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					California, San Diego State University
???California, San Diego State University

International finance, international accounting graduate programs

??????????¡ï ¡ï ¡ï ¡ï Project Advantages
n one of the nation's top five business schools, is the highest
international accreditation body AACSB business school one of the
n to Chinese students can accept the standard fees and enjoy the way the
United States State University training and educational resources, by the
United States recognizes the global master's degree in general - a pass
to enter the international banking;
n 50 years AACSB degree certificates issued by the United States the
total school, students enjoy the treatment;
n Beijing, the United States the two classes, with Citigroup, HSBC,
Standard Chartered Bank senior managers and other international
exchanges, study, promotion of employment opportunities available; office
paid Jinling.

I. Background
With the rapid economic development and world trends of globalization
have become increasingly prominent, modern accounting finance, financial
theory and the technology has been unprecedented in the developed
countries the use and development, and generated huge economic and social
benefits. Five years after China's accession to WTO of December 11, 2006,
China's foreign banks enter the Chinese market is fully opened finance at
greatly enrich and improve our system of financial institutions at this
stage of rapid development of China's financial markets are making our
business and various financial institutions face unprecedented
opportunities and challenges, the introduction and cultivation of
familiar international accounting and financial risks of financial
investment theory and technology, culture of modern finance, financial
investment in top talent, has become a top priority. The project that
emerged in this context.

Second, the project features
1. National Accreditation program students admitted by the relevant
assessment, will be officially registered as a San Diego State University
Graduate School of Business,
And U.S. students have the same status in the school.
2. Professional with the times the course of the project design combines
globalization, Asian development and practice in China, emphasizing
practicality and feasibility, highlighted by Finance, accounting for the
direction of the major characteristics. Projects adhere to based on
financial, accounting and financial areas, students learn through the
solid and the industry's senior management and the world's discussions
and meetings, the end of the theoretical solid, proficient in business
purposes. For enterprises, the professional MBA more focused and
3. American-style teaching methods to introduce San Diego State
University business school curriculum, teaching materials and teachers
for granted in English
Class. Instructors are experienced professionals from the U.S. financial
industry and the University of California at San Diego State great
international teaching experience and international financial
institutions to qualified senior adviser, Professor. During the
interactive teaching methods will be used on the latest international
business analysis of actual cases to discuss, debate, so that students
fully comprehend the professional content, improve the ability to solve
practical problems. Undergraduate non-commercial graduates need to
increase maintenance "conversion course" by the Chinese
teachers to adopt Chuan Jiang, an overview of teaching methods.
4, three on the ground textbooks courses will be in Beijing, Hong Kong,
the United States three classes, with Hong Kong, HSBC, Standard Chartered
and Bank of America senior manager face to face with you into the United
States, Wall Street, the academic education and work practice,
understanding of international capital markets and the financial markets.
5, industry and employment prospects: With China's accession to WTO,
significantly speeding up the process of internationalization, security,
rapid development of financial business, foreign banks, banking and
finance companies have also formed an influx of capital, financial market
and international market The inevitable trend of convergence, we must not
only know how to train a large number of international operations of
China's financial practice has extensive experience with high-level
expertise, so this project has a broad employment prospects, the nature
of the industry will determine that they are bound to enter the global
leading financial institutions, as high-income strata of society.
3. Enrollment and number of professionals:
A. International financial professionals (financial management and risk
investment direction) 50
B. 50 International Accounting
Fourth, the curriculum shows
Required courses: the following two professional settings

5, enrollment object
1. Listed companies, banks, investment banks, finance and securities,
consulting, funds, asset management, insurance, futures and law firms and
other businesses
Senior management; government officials in charge of economic sectors
such as; international business organizations, banks and other financial
institutions and financial and investment were the backbone of
Staff engaged in financial business professional and technical personnel,
and interested in engaging in cutting-edge financial services personnel;
2. With a bachelor's degree (bachelor's degree will receive a full-time
undergraduate senior students) can register;
3. Have good oral and written English, the general should meet CET (or
through the U.S. school interview qualified admission).
6, school system
Study participants used the spare time to complete 30 credits a year
course in English teaching; take no full-time learning, focused
instruction, monthly or every two
1-2 months to complete teaching course, the specific form and time of
class, and student teaching programs will determine the situation.
7, venue: Beijing, the United States
8, degree certificate:
???????????After the students after one year of study, such as the course
passed it, and through the master's thesis, can be obtained: San Diego
State University School of Business master's degree certificate issued.

About the University of California, San Diego State
California, San Diego State University (San Diego State University) is a
California State University (California State University) system is one
of 23 campuses. California State University, first created in 1852 to
College of Education started in 1897 to officially incorporated as the
State of California State University, is the founder of a comprehensive
public university, has a bachelors, masters and Ph.D teaching Tiji and
diploma awarded. All universities in the United States the largest and
most diverse institutions of higher education, because they have more
than 40 million students in school, often known as "the world's
first university." In its system of 23 campuses, the San Diego State
University campus area is the largest one, located in northern San Diego
city, covering 304 acres. Currently offers 74 undergraduate, 55 graduate
degrees and nine doctoral programs education professional.
San Diego State University San Diego State University is an all-round
development of the comprehensive university, the university focused on
business management professionals in business, science and biological
sciences. His doctoral research project was named the Carnegie Foundation
for the core members of the University of California, San Diego State
University each State were "Newsweek" and "World
Report" published "America's Best Graduate professional"
as America's Best Colleges one.
San Diego State University Business School is one of the nation's top
five business schools, is the top international business school
accreditation body AACSB member. The "International Business
Management" in the "Newsweek" name in the rankings
throughout the United States to send the seventh.
School board members are all from well-known U.S. government agencies and
business consortia. California State San Diego State University School of
Business in Accounting and Finance, finance, actuarial, International
Business Management research in the field of long-standing reputation of
its research achievements in leading the United States, has a very high
international reputation of its graduate employment rate Wo-hei
University of California in salary is the top level. San Diego State
University, close to the international financial development of its
Trend of very practical financial programs known. The Business School is
well-known U.S. financial financial institutions in California designated
senior management training school. Some Chinese financial institutions,
commercial banks have also repeatedly sent to participate in the
California State University San Diego State senior managers of financial
training and learning Master. It is a subsidiary of American West of
California School of Accountancy of only four certified accountant, one
of professional associations,
The accounting degree is the same degree in all of California only one of
two certified degree.
California, San Diego State University was established in 1994
Entrepreneurial Management Center (EMC), host annual entrepreneurship
competition (Business Plan Competition), universities team up to attract
the world over the years has become the annual event in the education
The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business
California, San Diego State University International Business School
Business School was the high seat to give the Commission accreditation
body AACSB accreditation of higher;
California, San Diego State University by the U.S. Department of
Education, the United States, one of six regional educational
certification (WACS)
Commission on Higher Education, California Department of Education, the
California teacher certification by the Certification Institute, and the
academic. At the same time the professional leaders
Domain and their degree of education was also certified by the
appropriate professional bodies.

10 years rooted in the California State University, has helped hundreds
of Chinese students and professional managers who successfully achieved
the dream of studying in American universities, I hope to help more
Chinese students to choose the right top American university study, work
and settle down settlement.
California 001-8182687618
Beijing, China 13801108676

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