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									Broker Certification
2010, performing arts and entertainment celebrity culture broker
training, certification classes
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????Industrial revolution the world has no objection to that: the future
of global entertainment in Asia, while China's economic take-off with the
international economic center of China eastward around the corner, no
doubt the future of Asian entertainment in China in the affirmative.
Precipitation of culture in China, like a giant about to wake up, China
has come the day of the Renaissance, while the performing arts and
entertainment brokerage industry has just begun, this is the new
opportunities and challenges on a global scale, performing arts and
entertainment brokerage has become the most promising development in this
century and the most market potential of new businesses, is
internationally recognized as the "Gold-collar industries",
"sunrise industry."
????Brokers Association of Performing Arts Entertainment Business School
star agent training institutions under the guidance of the Ministry of
Culture, in order to implement the national response to the call of the
revitalization of cultural and creative industries, set up entertainment
and entertainers and cultural broker qualification courses.
1, registration time
????March 12, 2010 - March 30, 2010
????Daily 10:00 - 17: 00 on Mondays and legal holidays shall not apply
????(Registration, please make an appointment ahead of time without
receiving the temerity to visitors, Wang forgive)
Second, for conditions
????Interested in the entertainment circle for more than three
consecutive years and no criminal record, and have full civil capacity of
the people.
Third, application procedures
????1, holding valid ID copy 2
????2 recent passport photo of 4 inch
????3, individual detailed resume (work units, office, place of origin,
political affiliation, nationality, etc.)
????4, the highest qualification certificate copy 2
????5, application training costs 5,600 yuan
Fourth, the curriculum
Curriculum cycle time tuition fees were places Remarks
Star Broker
Normal class
20 days to protect evidence
40 hours on April 1 -4 23
Tuesday to Sunday school enrollment limit of 5,600 yuan and 30
6 students per class to learn to apply after the end of free practice at
the brokerage firm for two months, a recommendation for internship
opportunities. Excellent will recommend to the well-known artists,
brokers, brokerage firms, film companies, media companies and so on.
Star Broker
Weekend classes
10 weeks to protect evidence
40 hours on April 3 -6 6 months
Saturdays and Sundays 6 class limit enrollment
Important Notice: Units are to ensure students receive a qualification
certificate is the agent of state authority certificate, the certificate
can be used as host-related performing arts and entertainment broker
license valid documents, the National General, authoritative and
5, course modules
Modular Full-interactive teaching in small classes ¡ú ¡ú project combat
Module 1 4 hours
Of Theory of Moral Education for the performing arts and entertainment
agent, and the basic theory outlined in the code of conduct. Focus on
teaching the basics of entertainment, so that brokers have a correct
concept of entertainment. After the entertainment of people do first
things first
Entertainment broker quotes daily behavior
What is the performing arts and entertainment broker
General knowledge of performing arts and entertainment
Module 2 4 hours
This module combines the identification of articles and papers signed
articles excavation simulation program so that students quickly familiar
with the performing arts and entertainment agent of preparatory work to
lay the foundation for the systematic study. Entertainment predecessor
Identification of mining simulation artist
Artists consider the basic tools
Artists consider the process simulation
Module 3 6 hours
Mining articles by way of actual combat, courage and brokers to improve
awareness of brokers. At the same time, strengthen the identification of
agents identification star artists ability to make effective operational
capacity of the individual overall. Artist combat identification
technology 1
Artist combat identification technology 2
Artist - Telephone solicitation
Potential test simulation artist
Identification technology to enhance artist
Artist enhanced combat identification
Module 4 4 hours
Featured artists in this module contract signed articles in the points,
combined with pre-course, repeated the exercise, the contract may seem
complicated to explain communication flow split can contract from a
global perspective on. Signing actual interview
Analysis of interview tactics artist signed
Signed cooperation - Contract basis
Signed cooperation - Contract Analysis
Module 5 4 hours
Packaging articles of this module course is divided into two levels, the
basic elements of cum-artist packaging, as well as the ideal artist
packaging. This module will focus on new nowadays, interactive teaching
package. What is packaging?
Ideal packaging "portrait"
Star Packing Case
A star is to do what the brand
Module 6 4 hours
Network Technology Network article separate chapters about the new MBA
program, refining the work in the practical operation of agent skills.
Entertainment Internet Marketing SEO Course 1
Entertainment Internet Marketing SEO Course 2
Entertainment Internet Marketing SEO Course 3
Entertainment Internet Marketing SEO Course 4
Module 7 8 hours
Broker articles drawn from professional agents of the modules of
practical experience, plus practice through simulation to enhance
teaching ability of agents to open up markets, enhance the capacity for
high-level public relations people, and make students understand the
industries in the relevant rules. What is a pioneering artist activities
Develop activities for seven weapons
Notice simulation exercises to develop activities
Notice intensive training to develop activities
Entertainment "Guiguzi" public relations skills
Entertainment public relations and communication skills training for
Entertainment industry standards - remember and to avoid
Entertainment industry standards - the responsibility and obligation
Module 8 4 hours
Speculative articles in this module from the basic method of starting
business planning, lead the students through the simulation of actual
combat, etc., the real master planning methods to improve project
execution during the operation. Entertainment planning - Methodology
Entertainment plan - brainstorming
Entertainment planned - on paper
Case of the entertainment business planning
Module 9 2 hours
Professional articles for the students of their own characteristics,
planning entertainment and cultural development of the industry. Career
Planning Blueprint
Great assessment skills
Concrete progress in teaching subject

6, domain experts
Wang Jing-hua Brothers Global Media Culture gold brokers heat
Mani Hong Kong Emperor Entertainment Group Limited Gold broker
Aviva Gold Rookie media entertainment broker agent
Chen Jiaying, owner of K's Production
Song Ke, Taihe Media Investment Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager
Dani Long, Yu General Manager
Beijing in the winter, general manager of film distribution PolyBona
Wang Zhongjun Brothers & Taihe Film Investment Company CEO
Zhang Weiping, general manager of the new pictures Pictures
Wang Changtian Beijing TV broadcasting company president Ray
7, awarded the certificate
????As the culture of today's performing arts and entertainment industry
employees quite a mixed bag, most lack high-quality professional broker.
Broker non-entertainment star performing arts students must participate
in formal professional vocational training, performing arts and
entertainment broker to obtain the certificate before they can apply for
skills broker qualification certificate. Entertainment Business School
star agent training institutions will be arranged in groups according to
student enrollment situation professional certification. After students
pass the exam to obtain qualification certificates nationwide broker, the
specific test of time in exam two weeks notice.
8, registration form
????1, I carry all the information and the cost of direct enrollment
????2, friends and the cost of carrying all the information agent
registration procedures.
????3, all procedures in order to express the way the information issued
to the star broker training institutions, and the application fee to send
money to the designated account, in the money order "for" a
column filled "star broker fees" and then call to check on.
(Please keep remittance credentials to handle enrollment procedures)
????China Industrial and Commercial Bank of China: 6222020200030109074
Reserve Xiuzhen
????Agricultural Bank of China: 6228480010135919917 Reserve Xiuzhen
????4 friends from outside the need to address the accommodation charge.
????5, register address and postal code:
????Six Mile Village in Chaoyang District, Beijing Huayang home 17 North
Room 207, (behind the Chaoyang Court)
????Zip Code: 100026
????6 Bus:
????Bus 302, 675, 350, 406, 419, 635, 731, 852, 758, 984, 985, 677, 673,
etc. off to sit in Chaoyang Park, Chaoyang court can later. Or Metro Line
1 to Da Wang Road, Six Mile Village for 31 to get off the MTR on the 10th
line to get off Tuanjiehu multiple bus transfer to the Chaoyang Park can
be. Friends from outside if the Beijing West Station and get off on the
way to do sit 9 Golden Terrace Road station, then change and get off at
31 to Six Mile Village
9, Contact Telephone
????Registration Hotline :010-65862585 010-65865119
????(Please register each day during office hours 10:00 - 17: 00 on
Mondays and statutory holidays shall not apply)
China Association of Performing Arts Entertainment Culture Star Broker
11, 2010

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