get the prize! Is my sweat and
blood flow only if one of his little bit! "Upon hearing leaders of
the school understood why ... ....
9. Perfect Attendance Award
School decided to take a "full and reward" system to enhance
management of the month awards are full attendance, absenteeism and once
abolished. This approach works well after the implementation of the first
month, no absenteeism, lateness, teaching order tended to be normal.
Two months later, work has been a serious and responsible Wang sick leave
days, the patient did not recover to come to work but was withholding the
money. Lee often has minor illness to support the implementation of
"full and reward", the people are here, also on the course,
teaching poor results, the money was to take photos. Zhao teacher twice a
month late, in his view that money has gone on, why a certain time to
For these cases, your "full ground Award" What about
incentives? What do you think should be to mobilize the enthusiasm of
10. Business Archives
The new principal said: teachers for their hard work and creativity can
not be ephemeral, teachers as labor can not quantified in mind as paid
workers, farmers did not like the individual contract, succeed and little
to overcome the drawbacks of the same, it is necessary to record the
achievements of teachers, business files with the authority of the
teachers for the next promotion, raise wages, incentives to provide
detailed and objective basis, but also the wealth of the school. Business
Archives not only record merit demerit. After the establishment of
business records, spontaneous emergence of teachers up, we contribute to
the situation than that, teachers rejuvenated; want diverted to the young
teacher that year on the published papers.
Try related to incentive theory, discusses the management methods over
the reasons why have such effect.
11. Lesson plans storm
Leadership decided to use a school lesson plans show the way check the
quality of teachers, but there was a medium-intensity of the storm: two
young teachers, lesson plans, coherent, language beautiful, first-class,
but their daily teaching ineffective; two teachers and lesson plans
simple room with a symbol, substandard, but their teaching very popular
with students; another teacher's lesson plan is only a "blackboard
design" and a "double-base classification table" , and his
lecture with these two "designed" the writing on the blackboard
and charts, teaching effectiveness is very good. What standards to make
principal problems encountered.
Take the theory analysis, discusses the reasons for the above-mentioned
situation and to propose solutions.
12. General Director of "hard by"
General Director of Lao Chen in front of a sitting president to complain:
"This money, there is also money. But only to a higher level of
funding allocated to it that it is difficult to take care of all
expenditure. Teaching and Research Group asked each to buy this buy that,
as not satisfied on the advice a lot. Some people say I'm behind
'stingy'. "
Lao Chen said that today a teacher of Mathematics Teaching and Research
Group Li presented to the General Affairs Department, to give each
teacher to buy a new version of each grade math textbook, can it be a lot
of money, school funds are limited, there are many places to overhead to
economize on the use. Chemical group of small Yuanlao Shi said funding
should be assigned to the Teaching and Research Group of responsibility
for teaching use. Then Lao Chen said, the work is not only the general
issue of funding more than a lot of other contradictions. Youth League
secretary Alan and supplies Bureau Xiaoping married, share a house over
there, very few stay in school. Two of his room watching to. Want to
account for several house, not a good deal. There custodian older, sick
and great, could not do the job. Cafeteria manager made the original
transfer is satisfied, the canteens do not find people to manage. Many
people want to go dry, but they can do. General work is difficult ...
.... Difficult to know the work of President General of Lao Chen's
"hard by" understanding, the first of the Lao Chen said a few
words of comfort, then said: "too busy school work will be devoted
to open to resolve this." Lao Chen to see sympathy and support their
president, also broke off.
Please use the theory of groups over the conflict in case.
13 of my distress
I and Bacillus are assigned to the cloud, and when one of the teachers,
sharing a dormitory, from morning till evening, mutual understanding. Ask
yourself. Whether working attitude or the effect of teaching him much
better than me. But the school's evaluation is realistic for me,
seriously, his assessment is "lazy tricky." That was really
strange. How real is going on?
Clouds and high schools to further education in the local well-known. The
first talk with President Wolia raised a hope: the old teachers learn
practical seriously dry, admitted for more than a few, to get a bigger
more results. Bacillus is the NTNU graduates, studied educational theory,
love education, want to work out something for language teaching. He
listened to the whole group of teachers, classes, lesson plans changed
and changed again, often the middle of the night, I slept, he was still
at his desk working. He never satisfied, teaching the more skilled, the
more his doubts: "This typo has been changed twice to the students,
how still wrong?" "Marking composition to students, how can not
see results?" "Student Writing how there is always an eight-
part essay flavor? "he told the old teachers ask, they always praise
him some, then, some said, do not worry, while others said he was
arrogant. He completely ignored these arguments, determined to study a
problem to solve a problem. Last semester, he received a few semesters to
work this, on the typos statistical, and print a booklet to help students
to correct. This semester, they focus on experience of writing, the
students were commenting on, repeated changes made great progress in
student writing. Office of Academic Affairs is required to "quantity
standard" to evaluate the work of teachers, inadequate number of his
language exercises, to be as "tricky."
Although Bt I am not cheap, but are unwilling to hand in isolation, so
how do I see the old teachers, how do I, all in accordance with the
provisions of Teaching and Research Group to do, given people the
impression of serious practical.
Analysis of clouds and a teacher in the environment impact the
development and growth?
14. A guy close
The three young teachers in a school to teach at the same time into the
school, sharing a dormitory, part-time close, causing the school some of
the comments. Time, the school is scheduled to hold school employees at
the General Assembly, the three young teachers to see a rare concerts
leave. This incident led to the school had a different opinion. One is
that: the school teachers to form a good group, we should stop the
development of such small groups, and serious handling of the concert
event. Another view: their interaction is not unusual and can not deduct
"small group" of the hat. Branch should be conducted by
appropriate means to help educate them.
What do you think is right? Please analyze the reasons?
15. Why does not he go?
B transferred to a rural middle school principals have three months. One
day, three days of chemistry class taught A teacher came to the office,
solemnly said: "The President, this is my report, please tune. I
went to college after this school. Where conditions are poor, no bonuses,
benefits and thin. I married for four years, yet the house, nursery
children can not really difficult. Moreover, our school's young teachers
entering the city into the city, via the diverted all the way out to find
another. President, you come to this school is only three months, we have
no grace no complaints. Please give me a simple working arrangement, I do
doing to mobilize. "
B Principal surprised listening to mind first, turn deeply and earnestly
said: "A little, ah, you can mind he said to me that highly of me.
'Man struggles upwards;, the birds fly to the light and' you young and
promising, I agree with you to mobilize. I came to this school not long,
but I know you. five years, you work diligently, without complaint, never
absent or leave early. Ever since you taught since three days of
chemistry class, teaching improved quickly, the students love to hear
your class. but shortage of funds, school teachers due to too much, hurt
the hearts of teachers, only to force some teachers transferred. during
my term of five years, if not to school face of change, I automatically
step down? mobilization despite what you do, you still teaching third-
year middle class. you the man I know, will not let you class, you will
not comfortable! "
Motion contradicts the conversation, the little A and B teachers
shortened the distance between the principals. What if he were willing to
talk with the principal B; B and small A principal is also often pull a
homely in short. Things just as B principals expected, although the small
A teacher ran to mobilize, but not absent, but three days of the review
also grasped particularly tight. A, A to B Principal teachers to reflect:
bad management of the school without walls, not only long broken glass,
and often some dubious people into the school harassment; duty room of
the quilt dirty and broken; school mimeograph machine is broken , a set
of review questions no French and Indian ... ....
A teacher on duty had a small turn. Duty room at night he came to a
sudden amazement. Interior clean, the bed a new quilt on the table a
bottle of hot water. That night, he was feeling very comfortable. Cook to
call him the next morning to eat breakfast.
Soon, Teaching and Research Group chief told a small A, the university
bought a duplicator, with later material, should be sent to the printing
matter, by the dedicated staff.
In the exam, the school put the summer. Estimated speed down test scores,
how small A could not stay at home, and they came to the school. Saw
support staff are building the wall, B is also principal of which are
busy. See the small A, B principal said: "Tell you a good news, just
received a telephone Admissions county, this year our school has doubled
battle, with 35 high school students admitted to the focus. You make a
contribution, that is, The transfer of the deeds are recorded in the
hearts of folks throughout the county. afternoon, you and I went to the
county pick up transcripts, early mobilization of the way to fight for
something good, an opening to the new unit will report back ... ...
"B Principal not yet finished, little A has moist eyes, some of his
guilt and said: "Now, I have not mobilized." B principal heard
a little punch in the shoulder A: "good friends, then we on it
together now! "[1]
Analysis: Why small A teacher initially transferred? Why did he not go?
16. Two different styles of meeting
A secondary school, grades 4 pm in the leader, teaching and research
director of the upcoming meeting, the participants were placed in front
of notebook, two seats were empty.
3:59, Professor Chang came in and said: "Now the meeting, and
everyone is busy. This is the agenda," each take one. "We all
know, the Board of Education will select some schools in the city to
carry out 'internal management system' of the trial, I intend to
Zhengqushidian the Jihui. I believe we Duyi read BoE documents and I am
prepared for internal management Wei school reform pilot program. "
Then the door opened, latecomers cautiously come in, shut the door to the
empty seat. President looked at him and continue to say "I am
prepared for transforming the pilot schedule, and the Department of the
requirements of your grade and, what problem?"
Meeting so continue ... ....
B grades in secondary schools, head, Department of Director meeting will
begin at 5 minutes ¨º. President Wang inside corner, are keen to talk
with the Department Director position. 4:03, the principal looked at
Interior, said: "We wait a while Song teacher, I know he is very
interested in the subject."
4:08, President Wang suggested that the meeting started. We casually
sitting around in a circle. President Wang said: "I want to know you
on the Board of Education on the school's pilot program within the
management system's view, whether the pilot of our school, what their
views." Majority of participants expressed their views. We all
agreed that the pilot schools, and raised the pilot reform proposals.
President Wang was about to speak, the teacher came in Song said:
"Sorry for being late. I talk with parents, spent some time
"It does not matter. Daobei Cha, pulling a chair to sit, we told you
just talk about what" President said.
Song teacher seated, and the discussion on the principal question:
"How can we develop the school reform plan"
Describe the two school principals to different leadership styles? What
are the two main principals leadership style differences? Which
leadership style do you think is better? Why?
Of 17. Principals should do better than teachers
Bojdan principal dressed, do not pay attention to diet, from the drink a
glass of wine, smoke a cigarette, teachers, students amiable. He has just
to Deerfield School, the recruitment of students is very difficult, or
even enroll students from Deerfield Township is very difficult. But he
took advantage of a non-Punta tilbury to Bokantake valley farmers to
mobilize around children to school to study. He agreed to let their
children in the busy holiday season, or even to the farm to replace farm
workers. He recruited students in this way for 20 years, and in order to
come up with their own generous admission into law school education to
prepare the majority of deposits.
He melted all their energy in school. Self-study every night, he had to
every dormitory room, ride in each. When the school held a meeting
before, he personally went to check some site, sometimes a little he
wiped off the dust from the window, and sometimes he was put straight on
a bench again. Over the years, in a lawn 14 feet long, so long as the
ground revealing a little bit of light green, he went to eliminate the
weeds around the lawn. One fall, in the rain for a football game, less
than an hour after the game, he came to the athletic field, in the rain
alone will not stop athletes foot spikes cover the lawn a good turn, have
been dried to a dark sight so far . In the past 64 years, he was about to
graduate 50 million letters written reply to their letter, explaining
80-year-old president insisted Bojdan 7 am to midnight every day to work
continuously, or go out with game players, or meet with students and
parents, or to remind the boys home for the weekend.
Bojdan principals personally touched by the teachers, teachers take the
initiative to help him build and manage schools. They are charged with
responsibilities of schools, most teachers have to participate in sports
teams, presided over counseling discussion class, talk with the students
or to the quarters of the corridor running up a run, take a look. They
always take the initiative to consciously do, because they saw the work
of principals in all aspects of busy than teachers, teachers are better
than any good day at all class teachers are the same efforts. 1 working
there for 25 years, teachers say, "You work with the principal piece
of the more influence he was more up to you," another teacher said,
"always striving to do his best to do something to uphold the and
effort, people are willing to follow him. "
Please use the leading theory of this case.
18. An Xiaozhang
A new school of a Anxiao Chang, former principal of his practice and in
sharp contrast. Former president of being arbitrary, big and small are
one of people. The An Xiaozhang to the school and four Vice-Chancellor
after a meeting. He said: On Teaching, I am not as good as Old Zhao; on
the back, I am not as good as the old money; on the primary part, I as
Lao Li; of middle school, I am not as good as Monkey. You should perform
their own future, a bold work, do a good job of is your success, a
problem, we study. At this time, we face for the watch, heart in
Question: Do you president do? After three months, An Xiaozhang in
meticulous research based on the start of reform measures, the school has
undergone a drastic change, An Xiaozhang respect and praise by teachers.
Try style of leadership theory, discussion of this case.
19.1 + 1> 2, the synergy
Jiangsu Tai Jiangyan County secondary schools in the faculty, for
students, equipment, conditions, and compared with other schools, do not
have the advantage, but has made remarkable achievements. This is one of
the wonders of what is it? Even as the president of Universal said, a
good second-rate parts assembly may also be a first-class machine, which
is 1 +1> 2 in synergy.
Even school principals over the years worked hard to build a lead, unity
in leadership, in their respective positions on the "pull-on blow to
sing", play with songs touching dedication of a song. "Cherish
and treasure may use only prescription", with teachers working under
the principal characteristics of creative work, the ideological and
practical problems leading up to the principles and friendship together,
to find the bright spot of teachers in his help and stringent
requirements under 10 years of 30 joined the Communist Party comrades,
more than 10 teachers took to the schools and county departments in
leadership positions.
"Tolerance size is small for most people, the leadership is related
to the cause of success or failure of the personality." This is a
phrase used to say on everything. One female teacher, "Cultural
Revolution" participated in "teams", and even the
president's wife is a deep-seated antagonists, even vindicated when the
president of Universal, she heads to her moment of fear, "Chuanxiao
Xie", and not even the President but never Chen accounts for her
concern everywhere. ... ... In short, even the Almighty to lead school
leadership and teachers, in unity, played a 1 +1> 2, synergies, and
sang a song of cohesion.
On the case of 1 +1> 2, how you synergistic effect of understanding?
20. New broom sweeps clean
People often say that new broom sweeps clean. A school of a new president
took office two fire points.
"First fire" in the schools to implement "teaching points
system." The completion of each semester for teachers to teach 800
basic points over those alumni, who did not complete the punishment.
Parallel development of the Education sub-system implementation details.
Implementation of a semester, that is, "No Award ground, dead fine
lazy" is not effective.
"The second fire" is the teacher in the implementation of
"imprisoned or system." The workload of principals that must be
completed to a certain time. And provided, regardless of whether teachers
have a class that day, the school group is something, whether it is head
teachers, all come to the school. The morning of 4 hours, at 2 hours,
going to night classes two hours in the morning preparing the bell rings,
Teaching and Research Group began to remember a long time and attendance.
The measure is excessive in the implementation of specific issues, also
failed to stick to it.
The new president deep in thought, the third fire, how to point?
21. Wenzhou, a private school management system
Wenzhou, a private school established stress on the latter's management
to run the network. Vice-Chancellor presided over the school's daily work
consists of four two-bedroom - the principal's office, Jiao Keshi, the
primary school, middle school, high school, the logistics department. Run
daily services to assist the implementation of principal coordinate
department and office work; Jiao Keshi responsible for school education
teaching and research work for the implementation of the principal basis
for the implementation of teaching management and advice; Primary, middle
school and high school principals to assist the implementation of Part
auspices of the daily education teaching; logistics department is
responsible for the whole school of logistics services. Consists of a
number of ministries, offices and rooms accordingly. They believe that
this management responsibilities clear, specific functions.
Schools founded since 1996, has developed 80 rules and regulations,
involving faculty and students of management, the management of more than
40. The school believes that these rules can focus on responsibility to
the people, management in place, layers of supervision.
Analysis of the school system, what are the organization, how to improve?
22. Express provision of a school
Express provision of a school: "Teachers should improve unity,
subject to the unified leadership of school principals, are not allowed
to fight a fight, or a fine of 50 yuan." Combines the impact of your
conflict and management of the school's understanding, talk about your
views on school practices.
The use of the dual nature of the conflict school and the effective
management of the knowledge of this case.
23. Beijing 11 school case
In 1988, the school has entered the ranks of the pilot reform school,
after five years of testing, the first round of school reform has been





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