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					Car models animal beast beauty of life according to the first

The first car models animal beast beauty
Car models beast animal data
Car models beast animal Album English name: Iris Yang
Nickname: beast beast, Rabbit, Rabbit ... saliva ...
Birthday: August 18, 1987
Birthplace: Shandong Jinan
Current residence: Beijing
Height: 176cm Measurements: 88,60,88
Weight: 47.6kg
Ratio: 17
Blood Type: AB
Signing Company: Beijing Oriental Culture Development Center Bentley
Interests: watching movies, fashion magazines, research like underwear,
collect all kinds of perfume sample, good food ... ...
Ideal: too carefree life, with your favorite people to travel around the
Habits: drooling when sleeping feel ... ... Favorite color: black, white,
purple, blue favorite food: apples, cantaloupe, peaches, banana, papaya
Favorite place: My bed bed
People who like:
Good people ¡¾Click to see more pictures, ""¡¿
People do not like: hypocrites, the woman behind the gossip!
Favorite Music: song lyrics
Greatest strengths: careful, meticulous, obedient.
Biggest drawback: too easy to believe that others, still a little bit
stupid stupid.
Motto: to each dawn as the beginning of life to every evening as a
summary of your life.
Experience: Second China Underwear Model Contest Finals runner-up,
fashion, charm Award Third International Silk Road Model Contest Final
third of China's total, the top ten models
Each session will highlight the emergence of many models, the Shanghai
auto show this is no exception, every car models compete Hong Dou Yan,
said the Shanghai Auto Show beast beast is the first 09 models are not
too popular this year in her new Shanghai International Expo Centre W2
Audi museum exhibition,
Carried out in the second day of the show car models we interviewed the
first person to beauty beast beast beast beast interview process that can
be done cook likes to do a simple exercise water and soil is for the
enjoyment of this beautiful compact car she likes of
If the animal can understand thing points like a beast, after all, for
her screwdriver is really good! Other answers: women are this way, the
entertainment and how much do you know? Try to understand, these things
do not none of your business, think you should care about the
Super car models "beast beast" Full Record - Hunan TV's only
official video portal the most fresh, most hot news and entertainment
video live video of all television programs on demand Happy Boys, Super
Girl and other large events exclusive video network
2008 Jinshan stand on the sixth group of chinajoy crush dazzling. The
nickname "Beast Beast" models have a natural origin, Ling Zhai
Devil curve who have starred in a famous underwear ads show outstanding
performance in Beijing, known as the "beast beast."
Lingerie model contest runner-up had beautiful car models animal beast
height: 177cm
bust: 88cm
waist: 60cm
hips: 88cm
shoes: 37
eyes: black
hair: black
Real name: Ling Zhai
Add to my list: Chinese underwear models animal beast of the third
Moderator: "beast beast" for the first time in the Beijing auto
show, it's like to be a lot of users, in this respect, is not very high
in many car models were the standard out? Zhai Ling: so many people might
like, but I do not
Angels & Demons, the embodiment of beauty car models beast beast
beast beast while the "beast wire" blessed beast beast have a
better and better the future development of animal beast hopes to become
China's Lin Chi-ling. She is like a little angel, love the people around
her. 2006
Car models - car models animal beast - beast beast
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