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					Car models animal beast album
English Name: Iris Yang
Nickname: beast beast, Rabbit, Rabbit ... saliva ...
Birthday: August 18, 1987
Birthplace: Shandong Jinan
Current residence: Beijing
Height: 176cm
Measurements: 88,60,88
Weight: 47.6kg
Ratio: 17
Blood Type: AB
Signing Company: Beijing Oriental Culture Development Center Bentley
Interests: watching movies, fashion magazines, research like underwear,
collect all kinds of perfume sample, good food ... ...
Ideal: too carefree life, with your favorite people to travel around the
Habits: drooling when sleeping feel ... ...
Favorite color: black, white, purple, blue
Favorite food: apples, cantaloupe, peaches, banana, papaya
Favorite place: My bed bed
Favorite people: good people
People do not like: hypocrites, the woman behind the gossip!
Favorite Music: song lyrics
Greatest strengths: careful, meticulous, obedient.
Biggest drawback: too easy to believe that others, still a little bit
stupid stupid.
Motto: to each dawn as the beginning of life to every evening as a
summary of your life.

Chinese underwear models second runner-up Competition Final, fashion
charm Award

Third International Silk Road Model Contest Final third of China's total,
the top ten models

Show the beast beast
To see the show glamorous beast beast, is not beauty make you feel a bit
suffocated! Went to the audience is the most qualified to speak, to see
the scene show several tiers of the battle, look at their crazy pictures
of posture can explain all of the! Could not see clearly outside the
three beasts and animals do not feel "the United States to stifle
the" feeling of the audience, and perhaps there may be "pushed
choking" feeling.
Life beast beast
Show the beast beast like a goddess of the United States, far away! Want
to be near, he was a ruthless exhibition of isolation plate isolation!
The beast beast was like a private angel, true enough as long as you can
feel her warm greetings and a sweet smile! Even if you only beast beast
beast just to get to know the web silk, and she will be with you before
going to sleep good night!
Read her private photos, read her blog in the text, you probably think
the original is a nostalgic look just like her little girl would say when
hungry to eat rice, the storm will be lovely when put to sleep feel a;
sometimes she is a sentimental little woman, a little small for the life
of the happy or sad; sometimes it is a smart, pleasant intellectual
woman, positive and optimistic in the face of life, the brave expression
of their ideas; good She is so sincere and caring, not only their own
children for the earthquake tears distressing, even more is to call for
concerted efforts to help the affected people donated money and goods.
Such a great love of life and beauty of life care, really One does not
like she said than done!
Beast beast has stressed that he is not a star, just a man, living an
ordinary life of a small woman, only to have a model you like a job. But
she did she is so beauty not ordinary, and perhaps can only hope the
beast beast is not an ordinary life, ordinary beautiful woman now!
Beast beast beast and her silk are
Beast beast's fans have a very lovely name "beast wire." Many
animals see the wire are show animals in the animal, in love with her,
there was read the reports about her, visit her blog, start to like her.
They not only their favorite animal beast, but also hope that through
their own strength so that more people like her. Beast beast is a very
good Thanksgiving girl, not only was Bowen thanked her family friends and
loved to support her fans, to make love to her people can better
understand her, and also opened QQ beast wire Qun (5 Du burst of,
Popularity of Wang visible ah!). Animal beast free up and we will chat
group where the beast is never tired of silk were discussing their love
of animals on the animal, animal animal silk are also very compassionate
animal, do not let her go to bed earlier talk of late .

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